Deadly crash raises questions about Uber self-driving system

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Friday, March 23rd
Guest: Fox News correspondent Jeff Monosso in Chicago

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for life. Team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should talks number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this infecting innocent sporting news as Stephen did. I think Macintosh. Which you don't tell the stadium will need to be torn down and replaced we've got the story for Tampa senate approves of bill on police spotted him put it. I think it'll be. Federal budget battle is over for now I'm just looking words those details just ahead on pay and assets meteorologist Dan Holliday. Could today be the warmest days so far in 2018. What's in store today and the weekend forecast for coming. The wait continues on whether or not a Major League affiliated Minor League Baseball team might need to Wichita. And if that happens a city it would build a new baseball stadium downtown. They are Jeff Long Will says at first the idea was to preserve the vintage 1930s era outlines the month stadium. And after we did some testing. From some very credible engineering firms in this setting. We have found there is no way we can save the stadium that concrete just deteriorating to the point where it's not safe law have to come out. We have to clear the stadium. They ever structure underneath is crumbling. So there just isn't any kind of saved. The mayor says that hearing was held Thursday morning and to peak at which he says went fairly well. And he says star bonds are still protected for Wichita to build a new stadium should add affiliated team locate here. Which thought is the largest US city without affiliated to Minor League Baseball Kansas legislators have taken a step toward greater transparency and law enforcement. With the senate passing a bill that would require departments to share body camera footage more. Quickly the vote Thursday was unanimous house passover some last month but most review ways small senate change. The bill would give law enforcement agencies up to twenty days to release requested footage and fast track process that can take months. But the quick access would be limited to the subjects of the footage there attorney and their legal guardian or next of kin. Even with the Senate's unanimous vote the bill faced criticism. Critics charged at the legislation doesn't go far enough and still leaves police with too much discretion. Over determining policy on body can use. Dan O'Neill came and SS news in Washington the budget battle is over for now. The gays are 65 days a 32. The motion to concur has agreed to. And with that vote the senate approves of one point three trillion dollar omnibus budget measures. Averting a government shut down for the third time in 2018. The bill now heads to president trump for his signature. President Trump's choice of former UN ambassador John Bolton to be his next national security advisor is already being met with criticism from Democrats Democrats like Massachusetts senator Ed Markey blasting presents trump pick of John Bolton saying he's quote assembling a war cabinet full of yes men. But White House deputy Press Secretary holding give Lee tells Fox News indict the president. Relishes and people around who don't agree. Because he likes to bring the best minds together have a conversation but at the end of the day it's the president who sets the policy in the president. Who makes decision. Mold tells Fox News he believes the president's policies are similar to former president Reagan's peace through strength approach and that approach has been called a summary of my policy for some time. In Washington some Angel Fox News every year millions of unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized in the US the Kansas humane society. At K 96 and hillside in Wichita is working to bring those numbers down. President and CEO mark EB tells K and SS news. Or maybe it didn't when we moved into our facility in 2009. We and I 7200. Animals the first year. Last year. We euthanized just over 800 animals. So we have reduced our for euthanasia by over 7000 animals a year now compared to 2016. Or 15100 in 2016. And we went down to 800 in 2017 so we reduced by half just in the past year. Mark EB is our guest this weekend and is usually 18 Sunday morning at eight on KE NN assess. Taken SS news time now 7055. Minutes spent 7 o'clock. Things are getting pretty exciting at the NCAA tournament Kansas State and Kansas still alive among the twelve teams remaining we'll have. All sorts of highlights of previous coming up in sports Kansas fire fighter jailed on. Arson charges that story coming up on the cape and it's as sporting news with Stevens yeah. 987 and thirteen thirty K and and says. 70 right now 8 minutes past 7 o'clock in northeast Kansas and arson investigation leads to the arrest of a former Jackson County firefighter. We get more from Kansas information networks Brian Hagan. Jackson County sheriff Tim Morse in a news release says 27 year old Jacob Kenneth grant was taken into custody Wednesday evening. In paces thirteen counts of arson. According to Boris is department's investigation. Focused on numerous suspected arson grass fires that occurred from February 28 to march 20. In southwestern Jackson County. It's alleged the grants at the fires and then responded as a member of the curia fire department. Following his arrest grant was booked into the Jackson county jail. The man accused of planting bombs around Texas was an unemployed 23 year old with no criminal record nor political affiliations. Police and federal officials still combing through the background of Marc Anthony Condit a day off today he blew himself up. As police were closing in Condit left a 25 minute confession tape for police. But they say it sheds little light on what his motive might have been. Investigators searching condit's house say they found a list of other address is that. Presumably homes he intended to target over the coming weeks. Neighbors say that's still coming to terms with knowing they lived next door to a serial Obama. Federal officials say they are reasonably certain there are unknowable package bombs circulating in public. But they