Do you trust the accepted retirement age?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 9th
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about what you lose when you retire early.

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I think trump should be impeached because. The numbers you've been given like regarding the economy and stuff. Obviously we've made progress as a country we know a lot of people have their opinions about Donald Trump I don't think he's the I think he does a great job. 98713. Thirty K in and it says. He was dead at 648 here on C Thursday morning. Three big things for me. Man arrested in connection with the California wildfire. Faces arson charges seeded Wichita woman died in Colorado he. Plunges over left. Vote count continues to Republican primary for Kansas governor final outcome could take weeks. Very big things for the dead on pay and assess. And this morning we Jetsons slow traffic right now in the road construction that. Police found Kellogg veteran I need to shoot 35. Traffic volume just getting heavy and never road construction area. Traffic on K enhanced that's brought to budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire and Santana market in Waterman. He's Terry street mall and online at Carl's tire dot com your home for complete polar bear mostly sunny today at least 10% chance. Rain and high of 92 degrees. Mostly clear tonight fueled by those sixty feet. Friday mostly sunny with a 10% chance for rain tomorrow and a high of 93 degrees. Now partly cloudy south wind five miles per dollar and 67 degrees. Kagan as his weather is brought you by the monarch. Open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon on Sunday. The venue can be found at monarch which is not dot com the monarch in delay no. 649 now Stevens at how obvious Stephen Ted poll question today fighter right there on our web site. Kagan as his radio dot com you are welcome to participate. In this flash of democracy we do every day called the Stephenson poll question. August is national sandwich but yeah is your favorite sandwich and we have seven choices. Baloney now coming in at 2%. 2% below I think. PB and 4% while the case some of the kids started the tuna or chicken salad 8% little drop there. Yeah I but I like dumbo like make you great to zealot Turkey sandwich and percent classic Hammond g.'s 12%. Here's where we have a little bit of something interesting going on. The BLT which had been on top now 31%. Was our early leader the new leader is the Rubin at 33%. When they about that Ted. Cover obviously the corn beef lobby the united way and Watson here Leo the corn beavers of certain of the web page there. Stephen temple question Kahan is as radio and become a late game for US stocks slipped away Wednesday as a four day winning streak ended. Energy company sank along with the price of oil technology companies finished higher banks and health care companies also rose. The US and China both announced new tariffs the S&P 500 index dipped three quarters of a point. The Dow fell 45 points and the NASDAQ Composite rose four points are sort of an on Wall Street. Is it accepted a retirement age realistic Don drift CFP the money tracker with us this morning tells all about good morning Don. Good morning see you know lots of workers that they are they dream about our. I don't probably about it quite so. Reasonably good shape and in spite of a have a couple decades of active retirement. When I finally choose to quit working for a teacher. Now others want to get out right now or the earlier than me accepted retirement age of 65. Bankrate dot com ran a survey and the ideal retirement age is sixty want. It is realistic. Well the biggest concerns health care of that money saved to get you to the age of sixty cart where you'll have. At least some cost protection we need to Medicare. At some former upper military coverage. Retiring X 61. Couldn't be foolish. That next questions would be whether you can live without Social Security benefits for awhile. The earliest that one can collect reduced benefits is 62. For many. Of their old benefit if they don't wait until age 66 or 67 for their. Full retirement benefits. The average so security benefit checks according to the Social Security Administration. It's about 14100 dollars per month at full retirement age at RA at age 66 man. If one were to retire at age 62. A monthly that would be about 980. Dollars remark that almost. About 420 dollars less well think about that as you can you know can you still retire at 61. That would mean neither are shorting yourself right taking less than a 1000 dollar amount of benefits next year or Kevin to wait until five to six years. Until. All retirement age and of course if you have any questions. That's sure what we do not figure out what. Give me a call numbers six report pointer. 22 is still have been thinking about I think about retirement now and then that you get middle part time job after I retired and so you may get to come down to your office down there and indeed something is or anything that I would be qualified to do down that venture officer not include. We certainly did sign of things I mean maybe kid you know make sure the cropping shall not always the India that yeah. Yeah. About. You needed beauty big reader needing some energy you know to help the people comment local. Other groups that goes on phones you obviously to be his phones do you have pro needed. Go and they're working on his phone a little bit foreign today is. Fictional book lovers day OK yep. From clay tablets in the third millennium BC to. In the second millennium AD books have played a crucial role in preserving cultures educating the masses global global that it might. Not many. Lenders investors attribute to a bar and books and reasonable time. Look at Barnes and hopefully unified business. I myself might not keep me and his life I'm reading all the time yeah UROUR. Reader. My son Scott same way he's gets up into little time so. That the the rest of my family I don't think there's there's anybody. In all the fame and that I like the books I used to buy books all the time I really don't anymore now I'd I'd buy them online and download them I've gotten you know. Let's get itself mean any of the ages. Get hit the ball more you got to remember where he stopped that day I completely agree the whole culture too and I would have agreed. Until I had to move recently. And transported as much of my library I have not yet the library here the year out much of it now just in one. It'll file as opposed to. 789. Big boxes of hardback book that's a lot of comic book right there in pitcher is. It national book on Thursday night's got up at 7 o'clock this morning. The complete look at today's deals with Stephen Jen still no final count in the Republican primary for Kansas governor the and that story had more coming up. At 7 o'clock Stevenson in the morning on CN SS.