Duchess Kate spotted wearing Kansas fashion

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 29th

The Duchess wore an alpaca fur hat from a Tonganoxie company.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Warning it's 7 o'clock this. It's 8 minutes this morning news feed instead I hit good lord Steven mackintosh has the day off but it's Friday December 29. Fatal shooting himself was Wichita involving a police officer those details are on the line on campus survey asked child advocates about the treatment of gay couples are in the field. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Moisture lifting it from the south as we are below freezing could create some slick spots on the roadway early on it we talk about the brief warmup today and the much colder air moving it tonight in the forecast that's coming up. A police officer fatally shot a man in southwest which is thought deputy chief Troy Livingston says police received a call reporting he's shooting. Early last evening on south McCormick near Seneca. The caller said that a mother and a son had gotten into an argument and that the dad had been shot in the head. The caller also indicated that the father was dead in the two hostages were being held. If you think you're one of our officers. Discharged his weapon. That male 28 years old transported to a local hospital. He was announced today. When police got into the home and entered it they did not find a deceased man. Police believe that they were given misinformation on the call leading up to these events three or four other people were inside the home at the time they were not injured and they are being interviewed. Which top police are continuing this investigation. New York City preparing for the new year with beefed up security. NYPD commissioner James O'Neal says even with three terror related incidents in New York over the last fifteen months. This New Year's Eve will be well protected some ways you will see some you Walt this country one of the most. Well policed. Best protected events and one of the safest venues in the entire world revelers and their bags will be checked transit and area hotels will be searched insecure New York City mayor bill the blahs Il says right now. Police can concentrate on security alone there are no credible specific threats against Europe sitting at this point in time even so city leaders say they won't let their guard down. In New York colonel Scott Fox News. The Sedgwick county emergency communications nonemergency phone line is going to be available from 9 o'clock. PM on New Year's seems to 1 in the morning on January 1. This line functions as an alternative to 911 that is meant to receive calls for non emergency nuisance is that do not pose a threat to life or property. Examples include complaints pertaining to parties excess noise and fireworks. The nonemergency number is 20901011. The nonemergency line was established to prevent an influx of nuisance calls that can block emergency calls from Regina call taker. The nonemergency line is activated during times of historically high call volumes and is otherwise needed. If someone calls 911 with a non emergency he or she will be transferred to the nonemergency line. Steve Macintosh in SS news. State auditors have found that less than a quarter of the court appointed advocates for Foster children surveyed. Say perspective same sex parents are treated differently than heterosexual cup. All's vote Topeka capital journal reports auditors also found that about 37% of those surveyed. Were aware of a child who was moved from org denied placement in an LG BT home. In the report released earlier this month auditors said the results could be taken as a sample all guardians because the told response rate was only 34%. The auditors also noted that many didn't answer the question about how same sex couples are treated. Former Kansas department for children apparently secretary Phyllis Gilmore said. The survey quote clearly encouraged only those who believe an issue exists to respond. Dan O'Neill came in assets and. News the White House is cutting some rules for hydraulic fracking the drug administration throwing out rules first tracking that have been proposed by the Obama administration. Those roles would have forced companies to disclose what chemicals they're using in the process. Of pumping pressurized water underground to break open hydrocarbon deposits. The rules have been held up in the courts is energy companies tried to fight them. Environmentalists aren't happy with president charms decision. Because of the potential risk to ground water the Center for Biological Diversity goals tracking ain't toxic business. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. 705 receiving it in the morning and KM SS. Looking for work in the week he watched a week he watched T stand the company. Some good company was big time worldwide exposure. And a big week in exports coming up highlighted all coming up just a few minutes Deanna says news dimes seminoles five. If it. 708 was content in the morning I'm 97 to thirteen 38 in just assess the state park in Florida. As the help wanted sign out. But what are they hiring. Well there wishing for mermaid is now at Florida's Wiki watch he springs state park effect they'll be holding auditions on January 13 to join the world famous mermaid squad there the Wiki what she mermaids have been performing year round in 72 degree of spring water since 1947. To qualify you have to show that you have the endurance to tread water for fifteen minutes and of course swim like a mermaid. