Disney's "The Last Jedi" is still cleaning up at the box office

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

We get a box office update on "The Blur" plus Fox News interviews Steven Spielberg.


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Is distinction Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today at SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Even though the morning. I think we've heard. We're gonna supersonic business airplane could likely be headed to which caused aircraft suppliers. An early on corporation executive chairman Brian parents says it's probable sum of the parts on the company's 120 million dollars eight instant super delegates are. Death will debate by Wichita suppliers. Bands says he fully expects which does aviation industry to play a role in the development of the twelve passenger jet. That is expected to make its first flight in 20/20 three. Now the forecast with king and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning day on good morning with some clouds across south central Kansas citizen dry and cold start to the morning forest. Temperatures expected to be in the mid teens by noontime 23 later on this afternoon. Cloudy overnight Carlos sixteen and the clearing skies Thursday or back to 38. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy thirteen degrees the wind Chile's three. Wichita police are investigating a stabbing me. It happened around 9:30 Tuesday morning in an apartment near sixteenth panache. Police say they were called to an area hospital at around 1015. After the injured woman went to the hospital on her own and then underwent surgery. Her injuries were described as not life threatening. No arrests have been made but additional details were not immediately available Dan O'Neill ping an SS news. There were only sixteen people arrested in the entire city of Wichita on Christmas Day. Seven of those cases involve domestic violence six involve people who already had arrest warrants. There were also four arrests involving drugs or alcohol. Which starter Jeff Longwell tells K Unisys news he's looking forward to an exciting new year. On the new training centers and it opened up without a finalized yeah. Baseball team and get that new stadium under Ryan Mendez and apple and a recurring and routine manner and you know her core or were getting ready to work our way through this polls entry to an engagement process. While no company did during Monday's with the mayor and the Stevenson in the morning show here on Kate and ash ash extra workers are being brought to Erie Pennsylvania. To help clean the town up after sixty inches of snow fell. Emergency management spokesman dale Robinson says they're looking to clear the main roads for his so help can arrived. We're also uses National Guard resources to bring in hum essential personnel whether it's I learned she responders. Hospital staff picks except arrows that can't get him. Flights in and out of the town have been canceled. A tragedy averted in Florida after two boys ages six and seven were left and a hot car. Their father is facing charges. 7 NEWS Miami's Brandon buyer with the story. Davie police say the father of two young boys left and locked in a car for an hour and a half luckily there's customer walking through the parking lot hurts kids you know crying in distress in the parking lot customers' in store employees pleaded with the boys to unlock the door kid knowing that this person stranger didn't unlock the door Davies fired rescue would eventually free the boys thankfully to children are okay but officials say it was close within minutes. Scutaro in the verge of going into extra police say Allen Lew and left both of his children in the car when he went and searched for parts. 834 now Stephen jetty in the morning here on a Wednesday morning December 27 it's time for entertainment news Butler with Ted Margaret Tet. The backlash grows after lords Israeli concert cancellation. As backlash against lord grows after her cancellation of her Israel countered social media users. Question my Grammy winner still can't dates for two of Russia's biggest cities Saint Petersburg and Moscow one person wrote you have no problem playing in Russia. Did you boycott Israel homosexuals are imprisoned in Russia. Referring to Russia's documented anti LG BT gay propaganda all. Which has been denounced sensed discriminatory and an affront to human rights in New Zealand singer canceled a performance in Tel Aviv scheduled for June after urging. From pro Palestinian activists actress Roseanne Barr also call for rate of lord. Michelle Leno Fox News it. Get a closer look with movie director Steven Spielberg's we will talk about his new film the post. I sat down with the Hollywood legend director Steven Spielberg and his new film is the post the story of how the Washington Post battled the Nixon administration over publishing the Pentagon papers in 1971. These days the post has been battling the current administration. Spielberg tells me he doesn't think it takes a contemporary catalyst to make his film compelling. I think the movie has its own integrity you know I don't think them back I I think the movie needs. Or requires. A contemporary dilemma or contemporary setback to over you know. Basically fought for and and found freedoms. To exist as a student who really compelling motion picture story the captain grim stories exceptional a woman very powerful. But not being paid any attention to by the minute in the world. A 1971. The post in theaters nationwide January 12 hassling of our ten Fox News. Let's take a look at a rock star dealings and in need to do. Metallica frontman James