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Thursday, December 7th

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31 and you're listening in 97 and thirteen thirty KNS as it is Thursday December 7. Spirit Aerosystems making a major. Economic announcement. Yesterday. Talking about adding 1000 new jobs and a billion dollars in capital investments during the next five years. Wichita mayor Jeff Longwell telling tea send news it's about more than just. Jobs not just a thousand jobs a thousand jobs all spirit gets credit for. But we can guarantee you historically it's about a three to one multiplier. That don't get credit for them all apart but we know it's gonna happen. Projects the culmination of an economic development deal involving city county and state officials. It's 832. Which Steve intent on tape and assess let's get a look at that cold forecast coming apples get the details from meteorologist. Dan Holliday gamma. Good morning so the coldest air so far this season has moved into south central Kansas. That's giving us a chilly start to today been sunny and breezy this afternoon our temperature in the upper twenties by lunchtime 34 this afternoon. Clear and twenty tonight. Tomorrow's high 48 and good news by the end of the weekend Sunday we could be in the low sixties I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now in Wichita we have a sunny sky it is nineteen degrees with a wind chill six. Thousands of acres have been destroyed by several fast moving wildfires in the Los Angeles and Ventura counties areas in that California. Firefighters think that things may even get worse today as when's in the region may hit it to eighty miles an hour and fanned those flames Fox's Jonathan Hunt has more. One of the most dangerous today it was in the famous and wealthy enclave of bell lab. Are right along the side of the four or five freeway one of the busiest. In LA did that land area home to many multimillion dollar mansions fall plumes. We are told were destroyed in that fire flames. Are still burning although the LA fire department. Believes they do have a pretty good hold on that fire right now. But five departments across Southern California are on very very high alert and will remain so for the next 24 to 36. Our over 150000. People have been evacuated over 200 buildings destroyed its goals in the region are closed because smoke has made air quality so bad. Gun locker installed at the Sedgwick county courthouse Costa 73000. Dollars is being questioned because of low usage. County commissioner Dave Andre raised the question at this week's staff meetings. A group voted against the gun locker when it was approved in March. The Wichita eagle reports the locker has been used 62 times the last six months primarily by apparel lawyers who check their weapons when they go to court. On Russo is the locker is unnecessary and a waste of money. Commissioner Jim Powell said the gun locker as a matter of principle because quote people have a right to protect themselves. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Sam Brownback remains a governor of Kansas while he awaits US senate confirmation to take an ambassador poston at trump administration. But he is alone fellow Republican lieutenant governor Jeff collier to make major decisions for the administration's leading to an awkward situation in running the state. Coherence now overseeing the drafting of budget proposals that will be submitted to lawmakers in January. Brownback is even delegated to cabinet appointments to his successor. Call your was headlining a significant announcement Wednesday in Wichita involving aircraft manufacturer Spirit Aerosystems ball Brownback was lighting the state house Christmas tree. Some legislators said they don't know which one of them to approach about important issues the little the brand K yet SS news. The Jacksonville Jaguars are full of baloney or at least they're about to me Fox's net net Pollock Condo has details jags had coached. On Maroney loves his Bologna a little brown on memorial and after awhile ago slowly and I was like me it. Well the good news for the coaches that he's getting a fresh supply the beef check off a national hot dog and sausage council delivering 100 logs of Boerse said before Loney to ever bank field Wednesday after learning of morons love affair with the deli meat. Each coach or player will get a log totaling 350 pounds of baloney for the jaguars by the way morrow and celebratory meal on the Jana when is they baloney and cheese sandwich regular Friday with a glass of milk. When they lose. It's sub baloney and cheese sandwich with a glass of milk. Add up all taught how Fox News. And to go along with that this latest health news have you feeling a little extra cheesy. Steve Burke collected some people think the move was made of green cheese and now a recent study in the European journal of nutrition says eating cheese every day might actually be good for you researchers from the Netherlands in China collected data from multiple studies that attracts participants for over a decade and those who ate a little bit a day were less likely to develop heart disease or suffer strokes than those who rarely or never made it noting cheese does have beneficial ingredients like calcium in probe by Alex experts warn that you can't eat enormous amounts due to saturated fats the folks who benefited ate about a match book sized to manage and house call for help I'm joined piazza Fox News. It is 837 with Stephen 10 in the morning that means it's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment. That's why it's called the blur horror of some entertainment news this morning the person of the year has been revealed by time magazine. Time's person of the year isn't a person it's a group. The silence breakers have been given that title this year they're the ones who have shared their stories about sexual assault and harassment. Numerous women have spoken out in the last few months about sexual misconduct by dozens of high profile men in sports media entertainment and business. The moment was spawned by the meat to hash tag which was originally founded by activist Toronto Burke a decade ago the runners up to the person of the year work Chinese president she champagne and president Donald Trump. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. The Twilight Zone is coming back. Streaming TV is about to go back into a nother dimension you've just across. And do the toilets are. Twilight Zone reboot is on the way to CBS all access behind this series are get outs Jordan peel X man's timing Kim Burke. And daredevil show runner Marco Ramirez. In a statement he'll cited that timeliness of the series in today's climate saint. Too many times this year it's felt like we were living in Twilight Zone and a camping at a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences. Pew made his directorial debut with the social commentary hard get out. The show Leno Fox News. Remember that former deejay who sued by Taylor Swift for groping her he says he is finally paid up. Stephanie jazz once held the record for most consecutive wins on jeopardy former DJ David Miller was ordered to pay a symbolic one dollar to Taylor Swift after he lost to her and a court battle. The singer claimed during a photo Bob Mueller groped her and a jury agreed. Wheeler tells Associated Press he said swift that dollar in the form of us seconds away at calling in last week. He claims he says the coin featuring a prominent native American woman as a final jab at the singer nikkei's her site called a win for all women. Swift says she still hasn't gotten that dollar. Swift is one of the women known as the silence breakers named his time magazine's person of the year till NATO Fox News. Streaming and feud highlight the critics' choice nominations. Texas viewed by the broadcast television critics' choice award nominations with six mentions it in actually need a reason to hate each other. Chemical that was refused a biblical proportion. Including best limited series and best actress nod for Jessica Lange not far behind. HBO's big little lies picked up five Netflix who has the big winner for overall nominations taking twining. For variety of series including the crown stranger things in American vandal. HBO is a few paces back with fifteen nominations. American gods the crown game thrown the handmade still stranger things. And this is us are that drama nominations we shall we know Fox News. Glad to hear that feud got some got some must happily knowing its way is pretty entertaining. And yet Joan Crawford. Bette Davis viewed. It does Jessica Lange was Joan Crawford I think it is saying much of that and I really want is this a random was Betty Davis and they were both. Absolutely tremendous I've been buried shipped. It's a winning domination and holiday tradition in the world's top stage performers joining forces with America's choir. For an annual Christmas concerts. Ups on stage I'm Jay mettler. He still. Four stars from around the world is one shot after holiday gains a chance to perform with Clinton Ronald Reagan called America's fire. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Founded in the 1847. A month after the pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley. Mac will berg acquires a clean music director since 2008. We have 360. Singers not a hundred in the her construe and then we have wonderful artists such as Roma. Opera star Rolando via a zone also serving as narrator that's a first for the choir. Making use of a powerhouse tenders comedic talents. He's frequently compared to Buster Keaton Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir airs on PBS stations and BYU TV. Starting Friday December 15 at spots on stage. That's in the cradle the big song. By very cheery and say OK in the seventies today would have been buries his 75 birthday. He passed away back in 1981. In a car crash and it's late thirties since it was an end in New York penalties you. From the Long Island Expressway. Tape and also committed a humanitarian. Posthumously awarded the congressional gold medal for his efforts. Today was there didn't Harry's. 75. Birthday. Well me last night. You had the late. Night comedians were certainly had plenty of material to work was sexual assault allegations were front and center let's check in with the late night with Seth Meyers on NBC. Very democratic senators have now called on senator Al Franken to step aside after another woman accused of sexual misconduct. Also stepping aside women when they see Al Franken accommodate. Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. I want to know and in Hollywood as a triple threat. I sing I dance. And I don't sexually harass people. Neil Patrick Harris filling in your underneath him. This. Is only one of the flags yeah. And the late show Steven Gold bear on CBS. The the announcement was made on this morning's today show they do it. Every year it's always exciting for them really saying not our couldn't be there. Now. I am seeing. Ouch and Vladimir Putin was also a topic. Tonight's show starring Jimmy Fallon but there couldn't just announced he's seeking reelection. That's with a. Really who's running against him. Like running for class president when your home school. Conan O'Brien last night on CBS this morning Vladimir Putin announced he's going to run for reelection. Yeah and this afternoon he announced it won. Some of the late night comedians last night getting their Yuxi is never as full bloom last night entertainment news in the blurs brought to my good friends at pizza Johns in Jeremy yeah they have lunch specials every day did you know that from 11 AM to 3 PM I believe you told me that they have pizzas any size you want a small medium large even a giant. Feed a lot of people to build your own new the only special Ike is about half an army special right now as salesmen. Supreme a veggie lovers whatever you want to get fixed up the minute business there since 1969. Serena tasty pizza for decades right there on page fifteen at 208 south Baltimore. Mountain peaks and Johnson and Eric hey it is 840 or Stevenson in the morning here on hate it as us. Just few minutes away from a local business updates. We'll talk business journal editor bill Roy will be telling us about it. More about that big aviation announcement yesterday spheres they're assistance caved in as this news time is 845 this ninety degrees.