Do you want to write a book?

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 16th
Moneytracker Don Grant says it may not be worth the effort.

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I wish to go out and now they're gonna be lenient your eyes I am so. And our pleasure then. Rallying. Earnings. No idea exhibited thirteen thirty K in insisting into the morning at 648. We're on a Monday morning noon three big things relief presidents cup in Finland for what could be tough talks with. Vladimir Putin's news nationwide gas prices down just to finish this week. At 294 gallon on the average. Man drowned Sanofi which of us swimming pool. Another man grounds in the late at Harvey county spark. Three big things Steven dead upon Kate and SS. We are starting to see some rain in the area now and Faxon. Traffic tractors Cohen and reporting some areas of heavy rain especially on the west side maybe northwest. You know there goes there. Yeah and I'm I'm seeing a lot more on the roadways look creates wet. Over there are so again that's something you're gonna be running into this morning after a fake. From cape and it's as radio on his chief mostly cloudy with a 30% chance for rain today in the high of 93 degrees. 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows seventy to. Do you date 50% chance for showers and storms with a high of ninety but there some rain. Now cloudy cold and 78 degrees at 649 now seem content in the morning here on K and SS. Investors expect another round of great profit growth this quarter Britain they're not sure about what will come next for the US and China in trade. Upcoming congressional elections and rising interest rates stocks were up Friday the S&P 500. Edged up three points higher the Dow added 94 points and the NASDAQ rose two points. Most US business economists expect corporate sales to roll over the next three months and hiring and pay to rise with them. The majority of the economists surveyed by the national association of business economics. Say the corporate tax cuts that the trust administration pushed through congress have yet to affect their plans for hiring or investment. Average price of regular grade gasoline in the US fell a penny a gallon through over the past three weeks to two dollars and 94 cents. Industry analyst will be Lundberg Evelyn Berkshire recent. The average price is 63 cents higher than it was one year ago. In China's economic growth slowed it. 26 point 7%. Slowed in the quarter ending in June adding to challenges for Beijing amid a mounting terror battle with Washington. Now. Here in the US if we get an GDP of 2%. We all collapse are popping the champagne corks just yet good growth cash carriers had that kind of growth for years several years but. It's an expanding economy. Are so what would call a mature become America. Point 7% growth and a and that's a slowdown. That their their little disappointed with the man who likes. I'd 651 now Stephen Ted. And Don grant Ciampi the money tracker Robie the chair just a minute. Since he figures out how to dial his rotary phone there that's Monday it's Monday on Oslo for. Amazon is extending its annual prime day promotion to 36 hours each year and will try to lure more deals seekers to the aisles of whole foods. Shoppers will have plenty of sales to choose from. As other retailers offer promotions to try to take it shares betting are easier and he's here in person. I've done this year's sales event which starts this afternoon Ted. Will be six hours longer than last year will launch new products. Amazon hopes to keep prime attractive. For current and would be subscribers after raising the annual membership fee by 20%. 219. Dollars. And 1299 for the month the month option. Okay is that sort of something knows what that you did you get a candidate. I can't you make of management and auto shop enough on Amazon knowing it worthwhile a lot of people who do studio work I got two teenagers it's worth it now. Is it really. Bio what you buy or you're buying your children things I never bought my. Yeah they're they're they're buying things from they're doing on their their renting books online you know her school. They're doing all kinds of stuff and of course there's issues. Yet the shoes. On know that Don grants he has been an early backer one write a book question mark. Well you know I do done you do today. You're an expert your field and let's say that you can you know you can you run a restaurant or saved sixty runner for 25 years it. It before that you ran to moderately successful businesses that you conceived. You built in the new sold you want to write a book about how to start a business. Well I would reconsider. I've looked into the same thing again yet. Success in business experience in the military and travel and I have the journalist but a fetus and that. And the education to back up my book good writing intentions and I think I have some good ideas that others may benefit with all of that I've talked myself out of writing a book. First is the cost. Writing a book is about how to save you know on on how to save for retirement or. How to develop a financial plan well get a line there are gazillion books already on the market I don't believe that. You know I can add that much to the conversation other than some perhaps moderately entertaining anecdotes. With a glut of these types of books the publisher won't pain me in less I have a revolutionary idea so. All self publish that means I pay for it all and hope to sell enough books to pay me back. One other purpose for the book would be to educate younger professionals to learn how to handle their money and put their money away for retirement. How many of them and us. Read books other than fiction and you read a lot of biographies and that sort of thing but I think being here year in your not in the majority of Americans here. They referred to the Internet and dale read blogs that focus on specific task or they'll. Find the YouTube series or podcast. Those of us who are active in the Internet want dialogue Wii we wanna find a forum to distrust the strategy or discuss. Three comments through an article webcasts and podcasts or or blogger any number of other sites. I don't wanna discourage anyone from becoming a book form published author. I'd suggest. Looking for alternative means of getting a message out. Find a niche in your industry and start of the law creating YouTube channel develop a following him become the expert in that field. Those avenues generally are free but. They could be much less expensive and you'll have the opportunity. To reach so many more sheep keep up to date and of course if you have any questions you gimmick called him 634. 2222. And today is national get out of the doghouse today. Is that our jogs it to menu or in the doghouse you've fallen out of favor with someone usually your spouse. Or significant other however you could also be in the dog house with a friend or your boss at work well. That is a day when you just do it every candidate out there I recommend. Groveling is a good thing to do flowers. For your boss I don't think oh for your loved ones yeah four hours of work. The little crawling it. Things you were you learn in new husband's 101 is how to grow by two small dear I'm sorry what year right yes and the keys I don't know why. As the key to success in the end it in in marriages just making tree dropped that paparazzi you know after. All Asia. Damage you don't wanna hear screaming all night it's laugh and. I've fallen and I can't opt. There socialists well. Here. You're married olive oil. I am not as devastating leg and as they think. That's funny are. Aaron Carter click OK guys execute particularly six even dead Democrats are revisions is a sporting news top of the hour president trump in Finland now for talks with the watches. Food food that's coming up Stephen heavily on K and assessed.