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. A clothing company in Kansas recently had one of its products worn by duchess Kate Middleton. At Christmas Day wardrobe for the duchess of Cambridge included that touch of camp says. The Lawrence journal world reports that Kate Middleton. Wore a bounds or an alpaca fur hat from talk to Nazi base Peruvian connection on Monday took Christmas service and Sandringham England. The company has the story in London at six in the United States including one in Kansas City, Missouri. Peruvian connection has operated emerald talking moxie for more than forty years. That's the Kansas information networks Danielle Norwood. With that report it's 710 is Steven did in the morning 97 and thirteen thirty KUN as tests. And this morning in traffic we've got some fog in the area freezing temperatures of freezing fog out there. Might have to sprinkle definitely have to scrape which one after even watch for some slick spots out there on the which star roadways at this time. And this morning as traffic for a few budget brother Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman. He's cherry street Paul and online across tired I come home of the 3495. Oil change cells to a look at our weather forecaster in this Friday morning let's check in with. Meteorologist Dan holidays again. Good morning we could have some slick spots on the roadway as some moisture is coming in from the south creating some freezing fog but by this afternoon full of a gradual clearing sky he will be the warmest day of the week forest with a high 42. Colder air moves in tonight are Luke twelve. Didn't sunny tomorrow with a high nineteen on New Year's Eve for high eleventh I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank you stand right now on what you thought cloudy sky 29 degrees breeze out of the south we have 90% humidity on her way too high today forty seasons. They get SS news time 7-Eleven was Stephenson king and assess it. Let's check in in New York City a lot of things going on Fox News radio's Tonya. Serious story today out of New York give us the latest on that for alarm fire in the Bronx priests Sanders said story coming out. Absolutely. Very upsetting. Tragic stories day. Twelve people have died and inept so far today and error for people who are also. You know. Fighting for their lives at this point you more than that injured. We know at least one child is among those who died in the fire. Where it we're seeing reports it may be any sport kids. His apartment building and it is about a block from the Bronx Zoo is. About a hundred years old. Has a lot of the buildings here are. In. In your city west of the prewar structures or you live and it started on the first floor and quickly. Brand just within a few minutes. The different source of building. Sad story coming out of the Bronx today of course New York City getting ready for a big weekend. I know security is higher at the list have been beefing up from leading up to New Year's Eve on Sunday. Oh yeah. Absolutely I mean it it always is every year they have different you know press conferences and the week prior to New Year's Eve. You know where the police and you know. Everybody gives you kind of the update of not okay here's what usually get on on. You know it's it's going to be tight obviously it it always is and it can make every year they just add a little bit more. And earlier about security and we had to terror attacks Halloween. In you know in the city so to say it there on Tyler would be an understatement they think that there is not a credible threat to. To the city or anything like that. But you know they're not taking chances that a player out here. It would be nice and I chilly on non New Year's Eve a so so people just just. Packet in and get warm. Yet if it well they're pretty packed in and out war will help on the eve but again and the low that night is that going to be. Seven does. And sit. Monday's high only going to be eighteen which is that Sunday at is it's exposed to what you do get a piece snow showers tomorrow. Sometime maybe. Abbott the highest and I gonna get about twenty. It's but it won't get out of the mid twenties horror. Wait wait too long for my comfort. We're looking into duty in by January 7 but I think the eight were gonna get to 35. No it must we get affecting long braids we WTO where Levy stations Sunday night will you be working here you have an all. I have I have now is here. Oddly enough I've covered you know. The ad attacks are all dropped a couple of times at least and it's a lot of fun it is wanted to NG got to do at least once you know. I would recommend. And not to do it that and now I took over in all. There'll be a lot of people who do you have any old and a great story details later this year. And it it is is just the massive PC humanity and when it's done they have to sweep all that stuff out. I've square and get it all cleaned up for the next day. It is it's it can't amassed on it once it desperate and it restarts to leave. Which happened rather quickly I think people start to disperse you've got you know the ball drops significant Betty of that air and he's got. In the music playing intense editorial and that many or dark and it's just golf that's been and it just like the coolest thing ever and he spent thirty minutes later but then that people have him on. They're you know head back to wherever I'll have. They do shut down the entrances to train station in net in in the midtown area where you know around there so it is difficult to get out you have to walk away to find a train station. Actually open at that point. Fox News radio's Tommy. We appreciate it that's Fox News radio's on he's a powers lie and what this this morning. Stories from New York City next on those great check in with her and find out what's going on. In NYC. In the Big Apple. 