Duke City @ Wichita Force 05-05-18

Saturday, May 5th

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This is Wichita course football. Good evening my movement in front bank arena. Or indoor football tonight in downtown Wichita. It's on Boston with you here on the program operative for two years I've been Sumner and we are ready for fourteen foot fault that I have received those rotten by heartland. Point gallery. And our matchup tonight as the with the sophomores they keep on. The new city gladiators Dixie tied for first place in the Southern Conference which is not a couple games back in the standings. And here in the second half of the season. Wichita as a home loaded aboard at the schedule five games remaining in the regular season four of those five are right here on home turf. Starting with tonight. You know games of the month that makes you Horry you know and so they home. Lleyton heavy part of the schedule for the with a golf course coming up and that's good news in the second half when you don't have the dealing with much traveled it could be his home in practice at home and get ready for the second half of the season. Get things done you know home berth on Boston. Last time with the policy on this home turf it was a big win and we've been knocked off of the previously unbeaten team. Who city which I'll play very well that game and kind of the words like the kind of recap some of that home magic they had last time they were here. Yeah that was part of a two game winning streak for the force and then and then last week the forced showdown. To Amarillo and get beat down there and you know that it's right back on the winning ways in like you said the the homely and part of the schedule geared towards the end is good for the fourth because not only play at home but they also have a chance to pick up some ground in the standings. And you look at the four losses on the force schedule all it seems genome that are in first place in. And so there's no really bad losses they've just got to. To get back on and on track in in a big win tonight would be a big boost going to restaurant season which it. Pretty quality wind last time they were here at home against against the quad city not inevitable loss column for the first time it. And we Internet last time at which you always fear. There are no seed remaining on the schedule have losing records and it's still holds true so if it even though there's a lot of home games. Thought it pretty good competition so we thought that's the kind of played best. Play at a high level here during the during the second half of the season did it to the post season and then see where things evolve from there once we get confused. Course on some big goings on in the league this week again no one fewer team. Currently standing. Yet and that is dallas'. Many people have followed the the CIA effort they've known that balances. Had trouble. When their teams especially at home because they had some problems with the he coliseum down there on that these fairgrounds here in Texas in Dallas and they had some problems with negotiating. The contract don't let down there and and so they're the team decided to fall so now there's one less team in the seven division of the conference so. Right now it's just down. On the fourteenth and will be interesting to see what happens through the throughout vs these. Which we thought directly affected Wichita did not have any games with Dallas remaining on the schedule. Some decent he would have Dallas remaining on the schedule. If they would it was a road games they automatically get a win by forfeit if it. The road game. We're Dallas they have found another franchise taxes our fill of obligations through I think two road games in the second half of the season so that. Teams can actually have a home venue and and get to France in its revenue going for. Couple of those games for it so it it in some wanted effects which it's not someplace it doesn't. It just means there's one last deep in the Southern Conference. Which already it was at some distance between themselves and in the bottom of the standings of that early dynamic has changed that much. In the Southern Conference John very top at the very bottom heavy which caused kind of filtered itself in the middle so far in that respect with. The only couple games out of first place behind you cities Amarillo were tied for first. And Wichita this kind of right in here in the second half of the season least try to keep it when he relays of getting better. Try to get a little closer to let her face sponsor and take advantage when they can't. That is keep pace you know look at these two teams in the top they both have just one possible. One of them don't have at least two had a couple weeks they need him for a third time this season Amarillo into exe which I can now. Those two teams have already split the series. So far this season they won't and meet once more. In three weeks from tonight so. We Miller leaves so one issues and two lost so which are just got to take care of business in the second half the season. And with the leak hit Dallas parting ways. They. Playoff format and revamp a little bit. In the top three seeds in each conference automatically in the playoffs. And the next two best records. Gideon's till eight feet look like post season. And Wichita is sitting pretty good right now would cause in third place in the southern. In the Southern Conference. And the Phillies to now hold on to that place or even move up like we talked about. And make sure there and barely get this by the time the playoffs roll around about five or six weeks from now but it. And having all the home games certainly cannot hurt in that scenario which you thought you would expect will be able to. Get some wins during the second half of the season and be in fairly good shape by the time you roll around that's not part of the process with this Wichita force Stevens. It's getting better week to week. Make your way through a tough schedules that is that is not very easy at times but what have any home games here down the stretch certainly will help them. Kenneth Starr for their offense which both offenses. Has been pretty much dead last in the in the conference in it pretty much every statistical category. And they do their defense has been pretty good this year but that offenses got it. Get better throughout the rest of the season and especially pick up some wins and then maybe even get a chance to host the first half Afghan. And of course trying to get the passing numbers that he's more of more than. Freedom and that is certainly that's a lot of it. Or Wichita has gotten better in the passing game as the season has gone on the Friday night. It had risen find those hot receivers. Get that connection between quarterback and receiver that but obviously is something. You really wanna get going in this league especially it's pat that's at that synergy. The duke city gladiators are taking the field and they are running around the perimeter with a a better and everything they're they're coming out hot. They sell honoring wounded veterans now with that but that is so as messy but yet you would which some I was sub office and they're taken on duke city defense that is one of the best and they've got. A guy you spoke with a force now mosque really the how deep its line also got Jason sort of a very good linebacker says meet tough test tonight for the force office. Duke city has taken the field and road uniforms pretty much an all white white there's jerseys and white pants and Wichita as. Kind of the opposite it their all blacked. Home uniforms black jerseys and black pants alternate in the goal that you. You do 304. Careful with the ball towards people of football for the it's only the third hole. Live five we'll be here. Which did not hear them until they into the Booth with all the big plug your schedule look upon. On the boards here at home in downtown we thought the next several weeks. Our free game bill is brought to you by heartland point gallery simply. Tonight you know candidates and ask for force football. And idiocy go to mileage may fifth and that brings for a day of celebration committee folks. Many parts of the country including here are. And does. There are seeking the bio. Items going on here tonight that defense including the first 505 pick up here tonight got home. So it'll be allowed proudest. I have try to broker a frozen margaritas before kickoff so. I think a lot of interest dog on boards find those right. Get ready to hit have been scared court tonight Cinco De Mayo football match up please Wichita and tied for first place in the southern poverty mighty ones record along with. Murillo is also five. Looms at Amarillo last week. The thought has also played duke city already once this. That was about six weeks ago at the end of march. As the Wichita lost that game like when you do at duke city will try to look at a better effort here tonight against the gladiators was. That's gone now. First time which he called late this city got hit hard. At some cancers at the time. Not quite yet. He often going right in which such as the leader Leon that FEMA. Was up six nothing and then after that it was all of these cities. When he succeeded 38. Second quarter we shoot produce citadel through which fell 3013. Figure 37. The nineteen lead going into. Halftime and which production fell apart that second half. After that big seven Corvette into the improvement but it did not release him without dissent. Millions in the second half of it also appeared Holbrooke being very personal quarterback for you to hear a lot about him the night. Alcoholic available first game and quarterback that good numbers wouldn't Sudanese leave. Last week was that I was on the road at Amarillo and lost that game 5531. Not yet come on yeah. Very close. Score game going into the fourth quarter the like Wichita got outscored what needs to quell the final quarter and I think the guerrillas scored five touchdowns plays for the last five possessions. And point it got here he's not. Should easily frightened inspection officers showed. And defense got your job it. And home office to show that the defense is really got to step up your team get some stops of the office has rarely succeeds because you know golf with Sinatra swing return on the field. So it is. A tough loss last week on the road and hopefully get back out there on the winning side tonight. I'm home turf tonight. Taking on yet another first place team duke city gladiators. Five and one tied for first off the Southern Conference which it bought three important a couple of games back and trying to get trying to keep up. With the top of the Southern Conference standings. We are just a few minutes away from football here in downtown which he thought he had trust bank arena. Our pregame show tonight but he went heartland point gallery thinks they lose tonight young pianist that's for. Or Wichita forced indoor football crowd at night looks like whatever nice crowd on hand here tonight in downtown which blocked routes still arriving. Still few minutes before take off. But a few minutes to get those half price. Frozen margaritas. Here in the downtown Wichita on Cinco De Mayo. Pregame show brought to my heartland point gallery let's take a break don't really know we'll come back right here for more reports football. You're listening to do it is 97 and thirteen 38 MS. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday we're behind Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trillion next to starring amber. Every one doctor Q that's needed talked about it early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to wait unit I. We can make that happen both the largest and I think after. Professional instructors and I masters and the Wichita area and out of art training with a clean him out. 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It's severe weather time and what I've seen directly to your source for information form which in John. From which you tell the experience of having lived in this city seven and thirteen times local news. Sex. In SS. We're back. You know we're just minutes away from Wichita force indoor football tonight to give the city gladiators the opponents. Glad to have you with us tonight here on me in as that liberties on Boston are with you on the broadcast tonight our studio engineer is excited Sumner. And we are just a few minutes away from football team needs to a lot of home games coming up short which it's not nuclear and makes you more into the and reply to get networks that the schedule under way tonight. Nice crowd continued to arrive here at the present bank arena in downtown with a moment beautiful Saturday night for indoor football. We let you forget the year and they get a sense of repeats it was what you are planned point gallery. 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Because we've financial future not the history weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online and pay day dash voters dark home. News happens you saw happen. Very fast. Faster than even I am day and there's no slowing it down we can slow it down on the floor it's just flowed out of her work. Guaranteed nonstop as we go full orange county and often they had to do something for news. The shooting happened man on Russia and Syria withdrew nuclear force business news and we will leave listeners and I hear nine. SX. Some students can join this morning right here on cape enhance and. But he did that Woodward on Boston with. Would be here tonight our pregame show reports football are you by heartland point gallery. And we edit. At a very. Star studded pre game three point guard ceremony involving public. Great athletic names from Wichita including. The on they heiress to toss out icicle like the titans him just recently you know they'll wrap that rapid by the Cincinnati Bengals. The want they Harris is off and running in the mile. The in the NFL for too long so from south high school in the NFL and just a matter of a couple of years and the Olympic medalist in the children and also. As part of the pregame ceremony. CDF. And knew the necessity of faith vehicle out on the streets of which it's not yet we have an event Nikko. On the back of our arm band so you can't set around at the rate it's ready for that by itself boy having instant star studded folks here tonight. Yeah I mean look at last the last home game we that would Josie shot and seniors and senior class for soccer basketball. It's a good names you're. Did you see those folks on the field they got the warm reception from which the offense here tonight. What's that agreed National Anthem tonight something as well as flight at Wichita State alone you know possibly at. We have all we got all sorts of great things going on in the pre game including half price broken frozen margaritas here on. I'm seeking to mile and 500 fans have to Barack is. Obviously once they get sick at all those same time that's been sounded here at address maker read. But we are ready for football. Public address announcer talked almost that it's very quiet and everybody is. I got us there they're ready for football here tonight so our way. That we are we are ready to get things going east team rebuttal in. Went to the wrong into the field. Now everybody's good everybody's got things settled after the after the points off ready to go for the opening. He picked off this city will be kicking off. Out of the eighth candidate facility. It's not what because. Which supplies one of the best that kick return. Team in the league numbers why did it. So important set of field position it is it is. League and then they return to do that point we thought at the last moment. Right. Edward Smith back deep right now for the force he doubted. Thought nineteen yards return as best in the elite so you can play kick returning to throw put the game. You bet went over quad city couple weeks ago here