Doctors advise against holding your nose during a sneeze

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 16th

Doctors make the advisory following the case of an otherwise healthy man who ruptured his pharynx holding in a sneeze.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. You can get in the mornings because his son Ted Woodward. No classes for most goals across south central Kansas today that includes Wichita Republican Catholic schools. What was Wichita State University however all high school athletic track. This is in competitions will take place as scheduled for which a top public schools and all long attend Sanders. Will remain open W issue women's basketball game will be played as scheduled tonight. In Charles Coca arena. Now the forecast with Kate and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning Dan that. Good morning it looks like we have another frigid forecast would dangerously cold wind chills this morning. And we just don't get much of an opportunity to warm up and all this afternoon. We will be in the single digits around noon time. Thirteen for the hi this afternoon the wind chill readings fifteen to twenty below clear and three for the load tonight tomorrow's high 320. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy four degrees the wind chill is fourteen below. Cold weather can't stop the work of first responders. Officer nature like hale told Wichita police department homeless outreach team spoke with KS in news he's been. Making sure there's no one trying to take shelter outside. To make sure we make it a priority to contact all of almost that are out here. Get a connected us shelters that is pretty dangerous Cyrus has to get this cold. That's officer nation ladle interfaith ministries keeping its winter emergency shelter open all day for those who need a ban in place keep warm Wichita leaders are considering loosening rules governing outdoor drinking today. The City Council will consider allowing bars and restaurants to apply for permits. That would allow them to expand their drinking spaces for a year at a time. The council also will look at opening outdoor areas of numerous public facilities to drinking event's. Following Saturday's false alert and an incoming missile Hawaii's governor David EJ says it was difficult to send false alarm messages to all platforms and technology. While we've got to Twitter. TV and FaceBook fairly quickly. We were hand shown by a number of factors. Making it difficult to get timely cancellation. Up to cellphones. That alert was sent by accident causing. The state of Hawaii to be on edge for 38 minutes and alarming story for parents of six year old girl tried to jump out of a window. After being given Tamiflu the girls' father who wants to remain anonymous tells Dallas there. A TV station KD DT that he's speaking out so other parents are aware of the dangers of this common flu remedy. He says his daughter hallucinate and ran away from school and then used her desk at home that climb onto an open second story window. She was rescued by her mother. When they went to the emergency room her parents found out that psychosis and other nervous system conditions are rare side effect of Tamiflu. For children and teens. There is a warning label but it's in fine print. And the girl's parents wish the rest have been explained to them. Roger stern Fox News. An investigation reveals did a deadly canceling your plane crash resulted from a front cabin door opening during take off investigators say the door on a Beechcraft single engine plane came open in December 2015. As pilot Terry Carlson of Marilyn was trying to take off from Nana Colin woodlands resort in Pennsylvania. Carlson tried to return the land after that door opened. But the National Transportation Safety Board says he didn't manage the plane's speed and lost control. Carlson and passenger Jason will and souls of Marilyn died in the crash. Carlson's 27 year old son Erik Karlsson died a day later. Eric had been able to tell first responders to the crash that the plane's door had come open chill NATO Fox News. Steven Tyler Moore announced 7:36. Here on Tuesday morning January 16. It was on the estate in 1976 Ted you will remember that Laverne and Shirley premiered on ABC. Re a fan of Laverne and Shirley not really I think I don't like to for the first couple years and attack at a get old but you know. You know it's been off of the enormously popular happy days absolutes half hearted bunch. Ruled in the seventies now holding your nose and closing your mouth while you sneeze might seem harmless thing and have a doctor's. Have advised against it following the case a man who ruptured the back of his throat doing that. Ear nose and throat specialist in England it. State trying to contain a forceful sneeze could lead to numerous complications. White and writing in the journal BMJ case reports they describe the keys with 34 year old man described as previously fit and well we've spent a week in the hospital. And his left barely able to speak. Or swallow after suffering spontaneous perforation of disparate mix is back as his road yet. I mean the you're older those of like you can blow your gears a little bit changed via you know. Too easy for air pressure and a just. Stifling Disney's can be hazardous to your accorsi the urban legend is is if you keep your eyes open during a sneeze shall bomb rather I don't come blown out there. That would be frightening when it selected text Avery cartoons just like a reminder. One of the gangs are what are the jokes that I used on the playground and in it when I was in grade school. I get stole it from G and number. And the Ed Sullivan Show. About uncle had a really big notes. In known. It was a well. One night he rolled over and that is those companies here in these woods brings. That the eight year old set that was hilarious and say those black belt jokes overwhelmed on the plate are under on the planes and in south central and the us. If you've got to practice where I. Ha K well. 738 secretive about his whether it. We're back to get the first time since what last Thursday yeah we got everybody here and it's good that we had Griffey and beat big break over the over the weekend. Three day weekend forty for some people that were back in congress today it's a doggone cold it's it's unbelievable almost. But I'm thinking. As and preparing for the show I thought maybe we should just. Rosen and what was Jack handy stocks on Saturday night he's I'm thinking maybe some warm thoughts today warm thoughts are. Where in the radio busier and even bigger they're driving a car right now on you just recently. Maybe you don't have that heated seat like my wife as that are on I don't I don't either. And you're thinking about your wife's heated seat and that. You want something you know its peak cold out here I wonder how I could feel better well don't shut your eyes but just imagine if you will. We're gonna pay it'll radio picture for you here you're sitting at a beach let's say for. Let's say four of those sand is pure white Monday. You're out there in your little chair close to the the water where it's coming up and it it's clear Clearwater but it's lapping up on your toes. The sun is just reflecting on day and all of a sudden. Here comes somebody with a great big nice cold bodily eagle putt that with a lime in the top of it. And you're just sit there with sunglasses on sunscreen. While it's so warm out here right and you get this I love that. I didn't do that I can do is you got to use your imagination that's what it was all about it. It is cold and it. Do not go out spending time outside unless you're really bundle of good because we only thing to write the nine had gloves on this morning in the cold with just wants to kill room no Kitna. I did some elements 740 now Stephen did and all the way here we've got editor bill royal which does business journal looking at changes in the tax law. That's coming up here which Stevens to add. Hey time for our prairie fire coffee break on K and it's as old or young others there you go very tired coffee's the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans. Are roasted fresh. Right here in Wichita I knew he had very hard copy at your job your office just by calling. 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. 741 now Stevens hit the morning on tape and assess.