Defining The Difference Between Herbs & Spices

The Good Life
Saturday, March 10th

Mark explains the difference between Herbs and spices, how they work, how to properly store them, how long they last, and the best way to use and pair them.


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Well good afternoon welcome back to the good life here on tennis as every Saturday noon to one of the lunch hour with good left I would talk about food malign him. Anything that's going on the food or beverage in theory. Great while a week coming up later in the show it's from organ its in its state pinot agree a beauty. But now we're talking to my first guest Mark Stevens he's the author of cooking with spices under rest beef for blends marinades and softened from around the world. Mark let's talk about the Bert Shepard act kind of harp on the animal is happiness. Find a chapter of that. The first chapter of the just take you. On learning journey and certainly no matter what your degree of kitchen finances. This first chapter has a lot of information. About. Yes so the chapters are after the first chapter regions which I'm hopeful Leno. From which region. The first chapters just about by. And whether you are. Beginner and ultimately is salt pepper perhaps or use our. Any fanatic I think it on and then there sort EU. The first thing is what is by because. The difference between herbs and spices are bump in matchup even some of the most. Intelligent culinary mines and that that urban core beliefs and then. Despite the basically and everything else so. That right now like ginger. The colonel damn the pot like ironies. The flowers the court Muster. Try to bury Jennifer's they might like expect our. And then. Just go on from there about a brief history because. Our. Even geo political history is wrapped up by the reason that we're even here on the side of the Atlantic Ocean because of spices and manage how to use them out of buys them. Attitude than most people I. But it really endearing way to add another level here cooking just in as. To whatever I haven't kept yelling and then. And helpful tips on how to or keep them out of light the and can't sort of whether. In your in your kitchen island in New Orleans, Louisiana that there any unity year. And that we about sort that Matt is to try to trick or accidents do. Stay fresher longer one of those probably about one deep hole and thank Greg in them yourself. Either mortar stores by and I I have 21 for cops and I have a copy and it just spite. I don't have suck on labor camp. Mark. I did it we just bought a new and yesterday about perfect because I had been using. Student mind. The ground to pulverize. Dried chili's to make a powder. Probably are probably not good for coffee beans them. The history of spicy you touched on Napa when you think about it that we all have kind of heard about the spice route in. And and house prices were used really scorn of the Roman and and and and led people to go to other places and and barter and trade and and spread that it. Their knowledge and spices and enhance other. Places in their responses. I think that history is probably really cool let's talk about the storage part. I bet you Obama Lester right now if they could have their little spice containers on their eyes tracked. Light up if they're more than a year old. To have a well lit kitchen and that's probably one of the the worst things can still use them yes you can but how long should we keep our spices. You talked about whole whole piece is that you grind yourself I think that's great but. What's what's the timeframe Ehrlichman. Supper powdered spices that. You'd just sort of normally get in the door and not big into that is fine because some of the they're supermarket chains. Well you don't know the self wife the supply chain. Can abet that its doors for the month which is basically a limit of any powdered ice. A year. So I know I just moved out here or Ireland. And I had a couple wade back in the very back of the cabinet that and remember when. Years years old but the thing about them but if each chapter ten I profile. Of the region and then twenty recipes are merited and used them. So you'd eaten at color by numbers he's seen. The spike not understanding how it works. And then just beating and never seen it again. You do in the ice and then you do and then later recipe. He's in a bland and and later recipe for whatever you have in your vegetarian you know the book where you. One of the biggest and Doreen. Is continue east or it and I mean most of it just keep the plastic chart didn't. But that's you know each labored to more so when you even if you do put it in and or glass jars like I do. Ranger hand out there Q that if you despite your dish. Right about the dish that cut like a foot above all that moisture all equally rated. No one did practice just give you write a little bit more like it added to a ball on the side of the. And then at it from net that. Contaminate the rest of yes I knew it clumps and then hoping and try to open top banana called alt out. Now all think like human it jarred. So it's very strict in the first chapter titles and eliminate some spice works if you. Yet I I really wanted to talk about theirs when you get storing and all that you've got to spices and herbs permanent that's inept but what about it you know. You and I both have been to open air markets and foreign countries and even in some places here in our country where. They have these big mounds of spices. And it's smells so good news they look so pretty all the various colors and textures and things that are available. And sometimes I wonder you know you have buying a little thing a McCormick's whatever. May not be the best bet but at least we know it's a reputable company. And there's probably not any Roche legs and. She her. I I have. And it probably is from an island eight years old and beaten