at home and it had a couple of massive kick off return to the second half that set up very these scores in that way. You pretty. Kicking off little bumble herbal bounced high over his head out of bounds on the back of the end zone that is the perfect kick. Keep it away from one of the best return minimally he could never get a hand on it. And also let go onto just the five yard line on that because it went. Off the ground first so. So that was a perfectly executed hit by the city. In which he thought back to begin its first drive of the game. On until five yard line. The vote didn't get that done much better at night executed. And we are underway which means our first quarter tonight is brought to you by amber waves lighting company silk. Yeah you hear a great sponsors you're on the program victory support them they make or football possible on the year. The Wichita we'll have the ball first here tonight and in his drive on its own five yard line. We are underway here in game number eight. Of the season for which gives off. Passing play right away at the it was 90% of the there but just couldn't quite call it in on the far side Wichita almost at a big late in the game. Yeah I was at the scene that's rocky hinds went deep on the first play the game. Just trying to to get things going on the right way in it why not start off with a little home run two in the game. But it did not quite happened. DeMaurice you know in the it was try to pick one handed catch for its view with. Six there it looked like he added I just couldn't quite hold it in complete second down with the receivers in most near the near side that it would be and off. That's got to be face mask. As Sykes and pulled down. By the match. That's see him. Easy easy call. They're not far away and he read it you can be that it was pretty blatant. This far away. Though which it's all certainly take advantage of that penalty. Out of the Seattle which zone and zone bald and ultimately up to the twenty yard line where it's first intent. It's yen's thanks was not gonna give her followers say any yards any positive yards on that plays such a huge. Huge they only called her dukes it. End and now what it's all eyes in business on its own point. Or so words it's only fifty yard field here in this league so when you're your own twenty early thirty yards away from the end zone receivers involved in this time. The far side of the field I won't throw underneath this 95 Murray's young. Open coming across like crossing patterns gives you room to run it and the right way. It's first down after a gain of thirteen don't know if that's in play in Wichita has come out. Passing the football. As well. It is a great round there by young really kind of a slant route across the middle name rocky did a great job. Let's sitting back in the pocket and finding young across the middle of the field. And it does. Spain but again out which it does get a first instead of Indian city territory at the seventeen yard line. Wendy and not the sites I mean. Bit off on that play didn't really go anywhere. Probably lost about 12 and eleventh. You know Jason sort of blew that play up their own sites and you'll be hearing his name a lot tonight as well a very. Physical strong linebacker out of eastern New Mexico. He'd just shoot drive the middle a couple. It was a loss of one that'll bring up second and the three minutes in Wichita has the ball first and driving. Receivers in motion in the slot up top once again I'm assuming economic policy. Near the first down marker. And I think they've. And YouTube now they'll move the chains so it will be first and goal attempt off. 170 are why this tour which saw has struggled this season in the red zone. So far this season thirty of 48. Eight in the weeks of the moved up a little bit but still that is big area of concern for this officer of the unit. The DA alum with that that's for eleven yards. Now which does personal the seven on the first drive of the game. And not the sites did not want tackled it's double the five degrees opposite the apple. It was the second eagle at five. Nagging injuries considered it got back here in sight. That would spin off from the area at least get a couple positive yards. Second eagle the pie in the eleventh eleven to go here in the first quarter first quarter brought you might amber waves diving company which he thought trying to get at the end zone. And get on top here on the first drive of the game its birthplace puke city. You've city located Albuquerque. New Mexico. Second eagle five Wichita quarterback rocky hinds under center receivers in most near the near side to be quick and off decides. Big cities right on it again maybe gate and a half yards in the third and goal in debt before it won't look. And you take yes it took. Who made that tackle Jason certainly can't. He's clogging up the sidelines. He's not being touched. Julio third until the floor. They play Wichita feared he get into the end zone or do you settle for the proper field goal. They play right here in this ball game even early on secrets will be at most you're that your side. I did not in this time of buries looking guilt throw the crowd and it's high. And it complete. There are 2 or 3 o'clock guys there there were two or three big city guys there kind of through their crowd of about six people. It was a complete. Couldn't quite Britney the last time and it'll be fourth eagle four in the Wichita will accept a short field goal. It'll be a ninety yard try by Luke parade which is on top gears start. Yeah pray it's been pretty. Pretty good this season. You chip shot form another area of the the game with which caused very good that's the kicking game. Snap and hold our fantastic and good. You can build all this kind of make the stop them to write a righty did go ahead. And which is not particularly recently at 923. To go here in the first quarter its Wichita three. And duke city nothing Wichita picked the ball first and scorched earth and ninety yard field goal by Lou Frey. And so on he'd know Wichita got inside the five it couldn't budget the end zone. And I passes on the drive those nights he's passing game work early and a couple of different guys that. Asked to it and point to point so. You know who to go take a 3.2 oh no it's not the sixers have been. Just to get on the board first is is a good sign and you know great job their Iraqi hides. Finding the receivers. The Alen man. Also Marie's young on those self interest in the seeing us that's have to investigate. And duke city will end up with an accord with the puck got helped out by. They face mask penalty with the dignity that drive as well. It's not going to let it in its own territory. So it all works out to aid could be nothing with a volley. And now. Will be ready for the subsequent picked off which doubled it's it's not a big city. Flew right into those students should go to mile route getting on TVP pick up here. I'll be giving us all future city look its first possession of the game. We talked recently here our first quarter brought you let it. But played siding company. Raved over it. And right at the yard line by duke city. And would not had a really nice job counselors are really no. For reasons that the bill for you sitting in Wichita stopped. The gladiators inside fifteen nicely covered. Oh Davidson with the return for into the BC very good wide receiver for work with letting your should be hearing a lot about him as well. Tonight in here comes as high powered offensive duke city coming on the field. And Wichita defense for the first time in his game. 9/11 to go here the first snap Wichita three nothing and on defense for the first time. The court you city but sixty on the board the first time lately which it off. Back in March. You can city scored enough points. In the second quarter ended the fourth quarter in the especially when they get down threats to both voters in that room walk it off the deep. They're excited to play action pass over it looking at copies got a wide open receiver down and you're sidelined. Breaks a tackle and easily stores one play. And that's down towards it city and that's an innocent. An angry words exchanged after the test flow from her for. Even though players and fans get a little nasty and the. Those Phillip Davis. Read every turn I said he's really good receiver and. He's called for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play it and get a little bit it still voting capital. The F re broken. The tackle. I don't walls literally almost into the end zone the last five yards. In the end any spike the ball off the turf which we into the crowd in and I think that might be where the only came from because. As a visiting player cannot through ball into the crowd. And any kind of got into it and put in the front row fans. It started the inevitable pump state. Extra points like this city is up in May that. So. It's one play one touchdown for duke city to play action pass but he's not got got beat. Just not we saw that the last home game of put away the opposing team gave it and people want to play want touchdown now of course which I'll rebounded last time and gotten wind. Eight at that first play of the game or data gives you went on the. It especially when you take to leave you don't you know your defense doesn't wanna be out there for just one play. They went the offenses you know one of rest after get a nice drive against and points on the scoreboard in the end. Now they're gonna have to be right back on the field after one play 36 yard drive their for the city. 841 to go here in the first quarter Harper's quarters party by amber waves by the company's few cities that that would be top three. Wichita will be getting the ball back here at this kick off. This. Like these tips on high powered you city offense scores right away. Let's play the game play out back. That would seek 36 yard. That's down path and a late drive. You're sitting there ready to kick off last night's big city kicked off that we could not get the ball gate was. Pretty effective at the bouncer that went over they edit. Off learned. Iron Man. Edward bit the other guys and. Yes. This is not the same deal in this one kind of bounced into the Pentagon the F men and into the wind. Kevin ray was able to. Get it port bounced another one yards and it it would not really need to deal with it right at midfield argument. That's more of those if if he really lets it bounce again you don't know nothing. And no markup that important night and conduct penalty. And this battle from which we can't try to play to give his drive at the twelve yard line. And we will take a break here our first quarter we thought a great deal. Down 73 you look at the court could pony up 97 and thirteen 32 bit and as. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday. 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Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Now. Goal low Flint and. I let them enjoy dvd mornings and night right here on. John Boston would be here tonight. Which I'll source duke city and the after a date yet heavily up that important like public mentally after the U city touchdown which will begin this drive on the element yard line. Great deal with that let's see if we're to talk to take advantage of rocky times try to sling in the past and Charles Johnson in the far corner of the end zone just. Let it a little bit too much in complete. Second intent Wichita at the twelve. As we near eight minutes to go here in the first quarter which we thought with the all trailing seven debris. Rocky couple times on try to force it and the situation. What gets more of open looks wide receivers receivers and most of the art side now it's going to be tossed. The sites out of the backfield isn't it then close to the five or even out of balance. That was something I was wondering if the force is gonna have you know try to get seasonal pitching get outside because obviously nothing's worked up the middle. With Jason sort of staring right down to Cuba for duties the currencies in the backfield every time rent the middle. So you've got to get something in outside sit to kind of you know spread out the field go east to west is that north and south. That might have been even look forward plausible and knows that absent and it would Wichita at the sticks spears third and about. The re at the six yard line. And we'll call third four. Time. James. Side arm as if it was right in the hands of this city defender Donnie Duncan who hit a bad interception but he didn't catch. The Wichita very lucky. To not have the ball intercept right there. And to get a field goal try out of this drive that that it ended right there within an executive. Into. Who had done Duncan obviously pretty mad at himself in. Should be that was right in the innocent life. Ya you're dead so another short field goal drive from Wichita this will be a at the 21 yard drive. The parade unit ninety yard field goal the last drop. And play it through rubble from the northeast is yet again. So what's so odd to drive. News horrors although it. They were both field goals. But the one point game now we have 620 to go here in the first quarter. Now you've Citi said it would not six. And pray. Tell which ultimately three. 622 million in the first quarter first quarter brought you might amber waves by the company. And fill up with buckets inside the five yard line that has saddled with three points. And you hope stuff like that just come back to haunt you later in the game. They're only good thing is it's early in the game so there's still plenty if right plenty of time left foot you say you don't want to come back later on in. And invite to the birdies. Because. We get that includes incentives until you forget what some. Touchdowns on the forty into sales of Google's Salma wall. That's one thing did the forces done and that's why would praise is. The leading. School on this team is because he pretty much you can every time down the field because it's often struggles to get that I felt so won't have to settle for Google's. And our defense will be the focus here as we thought he often written by a point. To get. Get it and over it kicked by paraded with a couple yards deep in the end zone for the new video card. But very liberal when it's off but not all of. Ed yeah it's great Matthews. Here's what do we marker back so yeah. Back into the city you're at work. A great one on ones special teams tackle. Might be brave man news. And it picked up up. Aunt Mabel move but heavily. Again you didn't. If we didn't back off that pick up coverage and that'll. Not only great pick up leveraged finance abuse that that a penalty added onto it he. It would get described on its own six yard line. Root for Steven's got to step up bid especially you big push through a fluent. Within the big deepens the line that the force that it's really one of the best in the league if. It is only one run off into play the entire game to play action. These historic touchdown pass now there's second offensive play of the game. That's right to the first down marker to lower. Holbrooke could quite get it was intended receiver Phillip de. Italy's second stint. That I think it'll look crisscross the wide receiver in most. But the whole brick could not get the ball loses he. Who won a few teams have been in this conference that would do that it has really affected because you know the defense has got to adjust to those crossing receivers and they threw a lot of things they commitment. Pitches and throw it out there there's a lot of plays for another four. And. Holbrook third Rhodes who is slot receiver of stopped me. I eat for yardage. After the hitter carper. Wrapped his arms around the receivers ankles. It's going to be. Gain of about eight it'll bring its activities for the third down and seen now for pizza. We see who's yet to have a Russian troops. Athlete played street. And and the crowded here. Wichita defense obviously played here 