Drunk NJ man takes Uber home... from West Virginia

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 2nd

The 300 mile ride cost the man more than $1,600.


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I teach 713 thirty K in essence. 730 done. Stevenson in the morning Steve Macintosh said the verdict came just governor Jeff collier has signed an executive order. Creating a task force to combat formulate and methamphetamine abuse. A task force created Thursday will be headed by leaders of sixteen state agencies and law also include medical and law enforcement personnel. With expertise on substance abuse. Call your said that people believe and meth epidemic sore quote very reeling Kansas. The task force will examine other states strategies. To determine what works and what doesn't. Before laying out a plan of action or Kansas Dan O'Neill KM SS news. It's the personal information of thousands of cantons was released by mistake the department of aging and disability services says it became aware late last month. That an employee sent an unauthorized email with Social Security numbers Medicaid identification numbers and other personal information. 2111000 Kansas. Of 111000 Kansas to its business partners. The department says it has no evidence the information was misused or disclosed publicly governor Jeff collier spoke with reporters. My understanding at this point is that the breach was very limited in scope and that he was all kept contain. News of the breach came minutes before representatives in the house debated two's cyber security bills one bill would hold agency heads accountable for any breaches. A spokeswoman says the employee involved in the mistake as been let go from the department. Public school students in West Virginia is still in limbo. Schools and all 55 of the State's counties will remain closed today due to a stalemate in giving teachers among the lowest paid in the country of race. Agreement in principle was reached with the legislature governor earlier this week. But Republicans in the state senate Thursday refused to take up house approved legislation to grant teachers a 5% pay raise. Outside the senate chamber hundreds of protesters chanted pass that bill Republicans say they need to be fiscally responsible and address the teachers main concern. Rising health insurance costs. Tom or Gotti. Fox News. Delta Airlines may feel the wrath of Georgia's state lawmakers who were publicly upset over the Atlanta based airline's decision. And discount deals from members of the National Rifle Association. In response to boycott calls following the Florida school shooting. Delta had lobby Georgia's legislators hard for a sales tax exemption on jet fuel thinking it could save the airline which basis flights. At Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson international airport a whopping fifteen million bucks annually. But the air carrier drew the ire of Republicans in the state government when it announced that like United Airlines. It was ending a discount for NRA members flying to the association's annual meetings. A tax bill passed Thursday omitted the Sauna after tax exemption while governor Nathan Deal says he wasn't in favor of punishing delta. He won't veto the bill because it includes tax breaks for consumers. Evan brown Fox News. A new 32000 square foot hangar will be constructed on airport road to the east of Wichita was Eisenhower national airport. It will house of between nine aircraft known as dot. Which is a director of airports Victor white tells K Unisys news a building it will have retail shops and will be a museum and educational center. They're gonna have exhibits and interactive things first AM you know science technology engineering and math. Education. So that kids can come out school kids whatever field trips and and learn about those kind of help things are designed how things are built. And how are operated and maintained so real tight together to an educational centers well. Victor why is our guest this weekend and issues to what the 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and as S. Now look at the forecast with king and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning Dan once again it's a chilly morning forests in Wichita but you'll feel more spring like by this afternoon. Sunshine and windy at times in fact some gusts may be up to thirty even 35 miles per hour this afternoon and our high 63. Clear tonight dot quite a school with a low 44 will stay windy again on Saturday with a high 65. Could see a thunderstorm late Sunday with a high 63. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 32 degrees and we've got to southeast wind at eight miles per hour. 735 now Stephen Ted breezy day across Kansas Thursday. Which does high temperature yesterday 58 degrees normal high is 53 pretty nice which are recorded wind gusts yesterday at 35 miles per hour. On that. It is march and that means the wind. He's gonna blow. A New Jersey man as opposed to what other month they announced on a true true Kansas win looks different on prettier people of south commanders on such confident of wind blows everyday here. The New Jersey man who got drunk in West Virginia and mistakenly ordered a 16135. Dollar override back through his whole scene in New Jersey says. The experience was crazy oh. NG dot com reported that Kenny back men but it was taking an over to where he was staying near West Virginia university's campus. But when his driver woke him up two hours into the more than 300 mile journey to New Jersey. Back in says he didn't know what was happening or more than I ever watched. The trip was a made more expensive because Batman. Gave the driver money for tolls and ordered an uber XL which can hold up to six passengers. Says he tried to challenged affair with Huber but ended up paying it if you're too drunk. Did know what you do on that's on you man in the driver five stars. Good at it now of the Ryder devoting his girlfriend know how to beat it used. What about you still to go there will be zero. Under the address in you have to take some responsibility for years in the creation is my take on that it. 735 now with Steve it'd just a quick comment or. I'd guess about. But our top story this morning involving a secure federal left sleeping in the back of a car. Or mom went laundromat and some additional car this could've had some very very bad endings to. And again it goes back to. How many people do that how would you leave. Their keys in their car and I urge you on people do you do know ever never ever. Hello Pena. You know I have that we built our new garage here but to three years ago at my house yeah. And I left. My car in the air and into thought and I've pulled the door down I didn't think much about it. It's that somebody got into the side door and not Hillary third third or fourth day got into my card to go to my. The proceedings of the car. Right there and you know analyst neighborhood some some in the neighborhood. So I learned I gotta lock the door on Michael Price. And at the same time I ever get out of when I leave my car my garage I locked car. Cars like the Rogers line. And you know the the other six year old kid. I have a little more I don't know maybe and blaming the wrong person for this but you know I don't think you are. Burst flaw could never leave one of my children sleeping in the new by themselves now anywhere in it out do that he would do it. That part repaired it inning. We were fortunate that this story ahead somewhat. That happy and again it's affected happier and nobody ever. Now it big deal coming up Weston and have about four hours from now. At 11 o'clock this morning the doors open. Or outdoor living in landscape showed 2018. Opening day is here at two can 62 convention center. And into convention hall it's huge bigger and better than ever Ted. As Beagle on today. Saturday and Sunday Big Three day event starts today get a shuttle if you wanna park courts you know but it LD stadium being shot over their take the bus over there. A lot of great things going on to get mowers tractors lawn equipment garden tools. Hot tubs and pools outdoor. Kitchens ideal rooms fencing garden art. Green houses in nurseries tons of landscaper and of course plenty of display gardens now everything outdoor you can think goat it'll be there not only that. You can get yourself be taken with a couple of dinosaurs. No we're not talking about Stephen ten although that's pop possible that although we met might apply. For an electronic. Audio enabled dinosaurs headed for the outdoor living landscapes show. And they will be at these suburban landscape management Booth now that is there and they're fantastic I understand their very very cool and again you can get yourself the biggest event. Up close with the dinosaurs right there take sell these or Saturday afternoon from one to 510 they're going to be down there. You can have a self be taken with these two dinosaurs as well. Would that be a treat that's a win win right there. We look forward to the show every beer here it's are our stations inner compass and on. And in cooperation with so many many find it vendors and merchants around town it's just it's get bigger and bigger every year so excited about the hours. Today are 11 AM to 8 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to two 7 PM and Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM at century to explore all and conventional. And you are invited to come densities and have a good time or Wichita is huge. Outdoor festival in early march shall we hosted this his kick this kicks off outing or living in lands this kicks off spring officially in Wichita and so it's Kansas. So you need to look at or do we are. As we. Are. Did since the outdoor living landscapes show starts at 11 o'clock this morning. Beat Becker. Time for our prairie fire coffee break OK and SS prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Woodstock area because. Prairie fire coffee beans are roasted. French right here in Wichita. And you need a prairie fire coffee you're office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. 741 seed instead of coming up bill Lloyd editor of the would stop business journal which does getting ready for a big basketball tournament. And those details about. Keep it in the morning on occasion and.