Dennis Rodman keeping the U.S. out of nuclear war?

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 12th

The former NBA bad boy is proposing a U.S.A. vs North Korea goodwill basketball game.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JE SS Wichita is number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. 730 dollars even though in the morning Steve thank you so much just look forward to. The US Supreme Court is letting a death sentence stand for a south central Kansas man who fatally shot the sheriff during a 2005 drug raid at the High Court declined to my. Day to reduce got Jeter's case Cheever faces lethal injection for killing Greenwood county sheriff Matt Samuels. As Samuel stride to serve aboard achievers rural home about 75 miles northeast of Wichita. Now look at the forecast with gay and SS staff meteorologist. Dan Holliday in born Dan. Good morning the highest wind gust we had yesterday it was 39 miles per hour today not going to be nearly as breezy sunny with a high 52 clear overnight Tarlow 33 at another cold scroll move it on Wednesday with a high close to 65 KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday partly cloudy 27 degrees west. And at seven miles per hour cold up there are 27. A former Montgomery County men pleaded guilty to killing a southeast Kansas woman and her three children including thirteen 26 year old David Bennett junior pleaded guilty Monday to capital murder and three counts of first degree premeditated murder. As part of the plea deal the state withdrew its notice to seek the death penalty. Bennett pleaded guilty in the November Tony thirteen deaths of 29 year old cameo mar her and her three minor children and Parsons. Testimony included that Bennett repeatedly tried to contact come barber after they met at a club in a dependence. You'll be sentenced February 16 is only possible sentence is life in prison without parole. Dan O'Neil K and SS news. Last week which it's also largest employer Spirit Aerosystems announcing it would bring a thousand new jobs to Wichita in the coming months. Investing a billion dollars in the community. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells Kate MSS news Wichita has taken a long time to recover from nine elevenths and the 2008 recession. Once we see these arms finally make their way back we are. We couldn't state or finely tune that 2008. Employment level so should that take mr. at all to automate back that. I think where Erin and now we're growing at some momentum. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen Ted in the morning show on KM SS Democrat Doug Jones is making his final pitch to supporters in Birmingham ahead of the special election. To fill in Alabama senate seat Jones tells the crowd there's more at stake than just a senate seat. Always say no more to do to putting people down. I'm that we say no order treating people as second. And class citizens we say no mortar discriminating against those that I have are the least fortunate among best yes. Both yeah we say no more. How often a tight race for the Republican Roy Moore for that senate seat multiple women have accused Moore of pursuing or sexually abusing them when they were girls and he was in his thirties. Is Dennis Rodman the only man standing between peace and nuclear war with North Korea. Tensions are rising with North Korea over that nation's nuclear weapons program and its threats to new the United States but former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman may be the one to calm things down Rodman who is traveled several times to North Korea and considers himself president Kim Jong looms friend is offering to broker a better relations with the basketball match between the two nations but to make things fair the American team wouldn't be made up of towering NBA players they be fielded with people from Guam. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Celine county authorities say a homeless man who was found badly burned in a field near Salina. Apparently started a fire to stay warm man fell asleep. Sheriff Roger sold and says 49 year old Brett Hagman know Lincoln Nebraska was found unconscious Saturday by firefighters. Who respond to a fire just north of Salina. Authorities found a lighter nearby and believe that Hagman started that fire 734 now Stephen dead in the morning here on. K and anxious today is Tuesday December 12. Thirteen shopping days left until Christmas. A breezy day here across Kansas Monday. I temperature yesterday 67 degrees and Wichita. And going to be quite a bit cooler than that today. And we had a record recorded a wind gust of about forty miles per hour so. Breezy yesterday but now admin to put the temperature was warms up. Line that is much officials in Florida say it looks like somebody stolen some dead dogs. A Bradenton herald reports as video surveillance showed demand driving away from the Bradenton veterinary hospital last week. With a outdoor freezer in the back of his pickup truck. Inside that freezer the remains of two dogs that were supposed to be cremated. Staff searching garbage cans and dumpsters in the area but they did not find the carcasses. Officials say the dog's owners were distraught to learn that the remains of their pets. Have been taken I don't know. Are going to carcasses. I would somebody steal. It means that. At least and all these are stealing freezers and knowing it's time they wanted to freezer and they didn't. Didn't know or didn't Carroll was inside Bradenton Florida quite an interest in place it is incident and beautiful. However traffic lights are optional