32. Groups video is so important. Wouldn't. I. Holbrooke it's fine don't want receiver because of half and now definitely Davis a dad who meets the with a guitar he pitched deeper and other long it's touchdown. And once again it's 836 yard touchdown. Store Davis now has a pair of 36 yard touchdown that's his beer in the first eleven minutes of the game. And big cities not on top thirteen to six. In Davis is just very quick receiver and once he gets past the secondary. There's no stopping him it. As he gets couples since that's all he needs. He already has to be receptive as they are both 36 yard touchdown catches. You receptions for 72 yards here it is the first eleven minutes of the game. You can city extra point try up. Perfect do. We have four to 43 to go here in the first quarter it's not give city fourteen and end of which it lost six. Right there we've seen the difference between these two teams gone. People sitting in possesses a touchdown which he thought two possessions. Two field goals authority or eight point difference right there. Had you just got to get something figured out because that's secondary is can burn every time made. And when you got a receiver like military base and he used when the quickest guys out there if not the quickest player on the field and I think he just needs. Good ones that. Once he gets that wants to have these for much off to the races every time. Last time we took off played at these city back in March. Davis finished with. 73 yards. In receptive to keep that down here in the first quarter he's already gotten seventy due to touchdown. So yeah you're right on which bonds got a at a defensively to the drawing board. Got to find a way to stop this part of the earth there attack. There to continue doing they're not gonna the American around the ball at all because. Every time. To look at yourself those little short passes every time it's a deep well. He's open. Port 23 to go here in the first quarter which is probably getting his kicked off down fourteen. It's six. You city will be picking up. Last thought it was a bouncer that have been ray was able to get his mid song off the bounds and you can target field with. Who did. Greek crowned European. Yeah we haven't been very very nice browser has arrived here on the first Saturday in May. Although it might not like nick. And once again. He was not surprised by that. Any idea probably enough and fielded the bouncing football. We've had to get past the ten yard line for duke city who have pounced on it that. Raided a nice job you need is concentration keep his hands down and all of that football. That shows you something right there that do to be there to keep doing that because they know they trust her office to get out there's four points so devoted. Leave it up some of the force offense and see if they can do anything because so far they've not done anything so they know their offers to put points on the scoreboard now they're gonna. They could force up into the city. Which song for the second straight drive out standing to field position able to get his drive on the big city eleven yard line. As we get four minutes to build the first quarter which he thought really fourteenth six. Kind puts his receivers in both the near side here it is lot. What to get any prices sidearms pesticides out of the backfield it's just too hard it off the mark and Hines is still trying to really find the written. And thanks to wide open he got he slipped passes defender. In his wide open just a little five yard curl round and and if Heinz would've found and haven't been a big you are that if the first down. And goal inside the time probably don't touch him. Three and a half minutes to go here first quarter which he talked. Down by eight. But with the ball in it at this year's second and end at the levity yard line but the city. It will be a boss and leave the site via its I don't want to tackle and it enabled it or did this. But you probably still going to lose the yard out and sweep. Heard it long Wichita. A loss of one. Third and eleven Wichita at the twelve yard line. Under three instability in the first quarter once again with ties. Having trouble. You know they've had. Decent field position three drives in a row now really good feel for. Position they had to settle for two field goals already they don't wanna settle for another field goal already down by eight. The reason most that was plots I find one of them but immediately hit it tackled. Only gave him but they needed only eleven they only got about five out of it it'll be more now with the talk about the six. Paul Robinson there was this app for duke city was former forced player was actually on the roster of the first time that these UT played. Robinson was playing in the blanket middle black and yellow announced playing. Four duke city. And once again for the third drive we know what you thought not able to convert on third down inside the ten yard line we'll have it. Right resort field goal again when he went yarder just like last time. It's up and it's not good to fly to left. So which we targets zero points out of that drive. Already down by eight and nothing be still for a drive that got inside the ten yard line and hurt us. And Wichita goes right back on defense down by eight here are really needed to stop. There in the first quarter net shows you do city who's coming on today. He trusts his defense and it just like that nearly pitched chose onside kick it. And once again of the force officers that and so forth with great field position. Right this city will take over here and begin his drive. On the five of their backed up. But it started the last drive of their own six and ended up for the touchdown out of it. You've cities had the ball twice and it's. Long touchdown passes for stores. Which on defense geared up for the sixth amid. 45 to go first quarter Beaverton votes for this city in the spot in the near side. Holbrooke about the time now I find. News. Underneath receiver. Here at the near sideline just a few yards. Barry Knapp. Snapple group and a gain of about five on the past or you've city. And it'll be second supplies for people to deal ten yard line. Ones and they don't hear the first quarter. Beautiful growth already 85 yards passing. In the first quarter here for you city. We'll. It's like to receivers that it'll be a vote didn't. And the plots. Hopefully her. Inside receiver to break and off but he takes it first down yardage it more up near the one. That's one of the things governing that formations and like I said they have so many different options that they can work with them. When it's so successful for this this office. Eight of nine comment pressing play book and that means games for the city first intent on its own nineteen yard line. Thirty seconds to go here in the first quarter Wichita defense down flight eight. Okay. Eaters. And now full. Right. We'll throw downfield. Looking long had a receiver early step Ricardo Johnson but he overthrew an incomplete. If Johnson in Peter Parker kind of guy that and think about. Food in the secondary. We'll clean sweep that's the end of the first quarter our first quarter was brought to you by amber waves diving company's duke city fourteen to. Wichita six back with the second quarter after this. Or football tonight on 97 and 3038. And as. Spring is here and John Gardner Brady had. 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Eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on CNN. Linux five which he thought he couldn't. Great revel in the back field and forced an incompletion. By available. It was nice to see by the weak on defense streak and have taken. Forcing people wrote to get rid of it. Marcus Carter. Was one of providing good pressure ridge almost brought a whole group that. Count in this in the backfield looked lovely and complete we'll bring her unfit. Instantly the second quarter receivers devote to hear that inside Holbrooke is looking into the far side as I have a even know Ali is well covered defines a receiver and week in which he talked territory for the first down. You know you need. And the ball is complete TV which it's not the quantity on the. But it now. Close. But you can city moved the chains and keep the drive going here. Person and then it would you not territory when he went yard line. Holbrooke fakes the handoff at the himself a bootleg at the far side gets out of bounds or achievement to get the inside the money out of seventeen. It about for a minute run. Just a second rush tonight. Five U city. Okay. Both we came here on this drive. And there. It's second and about six for duke city on the Wichita seventh. Eat here well 45 to go in the first Catholic non defense trying to get a stop here down by eight points. And off on it yet sweep. And Kendrick harper with the tackled big city down once again. Yeah her first down yardage. Yeah they got first down yardage to be person and at the eleventh. That's one thing is so hard to see from up here that kind of things pointed. Yeah yeah. Down markers are obscured by us a little bit by the near sidelined because it really built the times. How closely of I'm pleased with the marker first and ten big city on the eleventh and update play action and pass incomplete. Well covered there either way it was right there have been afraid of want gallon up a little bit. The second advent of the eleven for duke city. Longest drive of the evening by either team has this become ninth place. Come up here by duke city on the track. The eleventh. Second and then right at the eleven yard line eleven and and to go to our second quarter second quarter profits but that's an outdoor equipment receivers start right move up off into the slots another curving around. And it's an easy touchdowns but as Holbrooke finds. Phillip Davis once again that he plots that play develop from beginning to end it's just. Very very well executed. Both those receivers in motion started here at the near decided it widener. Into the slot on the far side. And they kind of split up heading into the end zone and once again Phillip Davis. With the near the border the end zone available route. Threw a perfect pass. Right in whose hands for the touchdown. And Phillip Davis now three catches for 83 yards all three touchdowns. 97 yards in the air now for quarterback beautiful work for you city. At that point is up and get it we had 1170 you don't hear anything. The second quarters now you've city what they want with it costs six. You city continues to score touchdowns each time. It has the ball. Thought has had to settle for field goals every time they've made to do it missed one. The last few touchdowns for duke city has been long it. Drive to 44 yard touchdown drive in the that would just now I 45 yard. Touchdown drive. In the one before that was 36 over and they're nine and if you position them which star has and we'll see you. Dixie decides you pick another onside if I were them I would I mean because obviously which sounds opposite not hurt you. This far in the game and see what's. Which leaves me who the kicker who were due to the hand drawn up. We had 1117 to go here in the second quarter duke city what do you want which he thought six. And boy which he thought. Force looking person parked right here you couldn't be kick off return that needed. Good big oil by the defense because something this kind of spark needs right now. Don't let it beat you here. In the early moments of the second quarter. They do and actually played close to a place called polite way to disapprove of north in in nor do the Bethel College. We're played through forced coach more smaller volume. Of records. In a lot of other connections pressure connection on the force roster. Full. Knuckleball picked now at the end they couldn't read that would be Bob Edwards bit. Get a three speed that's the fifty's still low but it beat these as the blank slate he dragged the mild seven or eight yards Saturday. Surrounded it and you'll love it probably gets about one. Nice eighteen yard return their Frederick Smith. And that is don't give it. It gets the ball in his hands not a kick off return he can. If you beat the field who did. You know the opposite got to shine. Will be interesting to see what they can do have a thrived because it seems like rocky had me as more. Field ahead of them is where he works his best when he's inside the fifteen he struggles like. We saw the first drive of the game dropped a couple of nice. Throws and that's been it hasn't quite found a success in the red zone and up his site. And he adds a nice room to run. Five a couple of reasons it's. In New York City territory that's a nice long game by cite them for now the wake up second and very sure. Miller the play call thereby out by the forces. Sites followed his lead blocker there Edward Smith who also had a couple. There Walker's here live to help lead up so I was but could calm and I have not seen so far this season. By far his longest run of the night. And it'll bring up executive news now for which it's off. Ethnic U city 21 yard line near the end of minutes ago here in the first half with the talk moving to bulk up by fifteen points when he won six deserves gore. And which is not a good time now. Buffett still. These short putt out which he talked about a minute. Yeah at the moment here. Already behind and they really quickly secured just drive. Pays off really he'd keep it at the end zone advocates of both bill going their way here in the first half we didn't offer. So far it's been. Touchdown touchdown touchdown for duke city of the plot it's not been able to really answer so far. Got to find a way to. It's seven overboard here for which off. Some other sports real quick here in the conference. Can city leading Salina thirty. 