715 was the intent on KM SS. And yet. She was talking about temperatures that are warmer than we're going to have this week that's right yanks gap yes and not much warmer but no just by a little bit. I did I like the title on this story limerick dictionary. Limerick in limerick dictionary OK one man's joke has become his mission to give each word a rhyming definition. Chris stroll in teaching English bus and an online forum years ago when he said the dictionary would be greatly improved. If definitions were written in five line lyrics. He decided that's it for real it's the omnipresent English dictionary in limerick form. He's published more than 97000. Rhyming definitions since the start of the online dictionary thirteen years ago then he's going to reach the 100000 mark sometime next year. Even with the help from about a thousand people can carpeting and helping him out his limerick dictionaries nowhere near finished so he says it currently ends. In the geez. As the word do Izard. Nokia says he hopes that his children or grandchildren work will continue this effort in years that now. The product YI agents following gushed I imagine we'll take. Take a long time which you get to the ends and have to go through and all the Nantucket stared out at once we get yeah that's going to be real barely able Dicey. But the SPL a there's one guy is putting together a limerick dictionary but the it is 717 we Stephen dead on Deanna says. Let's take a look at what's going on in the world of sports we get into a busy weekend we've got c.'s football on Sunday the teams in Denver taking on the Broncos. Not much meaning to this game the teams already have their playoff situation confirmed they went home playoff game coming up. So the mission on Sundays to play a game and nobody gets hurt. That's it. The chiefs at Denver on Sunday the chiefs are starting their backup quarterback first round draft pick Patrick Holmes will provide. Some interest chiefs fans in this one. Smith told this level live coverage of these football beginning at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon game will kick off more before 330. That's right here on your home and seized 97 and thirteen thirty KN SS. And of course less than an hour from now about 8:15 this morning we will have our weekly chat with Mitch told this. Thought she's football if that connection to shocker football along way as well. But saw it coming up with Mitch. At 8:15 this morning do not miss it. College basketball we got a big no we didn't coming up eighth ranked Wichita State is in Hartford tonight taking on Connecticut not tonight not tonight I'm sorry it's tomorrow. Doctors at Connecticut tomorrow. It's the first game for the shocker is as members of the American athletic conference. Mike Kennedy involve whole we'll have live pregame coverage beginning at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning the game will tip off at 11 AM tomorrow. That's on 103 point seven KE YN. 72 years in the Missouri Valley Conference doctor basketball Dow starts in the American. And after the game I'll be joined by Bob Lewis from KFH. For the shocker locker room show will be broadcasting lie about it twin peaks in east Wichita when he first and rock road seeking your phone calls. The shocker game at Connecticut tomorrow. Soccer have won eight straight road game from the longer streaks in the nation. We have college basketball tonight for the jayhawks in the wildcats' eleventh ranked Kansas opens up conference play on the road tonight and Texas. Life pregame coverage of the day -- begins at 630 tonight he will tip off at 8 o'clock tonight it's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975 FM. Amazing stat K you has won its conference opening game one. Extend that streak tonight. Kansas State opens up its conference play tonight as well on the road at. Iowa State that'll tip off at 8 o'clock tonight in Ames that'll be nationally televised on ESPN news the wildcats and cyclone. The hockey action for the Wichita thunder hockey team with back to back home games. Against the Allen Americans tonight at 7 o'clock tomorrow night at 7 o'clock as well it in trust bank arena. Battle for third place between these teams in the mountain division. The Wichita State women's basketball team plays its first American conference game tomorrow afternoon it's a home game at Coke arena the shocker ladies hosting Tulsa. We have a special broadcast of lake college football game tonight here on KM SS but Cotton Bowl down in Dallas. Number eight southern cal against number five Ohio State. But guys are touchdown favorite in this one both teams eleven and two on the season top 10 match at 7 o'clock tonight coverage begins. Of the Cotton Bowl it's right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and SS. Leading to a full weekend bowl games of course it's New Year's the Fiesta Bowl in the Orange Bowl tomorrow when KFH. And on Monday on New Year's Day you've got the two national semi final games in the Rose Bowl the Sugar Bowl. Also on KFH. College football bowl games coming your way. Speaking to college football bowl games New Year's Day does mark the seventieth anniversary of the Wichita. Shocker football appearance in the raisin bowl in Fresno. Soccer's lost a specific that they 26 to fourteen at. Under its head coach Ralph Graham the soccer's at all valley fullback art Hodges tackle Paul Hauser. Great halfback Lynnwood sexton would be his final game as a shocker. Shocker is played in a New Year's Day bowl game seven years ago but the raisin bowl in Fresno. Don't forget we'll chat with me told this play by play voice of the chiefs are weekly chat with Mitch at 8:15 this morning do not miss it because stuff right here. On Kate in SS always a lot of fun and not gonna name we'll talk committed fifteen it's now 721 Louis Stevenson in the morning here on page and SS. The truth about an inconvenient. Truths. It's the Rush Limbaugh morning update on the waged a few minutes and traffic and weather as well 987 and thirteen 38 in as.