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The Good Life
Saturday, August 19th

Guy's visit with Kat Odell continues as they go over they various day drinks in her book aptly titled "Day Drinking"


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They'll welcome back to the program every Saturday it's true bottom part fierce today it's a little bit different but I do date drinking every Saturday right here between new mom because I think it's the one of the week. And you've heard me say some of the best month ever ever had a bit in the morning but oftentimes you want or alcohol or are you want those same flavors and fun things and if you bought this book date drinking fifty cocktails for Melo but does make this kind of dealt. You'd have certainly via the guidebook and let's talk about the lay up the first section of the book is probably worth the read. Just to learn about you and and get your background is. An important part of what about some of the basic part tools equipment and standard ingredients Rihanna have on hand. We by the copy of the book and start Macon. Our you know part of can be expensive I think the most seats is poor mother. Was born model is. All they are back and help. Marie got serious and herb the lead from neighbors. And I think that's when it's quite important not a pretty hard to. You suddenly afar are another ingredient I think in general are what pretty easy. Now the only time and a lot of money on tour is the only. Way you can. And by the way dot com. You probably want to about the crop won't think what you do have a proper goodbye it's not going to be when you're picking up now I would say. Kicker and a month and a big part is that there is. On him. But they I think is. A part in that went to a. On that and that was a good Segway. Most everybody keeps lines and lemons but there's a lot of other things you can keep around that will make making some of the cocktails in the book that much easier but it. This apparently or lemon who I always thought that it is there it is better it's only during a little bit at least. You're taking these if you may want to have been there way. Well we caught on how to do it if I believe the little book popped. I don't believe the option of making it there honey or sometimes even a product from it is. And then went straight and in fact are also depending on the thing Obama got married during the number of political. Who didn't apple all our our popular Italian there. And a bottle of white man upon our current law and create and it makes for senator. And topple you know I love love love iBook and up or or for the tournament ever caught out of. Yeah if you have wine in your house you keep a selection of wines are either house hopefully especially this time of year you have to grow Wednesday and just aren't you know you've got your Rosen they all day what are great and simple. Beverage didn't. Anybody can make there's no challenges lead on the BMX colleges. And your cut the alcohol down a little bit rose a couple of strawberries. And amber and after admit I have not had to borrow what you just mentioned it. And that meant that has become the month blue lemon juice a little salt water for Phil is. And it and you've got something that is starts off slow and golf with the rose. And then you're ending these other liquids are predominantly and a certain. Love that drink and the no delays were threatening. Not mean we all actually where you're adding we won't comment on the is that well. Has led the dignity and it's been very great not great. But I just love it again that the pictures worth a thousand words in the picture of that symbolism is there. That makes me thirsty more there's other drinks in here that are interesting and use some things that. You might not think about in I'm a big fan of share in I think. More more we're seeing Sherry moved into the front of the class of the front of the bar and being used a lot of drinks and so flavorful. And you can still add it to other things and and bring out there. Pilots carry I loved it very and it means more and love is very scary at this kind. Who on the quality to drink enough that he is able. OK so if someone doesn't want to drink and they want to make some and it looks nice on the glass and they feel like they're still part of the crowd. You have a pretty good I don't mop tails and this is kind of and relatively in the last ten years new phrase for. Identifying cocktails that does it look and maybe even have some of the same characteristics as their alcoholic brother but no alcohol. Exactly I have a host actor dedicated to mark Gelman. I don't know you know all that shouldn't it be that you opt out offered by about it. I get a deal on how we deal. Hot and I brought you do when an opt. When my cigarette and there is. From a Britney on. Mean he and you aren't the ninth inning Rockies who created art and into them offline and you can be cute and he and it. And it looked like quite in the and then he hit it quite. A nearly three out that. That is so interesting I just had a long discussion with the chiefs beat college list if you will. And the company's name is abbey college she end up for that their partner and his two little containers renounce. Clear glass containers. That is mixed with all kinds of things beaten vegetable and one of them move. Deep and tropical fruit pineapple coconut mango. And I'm telling you cats and is reminiscent of drinking a fairly heavily oak Chardonnay. And it's called beat college either. The health food stores and things like that. But really you know it's like so it's got the mango and Liam and Coke and and and pineapple and and you smell listen but first I'll open and smelled it I thought I got us. This is open and fresh American smoke. Tonight taste and where they could just it's just an incredible beverage and then of course as I'm sure you would do if you place an integrated beverage by itself. And it's healthy. But that I start to think and a home and you could make a really cool cocktail with an. Mary I'll grant you know they'll be convinced he won everything that's another when you know that you could make up on bloody murder with a ask what about sparkling wine you know let it trickle out of Kabul you know my wife flows for such code Dirk a lot of champagne. Yeah I think that you can really. Do a lot with sparkling wine and other than just pretty much most of for example Libya and antilock the recipes in the blood levels. I haven't really cool on a moment and it's history that you need it it'll just like come on back. It's not an guy who the man who our. Really won't drink that you knew that your. Aren't that they are being your drinking what they will not bad but it's what the difference. One more plaque that putt well with it here you can't see seeing it here reality in Europe and are going to line. And adding a beer cheap why. Now bright indeed keep. Opening on here are player and he I didn't hear that it. Right Mary. Is John Mary and add that with are the lion or you come at any added. Would you think the only way we are going to wind at their well you played your. Corporate it earned and let me add that. Yeah. Sounds great unity and this just came in my edit I did a couple of seminars. That a major one event Arkansas in the past couple years and one of them was a brunch and we made what look like and the most but I put Moscow Idaho. And now I'm emit little skewers with a slice of banana a great it'll look a little piece of potential oil. It was like a fruit salad with. Had a little bit. Meant and it was fun a lot of fun well the book it's really cool I think he did a great job and it's. You know I who won the first pages that opened up for me. Well this spring has sprung and cucumbers floating in this in this beautiful punch bowl and and it makes me think man. I'm looking forward to winner as I look forward every season but I'll ominously it is summer when a big ball of one punch with cucumbers and it would fill the bill. I ain't got you let me. And I went and pay the book is great I'm so glad you could finally carve out a little bit at times best of luck with the book sales in. Hope they get to spend some time to come they don't think yeah. I'm guy that's good laugh at a break come back we've got more through one bunkers don't go away.