Dinosaurs expected to take the top spot at the box office

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" hits theaters today.

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Okay and SS feed back into Austin what word of. He's the president fronts executive order reversing a policy of separating children from parents at the border. Lawmakers are looking for a legislative solution house Republicans are pressing ahead with a compromise bill designed to birds gantlet GOP moderates and conservatives. This is very good compromise legislation. I'm not only solve the child separation issue of the border. It also solves the border house speaker Paul Ryan going to daka provisions in border wall funding a more conservative proposal is also expected to get a vote. But it's not clear neither can win 218 votes in the senate is hammering out far more limited proposals targeting only the issue of Stanley separations. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News which atrocity staff is recommending closing down LW clap golf course. City manager Robert Leighton tells K is in news the recommendation follows the recent analysis of all the public courses in the city. Claps since 2012 was lost 600000 dollars because of the magnitude is not something that we can do if we just do a little bit more in terms of marketing. And advertising we've we've tried that. It helped a little bit but it won't he can't turn the system around the way it is. When Al this is just a recommendation from city staff it hasn't been finalized their. Part Moore is having a special meeting Friday to discuss the closure but the final vote will have to come from City Council. The couple who shackled us starved and beat their children in California. Were back in court for a hearing Wednesday to determine if they should stand trial. The judge in Riverside heard the 911 call a seventeen year old girl made after she escape from her family's house in January. Police said it sounded like a child's voice asking them to help her sisters she told officers she hadn't bathed in a year. When police got to the house they freed three children who'd been shackled. Luis and David turbine kept their thirteen kids in the house several of them more adults but they were so malnourished the oldest one was just 82 pounds. The entire home reeked of human waste according to officers the girl who ended up calling the cops told them. She'd been planning her risky for two years in gasket Rosenthal Fox News. People may not wanna talk about politics much but statistics show more Americans are reading about the drama in government politics may make strange bedfellows but a political book is a popular big time reads these days. That anymore but being published right now in the category. But the ones that are being published are really day. Book industry analyst Kristen Maclean says political book sales jumped 32%. This year thanks to titles like fire and fury by Michael Wolff and James co mes a higher loyalty. McClean adds personal politics aren't a factor. In today's. Partisan environment. There's just a lot of hunger for people who follow pocket and solid hit streak to pick up with a plan. How hard is it a year after the 2012 election seven million political books sold after the 2016 election that nearly doubled. Colonel Scott Fox News. This New Zealand prime minister just send a larger and has been given birth to a baby girl at Auckland city hospital. Our during the posted a photo of her is to otter is you're damn account showing her and partner clarkin gray for did with it should they be at the hospital. Now it's forecast with gay and assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan on the good morning summer has officially arrived in Wichita and temperatures actually go in reverse a bit today in fact he'll be running below normal for this time of year with strong northwest winds are high 85 he will be clear breezy and 62 overnight. And then sunny and not as windy tomorrow with a high 87. I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy seventy degrees pivotal qwest meant at fourteen miles per hour. 835 with Steve intent here on the first day of summer June 21. And it's time for entertainment news of her with Ted would protest. An American wrestling icon has passed away more on the life of Leon whites that are known to fans as. Later Leon wide better known as Vator during his time in the world of professional wrestling passed away after months of a variety of hard issues. Peterson more than thirty years in pro wrestling with one of the most iconic looks in the rainy red and black single layer mask of thin strips of red and black leather. He first found success in Japan is heavyweight champion in the late eighties before entering the US wrestling scene in nineteen nanny for WCW. Becoming a world champ before entering the then WWF in 1996 astounding fans with his high flying abilities as a super heavyweight. Outside of wrestling Leon white with the two time all American center at the University of Colorado drafted by the LA rams in 1978 a part of their Super Bowl fourteen roster before any problems and it is NFL career. He could be seen on the small screen as well with television appearances on shows like Boy Meets World and they watched Peter was 63 years old man a volatile Fox News. The Walking Dead is powered by women next season while the CW has announced its fall lineup. It's a TV news. On the shelf Leo the zombie apocalypse is just the place for women according to the Walking Dead show runner and so it can't told an AMC panel in New York. Gonna see some really great stories the women on our shout adding I think for people who are really invested in same machine on Maggie and Carol. There's some great material for them in the upcoming season. We CW is really emerging as a place for teens in the network announced its premiere dates for its fall lineup. Which will kick off in October with a 2018. I heart radio music festival airing on Sunday October 7 the Monday. Not to break Tuesday the