48. And Sioux City leading Omaha forty went in and quantity up three nothing on Bismarck. All right at the time now which already know here on second new. And off and receiver vote no and we're going to have a first down with because that we're Smith was able to come from the near side don't get sleet and get the ball and nobody inside that water. It seven. Edwards actually done. And that's what we're talking now with with rocky is is he's so good with the field in front of them whether his locker room in front of them in. Instead they go to Russia is in a row in Beatrice and see if they continue. To try and run it or if they will open up the passing game here. And those were being productive Russert plays in a row the game very nice yardage are likely to Todd now has a person's head at the fourteen yard line. I'm looking fines Edward Smith again and opening up to their side hurricane of the office. Income hurts them. You really close and at first our group stages sure. Yep that'll lead to in nine it'll be about second and one for which it off. As. Edwards bit the rock behind Citi capital little synergy who need to others. Second and want it at the five yard line 845 to go first snap Wichita move the ball down by fifty points here are second quarter brought you by the maximum. Outdoor equipment. And our fantastic sponsors jumped or football. Once again. It gives him from Steve both the but it now goes to cite physical inaudible right same time Wright but little is correct there. Excited unable to get really going to back you lose lose a couple buttons seven counts they're very. Kind of a high snapped this photo rock behind it then that's hard to do his rocky is a big guys 6465. And rock you to go up and kind of jump in and bring it down and in news. Pretty much just a mess right here once he brought it down with Edward Smith and Jim thanks all fled that area. Another deeply for which he taught third and three at the seventh items under center. The ball is limited to probably simply ask that skidded off the Serbs now flagged down after the play. Boy it played which on needed to have that did happen it was bad right from the start the fumble right away don't snap. And the flag looks cute like rocky since onto city. That's the case that would be great on you mental break for Wichita. On a play that. Started out of the bumble. It is they're against it defense. Massive Natalie gets the to operate I think it could take advantage here because that and the ball. First down at bulletin three. And which to plot to take advantage of Aden. You'd totally political fumble of a loss on the play it's a new set it down. At the three. Wichita has not been good inside the five so far tonight they need to start. Started right now. Kind backpacks. Nobody's open field he brought. Towards the receivers Willie. Willie wells well covered by the city there. Really know where to throw for Heinz. Via the back field as well and in Heinz had it to rule out although a situation like that. On this front and picked up and a right let it run at him. 705. To go second quarters second and goal of the three for which he talked up by fifteen points here. Really really need to break that goal line to get into the end zone. Find it shotguns sites just off his right. Stevenson both did not. Let rocketed up that it'll lose lap trying to find. Not defined already sealed crossings across the back of the end zone. It could find to be complete. But. He's now hoping Maurice would have. Stafford do you on the defender at that point you really did. In complete that'll bring a third and goal at the blurry. So others might need you play this game right here. And the burden Jumbo package Jason McCartney. Was Chris has filled. Both defense of players. They're bringing in Jason McCartney we were two rushing touchdowns on the season. That's birdies no lighting up just to the right at quarterback rocky hinds was under going to be under center. Now we have all sorts of players angry on the field and whistle blows. Which toppled thirty seconds I'm not make that play clock was you know who knows how to. Second before hitting hero big city was angry about it was. It's like walk violate apparently which putt a timeout called just barely in time. Or that lake bought it here. We are at just under six minutes ago here in the first half. Big play coming up here for which he taught third and goal at the three yard line. Down by fifteen points here. Really 87 of them or. Carney might be in here is just have lead blocker got sacks behind him. All right time going under senator after the time out. Third and goal with three it will be it I'll decide to try to find room behind. Yeah. We did. It needed on that drive good six. Well when you write it but I think the cart needs to open up a little bit of there and sites got into the touchdown run it off that. Yeah McCartney actually believe in defensive player he just kind of bumped him and that was enough says he gives thanks this. The Alley to run it. And yet the point is up. But with his golf bag in this game 554. To go here is the first half. Wichita with a touchdown drive capped off by a three yard run by Dale's life. It is now the city with what you want to talk her company. Right here in the second quarter back reports that haunted it's them 97 of the 38 inning as. The. Price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to assume you're skeptical consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday we're behind Arlen going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next starting number. Everyone doctors give back and it talks about him early batting which patsy hear anything if you've ever wanted to thank you that I. We can make that happen but the largest. And I think after professional instructors and I masters and the Wichita area and now have the largest training facility in Kansas L locker. Courses yard eight feet and birthday for at all. Children and it's been been by and yet you let us up screams for a visit at that came a week I think dot com. In the way that he felt a. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell can work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought it one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give him a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Sole lone win. As far as living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as at. On the ensuing pit stop. I don't think golf course and take away yellow Davis got to pick up one yard line what is it. One tackle near midfield. Ball is loose and Wichita Falls audit markets barter. Rob Zombie lose football and they used to take away. But Wichita special needs unit and it gives Wichita the ball right back. Act now by eight points now with the ball to begin to drive into the city territories on Netflix. Wait what would not needed to happen here simply good and they get a staple it. You know and I was thinking during the break you know. Which team has been the first take away and there it is for a just like that. Added this special teams unit that does it now which it calls offense needs to take advantage. Birds instead with its off and off edwards' fifth up at the mayor's side. And he'll only get a few yards out of it will be sent him down. But it fumble on the pick. Pick up. Give the ball right back that would keep zone. Now the ball to beat city territory that. The read. And we've paused trying to get back to back touchdowns a year excuse or one. But look the unit is to take away at Wichita but another step in on the board here they're down by eight right now. Under five minutes to go in the first snap our second quarter but given maximum outdoor equipment. The boss decides. It's a couple tacklers alternate for a couple yards full speed there long enough. They've got no game. All of 39 to. That about 43 yard line. Big third down play for it would not try to keep the drive alive down by eight. Try to take advantage of the special teams forcing a fumble on the kickoff return to keep the ball away from god the city's high powered offense. But still wanna forward this evening on third down. The most of the far side the bad snap also lose. And duke city stepped on it. Then picked up golf ball it's not never. Never give up the fumble recovered. Tackled it it's going to be it that's down by the city. But they inserted. Only on you all it is it a lot early in the game very confused if you play again. Another botched snap also. Knows very concern is earlier on mood. Couple highs snaps. And there's a bit bubble snap on this snapped word. Rocky was understand there than than that one so. Yeah out multiple bad snaps tonight for Wichita. You let this fumbles one has led to a fumble and recovered by the offense and boy Wichita. At the take away on special teams but then they giveaway a fumble on offense on third down at duke city bounces on it. Return to for the touchdown. It is good it. Boeing Wichita had all the momentum going their way ends dead you city is gone back up by fifteen points here. With under four minutes ago in the first that it's now the city 28. We took off their feet. And once again because got a behind the eight ball is Jason assertive. Seemed like he is going to fall to simply fall on that football but it's kind of picked it up. And put away from a couple guys that. I added shot exactly it is that he just kept its momentum going towards the end zone audience at breaking free of getting it. That's now on the fumble return. Crew with an 847 yard fumble recovery on that. The Wichita got a huge break could not take advantage. You city instead then returned with a break and does take it. Headed for a touchdown. Now because city when he was off their speeds under four minutes to go here and our first effort second. Order but he went back to them outdoor equipment. In Wichita is Bryant did you eat you city's offense off the field instead they give up the defense that that's now. Wichita will get the ball back but once again like it worked few minutes ago down by fifteen. 356 you don't hear the first cap would call will be receiving the pick up. They have back to back takeaways which I thought one on beat up for concern within. Bad snap but it is seven point for you city. Upcoming for the gladiators. Floater bounces at the end Indians on which topics let it play it back at the end zones like as it. Let people get much past the 540 tackled once again it really affect you pick up for you city. That's kept bounce and end in sight had to pick it up in the end zone and in room now and then there's just nothing going there. Would think security. So which he toppled media before its own territory on its own seven yard line per cent for which he thought 345 to gophers. App. Boards on offense down by fifteen years and 2813. Feeds throughout on and tonight you're downtown Wichita it's going to secure the bios game. The first of for regular season games down the stretch here at home for which its audience burst bank agreed to hear it makes you born June. Hides under center you head off the sides prices seek the tackler to the left. No go against Tutsis dirt is right there to stop a running play at Houston pretty effectively all night long. Pretty much bogeys second stint. Yeah you look here you tonight they basically does have one player Ernie sent the ball chased the sort of on the defense has signed in don't Davis coming off the site. Who's to him does the most damage with a force tonight. Second hit which we thought now on dirt reed minutes to go. Before halftime. Second stint which could not keep its own territory down by fifteen points. Will be at. Forward bits. Do you Edwards bit. He's able to. Skipped passed and sent out about well. Though it about five on that play. In Italy third five withdrawn. 217 to go to the first snap which is not the third down play right here. Down by fifteen points on keep the drive going here before halftime don't wanna give you suitable back. Before halftime. Time rolls out. Behind the receiver Edward Smith opened near midfield for the tackle battle group kids per capita off. Eight about thirteen it'll be hurt then withdrawn its. What 45 to go before halftime. Dear Allen is a guy that's we've not really. See much of tonight a receiver. This rocky hinds met with a line a few weeks ago back here. At home and it's night really nothing going Hugh. Here throughout the remainder of the game. Referees stop the clock with 124. To go here before halftime a second quarter brought you might maximum Al or equipment. Now they start the clock again not to pit stop for. It being first at Wichita right at midfield receivers if most here in the near slot. Rocky hinds. Looking deeper or he's young but he overthrew it by about fifty yards it completes second now. Whether one minute warning coming up here. What do wanton and there's one that. What middle warning here in the first half which did not doubt that the 483 game and it's the first place you can city gladiator. All right at it. What would love to get some points on the board here. With a little time left on the clock possible. And then headed for the locker room. These guys to go in the locker room definitely it's like eight conceivably do. Want this game. Clocking in at the end zone. He video scoreboard news. You city's offense has not been on the field lately and let him but that's part been all right that party. Here the football. Counts on opportunities when they have the down by couples who worked. The last time there on the field for over ten minutes ago 1117 more. In the second quarter of last time there on the field now after that touchdown. Haven't been back on the field since then. That obviously plays within my favorite season forced to take advantage here. Here's the one minute warning of the first that the city 28 two top thirteen. Second quarter brought you one maximum outdoor equipment all right we're back to football the last 66 of the first snap. Second and hit Wichita at midfield. Keep in motion. Up top another bad snap hold up my mind that Floyd added something new. They've got to address at halftime. Way too many wasted plays have been hurt by force. Now it's third and fourteen from Wichita. For him and Russell is the center the guy a release and brought back. We're last week's game. It's been a dad Elliott all sides it's nice job by Heinz to come out these debates on and they could draw. You city upside if that's at all. It sure looked like gladiators you know yeah. Well I don't know. But who's third in about thirteen. Now it's up or. Along eighth again. All inside. You've city territory a lot of penalties in the first Japanese people city which caused him pretty heavily free. So that is one thing with applause going forward. Now it's a third and long at Heinz complete. Right. Sixty yard under the settlement yeah it's. Mrs. Ford's. Wow. It works bit with that that's. Well college third and final timeout of the half at 24 down it's gotta be worth it. Instance slot body head first down yardage on them. Couldn't quite get it in seat you go to the field goal for your word. Yet there's only eight seconds remaining on the game clock here in the first half. You try to run one more often to play a sport down he'd be so yeah out your movies it's pretty clear. Kicked out of the end zone. Or do you look piper field goal. Blueprint still standing over there with the rest of the guys. Over by the did so they are gonna run an offensive play. This fourth down attempt here tonight for the force on the year. Through three of seven. Well they can't stop the clock with a tied up they. Used all their timeouts. Little Ricky I'm widen the only eight seconds left. Forty try to take these shots he had zone here in the final 86. Receivers that most in the near side. Don't complete the and he is my glue. Of these idiots in Britain. Three seconds left in the first half. In the end zone that he Allen. The guy. It. And were to sit as quick throw by Iraqi he had. Pressure in his face they're blitzing linebacker ride up the middle. And rocky basically end threw out. And here comes the red challenge flag room you've city. And she wouldn't count it. Down short lived the Golan what. Maybe if Dylan back of some or coaches were doing this like bubbling there was. See with tech we have challenged. That. Yet duplicity fidelity. That's down with Stewart that people want to settle read it's that was we will well the hope these these. Thought all the laid out there are in the. The arena here. You'll take a look at this home video. We've only got three seconds to go here in the first. App Store as it is now is you've city and 28 which it pops I need it. But he cities talent and it's tough now. Mean if he would sure. Obese person dole first bill live three seconds so they're offering force. Suit you better make sure they have their offense out there on the field. Yeah I get the nation McCartney. Now Milwaukee stand right now the committee ready parade. Kirsten it displayed the goal line in the final play the first batter quick snap and. Yeah from up here kinda. And looked like his knee was down but it yearly from here you can't really tell the ball is in its across the plane and on foot. One good thing about video. Review and. Well it's on I didn't come up with our first touchdown by sites that he might not right maybe the goal line but at that point. Probably not worth Dallas beat city here late in the first half this could be the difference between. Seven office or ordered zero scoreboards that that is if it work to do city's favorite is to beat on it it'll challenge. It's not Wichita old. Love to take. The points on the board and it is single digit game going into halftime. These down a couple times by fifty. Three seconds remaining on the clock. It plays in Dallas did the officials are look to get this on video. To see whether or not. DA Allan did the deed it crossed the goal line on that pass play that 660. Yard pass play from. Iraq behind. Through his mother scores going on tonight. In Salina density leading delivery 4448. Little bit surprise there that's. And then. Sioux City leading. Omaha toward these seventeen. In point cities. We