a lot of it in now our place the light turns green. People might know not go. Okay life seems to go its own little pace in Bradenton Florida did the royal strange spring training there the pirate the Pittsburgh Pirates trainer. OK I have for decades decades royals are down in Fort Myers from again not far away at Fort Myers. And a Bradenton Gannon is getting a little place. Ayatollah. Or all of us it's beautiful there some beautiful beaches there. Some. You know we talk about. It indeed anybody who's up and firearms and hunting. Also there and as firearms safety and enough you're gonna have kids with Byron you better make sure they know what they're doing her very well supervised. In Iowa we seem to have a little problem right now. Some young hundreds have been involved in shootings or been shot in recent days while hunting deer in Iowa which shotguns. Iowa Department of Natural Resources says an eleven year old boy was struck in the hips Sunday by a thirteen year old brother. When the deer ran between them and they both fired. Meanwhile authorities are still looking into an incident from last week where a fifteen year old shot a man in the fought. Mics on these cases when occurred when a deer ran between them and the teenager fine year that it's hunting season. And have these mishaps. Is. Is one of what kind of two instructions are training you have when personal. Why you have two kids with guns in the same lineup there. That did give Bob an adult policy that advocates say it's because it's an experience did you know who's gonna happen and it did. And then in America you don't need to have experienced this kind of a just get your gun and go out there. Everybody does training I would say you know and maybe you meant make sure you know what you're shooting before you turn again in the wrong direction were shooting at the ears in front of you know the security of the year. And asked him now if this system bugs me as I just feel like. If you get a I understand hundreds and guns over the gonna have a Cuban again you better Hampshire their Dylan and I'm sorry. Her heart soap today is so old got a yen went to a basketball game last this at the derby north middles and today. The eighth graders airplane India McPherson middle school and basketball and my granddaughter ever in the placement are Chia got a lot of delegate time and she he didn't start him off the bench but she was in quite a bit that pretty good game I felt that there. And experts in kids for whom it Eckerd were stuff. It'd derby didn't win but dead. It was a the first time I've ever seen and it Evan play basketball. Well there you go insolent and make sure I was down there last night probably that. Bursting with pride when we visited in Florida several years ago she just a youngster he's thirteen she's just a youngster that she was and a gymnastics. And I thought she was huge in the fall through just as some really good stuff. Very good gymnastics but apparently. Basketball thing. He to a best he's not ons of gymnastics and not to mention Nancy Houston basketball. Have you been in debt this at derby north middle school to get. There's this studio a community's growing so much. And it still had so many wonderful great things. On derbies got a massive schools that's him on the biggest in the state this middle school I thought. This is a middle school that can rival any high school in the state. Brand new every now and the gym huge. I mean I didn't play in a good human rights. And it just the only brand new facilities it's just incredible. So all those great facilities at those children can't learn something wrong. Right that's right he can't throw money at something and make somebody learn. If I'm ahead people aren't in the eighteen hundreds in those terrible condition death when they didn't have anything that some old Hickory stick beating him on it. The make the Miller did they need money rodino state money right. Anyway that's derby school system and those beef folks I'm sure their property taxes are pretty item on Everett. The going to be proud of those I always felt that money was spent on me I'd probably be smarter. Thanks we should at least try it. Well unless you talk to the boss about. I'm not sure she goes along with that there I don't think she does still float in and out there and tonight big night while my favorite nights of the year the seventh annual air capital chorus Christmas radio power. This is a benefit for the Kansas food bank. It's the Scottish rite center grand dining room burst into peak if you've never been in the Scottish rite center. You should go this is one of the most this is more than just buildings and which lost treasures the admission is nonperishable food item or a monetary donation. All of the Kansas food bank government RAZR every year right starts at 7 o'clock tonight Ted and I are in the program. Would love to have you come up to say hello to it's probably not while we're doing the program but you know afterwards or before. And then the whole thing is being recorded our program director Tony using will be down their lending his expertise. And recording the whole thing so we can play it back to show will be played back Christmas morning at 8 o'clock there you go. What a great great evening we've got plants seventh annual air capital chorus Christmas radio hour starts at 7 o'clock tonight being there the NC. I'll be there out there seven or eight right now. Even dead but stuff City Council to discuss the development in the lane on neighborhood at her overall life of what stuff business journal coming up. Stephen deaths on KN SA.