Don Grant joins the Good Life live at the Chili Cookoff

The Good Life
Saturday, September 30th
Come party with the Wichita Wagonmasters and Good Life Guy live at the Wagonmasters Chili Cookoff.

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And yeah. And if your that Iraq around here and still listening IV been app yes now. Thought I'm not papers it is not grant welcome back you okay you're just compute at this market at best but there. Your partner in crime your partner in life in my life week partly political parties that you're the only route because our. Barbara bond how hard you're behind Perry and Jerry yeah but a great day of my gosh is absolutely. Breathtaking. If it's enough that he. So but you just got there yet but when you walk on the street the aromas. A lot of them well. Please accuracy energy you think it looks like having that you could time. And I didn't laugh more chili heat issue you have Weatherford when he worked with the support. Yet we've got we've got just under 98 we had 93 times have we got at least if it. Teams there's not that that's that's the biggest fit for probably thirty point five years. Great things that aren't right I don't wanna keep you and I I have a plan. It lets that we need to get it back on TV you and me. Absolutely yeah isn't cooking segment but a Petit. Apt to do it do you think will have a ultimately it did not stop there and then it makes them feel. You know if it's funny that you mention that because we were out the other night Adam wine tasting. I got a couple people approached us with you know I really didn't effect that. Once it it was fun and other beautiful evening news well I tell you what you can't speed it's so nice to be out besides I'd have been a bit. Other than other you know you're my son's isn't so tell us that each cake tasted it is yet Chile. But I have my chili tasting it soon might. I'm little beat the boat people. I'll be ready to go the moment yes I understand what you're we're we're calling. At that she would have thought this year to keep the. And it's been a little bit the first stop I was like thanks you actually. It's beautiful little girl I know my baby fruitcake you are first favorite first morning in the air Abigail and keep the little taller than you yes. And it canoneers college I know he is. At a get up but that maker reluctantly. Go get daddy that you have a great afternoon nice chat with him. All right Don and they stand out that. Do whatever you want it it well when I voted today. A great event. At that you did it you know I think we've had some lucky weather over the years sometimes we'll cool let's say if you're still gonna be up this year. Because of the heat a little bit here but it's not too hot to come out and enjoy it in. Well it turned out and I just look around it marks a couple of my heart yeah to see all these people out here and everybody had a smile on their face. We've got lucky people doubt their plan and end and it raises money for good cause. No idea that toppled in my heart and it would admire about it took the title of I. Awful in my art that you got Koppel's on the brain so now you know it's great without toxicity or that differ perhaps and it's certainly the mayor has done that. Challenging and yet it's. You guys raise a lot of money and you do a lot of great things that is the main event raised money and I love it. I'm good lap guider dot grant and it's called the good like grant. Yes well I think that. Hollywood talent that's out. That's good that now where this year I think we've got sponsorship this before we even open the doors here. More than 50000 dollars that we were it not get off the ball this year and it all goes back to the community we find. We find that we have a soft spot a heart for the police department where veterans it for kids. And so so the closer. Areas that we focus on oh boy here on out so stuff bubbling pot yeah. And Adam Levin that but you know we. We also. This year we we gave a pretty good gift to the honor flight. Organization perfect at it it it helped raise my awareness about them because my dad has come network going on and on a flight on which. With each day he's triple threat World War II that. That chip and he was it Vietnam vet and all of a Korean conflict. He was an honor to work for two years are really proud taking on that cry it. The week given the honor flight given we get a couple we've got a couple horses with the equestrian group that the police department. Are we giving them saddles. Oh the last few years we have. From some of the proceeds from this event we've also gotten them canine. Bulletproof vests. For their dock. If that's great way to spend it certainly is certainly is that it so many other somebody other organizations we've given her over. Just another 190000. Dollars. In these six or seven years that we've been doing the Chillicothe that we took it over so we are we are true or here's what what do we have here. But we have here is from Lima sits quietly gotten a lot more about it later but I thought. Richard you and I like that they want to get there Ali think of it as the opportunity to hear something other than beer with Chile. Marketplace that I think that can go with with that nice thought that was a little heat yeah how little sweetness to it that would be wonderful well. And this what is not as we did use the word of Ireland. I happen after riot here fitted that it that weakness and it would be perfect my news. Now many eyes but yeah actually they like this yes and Abigail my daughter has faced when you're having it. You loud and underneath let. Ago we had dilemma we we get we get this maverick that picked up a case that it. And I got some of the residents well yes and that's really tasty stuff coming out about all three of them later. It is made in the traditional method and the best part about it eight united. That's they're giving it away yet they're giving way. Kryptonite. That it got a favorite practical like we did I had to have my practically called Karrie today with the light thing that. And I love these glasses he's. They're that plastic glasses with a plastic flutes and a moment I wonder if that's a college but it on my. Yeah yeah we're encouraged all the college kids start and it's hard to do. Popular shooter