still are skiing residents here to be cautious. In Austin Jonathan Hunt Fox News and other state has authorized the use of an untested method of execution. Alabama and now the third state to authorize the use of nitrogen gas to execute prisoners under legislation signed by governor KIV the bill would allow the use of nitrogen at the lethal injection drugs are not available all ruled unconstitutional. Some Alabama lawmakers claim the met that could be humane but opponents argue using nineteen for executions has never been tested Alabama currently carries out executions by lethal injection at least Seles Dara Fox News. Cantons are closer to being allowed to be their own bartenders after the state senate passed bill would legalize self service beer taps for bars and clubs. The vote was 37 to three and now since the build of the house Candice is among a handful of states where self service beer taps are not legal so that comes about TB are you able to tip yourself that it works. We need. In. I just want to think about that ASA and storm tracker for forecast now with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura Bannon can boring aren't there. It confused at this forecast for today and he still. Where it ever got about a taste of summer and this morning without temperatures in the middle fifties and mostly cloudy skies current temperature at the airport is 56. Yes Al east wind at ten miles per hour that we it's gonna crank up for this afternoon that senate temperatures into the seventies and eighties. I am calling for a high temperature of eighty degrees here in Wichita mostly cloudy skies we will see some sunshine that there's some along with the threat for fire danger please be mindful of that but a cold front is on the move business and is back to reality T Saturday and Sunday but to civil quick taste of summer. Look at Dennison a nice way to end out the work week. We still have a little bit of rain in the forecast possibly here over the. Your news right Nokia be absolutely we look ahead to Sunday does have a small chance of showers precedent bad thunderstorms but I am looking ahead Tia. Early next week as well on top of that we do hash our storm chances. The latest in a rain all day every day during this time period but it is a nice welcome sight to get moisture back in here and hopefully help alleviate the drought situation. Yesterday's high of 74 quite a bit warmer than the normal high for the day right. Yeah normal this time of year you're out sixty degrees. He. About the hour about twenty to 25 degrees above that normal number for this time years it's incredibly warm really nice coming along with the wind out. Hide very good thank you lord of the kiss and storm predatory forecast. With Kansas today be wrong just Lar abandoned let's go take a look at traffic now ginger neighbors that are well right now in traffic things looking good debt. Just got some slowdowns that writer on the north junction Iowa 35 to 35 K 96. And some heavy traffic Derek Kellogg eastbound. Right around Dugan road. It and again right now mostly cloudy 56 degrees southeast wind at ten miles per hour 713 now. With Steve intent and a deadly crash is raising some questions about oversell driving system. And with more on that this morning. We're talking with Fox News radio chip also in the Chicago good morning Jeff nice to have you with us this morning very important to be refuted that this is used rear capital kinda. We've been discussing this on our morning show over the last couple days. A self driving your systems you know well. Yeah if it is it is one of those things are yet a lot of trust him. Yeah and we haven't had too many incidents with self driving vehicles terms testing. But by but last Sunday at the depth that woman he archer street it it is raising questions your house state visit why. What is eight the backup driver. Confused now you know why would you not paying attention would be most importantly why didn't the radar. When the sensors. Of this vehicle even though with the dark of night it's even revealed that car approaches it and cheap shows because it's so dark. The end. What sort slider would sort whitewashed in these sensors work. And so people with them steal our outraged that this should have never happened. She didn't just pop out of nowhere. This car should have spotted her from out from. What do distance away and should recognize the fact that she's human and not only that but. You know these vehicles. There have been there are not perfect in terms of their thinking their mindset you have to decide. In an incident in these situations like that you know July. To a compromise of the BP's argument on about it or the way to a compromise humans that are in this part as I would make that decision. And amount terrorists Kerry thought about operative one of these loans. Well it it seems to me that if there's a very good possibility of the way this thing came down with the human driver. Would not have been able to avoid hitting this person. That seems very possible to me but on the other hand again if you can hit it on the nail it says I think it's a matter of trust on this you. Yeah I think so and I don't think people trust these burns against you know it it's kind of cool to reports burgers ever Cisco champ pretty well. Before this happened in the program shut down for now. Article. Not that you know come now and do it in an orderly and it trauma Ellison's driving itself chemical at a certain time you really really trust the counting it out. I don't think equipment technology yet and it takes some time certainly take some time before. You know these things are written in our America Rochus beat them and rigorous schools result worker. I had to pay thanks for your time is going we appreciated Fox News radio chip and also talking about who herself driving system and by the way today's question. On our web page Cain is his radio. Dot com today's question of the Stevens Ted poll. Would you riding in or buying a driver was guard yes sir now that she can be a part of that a web page is has revealed that now. About the net interest in a beautiful breezy spring day across Kansas Thursday's ties high temperature we mentioned a moment ago seventy or normal life. Sixty and way to wind gusts clocked yesterday at 32 miles per hour so. There was a little breeze out there and it's a 716 now with Steve and Ted in depth paid by the way today's march 23 2018. It was on this date is 1775. Patrick Henry. Delivered an address to the Virginia provincial convention in which he says he is said to have declared give me liberty or give me death. I was on this famous words of Patrick Henry. 