Don't mix your crab meats

Steve & Ted
Monday, January 15th

Virginia seafood company in hot water with the FDA for mixing foreign crab meats and labeling the product "Made in the USA"


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The far right of all that a little match yeah that's the Barcelona but the whole year going to end up with a car. Look at these desert and where it's detrimental to. 9713. Thirty K and if we are Stevenson in the morning. At 8:46. On a Monday morning. Now three big things. Man shot twelve taking down Christmas decorations and southeast which have cost it congress wrestles with saving it doc you immigration planned. Folks in Hawaii want answers after missile false attack. Missile attacks false alarms David says three big things in a sense. In traffic this morning a great warning coming from the F Kansas Highway Patrol. This same don'ts. Asked a snowplow. Ever that I did the road ahead of it is not batters in the road behind it. The flowers making you save a clear path for you do not pass them so that coming from the Kansas turnpike not. Not bad advice center especially today highways in bad shape everything was slush earlier but temperatures have gotten cold enough this lesson is now iced. And it is very slippery very treacherous out there this morning. That's to be very careful what you decide to venture out traffic update in cape and it's as radio I'm dead chambers. Mostly cloudy with a morning snow and plunging temperatures below fifteen degrees Sundays I by the way it was 47. Mostly clear and cold tonight the overnight low as zero. Tuesday sunny and cold we're gonna warm up to only fourteen. Degrees down light snow. 46 degrees to get north wind gusting to 37. Miles. Per hour pianist has weather brought few vital monarch. Voter one of the best burger and bars in America by the burger and rebuke. Located at 579 west Douglas and his story delay you know the monarch. Meanwhile I've just got to look out that at the window here at the radio station there's a nice light covering on the ground let's look like it's very deep at all. There is still out there on the ground. And I'm looking now at the McCain is as weather center radar and and it it looks to me from the greater indication that all of this has moved out to the southeast there is a little spot. Around great Banda. But right now it looks like the precipitation to snow fall and so forth has moved on to the south east. And from here in north. They are up through Salina concordia back over the Hill City. I seventy looks clear now it's it's all cleared up but. Outlook earlier this morning Leon Smith the man. From KS and his said the price be out here by 11 o'clock is what he was saying. But does that as a means to compete any more comfortable now it it's yes feeling kinda nasty out there it's more it's it's. And it's gonna remain pretty bad on the roadways just. I don't know say something I saw a lot of folks especially after last week's storm on line. Really. Taking the the road crews to test different brokers and that the roads were were awful when that happened. I'd just got to back up the brokers they are out there doing their jobs right now and a very good job. The best they can't the problem with both of these storms as it was raining. And then the temperature switch into freezing. There's really not a lot of there's a lot of Dick goes into the decisions by. Utility company one of ms. Is is it Windiz it would visits know what does it rank when bullets stop gap when all of the rain ahead of time as this as that storm goes and wash off any pre treatment what does it but now counter productive to do something like this exactly every time anybody does anything anywhere in this world it is second guess spinal all yak and especially on the Internet all he sees complainer it's and that's. That's just where that is it's like you know when your power goes out that at qwest. A lot of folks. These people to give a breakdown in India. We appreciate road crews out there are we really do and we know they're out there right now we're in our area are working because he's got a bulletin don't pass those people yes. 850 now is Stephen Ted. A female passenger has died hours after casino boat caught fire off Florida's Gulf Coast. Forcing heard about fifty other passengers and crew. To jump into the chilly waters to escape you heard our story have been listing this morning have been talking about this. This morning than the Pasco county sheriff's office spokesman Ken and also the victim was 42 years Notre Dame was not. Release of his boat is at casino boat caught on fire not far from the shore. And most folks were able to get often just pretty much weight to shore. But there were a few injuries and there were no fatalities earlier but now. 42 year old woman has died after that Upton and a rather it was tragic tragic deal went on down there in Florida and now. It's the year the pick up. At the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As General Motors Fiat Chrysler and Ford unveiled new trucks in a fast growing and highly competitive US auto market Fiat. Yet Chrysler roll roll out of redesigned ram truck right redesign outright Chrysler out there yet GM's Chevrolet brand is showing off the new Silverado. It's the first time at least 49 years that show organizers can remember to Detroit auto makers unveiling new full size trucks at the same Detroit event also. Ford is re entering the small pickup market for the new version of the ranger McCourt router yeah and jail cell. Royal some vehicles there in Detroit at the odd rouge shelf ethnic stock markets may do is start to a 2018 carries through its second week. Rising to retailers pushed stock indexes farther into record territory Friday. Interest rates also climbed after reports showed that a key component of inflation accelerated last month. The S&P 500 rose over eighteen points Dow. Climbed 228. The NASDAQ rose 49 points Airbus. Says it will stop making its costly 8380 super Jumbo. If it can't strike a long term deal with the airline emirates for a steady supply the planes. Airbus chief salesman John Leahy told reporters. If we can't work out a deal would emirates. There is no choice to put ship but to shut down the program who said the airline is the only one who has the ability to commit to a minimum of six planes a year. For a minimum of eight to ten years which Airbus needs to make that program viable. The double Decker a 380. Drew worldwide attention when it was launched decade ago that as long Mitt questions as to whether it could generate enough demand. And the owner of a Virginia seafood company has been charged with conspiracy to defraud the federal government. By mixing a foreign crab meat was heading blue crab but they're labeling the blended seafood and selling it to customers as a US product. Wow James Casey owner and president KG seafood was charged Friday with violating the Lacey act a law that prohibits trafficking. In illegal wildlife he got a label it properly. He's got an international product there largest US. That's right and it's certainly not Kosher. There's its television wouldn't you like. At 853 now is Steven Jan in the simulate some. Local business news now from the Wichita business journalist we and make. Minnesota company has bought some which atop at supplies stores. The company is called chuck and dogs. It's expanding into Kansas with the acquisition of all pets all paws pet center in Wichita and derby. The transaction is finalized last week they did not reveal the terms of the deal. The three Wichita area stores will remain open and keep the all pause name. There in the 14100 block of north maize road north of funny person very rich and eight when he went east of Aniston and derby. The Wal-Mart company announced last week that it was giving raises to a bunch of employees but closing some Sam's Club stores. There which the business journal checked none of the which does Sam's clubs will be closing 63 clubs around the country were closed at Wichita which Bayard. Tenet the closed doors will be converted to e-commerce distribution centers. Which domain have a new seafood option Andrei artist owns a crab kings location in suburban Kansas City. He says he wants to bring a crab king to Wichita. May be on the west side says he's in 90% sure it's going to happen as a company mentioned it on FaceBook and had a huge response. The announcement could come this week in new crash the restaurant on the west side howl about the local breaking business news every day on K in SS. And switched a business journal dot com for the which the business journal I am filling in for bill Roy today. Who's taken today off and the last five minutes you head to crabs that I liked it you know it's I don't know idea. I guess I'm just kind of gravity twice a 55 Stephen did it as if it's a fine folks in Hawaii. What answers after false missile alarm. See to that of the morning on tape and assess.