being Bismarck thirteen nothing more cities is the opponent with a force that Saturday night Michelle traveled to Moline Illinois. Where Saturday. A week from several weeks from tonight. At 7 o'clock kickoff clear normally. We talked about the south conference a lot but thought you'd seen Amarillo tied for first record to 51. North conference. Is like a model to. Everybody's got these three losses. There but there are five beef that not losing record quality. They obligate the first place and they're really. Really competitive in that north. And north conference we'll see how that speaks out of the second half these rules around. But a lot of separation between her fifth place at the net. We talked about. Dallas. Era program going down and also be. EC IAF announced that he was Michigan arm it will be coming back to the league next season. All right the officials are returning to the field after reviewing this home video. He would need judgment is here. He's not favor. These. Outlets like you said he is not accept this fifth at the video at least it's not overturn the all that it was a touchdown on the field. So that's a big break for which it Null. It lets worry about. Replay that trying to get at the end zone to stand up to now at nine point game but it looked very can make the extra point it would lead eight point game. It's only three seconds left on the clock here in the second quarter second quarter brought you by accident outdoor equipment. And look. Looked like out of botched play. Some players were enacted enacted so we're not there. They ended up white left enough black was not grown so. But it opens are played there at the extra point was built bits of which lost built up my nine year with three seconds to go in the first quarter. Little bit concerning it which it bought this thing. Short field goal and an extra point you're the second. For a good thing is it's a nice drive seven plays 43 yards and the second time. This evening dad says they have had a seven play drive weasel in the touched so Lucy. On those plays it. On the drive that there's going through seven plays sixers employees they are didn't. Six and seven points on the scoreboard in resort incentives three. Plus Wichita will be. It's picking off the second half and so. Parity here too. Get a kick off and it's not returned. At all for you city. We re able it picnic do you stand or just got ready for me. Last play of the first half the year ultimately. The trail will be kicking off for. We thought. But. Vulnerable to go to the locker room here down right now. It. At home. But it didn't beat you up for a second noncombat. Most of that nativity built in the first quarter. And it pickles will. Bounce into the ground. And across fields hit by a parade. Know what time enough clock though. In big cities. He's going to come out try to kick a field goal on the final play of the half. Quite sure if that's now. Well wanted to. Play that out. Many who won the season form of a level. Long live longer forty football is played Torrey bounced out of bounds at least seven feet. It's evolved itself on the turf wants or going out. Q what 41 yarder. Most of the moment answer on that now that the about a 48 yard variety. This would be a season best for me who becomes group. It was likely the final play the first snap with the high snap and brought down it depicted not. The hottest ticket in the end zone. He prayed that his athletes don't speak with a ten to fifteen if he's got the sideline he'll let me finally corralled and here it is the only. The First Act. Look at that the field goal they have a lot of air under it ended up getting walk hardly walk anyway. And there's no point of the the award for its fittingly the app not that'll wrap up our second quarter tonight rock you've by accident outdoor equipment. And so on our score at halftime duke city 28 with the time I need. And getting down by fifteen points a couple of times we thought. That it's best try to get back him. If this thing with the greets before halftime instead of it being. Much out of reach them. Nice job that's the nice things happen during the second quarter for which. And still we cannot see UC goth kids out there since 1117 mark of the first half for the second quarter so. They've been resting on long time over there on the sidelines. And I don't think it's at halftime. Our score at halftime it's new city 28 which hit on and I need it on signal that I know you're in downtown Wichita off. It it must make arena. Fans have their Moroccans. Intuitive app price margaritas before picked up. Now we're at halftime and proud hopes that it with a golf course come back in the second half his seat in the making. Our score at halftime in city 28 which we thought nineteenth will be back right after this you're listening to duplicate sophomore football tonight I'm 987. And thirteen 38 end as ass. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are Brady have. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location of employing Gardner's stockholder thing you need your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson's Gartner you'll also find generations of professional advice and expertise to help you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. But to locations. When everything. West thirteenth and it works of. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So good you're sure bill like it's easy you don't give card from an Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or taking big lasagna. Minute outing since the all you can take the excuse to get yourself this how many troops. Who grew into those Italian restaurant on central open convict him. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if you have driven. We understand. This week financial future not the history weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge him. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find some line of payday dash voters dark home. Chase and maybe join us for become reality radio week nights. I'm OK okay. They're region tonight. Or worse indoor football like at here on the other assess our studio engineers Simon summed it. That would have gone possibly do here tonight at the arena in downtown Wichita personal at times you've city 48. I'm nineteen. And early on you city really silly it's the mics on offense was quick. Which scored touchdowns. Which he talked out of it did its job in the second quarter keeping the big city offense off the field. And you do that by having long and productive drive on your own on offense. And by a hopefully get it taken away. Doing things on defense and the bottom. Most of that place and work. The only problem was the which automatically fumble that led to a defensive score for the city. And that's basically a lot of the difference in this game right now as the city's up by nine at halftime. But it also had a missed extra point. An eight pretty much of a chip shot field goal that did not doing it either so. What are two planes near their Shawn in the midst of this thing's a lot tighter and that it is so it's not what it would plot out of knows but the formula is for having success they just cannot keep executing it his second match. Yeah and then that lasts minutes. PAT for the course you know that. Nine point game right could go in the half just trailing by one possession. And now you're going into half trailing by two. It keeps that he would get the football to be in the second half so he mashed. She could come back later on to Harmon was you know great job I think that if the force off into the great job. So when there on the field especially the second quarter he dominated the second quarter. Possession time. As you do you city and have the football a total of 46 seconds in the second quarter but here. 46 seconds. The rest. The other fourteen minutes fourteen seconds belonged to use the force. That's pretty amazing if and which could cause a golden. That is applicable find out by many as fifty a couple times out of my nine years have gone perhaps until tonight is occupied Haiti motors. As we have it the F halfway mark it is game on the city that he would not because of the second half. And thought we saw the running game from Wichita loss struggled early but they've got to grappled with the second quarter at that a good place for sites. And it also a couple of NetSuite it ended up working well for what it's not about the running game on track a little bit of second quarter and he got it. Kind of had it bounce a little bit. Success on the opposite side of the football especially if they wanna do like what we've been talking about if they want to tap the ball. He kind of resistance to keep the ball out of his seat again. And I think when rocky was kind of struggling out there have been. Neither full right here in have either at the passing game or running game work. Let's. Do you sense of the great job of trying to hold that end of the rushing game sort of pick up with a passing game sort of fall. So instead of having both of those fall. The rushing game picked up. He lacked the passing game and for the great tele sales and management and gave thanks Edward Smith had a couple. A Bluetooth sweeps in as the great job of mixing up the play calling. That second quarter. Quarterback rocky hinds but still feel what he's trying to find his rhythm a little bit. These he's had some nice passes on the night he unfolds at summaries. Released Bryant sling the ball is not possible to get hot zone that receiver teeth aren't you proud a couple of times suited. It picked off once easily hit zone. Got a break up. Middle. Rockies in the ball to a lot of different receivers. And day. Of course that greatly touched down BAA Allen got the ball back on the scoreboard late in the first snap them. I still feel like Indian Maurice yuck you're still trying to kind of find your bright little bit. Now Maurice very early in the game for a nice that's never really and it they got they never gotten sick and after. And I think a lot of credit goes to the office line as well because. We saw the first few drives Jason showed it was back in the backfield. Just like that he and and then later on especially the second quarter we've got the call is being besides that fumble recovery for the touchdown. We really call this thing because he's not in the backfield for the dolphins line that great of a finding out where he was himself to hear from getting the back to a allowing Iraqi. Do you have some time allowing the holes to open up with the. Would you care. And Wichita is trying to do it. Trying to put all that but little pieces together on the secrets inside the football. Stopping. The people Davis passing attack receiving attack is that what they're really trying to clamp down on his fountains. Beasley loose. For a couple of long touchdowns on the game. And as the problem with the thoughts and make bottle up they'll. Davis second. And one thing you know I mentioned you've city offices now they're the only. 46 seconds. That second quarter. Mean was this huge city thirteen plays 125 yards of offense. Which are girding for just 100. So big city has points or more yards. With seventeen left place it would. It must have the ball for thirty snaps in this one. For and that's kind of what we talked about they want time possession they want it. The ball played from duke city as much as possible. See if we thought that formula going in the second half and make up ground. Down by 58 a couple times in the first half got down by I have. Right after this course trailing him. At halftime but hit an. Need heroes to do with himself or did the football tonight on 97 at thirteen 38 in excess. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damage to an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday. 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Join us more things right here on Palin says ask. Thank you read it tonight for which it's not worth it or footballs or go to my own nice crowd on hand here tonight. Enjoy this one. And they're hoping to see their boards football team come back in the second half foot putt freely at halftime when he nineteen. Our halftime Phillies brought the bifurcated voters thanks for being witnessed tonight ya me and assess our studio here. It's not often here at the arena. On. Other and they would obviously addressed at halftime. Is the we take care of the football because. Tonight multiple. That exceed its bad snaps in the first snap between center and quarterback. And let's face it Wichita pretty lucky which he thought could have had four or five turnovers in the first half they led one. It was a it was what would it be possible touchdown. Floyd who would have been much worse they eat hate to hear that with all of the second half that don't waste any place. They were very lucky and to stand at one fumble. Two variants is bad enough especially here you know seven points because of it what they could do a lot worse than. Luckily for the force they needed to say that one fumble. And we'll see what adjustments are made here in the years. The second half of it that's something that I consider. You know you set the ball so many times in it's it's a rhythm and and that's something that rocky hinds and in his sooner. Raymond Russell have got to get the same page didn't you just keep keep good rhythm going and there was really no rhythm and at first. Half whatsoever. Steve what he thought could get some of that directed the second half as well our halftime report if you buy it they gave voters. Feel obligated. Rocky times but it declined for different guys. I'm on the receiving side of things the first staff. PA Allen had a nice touchdown late in the first at Edward Smith at night that is. And really you know distribute it football hitting it cyclical wide receivers all kind of part of what with a plus trying to keep going up. Receiving side of the passenger's side of the ball game. We also try to take advantage of of what he's cities giving him you've sitting with got a couple April 1 that I think would not have a pretty decent job. Take advantage of that a few times the further drives and keep the ball going to. It's that he's the second half we thought could still with the youth capitalize on those offered me. He said he was forthcoming for 37 yard which I was not penalized once so. So there isn't it time of possession 41 minutes forty seconds for the force 827. Word do. City at the usual with applause usually not a very good on time of possession snow. That's obviously that's formula is working well for which it bought the first snap we'll see if they could. They network in the second half and what you don't want that formula to work simply because you're giving up one strike stores to the other team. A little bit of that happened in the first half. Which duke city is it nice place without them with that about 48 minutes per game but. Mainly because of how. We dropped it works. And how many we charged him with the rest of their offense averaging 58 points a game that's best. In the league for the conference. 260 yards of offense. Her game of this in the conference so. It's not like they're offense. Hunter known. Not have the ball for very long and not having any Argentina to show forward it's because their offices is so quick. We have guys that killed Davis. Rooms to see him already tonight with you know couple quick streaks down the preloaded. As long as they're getting points those who would they don't you have that type position and he showed they had the football for. Less than nine minutes tonight if you read right now. So. Knowing that if you're off its construct just like that you don't need. It is truly control. The opposite that. The other team's office two got to keep the Rafah town on the field. You leave you some confidence off the field and which have a great job of that in the second quarter mainly. 