but they're really government. Yeah at lower ethically and Donna what he did not match. That's more of them let this stuff I thank you for having us think differently about that actually took office it's an event that is near and dear to our hearts. Raise a lot of money and give it all back to welcome but it out my youngest kid in the next. We prevent bird right won this and yes. That the couple. Well I got the biggest pot up and down the street. Man I had a forty gallon. That bigger. That's big at the masters cauldron there it meant well you're you're rotate your area here yeah. And later yet. We got a cavity cock. That that thank you so much thank you for what you do they keeper of the victory yet. All right Arctic here get out there. But don't watch that's why I'm here at a lot. Like dogs that record that. I don't will you know it's great there's dogs and children and they are not or if people want to have mapped out. That's a month went wonder well. It now it's not the. The somebody that is near and dear to my heart she's such hard work in gal what you think about this. You've got to go wow I don't I don't know how she does it's it's she's. She's up to no good that that's what it's gotta be note she's earned him and actually Redman I think she's on the phone and Ashley are you there. And actually. That's the Jack what do. I view work on Mac are they about some other vets we're gonna pay about. The combination of blocked overpass. Without fun event phenomena if the judgment that then you'll Wichita burger that was then about that the minute that it may about the weather that's coming up. Friday October 6 if you believe we're talking about October. That it's right around the corner this isn't really cool event for Wesley children's foundation. And if you like. Why it and it. Delicious food fight that. Shopping and fashion show and then it leaches. This is Friday October 067 PM at which our country club and it is that all of mines limited free. And you get an invite. Rock but again about Walter automotive group of pediatric. And it's just not a whole lot of but again it's. I'm limited shoes and guys you can do but the girls really love it there's the charming you guys and it's credible option. Indoor tennis courts. It would stop at the club locations in its Friday October it out. Joining us. After my lovely interception that she probably missed Ashley treatment works harder than most everybody here raising money for great causes that they want the program. And meet you my girl. I love that save the date card that you sent out. One night only thing. It's October fest I think it's a great idea and you combine that the two events that you are run in the burger now. So but I really want you to help me about it is what's gonna happen but what where when and how people being involved and promised when it's going to be. Well the burger battle is on day two of October fest which is October 14 and Ari event starts at 5 PM and goes until 8 PM. And this year we are excited to say we have more than fifteen vendors who will be preparing burgers that get done around ample. And then at the end of the night you can pick your favorite burger boat and rhetoric at the thought that people strength. Worth. But it. X accesses. I know that I that it that it couldn't just last year I've honored. To be asked just this year because it needs that it was in most magnificent opportunity. And you know as a professional eater. She'd be says it was a real chore. That are obligated she ate everything that you got what broader. Yes the judges don't disappoint eighth and every last burger. That. I'm just look at it here yet it is burgers and bottles five guys ever have billions aggregate vote mark fields the dance and yak. The thriller reflection ridge Dempsey burger. My favorites and start casino. District soccer reacted to add anymore that it signed up late. Oh yeah we 31 street fat burgers PA eight I just find them up today so that's pretty exciting. I see now in the half and we also have a competition between them which has please department and Pakistani and that's. But it can have them competition at each other they're pretty excited about. I'm scheme. Figure out of my head I think you said everybody yeah. Yeah that out but this way our locker. Old anchor statement ended up and and that's an inexpensive meant an expert great cause forty dollar VIP tickets which I highly recommend. When it by Dollar General mentioned you've got to my music on separate state. And be cool. And go betweens burger battle front repent activities that they want the rhetoric and on the clock now. That's cool it's five to 8 PM it's literally right around the corner. Saturday October 4 seed. At the river walk and it's going to be and I imagine it's gonna be later on right. Yeah apparently didn't check the weather that is that he IE. I can't wait I'll be ready for members of the feedback from Mexico. I'd be great balance. Folks if you wanna learn more to Google search. Icy deep burger battle dot com. Current information about not only that but blocked over that that all the fun things that are non apps that I get the jets off to Islam Friday well. So it's gonna be eight back. And I'd give it get better if that's the app one little by it and that's about it. Go to the next actually rabbit but a pleasure always expected. I can't wait to see it in little over week to week. And politics. You have a great opportunity coming out of the chili contest out here. It might get out any option that but. I think he should get that audio off. At eight Arab. I'd take care if it's not the it was a couple weeks. Actually right. But then again I didn't I don't think I'd mention it for Netscape the DH candidates out any better they do so much for those that are less fortunate maybe that you and I. And they do it because it's like this. Get some money again it's the burger battle part of October that's right Ingraham a few weeks from now. Saturday that report these. ITT burger battle dot com the European. Art to take a break him back hopefully it needs bills stop by. But if not imminently about to line of the week it's Spanish sparkling wine op. 08 that commitment and work right. I've got Barrett good luck to you live from the wagon master it on but it's your.