717 now Steven Ted Owen K and SS in this type of sportsman Ted would react. Basketball outside yeah I don't care. You know what your family can't say wildcats are not you gotta be impressed what happened last night it was a great story Ted feels about it. College basketball the NCAA tournament sweet sixteen game in Atlanta last night case state taking on the Kentucky Wildcats. And that this would be a pretty interesting game K state didn't come in as the underdog wildcats of Kansas State got off to a very fast start. At twelve point lead at one point course Kentucky got back into the game and ended up tight down the stretch in fact it was tied at. With thirty seconds to go. K state had the ball how would things progressed you heard the game on KFH. We led the league thirteen seed in the water goes down for the girls sit on the shot clock back to the time line around troubles typical. Junior very brown with the lay up put K state in the lead Kentucky. At two possessions at the end and did not score on either one of them Kansas State wins its case state 61 Kentucky. 58 sophomoric Xavier Snead leading the wildcats with 22 points. K state with a record of 25 and eleven is now headed to the elite eight while the case state defense last night eleven steals. And that enabled. K state to outscored Kentucky 24 to seven last night in points off turnovers so the defense certainly. That's a won it for case that's a scrappy bunch print out stuff up yeah Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber. Now we have great kids say it all I've said since beginning we have a great group. And they're they're tough I can we can yell at him we can get after him buries the leader when you have a a leader that. You can get after him and Eddie does it backed out it helps with everybody and and they respond. Thoughts on Kansas State last night from ESPN college basketball analyst Jed Gillis to Kansas State's credit and they've done it all year long big larger. And that they face guarded Kevin Knox all game the only got ten shots off they only put on the line one time. And that was that was a big part of that game they made Kentucky shoot over them they took away their open shots everything was challenged. Despite being whistled for thirty fouls last night. Kansas State won that game 61 to 58. It the end all the big guys were on the fell out our they were hurt I was in case things went basically if little tiny five guard lineup. Stolen and idiots in the academy of work for their advantage with that that one guy going right to the basket well and has bigger again that shot have been blocked we wouldn't be that and that certainly had a rather somehow it's they've got the job done. Now K state is on the south regional finals. Number nine seed K state number eleven seed Loyola it's the first time ever on nine and an eleven are meeting for the right to go to the final four. In Austin region and is seen tons of upsets. Winner will go to the final four that K state Loyola game at 509. PM tomorrow. So that there will be some keep your yeah meanwhile. We've got a sweet sixteen game tonight in Almonte third ranked Kansas against eighteenth ranked Clemson. He was looking for its third straight trip to the elite eight. You're Kansas head coach Bill Self. Sometimes playing close to home team can actually be a little bit more of a distraction or bring a little bit of pressure and sometimes playing far away you know just us against the world mosquitoes get away from everybody here and really bond I don't know there's a perfect scenario in what's best this time a year but I'd rather be close and not close but I don't think it's a huge deal. Clemson head coach Brad Brownell. No he's got to keep an eye on the big guy for Kate you'd you'd Oka as a bouquet well he's obviously huge. And it everybody talked to about Kansas as witty Siemens person. So we know he's got great size and he's extremely competitive and physical that competitors when you see a very good competitive spirit in him. In terms of how he plays and how physically is and if he gets the ball into the basket you really can't stop them. Jayhawks are five point favorite cake you Clemson a live coverage of the jayhawks begins at 430 this afternoon game tipoff little after 6 o'clock this evening you can listen the jayhawks on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. The other two sweet sixteen games tonight the well two of the other three featured teams out of the Big 12 Conference West Virginia takes on Villanova. And you've got Texas Tech against Purdue and some other sweet sixteen games tonight or fewer home of the NCAA tournament. Is Sports Radio KFH on the Wichita radio dial. College Baseball this weekend it's a home weekend at X stadium port 26 ranked Wichita State the shocker they're hosting the paladins of a firm and it. This weekend. Games at 6 o'clock tonight 2 o'clock tomorrow 11:30 AM on Sunday Mike Kennedy we'll have live coverage of all the soccer baseball games right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and as fast. Indoor football tomorrow night the Wichita force on the road in Albuquerque visiting the duke city gladiators. John Boston we'll have live coverage of force football beginning at 645 tomorrow night and that's right here on Kate in SS. And happy birthday today to former Kansas State. Basketball Coach Frank Martin of course he took. This South Carolina team the final four last year Frank Martin is 52. Today. That's sports with Stephen Ted and I SS 722 now activity of a Rush Limbaugh's. Hourly update an amusing a race for governor in New York. That's coming up which Stephen dead hey it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on tape and assess. Perry fired coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire coffee at your office by calling 267. 3771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com copyright seven point three now seem into the morning on TNN cents.