season premiere of the flash and black lightning. Followed by the season three premiere are Riverdale. Supernatural follows October 11. Then dynasty and the final season of crazy ex girlfriend premieres Friday October 12 that's fox two on Fox News. Let's get up close with a famous chef the box celebrity profiles. Jeff Gordon Ramsay races the clock to rescue sailing restaurants on 24 hours to hell and that it the latest show in his TV empire and he hopes all of these endeavors stand out in their own way. Look at the success of mosque at union molest them to little kids tracing excitement it's I'm confidence. Because there may not be good initial Masso French but they can cook brilliantly pact gives you such an amazing platform as a 1011 year old who thinks that thirteen nobody does and so the pressure on them for exams is ridiculous to deliver a tragedy brought album which includes there's so much confidence and announced kitchen is up is a professional environment boot camp scenario that. Is a restaurant that's your folks wanna show RX and so are we keep it real. There's a big golf course a million dollar us as a salary and no idea what should prostitute and a quarter million dollars today. Ramsey hopes he's been helpful for viewers both at home and in restaurants. Ashley to court again Fox News. Any last chance to catch some hit Broadway shows. After the Tony Awards are handed out UC show's closing their doors on Broadway several limited run plays already have three tall women with Tony winners Laurie Metcalf and Glenda Jackson. Ending its run June 24. The 82 year old Jackson hadn't been on Broadway in thirty years. Will she be back. So weird life where it. Andrew Garfield also what Tony winner on the New York stage till the mid July close of angels in America. Denzel Dunne July 1 when the ice man comments. Go. The musical escape to Margarita bill closes its stores the same day. Catch a cast in DC performing on a nationally televised to the fourth concert that's fox stations. In. Peaking at Broadway shows I'm in an innate theatrical production coming up opening night ten days away for the musical 1776. And be performing it at the Wichita center for the performing arts in 9100 block east central. I'm playing the role of John Adams all right great musical that first came out in the 1970s. Who's playing Abigail an issues. The lovely young lady named Lydia harmless well all right am. We are having a great time. She's got a beautiful it's got a lot of good voices in this one. And tells the story of the declaration of independence that verdict coming up for July 4 yes we do the show on July 1 second and third other try to be is night in the third I think it'd be fun. Com. Do I have to Wear powdered wig like you did not it's better to have wanna I will have won the out. You won't see any audience and be comfortable I will be up their stuff kinda that way I can do that I can be comfortable out there and Georgia get out. We look to see their July 1 second and third absolutely Wichita center for the performing arts 9100. Block of east central. Brand dress shirt drops a big nanny bombshell. It's hard to believe it's important. I in a bottle shock French stretcher dropped in as an Andy and some marketing shows anniversary. Gesture is teasing her revival the classic sitcom. The actress told Entertainment Tonight we're talking about it Peter and I are talking about it Peter mark Jacobson co created the sick come with their adding we're working on a very big project it's going to be very exciting for the fans. Mr. Asher also possibly foreshadowed who the nanny would be today adding she would have gotten involved in more things from environmental issues to help but Fran would be doing now is opening her big queens now for the greater good. The shelf Leno Fox News. Do you it was. There was also the night the first network TV telecast of political mentions again. Of course back then. That was must see TV because you didn't know who was going to come out of the conventions not they decided things like it is now. Well yeah TV because you've got to admit I don't know who the nominees are going to be there are a lot of the back stage theater and hotel room now it is a smoke filled room and I was perfect TV back then and some of those never count there's guys they knew that they were talking about they got into the stuff easy at all the other was it was not a done deal like it is today and was seventy years ago tonight so Delhi based Truman right yeah. Do it doesn't win then do he was the heavy favorite couldn't. And Clinton Harry S Truman. The deficit there you go hey we got a birthday today. Rose this iconic. TV theme so fellowship follows different is having a birthday today he is. 86. Today. Allow ownership for an. That's great scheme of Mission Impossible a TV series instantly recognizable. Remiss guys pretty talented he's won five grammys. He's won an Emmy award he's been nominated for six Oscars even though he's never won the Emmy award but I got to get the music or bullets up. Dirty Harry films then cool hand Luke among others. Pretty interesting guy. What a great song theme song the Mission Impossible written by a lot Lohse different Belize 86. Today. And let's finish up with little joke from the late late show with James cordon on CBS doing it shows from Great Britain. When cost about this week prime minister it's a reason I said that she had never smoked candidates in a lot. Yeah I believe you know why because she calls it kind of adds. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in derby. Serving up tasty pizza every day Monday through Saturday. In any size pizza you want small medium large even the giants would be my brother Ned got the giant one time and get them finished. It is massive no matter what size to get its tasty is right there off of cape fifteen at 208 south Baltimore. And pizza John's entire 843 now local support for K State's business school editor bill that would stop business journal coming up. She was out of the morning on gate and asked passes.