28 for the city's ninth seed for what it's off. This city only outscored which could top 143 seed in the second quarter so much tighter in the second quarter. After a slow start for which he's targeting now but fifty points a couple times. Getting it back within nine here by halftime halftime report is brought to you like native voters. You city everybody and I needed half which keeps on getting sick. Great second half the night and I didn't come back played a part of the big crowd here at home but they get another half time break. Our halftime report tonight rocket like they gave voters back after this for the second half of football you're listening to. Wichita Ford's football this evening and 97 and thirteen 38. Did SS. Spring is here and Johnson Garcia and Brady have. Spring that he outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners can stockholder and you need your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards posted occasions when that north and west thirteenth and it. Fortunate. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So good you're sure bill like it's easy get a good card from Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card did dine in. We'll pick up into most famous pizza or take their lives on in Munich I think. Since the all you can take the excuse to get yourself that's amateurs. Who who enjoy those Italians. On center open to date and time. Hi this is they'll see Tucker. If you have credit. We understand. Because we've financial future not just whether it's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotors dark home. Seeing her expand freedoms in this country where the First Amendment. Opposite direction still means something because I present laughter. Isn't there I don't want the mark gloves and show you saw when anti you saw a black lives matter. You saw what CNN and CNN says it depends a First Amendment CNN. Dozens of the first amendment's. That abuses that Chris I'll promotion for ratings and for financial gain easy. And find 190. Thirty McCain SS George story from coast because they enjoy me week starts right here I'm Katie NSA. Welcome back if you throw thank you read. Yes I have time report tonight brought to you by payday voters are scored at times you can city 28 which is not nineteen per please gladiators. For the nine point lead you're on the road at Wichita. In this indoor football match up. We need to do their second of three meetings in the regular season with a laugh at you city back in March. The fact that two of the last five games here the second half will be victory which targets you can city tonight it. And they did in the regular season finale here though couple. Practical Wichita at the gladiators. It would have worked on Boston with you here at the arena are pretty straight to here in the studio sun Sumner. Beyond that it needed this game if Wichita is going to complete this comeback in the second half. Wichita but what are the better team all season in the league in sacks getting in the backfield disrupting. I can remember one play in the first half but which is much pressure on on available. Got to get pressure in the backfield they didn't know. Yeah I think that there was someone play and yet they've they've not really. But you know sickened Cordova and have a chance to pick it. Too cutesy stuff and we'll now on the field but they've got to do that especially. You know maybe get us actors are fresh are your on the first drive. For the second half that do season the ball out here in war. We'll see what happens let's. Right now save his community who played force has few cities still not have been a lot. Groups. At the end of the and they finally come out of the locker room big cities. The other half I'm more already sells its. Big cities mostly still in the locker room. Their players anyway. Because out of the field getting ready to kick off of they slow arriving gladiator but getting out of the locker room. The nominee. And even carry his illness it's no. Urgency early. Perhaps my report tonight brought you let native voters it's duke this 128 which its on ninety. He's Citi won the point also beginning to gain occurred in the second half of gladiator we'll. We'll get all your thickening of the pack. Already leading by nine. So other Wichita defense obviously. Want to get out there and hold these cities you out of the end zone and forcibly. Zero or field goal. Get out again by fifteen or sixteen to begin the second half. You can city still. Players still trickling in from out of the locker room. But you know the fans here tonight aren't over either either join their Saturday night. We have a lot of course nearly every day game. Indoor football game but fans can get down pretty darn close. Wichita picked return teams. At its gap with some of the young youngsters understand that the first or second row that's pretty cool. It that close to the players enjoy this game very very close level. Players and a fantastic job New York. It's going to closest to the fans it. Feeding off that energy. It's absolutely love it. As well. There's one thing if you try to talk to play in a failure do you security on yes definitely think. Our I think ethnic off in the overhead ticket about the like you city of brotherly the second half. Empty out here. That's what bachelor does not territory that would certainly be city to begin the second round. Until they investigated and we'll greets you positioned to swords or second half period. Finally got off its back on the field that you know killed over at quarterback for obesity. Thrown through lake. It's been yet since yesterday rust everything on the field. It's been. Since at 1117 mark the second quarter it. City will be in this drive it Wichita territory 44 yard line. First play of the second half or third quarter tonight's spotlight Johnson's garden centers well what a great time because Johnson is on a year see all they have to offer here of these beautiful spring months. And golf. And heart of the clubs and play a little bit he that it generated good. Trouble right away on that was but. Billy Martin. Ended up losing woman near earth. With its not gonna stop that another Michael bell. You know the drop for which you cannot be separated eleven. Shall we need Michael bilking you. It features record did make some noise up there on that front line. Levity he told those things a lot in the second half with. We've. First that if not in the second half. It's second and be left in the food city after a loss of Juan I'll Giffords life preseason mode the lots. And that's right where he's going to Dello Davis who find the breeze right middle of the read for players at this. Rupert dowdy are. But not a lot of talk this through her role in the middle and find this soft spot in the zone. And that's a gain of fourteen fidelity with. Continuing to rest kept his receiving. Yards tonight. First he catches were both 36 yard touchdown grabs of. Burton attended. The city's twelve yard line and up on the back field that rugby playing. It up. Few city. Kelly yeah. Right in between he has never seen a couple. And it will be set it at eight at ten yard line called 45 guilt third quarter. On defense really like nine years our third quarter brought you by Johnson's garden centers. If not trying to get a stop here. Take away what made the complexion of this quarter. Receivers that both the public from. Right the left of not. And as a complete. Immediately tackled out of bounds. Part of Johnson with. You re. Re right there but stopped now it's third and ended. All of the five yard line. His words you've seen conference excels in the red zone being your boots didn't do. And red zone scored 38 and 66 on the season. Which it's not my particular depth play here throughout urging the defense a month and up the full back. Belly and he got. Bounced off the first with a bachelor but that would give Cobb got a stop him and put him back. In the fourth down brits out there. Very nice play but it Wichita defense only eight games on effort bigoted. Most inside before. Alex Gordon of foul play yard and a we'll work it video they're going Gore's. Big player for the what you thought he fits my idea itself but the opening drive of the decade. You want receiver bug to the far side stepped what if you end up against the LA it looks like look at first down yardage he needed yardage and probably got about two. Noelle you city at the two yard line up like he did it get to do. He needed about a yard and a half he got about 806 inches from where they spotted. Who's sitting out six to eighteen on the seasonal portrayal. And you'll have. At the dude. And all for the big guy and they. I don't know I don't yeah. Marcus Carter was all over that way. Wounds received through there as well who's to grab him big man. No games second down. Dietrich Matthew his top seeds chew over there with the rest of the force players on the side lettuce has left. She came off. It's tough enough field. Can't dunk out of the backfield once again. Great now my defensive efforts to move and not pay back live now military ambulance. It'll bring up a third and goal at the zoo back to back. Nifty defensive stops for the Wichita defense. News it's. It's third down player right here. Need fourteen city now a third. A goal that's good news. Over his left. It's better. He took its and it. Their religious stuff but. Milosevic wanted it will be fortunate golden city definitely. Go forward again here. Six to ten on the season on fourth down 101 tonight. On this round. Of big. Big defensive play and I'd like to talk a good drive Bryant beat new video out of the end zone on the first drive of the second. Maybe going forward on fourth and goal no doubt but definitely big play publicly what defense right here. Not a whole a lot of people. Instead of and I'm pretty sure it's upside it's city they put up for the ball snapped. Reviewed receiver was all of these remote. You're that your side looked like people outside. Yet all star. His feet sitting room to operate however all about the eight and a half yard line for the gold. And kick until now. How about that. Which we thought defense really wanted to play here at the beginning of the third quarter. They keep it massive stopped and this city who took him yard line for three straight plays and did not move the ball forward. Now a few cities don't do that fit. Into the three yard field goal. Now this city 31 which he com nineteen bit. Inspired. Defense by the commodities again. The third quarter will take time out of their waterfront. It's not a garden center which I'll be getting the ball to pick up now Mike well the sports football tonight 97 of their thirty they end at us. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time and assume your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. 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Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum help the word quickly give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. It clean and things. Here are the great American join me. Third quarter about Levi Johnson gardens that are. Golf by his city bounces out of network which don't begin to drive but it's on twelve yard line. Minutes to go in the third quarter in this. John we're just about happily the third quarter as lot of that time was. Used up on. The city's first possession of the second. You know the first snap the Iraqi hinds another high snap. Their rocket eagle yet. But the past is complete good. Edwards didn't. And a gain of about four out of the sixties. It'll be second and six which gets off a sixty yard line we're at midway mark of the third quarter. Which also to run one play after halftime and I only help you can say either three of their drive in some. Which he thought he could did its part LC the offense can get it you'll want again as quickly dismissed back to back matches and it's. He bought it right at the quality of the words bit. Another date forward they'll bring a third and short now. Third it. Short for Wichita authored it seemed right at what he. For him he third down play here trying to keep the chains moving. Under seven minutes to go down the third quarter Wichita with the ball down might well look. It's been inspired effort on expert witness in the here we go there to. Highs that it's over Iraqis Eddie price that the commitments now it's loosening and snow followed. I do city. Another disaster. Play for which gets off on needs change between center at quarterback. And for the second that it's time to deny. It results in a new city touched down. Absolutely. Did but lady play. But Wichita seem to have momentum going on both defense and offense. It and other wants to play it's going to cost which is not a touchdown. And it's first half was time here than that one as well and in. There is obviously some sort of problem or this connection. Between center at quarterback tonight because that's six that is easily six or seven plays we've seen where the snap has been. Pretty abysmal and it's resulted in. Five fumbles now salute them lost fumble. Fourteen points. And fourteen point to get itself it's okay the thirteen points but still. New disaster. Fumble plays. I would not let you defensive touchdown for duke city you know yourself preoccupied with the help you city's offense not vote they are. When you give up nude defensive touchdowns that really really hurts the Wichita seem to have. Have momentum going their way but now that the city had its biggest lead of the game. 630 to go here in the third quarter it's now you've city 37. Of which you can't I needed. Now our third quarter spotlight Johnson's garden centers. Yes not that hasn't hurt it deflating but you still have. What do you want plus minutes in this game if not give up at this point you've got to. These kind of Middle East up that would off. And get back and make sure that this last 41 minutes is strong if you could make it hard to get back into this thing. Why would you give up defensive touchdown that really really hurts. That snapped we'll probably the worst in the game there's at least six or seven feet over rocky hinds head. You know I think morale it off a bounce off the earth would never really had a bead on it. You can City Hall monitor the end zone for touchdowns. All it's slower and immediately blown dead about the sixth that yard line. That's for which obviously. Again. Which I'll take over for content on them seven yard line. Now down by its biggest part of the game trailing by 183790. Speed. As nine more points. Right away you're the third quarter by duke city and the greedy on offense six. On defense off a fumble recovery. In the end zone for a touchdown. But. But but it's investigated that single digits headed down at night at halftime but now it's doubled up the eight eat. Is the deficit crisis under center on this earth latest drive. And off the site that he's out of the backfield by this news didn't deserve. Lost on the first plane about to do. And who grew more under sooner. And release it up that's why don't. Let's listen disadvantage to the quarterback. Because. For that the other synergy if you really read the defense team now read that and healed and then years forty yards up compared to where you would have run. Thought it indoor and it's just there's just so little time to get that played well. Heidi it is under center. Right now it's an. At the end and Google it it's. It's. I think April would get off. All the way down. City seventeen. Yard line. Gain of 26. That's kind another. Drove Iraqi just threw up in DA had to kind of run underneath under it in great concentration there but the. She looked at the field right there are at a 26 yard touchdown that's not my business at the seventy yard line. Trailing by eighteen point night look deeper team. He's not put the cats. And the local arts answers to. And it's much yeah out of. He's seven you don't get the third quarter. What the doctor ordered to. Touchdown drive for the Wichita floors. Back to back super passes. What he six yarder