Does anyone play whiffleball anymore?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, May 16th
A live chat with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal

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98 cents at thirteen 38 NSA Stevenson in the morning now. 7:45. Here on Wednesday morning. Three big things. City Council adopts two resolutions supporting bill Wichita river festival see this governor signs bill to compensate wrongly convicted did a lot. Diversity council moving ahead with a quad X master plan. Three big things Stephen dead on KE NN stance. Traffic updates here on the Wednesday morning commutes. And we do have a police presence at this hour in south which it saw. The report of a disturbance with the suspect with a knife. This in the 2900 block of east range road. Not too far from the old playland amusement park. I'm south side down their SOA might see police presence in that area and take care of that suspect traffic update. Stevens had dumped in a sense mostly cloudy with a 20% chance for rain today at a high of 83 degrees. 10% chance for rain tonight overnight lows 62 Thursday mostly sunny. The high of 86 down cloudy skies and could see some sprinkles out there right now 61 degrees. And home. Kagan assessed whether brought to you by the monarch can explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday. That's today with four dollars select urban and misty is located at 579 with Douglas in historically you know the monarch. 747 now Stephen dead stocks ended down Tuesday after the Dow gained 48 days in a row. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down 198. Points closing at 24007. Six in fact now the Dow is negative for the year when he team. The F and 500. Down eighteen points at 2711. The NASDAQ pulled back nearly sixty at 7361. Missing about three quarters of 1%. Most of the names of the Dow Jones Industrial Average were in the red and tell caterpillar 3M Home Depot. Led the way the downside Home Depot sales miss that they saw growth but didn't meet the analysts' estimates Tesla came under pressure after the company announced that it is. Causing production in California facility at the end of may to fix the assembly line of model threes for six days. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange called them believe these Fox News. Japan's economy shrank at an annualized rate of six tenths percent in the quarter through march. As private investment in public spending declined to Japan on the wrong way there. Negative growth. Now that the US Supreme Court has cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting the race is on to see who will refereed the multi billion dollar business of gambling on. Pro and college sports. The NFL NBA and others want congress to set uniform nationwide rules. On sports gambling for all states saying the integrity of athletics is its state. Help me you're gonna see you know we're gonna see that to be at. Come January. As setting up so we can we can begin battled sport's oldest opens up a big pandora's box and Steve. It's worth it now for years and years only four states are allowed that to do this but there was a lot of informal stuff go on and net. But. Now it's it's legal. From the New York Post website. This this woman who's really a crappy cook. This is a page out of that that movie that help. If you've seen that movie in lower talking about a Michigan worker. Flushed her career downed opponent by trying to serve laxative spiked brownies. To a coworker. Police rushed to MMI engineered solutions a plastics company outside Ann Arbor may third. After the firm got a tip that he 47 year old employee planned on serving the bowel loosening desert to a departing colleague. Are going away gift apparently there were some hard feelings there. The devious baker initially denied her a threat referred treats were tainted but. Came clean when cops or they would perform forensic tests on the brownies. And and released that said that she's an okay I didn't company fired the woman tool. But she avoided arrest because no one actually ate any of the contaminated cakes. So a good I'm glad people get fired for two months and have things have a feeling she got the idea from that movie the health. Where the mate actually he's. Cookies chocolate pie and now when something opens and chocolate and it aren't I love you Alice Vito close at the we'd brownies and Allentown 750 now Steve intent on can assess what you thought development project is changing hands. Editor bill Roy that would stop business and all of us this morning. Good morning bill. Good morning to even Ted yap parks down project in college hill has been sold are public record files show that there's not a real estate transaction. Between legacy bank and Towne landing legacy president Frank's own trap confirms that sale. The troubled development is now part of the uptown landing project that is under construction near Douglas and hillside. Legacy it on the parks nonsense but he fifteen. The Boeing company is doing everything it can't get the new P. d.s KC 468 anchored to the US air force this year. Air force officials say they're skeptical deliveries will be made that Boeing says after cost overruns in numerous delays. They are close to handing off the aircraft Boeing Wichita was supposed to do work on the program and of course the company pulled out of town before the start. Dave Coyle says one of his in the back stores is going to relocate it's moving out of the collective development to a spot east on twenty per street. You're 127. Street east. Curry health and wellness needs to expand so quell decided he would find a new bigger location. In the back has thirteen which would tie aerial location. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill. All built today is national love a tree de. Oca on this date trees are celebrated or recognized. For the wonderful gift that they are to us national law to treat. Days in the middle of garden for one life month most species of trees tend to be long live the there are some trees that lived to be several thousand years old Christina redwoods out in California. I haven't I won't ought to go there that is not enough to a couple of times and as I mean that does one trees hoping around the you can drive a car different if she. Abstinence is facing still looks like to 300 feet and they've been around for thousands of years and it's pretty awesome. The year of the Muir woods out there. I never had a never attempted to climb where your tree climbers a kid yeah trying to climb trees quite a bit yeah it was fun of we'd be punditry I fell out of one month time and almost killed myself with you know there you know explains I think as soon. Play. Line pile on there. Senator Tim Stephens at okay we're been talking this morning and kind of a theme we've had as it is. The last day of school today for UST 259 million in the last is cool for. A lot of youngsters here in the Wichita area in south central Kansas and and what was that day activity in summertime that that you mostly former duke. When you knew you were gonna we're gonna have to go to school every day bill. Well we did two blocks away it was my grade school my had a great baseball fields and so we would all just me down there on Saturday mornings and whoever was there we can play baseball plays home run derby or whatever that was great okay now. Did you play with Ted and I were talking about with the ball which is a plastic bat. And a plastic ball ended the the real bullet as slots and right to head right now and the Indy do we played that by the hours and hours now how much you play before ball. We did some yes some wonderful ball if you couldn't get down to down to the ball fielding play out for a PR news willful ball that way that we couldn't go very far he wouldn't lose and over the fence in case. So as an urban kid that I don't I don't think you probably went fishing chore it is not much about aren't. Just like you had very boring summer. When your child in and need to get back to school as quickly as possible I lived in an Irish Catholic. Neighborhoods so we had dozens and dozens and dozens of kids and have the best tag and hide and seek game here. I'll and you that's it that's another good point and where I grew up a bill out on the west side which to the relaxing kids in the neighborhood you know restore the baby boomers you know. But I a lot of us who were just everywhere I go through that. Neighborhoods and aimed more up there and it's it's nobody even comes out of their homes out there exactly that is how the world's changed when yeah. Summertime for the kids get miniscule thank you bill seven numb 55 now Stephen did statement Stevens had an 8 o'clock hour this morning we have. The latest on deadly storms that hit the northeast US. Ted has a look at sports. One last home game for the shocks last night we'll have details in highlights coming up toward bush India also Dennis plus as entertainment news on the board coming up another enemy yelling out a lot of nice items a lot of stuff today enjoyed and of course the weather outlook what's going to be like for the next for the rest of the week. Davis he's dead in the 8 o'clock hour here on cape and aunts and us. With a world business update provided by the would stop business journal and.