Indiana down I would get. Romantic I'm I market that. Gallup and in the world and. And here. CUNY or wherever it may be there are report as you'd sort of alluded to pillars. Being in. Open manner market. Spices whether that's not a pastor excrement or buy pieces I think probably a bigger concern. You get it from man there's a little crater and you invited a friend Herman van. That little Trent makes more a little friend and you are in your cabinet and may be evidence that station you don't want. And then the other thing is attempting. It's it's closer to the sort of going to be a better product. And that sometimes without too because usually the best product is reserved for export because that that's about right. Now that's not to say you can't go somewhere and buy it by. Because what a generally do or have found helpful is just go little local contacts. Generally. Someone who lived there and they bye bye is there code to a reputable shop and they might have open and spices and could be extremely reputable but it. Is generally not under the on the regular terrorists out. Make contact make a friend in on your social media NC that a trend in the spot in the recommendation well probably walk away a lot. Well and that's that same purveyors. More often buying poll. Whole dried. Spices and grinding them for you and you can probably been. Of course by your own you know like that pansies. If you ever pass one of those stores say oftentimes. May not have it out in front of you what you ask that you combine. Small quantities. A poll spices and to me that's. That's the fun part. Before we talk about it further into the book and some of your favorites and and talk about the different areas represented. Talk a little about the spice and herb pairing because this is something that. Again just in the first chapter and it's just for to have. These three or four pages in a poster form in the back of your kitchen door that you can open and look at the me. Would be a wonderful thing because you know you ought you know you got garlic and use my real crewmen and you know you'd blah blah blah this gives you so many great ideas just by looking at some of the food pairing issues that you came up with. How did you do that did you find a single source that help you put that together as a teacher experience. Now that's what experience. Combined with probably. Seventeen different flavor books combined with the resources of the Internet. And also the cumulative knowledge. Every single. Chat stats in my life that I am the reason that these exit this connect couldn't find it on. And I wanted. For someone just getting into it I mean the biggest thing that spices intimidation. We have bit weird. Unexplainable. Mind transition and and I am guilty as the next when I first. Starting giving him despite like I didn't think that I could turn out that I had done now I outlet that would. Influenced by Newt make it seemed like a market that didn't know it was that cinema what an academic. And that the furthest on the street because labor have been around for years and most of them got together fairly well. And so one at a place resource where somebody could just go and look. And get some really good ideas about what can their kitchens and and what to make and you mentioned the spice or Cairo which in the first chart. And either just some helpful com I think I really well together some of them. People will the pretty familiar went. Like juniper and Rosemary you make an arrest a lot of people used in a car. That's one of them. But others are mustard and dale would be another kind of common one. Armed but are there are others are sort out there like an island lavender and there. Or. Give back in time which are two of the three and the years in a really popular I plan called. Are. Quite. And then from there. There's fruit spice wearing vegetable and by Irene. Protein. Not and I parent so that if you. Have something new kitchen Kirk couldn't leftovers that you're at a spread out. And you don't know what they haven't by Abner not as familiar to you what they're gonna. What they're gonna have and that's. Even equipment wise and ominous threat out sometimes I have to beat despite this weather cast iron skillet break them up I'd grander more gusto. They don't know acknowledge rocket into that sometimes you buying it now having come up with. Few. If you get some mango. There are some suggestions what to manga if you have Brussels sprouts that some suggestions. On what put with Brussels sprout if you have an expert glamour poll worker here vegetarian. And you wanna cut equipment tofu. There's suggestions for all of those things and you just look and a listen and you can just ride over. See I think common one like obviously black peppers super because it was sort of a base and that really brings out. Some of them more. But pepper can sort of be a lot a lot of things but sometimes I love this sort of metallic nature ingrained apparent I really get to the chili peppers. There and screen there and I really wanted that could be. A tool. To lessen. Intimidation and make these ice is more approachable for everybody whether here beginner or expert. And the best part about it is there's recipes of course but just looking at the protein and spies Perry. You know you. It'll give you ideas that you can make a recipe be used to making a roast chicken for example and you might think. Leo I've never used fennel seed too and I roasted chicken but repeat it. You know I've and it's at the get grade and there's some interesting responsible thought more about it because I got some questions I don't think I have ever use at some put Peta. Oh when we take this break we'll come back part of what you and I talked about that one and talk about Somalia other sections of the book. I marked. Several pages with tissue paper because. Well you figured out we'll be right back after the corporate.