had filled clearly desires helping others during this time of the year and has been spreading holiday cheer by delivering presents to public safety workers in his Colorado town acting on behalf of the bans all within my hands foundation tech still drove by the police and fire departments and Vail Colorado just before Christmas standing out Starbucks gift cards emblazoned with the Metallica logo even posing for photo ops with police and firefighters in his cowboy hat Metallica have been busy with the foundation whose mission statement describes a dedication to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education the fight against hunger and other critical local services Mattel also used always been my hands to help raise seventeen million dollars for victims of the recent northern California wildfires you gotta love rockers with a heart. Laura Ingle Fox News. Will it be a dream wedding in the UK or something else you got. Royal wedding may be turning into a royal headache for the British government a London tabloid is reporting that Prince Harry and his fiancee Megan Markel. One went by former president Barack Obama to their wedding in the spring. That apparently has the government fearing how president trump might react according to the sun newspaper the government is concerned the president we'll see it as a snuck. The relationship between president trop and British prime minister Theresa may is already rocky and the newspaper says the prime minister could have the final work. On whether the obamas make it onto the guest list the wedding is set for May nineteenth. Camp who sell Fox News. Let's take a look at how things are going at the box office movie numbers. This means bringing in the cash for the new year. Thanks to their franchise reboot of Star Wars the last Jenna I was pulled in 99 million. As of Tuesday morning according to deadline the projection is that the last jet ideas to at least 506 million. Before 28 T welcome to do the attorneys Jumanji welcome to the jungles scored huge numbers 72 million since Wednesday. Meanwhile pitched perfect three took in nineteen point nine million that downsizing. And father figures are the weekend bombs all the money in the world over ended two point six million Christmas Day Molly's game in 270 theaters took in. One point four million joked Leno Fox News. And speaking of Star Wars Carrie Fisher passed away one year ago on this day but that was only sixty yen and a year ago today and a little Broadway and notorious here it was seventy years ago tonight opening night on Broadway ably revival of the comedy hope tan. It was also closing out then yeah it only made it one night must that must have been holed it. But as I looked down the list of the cast that night. I see the name Roy Rogers. What Rogers and I was like well it can't be Roy Rogers the movie pound note that and I start looking it up. And it was. Roy Rogers appeared on Broadway. Or one night. In a comedy. It's called what was the name of that whole pack. Told NOP AZ young they may dead into the feature film yeah I it's been made into film and I don't think it was a comedy and made welding described as comedies don't you know it's kind of drama comedy. Al Roy must know somebody if favor somebody who knows. But it but he is only am Raleigh from one night or Iran was its. Course again it was a huge movie star or TV star on love now around them. Below and note there he he did appear on Broadway for one night only seven years ago tonight is bill is actually Israel and was what Leonard slides corrects from Cincinnati heavily. Yet broader larger. In the cast of you know back then it precincts it. It was ninety years ago tonight yeah opening on Broadway of showboat. And others have been in which was a hole was equally huge. Musical a showboat music by Jerome Kern lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein. Hammerstein also wrote the entire script do you did you know all that when worlds of fun. Park opened in Kansas City. That they had that this show boat from Gil about the movie and there. You didn't on yeah. I was part of the attraction as a result we just sitting there like little piano water is still around yes it was at that they'll probably use during the filming. It's an old book who's never guessed that one. Wells and twenties and we know when we don't know now. And Wales in fact that came out so long ago that they did. Critics loved it right away and so it audiences they realize this was a pretty seminal piece of work yet but awards did not exist for Broadway shows back in 1927. Or when they revived five years later they still went did not have an award sesame place. But the course has been revived many times through the years and has since won Tony Awards course. And Wichita zone Carla birds gotta Tonioli nomination for being in a revival show about back in 1983 about then. So showboat one of the great Broadway shows of all time it premiered ninety years ago on this night on Broadway. And he was seventy years ago today the original version of the puppet character howdy doo movie made his Davies. Sixteenth green I. Okay. I laugh. All the big got a kid and cup and while Hadi mr. doody and boys and girls at home and kids and got an annual. Okay. Okay. Now and they did you know through six and now I've got to senators how much ado about 200 kids TV. This kind of form. It is yeah this was NBC's puppet play house yeah again. For more and outings on him about. No Howdy Doody and touchstone for many baby boomers made its debut seventy years ago today on in DC. That's entertainment news in the blur for this Wednesday. 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