to VA Allen that he doubled twice before all you did an addict. Nice quick strike DeMaurice young but it that's down from seventy yards out. Extra point is they end and wide left. Lot of you needed some of the players after that nick. No I don't know. Again because kicking game started. That fire a little bit here if they Dwight. Love. Well it's points on the scoreboard it which it fought back who did well here at 3720. You look at 447 to go to the third quarter. Police. But offensive word rough night game we talked about him going under center and he did the resident. I mean. Yet less time because you better sooner but. Seem to work out we've two great passes to DA gallon in the emergency room so. Whatever it takes I mean. Give up. You know to score because that fumbles are you gonna change things up wherever that works. Well that's exactly what we said you cannot. After getting up demoralizing to score he hit his eyes to the rescue again got to go up and make things happen that's exactly what we call it did. Fantastic job there giving it to the end zone put points on the board. It's not unlike my mind begins now with both feet off the big city Bailey 37. I haven't. Which caused this election for points. And they will feel cool here tonight because it gave little more vulnerable than than it has been spirit that obviously most of the season very very reliable. Yellow gets out of the end zone it. Love it tackled the guy the one yard line. Harper took them out of bounds and now. First down big city. And about the nineteen. Steve you've seen the need to continue to. Eat up some o'clock clear that there where they've been a great job. Of doing that in this course so far the first drive. The third quarter when nine plays. Have resorted. Hidden field goal but still year you have new 910 plays here or there. And when you have the lead that there's an awful doubles its effectiveness every Time Warner happens to build third quarter received the votes in the watts. Holbrooke as well the type of find the receivers totalled it still caught it. William Clark but that's. Why it Holbrooke. They've got flex time under pressure if that's the flood someone. And he did. Wide open move through the student there and wait for the football. Gain of twelve. And now in Wichita territory that's what it in the nineteen. Both quarterbacks now coming up on a roll have received a complete and while from both poor. Rocky hinds who really on the market the second after which he taught. Beautiful growth is completed fortified room. Effective play on first down for the city. League mark. He gets a lot of yardage comfort them publicly. About closely. Well thought he'd step. At least second to two or 34. You can city as the clock blues here three minutes to go in the third quarter of widgets on defense down by it doesn't partnered border tonight properties like Johnson garden centers. It's always so good on defense on that first drive trying to. Equally here in the next drive once again plus it's not a running play tackle made the backfield. My game. By the gate to yard out of that will be there to York Michael bell and then on the staff great job there. I've been to crowd you know involved here from news from the side line. They don't want that we. What do. Ball is right at the eleventh. So it's. He earned it didn't. Where you sit here let's get which is about defense trying to get stuff you would have been a field third quarter which brought down by a dozen 37. When he fine. Activity but he's close by is running back after initial stuff. And little bit of Louis blues there. Might be the first county are. Yeah that is. Please don't Holbrooke did that a lot of running room is running back and it was. But he did forward from behind that's propelled the city do enough yardage refers to build out the eight. Something they used to be illegal a lot of football is that eighty the runner good anymore. Any security out there if you support or rugby style is legal. Ask what did not like now. Late night I was just off the load that URL is rated network. So no flag goes room on the back judge in the back of the end zone. Hope that's not against Wichita boy Kevin ray was right there with a great play to knock that. Past the end zone away but we'll see what this college here. And it is that no I don't know blow you out and pick up that flag so that's great defensive. Not the way I have a great we'll stand that he would complete. Holbrook first incomplete didn't quite awhile now it's second to build the eight. One what you and I needed to go earlier in the third quarter which you can't beat it down by well I didn't stop here. I'd probably end here tonight executive IO bankers which if not let's come back and win. Against the first place team in the conference. But. Holbrooke flipped out. Out of school who might still have no word guild voted to end well covered play by Wichita and and they like grown. It's and I think it's going to be against it off. That he prayed at the Philippines. Seriously not a big draft by the face mask. He the end zone. Another every business. I think it always is that one you could cut. If they came Adele Davis got into it. Davis grabbed each race based masculine and E*Trade. Not happy album and shoved off and he's in the Phelan is penalized in life you know. At the disputed goal line unsportsmanlike conduct Matthew's still trying to do plead his case. You couldn't. At the distance on the defeat you know the multi agency. And it'll create new set of yet now first goal and city help. You can move flag. Flew in the big city huddle. While. The official is in the air in the huddle. You guys in the CEO of the flag who still think in a. I've never seen a flag is definitely vehicle of a offered to need to huddle. It is but consecutive. But I. That's been very incomplete. President pillows neighbors. For a unsportsmanlike conduct as he did it in his own little infant. Am like it was a little bit of the Monte. It back on that first touchdown of the game back in the first quarter. I get home for another one year. Although why he was now that you don't didn't whoever it is don't I don't want. Little with the marvel at the moment. Night and make offensive player by far it is gave Ford big city is done. A guy that is not three touchdown passes on the night and it's going to be exiting the field here. I'm curious what was going on the hope because first. He got that penalty. On DT MF you now. Who worked out in his favor or data in favor visited it it's going to have first. Bill before. It's dead he gets called parade unsportsmanlike. Ladies don't pop a cork. He obviously must have said something to the referee. Who was very nearby. And it's like him. He's done the night. One on few minutes usually. We have the less than a minute to go here's the third quarter. He writes on our third quarter not brought to you but Johnson's garden centers so let's set a date here in this city did have. It at third and goal before. But now the those. You definitely get with the opportunity that only gives you the city that fifteen yards of Paula but that might even name. Who have roots they call the timeout good movement there couldn't on the net for. Live. At the quality people like ended up in the Betty it. Between the local club. And the other flag was thrown inside him the opportunity to bubble. Mondello davis' fumble within the in the tunnel he threw it he threw his film about forty feet. It is thought head coach doubly for months they backed yourself you know mid. Yeah. Who knows what they'll get a duplicate that locker room. The really bad. If handsome hockey players and install under bird that's true. After all that's the always backed up for the night needed. Or duke city now it hurts that. Think it is still up there. You know mooted. They think person and your host tonight in the nineteen. Through why because it was cool to go to. But. If that's Holbrooke Nancy fired over the middle of the there was no receivers in the middle. Solidly. Kimi gives a great job of putting some pressure back and Holbrooke. Who is coming from behind on Holbrooke and made him give it football back to back it completed by Holbrooke. Hopefully get second and it ended duke city clock moving under. 25 seconds to go here in the third quarter or third quarter what do you like Johnson garden centers but wild third quarter. Wichita is on defense down by twelve Wichita played really really strong defense here at third quarter. Bryant get back into this game and I'm like well Holbrooke but you're right you're pretty good town for Thanksgiving. 60. The end of the third quarter. At. You cannot as the floodwaters. People don't like 123718. But come on back here on our football 98 separately thirty they have a sense. Greens here and John Gardner Brady happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners stockholder things. Your lawn and garden this season and Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise helping state and we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Put two locations. When that north and west thirteenth and it works. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real world and so juniors she reveal why it's easy get a good card from an Angelos. And Santa. They can use their gift card and dying in poor pick up and to most famous pizza or taking their lives on in Munich I mean. Since the all you can take the excuse to get yourself a cinema troops. Who grew into those Italians. On in central open convicted him. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if you have. As we financial future not his weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge divorce medical bills or many other life events. We can help you rebuild your credit. Find some line of payday dash rotor struck home. This is Michael. Join me weeknight an eight on AM. Arena. News. The end of the third quarter. With its not like that that are a walk down for you sit here like at this field up for the losses that so that. It. And what in the Wichita throughout. Really urging on the defense. Played at the fastball right now that you can lead people on the wrong. Neal Reid was back there nothing. We talked about and a half months on a few people get pressure on the quarterback but at networks that makes it that's been the big difference here the third quarter into the. It has been now is going to be another ball you'll come up hurt me do and we are seeing him. This one for about the same distance to in the first half. We are trying. He missed the 48 yarder at the first half. Got want. To see what happens here. But Nancy. Do you see the best. We are rides up. That and had plenty of air under it but it hits that got wire on the right side it is no good CNET. Don't know if you let there and do it. Point driver thanks city. Employed. Inspired. Defensive effort by what you saw ever since coming out of the locker room at halftime. Do you really strong defensive effort by which you saw. Holding in the city to. Only three points so far on offense. Forget the ball back down by twelve but what will be a deep right here for which you saw it down 3715. Early fourth quarter. Our fourth quarter tonight who populate into Lowe's it's. Italian restaurant. You drive your with a force. And we get another old five feet their own territory now might well. Hopefully the defense has done its part tonight let's see if the offense to. I don't. Now the last drive which he wanted. Yeah its. Yeah yeah. It is okay. News doors. 45. Yard. That's right. What the doctor ordered the defense doing its part in the offense. Now get into the swing of things extra point coming to put what you want down my bottom. Huge turn of events here for what it's off. It's the first place big city gladiators. Extra points of right here right now and maybe thirty sevens which gets off or you know he's the last thirteen. Have managed to go it is what. And which he talked offense which is just about at a low point earlier in the half after a fumble. Recovered for a touchdown at the end zone has now responded. Back to back. Really strong touchdown drives including a few 45 yards off flight path. From rock behind. You Edwards bit. We need a big. Drive it and they got it one play 45 yards. Now down by fox. I live after being down by eighteen. Early. He thought. Trying to get things going their way way out there and the momentum to get you couldn't towards. Rock behind it's just been. There on point eight passing. Most of the second half. In Wichita right back at this point now the defense was playing fantastic here's the second half. If you back out on the field again here. It plays but with its all around. Make up ground now now quietly cried with the accident happens to go. And that's the leave only wanted completion of the second half. When Iraqi I'm sure he's cool with warnings. 174 yards at halftime he was so perfect it so yeah. They go off and then. And at the end zone nearly out of bounds that they could bite the city. Will be brought them. We don't. He handled the artists Carter tackled the force. Gonna complain about that because he brought it back in because. If he. They what is called it dead right here because he brought it back from Penn over the wall Woodman. Place of the when he finds is gonna bounce for so. Really the poorest. Got about seven yards and the favorite. The big city you could drive on its own eighteen yard line. Last night up with a lot of the troops to the office tour looks on the field goal. Fevers from our excitement here cited plot. To deprive you. The need to do. It's not brought up right here in the second. And that is the loss but the plays and that's another sack. For the last few. I didn't see any evidence facts might want to talk. And yet also got an opinion on that one deflection well so. He would really stepped up his game. Your. You make your third. On the would work out what you thought it really didn't hear the second half notes activity let the big city well after disabilities all day. That was a little bit. Indicate the tips video of that play. For a second but it's going to all that and complete cartons Carter there. With the you know the coverage and. It. Won't. And since then he has been fired off plus free pass. Passing plays. Because he'd been did all over the place. Third and you look. They play it right here. Here. Really thought behind him that he Holbrooke. Is one that is not going to his right foot putt on YouTube link into the crowd. An appointment to. He. Pulled Brooke really that don't let him. Oh I didn't really want to get the morality. Infinitely. Are afraid this past week and city we'll break up fourth. Updated figures to apply the pressure once again Holbrook with 43 student here at. All over the place tonight. And it's going horizontal. He beat. Her dignity fifty. A big fourth down don't get hit the ball back down my body. New city. Other receivers and open the parts I didn't want Colbert stepped up in the pocket and totally underneath me. And at least not you're a clippers now. Home. Zero o'clock and what you thought. Again the football he. Defense has played inspired here in the second half I mean everything's going your way here and coming off fifth continued. To grind didn't gets more points on scoreboard and get this lead that they could work and home animal. And another. Look down stop for which song last time you city try to field goal and it's that time they try to go farther down they needed to eleven they only got eight. Great field awareness by which hits off. And now to force takes over all of the food city 23 yard line. Down 55. With Canada at that in the play. And offensive the last few drives. As close. Once again to Vince communications lets you really terrible. Snapped sequence. Some flavor moving somewhere. It's completely out of sync up that late flight down all over the place. False start by Wichita and just completely you look at it like historic. Once again even under center. Snap exchange it. Heatley to beef up next to nothing foot putt putt it broke. Not only got one earlier. Now against Matthews is only a couple tonight. That is since the yes or number two. Yeah. All right first of 15100 senators. Kind backed up and throw I had trouble. Immediately got the pocket collapsed on him but he got zapped for the first five minutes. There's kind of what happened. To take that. Force that dropping my dad I'm you pockets already started to collapse he got to get ready that it immediately if you have. So I can't believe that's what club malice act lots of up even further now they're back all the way in their own sixteen. They've lost the twelve yards the last couple plays. Now second when he. I made it once he'd go in the ball game with knowledge of well we don't buy pie for the negative plays that are really need it back the other current. And golf on a little counter play. Who is able to get up. Use the whole we go way back to midfield get half of that yardage back that will be a but there eleven. Has a great run there by saying see. Stable to get it. Exactly what he needed their. Much more mental now on third down. Called third Eddie eleven. But the site that front tonight. Right at midfield third Eddie Leavitt group which gets on with eight and a half minutes to go down by five at. For the big second half for the floors he'd keep this drive going. And not let that it was like society. By the bright side of the line he'll only get about three navy the break up. About coordinate. To solve it it will even out here prided putted from. Five down the they can two point game. 36 yarder come up from Fred. It's one thing at the indoor game as they can wind up. Between the hashes you know if you go on the hash is pretty much right definitely want to. Rays hit. Why did left. 36 and with a pause. For a team reliable kicking game and he has struggled here tonight. And it's more remain. What city. Plucky think city 37 which to plot 32 to take a break. Our fourth quarter brought to you by Angel of the Italian restaurant back up its 9873030. They have access. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Arlen going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreements rode next to start number. 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Did all of this field goal. On defense now like client running play by your city and breaking tackles is first down yardage to late flag of the play. After this city here to have about thirteen yards on the play it. Let's see what the late blight is going to be might think thrown in the office. From the rear of the play. But it closed down 3732. And no album that's what that's like so it is about a thirteen yard need for diversity efforts. First play of the drive. It back again. The only after Nike has sickened nearly ninety picked up. You can city with the ball out of five point lead we aren't in. The midway mark of the fourth quarter and fourth quarters hockey night in. Angelos Italian restaurant with a clutch defense got a few. You stuff. On down last time but it's not as strong offense it's the field goal but still like where we are five point lead for you to city. But about seven minutes to go at this game and now the dignity running games working in a fourteen yard gain. And now another running play. Probably good for about eight or not. Yeah I need not of that. Play. Also big cities get the running game cranked up. And now the ball which he thought territory of you would stop second one. Five lagoon. Ballgame would not beaten down by five. Hits the backfield. Helmets off. You Leah never let me as a running back. But first down yards followed today by that point. And I think that's helmet came off. Including. There's Kelly. Both now right at the quantity and Natalie person since. Once they got about you on now. Think the defense you come up with another big step here. On this form but what's it been the defense and they've really stepped up tonight the offense has got an issue though once was deeply gets a big stop the offense. Could not keep running it. The city's all the time out here at 548. To go it is ballgame which he plunged railing it could be 732. Home on things to do. Bad snaps that led to duke city touchdowns. Certainly the major major factor in this game right now without those two scorers. It's totally different ball game as it is it's still anybody's game right now here at the final six minutes of which on defense down by either. Played inspired. Football of the second half. Edit I mean there's four or five things you go back on the book through this game. That if they were done differently. Means we may feel both missed BAT's. Who's your best answer resulted in touchdowns. And if it was a points right there than they do you think you should. Al entity five point game. Even if you can see that. Top field goal a few extra. But it will a lot of that that's. These names. In the last six minutes here who did you win it at all of them do after the night now you can city. But again. Out of the pocket pool. Or five probably. Integrate finally. He puts people look out. If Citi got about. Four out of that now the sixth seeded second at six. Five that the quantity deflated ball game Wichita defense down five. It was against his first place you can city gladiator needs which laws played. Really solid football here at the second half. I think that's complete but. Do you. Marcus Carter would back off immediately after the completion of that'll bring up a third of out. Oh lead for good city once again which he thought he could create big player right here. The first pass on these giant. Previous four home runs. Great job do on this. War. Rushing for one night nor for that had 33. Holbrooke late in the patent complaint it breaking a tackle. New entity doing it touchdown out of it. Look like which song I ever beat up make that tackle but strong reception that bit. Strong move to the end zone by big city but the gladiators out. 4332. That Eric Johnson with that strong resentment that's now. With the eighty yards out. Thought to make it stop all over the field the second half. Not quite able to keep the gladiators and take a bad drive. And now an extra points and nick we have 430 want to go here this ball game. Eleven point lead now for the city. Nick blasted through its feet. And now it's. You've city 44. Which the top thirty suit but if not don't play well look toward a half minutes ago. And as has been cleared of all I'd along with the offense needs to snow up through it. It'd the end zone on this drive need to answer. If you think that it did close range. Make something happen. You want it's Hamlet and the offense would. They've been nice return here by Edward Smith there something in. Historically great field position they need right now. You go back to that last drive which upon need to get points on the scoreboard is the could take advantage to have that you had to stop the defense. Now new city the back. Touchdown drive. The back up by it doesn't with 430 want to go our fourth quarter tonight spot you may have to look Italian restaurant. Has been an exciting second half. Am I have a feeling we're not dead yet the excitement. We got a good for half but it's coming up but. You know what's not going to make a run for its home crowd. Get this thing closure here makes up again. Happened final four and a half minutes duke city will be. He did not. Boy that's the first touchdown by the U city offense. Johnson's. Wade in the early moments of the second quarter. But with the thought that a great job holding the troops to be off it down for. Good good law enforcement in this game. The point of view disastrous. Excuse on snapped. Competent snaps but cough which he thought yearly here tonight but the difference in the game. And now his savage who would be much better soon the room seventh. At the very effective picked off by the city. Which talks starting on its own seven if you go to. Down by it doesn't nearly four and a half minutes ago. But we've gone but it looks like yup I don't want to play 45 yard touchdown pass. In the third quarter. The the electric. DA Alan Murray Edward Smith. Ricks of the open here for a quick school. But you Marie's young you some news or he's young enough on the field. Hi is under center. Drops back in the pocket throwing long on any kind of libraries you know look at it would be interference. And it's not thrilled not it was all over yellow it. It's very give up the pats are up. And indeed pretty easy interference call now. If fifteen yard penalty I don't know. Which is not now this guy if they feel old at B 23. We do it against some positive yards yet and another. You can city heavily. We thought and able to take advantage throughout the game up on those at least you drive Buick and diligently. See they can use that as a springboard here under four minutes to go notes Ivins. Get a little bit started this one which he thought now might well here with the football. I expected that that's out of the pocket getting a little pressure from behind now run a bit of guilt gained about 56. Deep ball moving forward. You'd feel alertness they're both their country come from behind because the golf start running. Call a game seven. If not sec didn't screen here for which golf ball now is big city territory when he went yard line. Want to still believe three feet the need to play Wichita that might well. Clients like this site Armitage. That it now what are the other is that it backs coming in knocked down that path to complete. Those former. Foresee things that Paul Robinson home coverage there could be sitting. And I believe it's only Iraqis that if it completion of the second half. All right second ended. Now I'm sorry 3333. Now for Wichita when he went yard line. You forty to go down like well. I went to the Edwards then. Forward guarded inside but then. First and goal lifted off. Love about that lately first goal would not right. At that and. Edwards' bid had a nice night it. But. Got to start moving those point two minutes and seconds. To go no. Hurried. Down by well hi cutters that are deeply involved in the watts in active athletes it. And it pick Maurice jet was ready to turn around and looking at all basically get the fact he would not turn around yet instantly. Second the goal which did not but then. While still moving want 45 to go to down by twelve points. But. Because as Paul Riva hideouts and of one minute warning is still to go with. I aids ride it's air under the ball brought to the far side could be a reality. Could get a look at complete now be third and goal at the net. He plays little place. That lets hope that. Now it's really time it really start to the front of Wichita on third gold and then all it can't get to play this game they're down by well all the get one or playoff for the one minute warning from noon to one. Was there. And what it is that which is not going to be loud. Boy three straight plays at the bit but it did not go anywhere do it completed. Instead they sacked for loss of diet and you'll get to the one minute warning. Evolved out of had a promising drive going there boy it's just fizzled almost last three plays. Take it suit you know what that morning it's only been six seconds left Alex toward the goal of the night to feed it down by well. Oil it's not you want it stayed escape got to have a ninety. He yard touchdown pass right here here's. No future oval here here. Very down might well come if you score itself. So we'll see what Wichita dials up. Now like well here it was unsure of this at the plate this ball game or what quarters but you let it flows Italian restaurant. Rocky hinds whose. So on its feet. Patsy gave and most of the second. Here at the end of this drive its. It is not a not a lot a little bit. After they'd find open receivers. And did they need but yeah. Stuff here you really pretty good. It but you thought. A war play here. Get this thing back when you don't want to score game. Forty or thirty sued the city. Or it and you'll Wichita at midnight need. Back at bats tonight stepped up in the pocket at the time. I'm buys me. Yeah. But the even when I doubt form with. You know lost. There aren't sure how Marie's young was so wide open. Hockey did a great job on that plated him move up in the pocket. Right a little bit in or each young did a fantastic job finding a pocket. On the near side here at the end zone to be with their growth. And easy touchdown. Iraq he had great job they're not making a lot of quarterbacks we'll pay and AM when they've pocket collapses. The game's on the line like that and Iraqi the veteran news he that he is that a step of the pocket trying to one up beyond. Wichita but for zoo here on the extra point down by six trying to get it now before. And let him golf is like. Off the left tackle it very tough now. Are you particularly proud. And that they city. Point game. I'm not to do what the differences but being down there were five but he is still rusty if he gave right now but has yet to point that's been somewhat of struggled on the night he. Know rated they can platinum for these. Let the four point game is now if city 44 Wichita forty. We talked pet to have. A fourth now at school at that night meeting at added ninety yard touchdown pass they got a ninety yard touchdown pass and they can. Herded. Two point critics who point. And now comes the major plays his game to pick up to this city. Wichita is now 54. Good thing is which still has all three timeouts remaining. On the one victory she won here in moon in the final match. Personnel live in one minute warning Tony passed off so. Yeah overwhelms analysis on the clock. To break ground here on here stick around you the final. Fifty seconds in this game. Yeah there were there are still. Rough moment for the first half this game the these fans have. Not right to be exciting second half. And it's not over yet but at fifty seconds left on the clock. It's 84 point game duke city would believe him. Which it's awful night once again try to make. Something good happen here in the final minute of the day. And knocked off another first place team here at home flooded last time not to go off to city here at home. But Libyan onside kick yeah it will added that I pray. It's received by a new city at about the seven flags are down. The flag was thrown but the early. Right after that it would. Hey you know things in the off sides on which Italian. And that's the case big city would probably decline and never able to return that kick. If you're a very highly bounced it into the end zone for a touchdown and they were. Looks like that's what's going to transpire. Yeah that's exactly what happened off sides on its off. He said he was able to return. What's fielding that ball about the sedated for a touchdown on the onside kick and now that would be an idiot like and again 5040. But 46 seconds to go in the ball game. Well which o'clock Friday Johnson horse in the indoor game. Including on site predicted that already beat the other teams probably would have and I started getting the ball. Inside their own ten yard line that content Citi Field it's completely. Able to get it about seven yards for a touchdown. So the outside they. Work you can city takes advantage and now is up 5140. Was 46 seconds ago it was all game. Which we talked. So we will get the ball back all three timeouts. That we could offense has been. Pretty much on point here the second half. Although a couple of one drive that they needed to not resulted points off the field goal of course another drive. Another fumble recovered for a touchdown. To those who accepted. We thought that are really it's not with all the other content that. That we did not get the ball back on offense down by eleven here. 46 seconds to go we can cause all free time now. If they need but stopped well. Towards the because laughter I think it would exactly. Benefit they're not. As there's Elvis variety yet really do that. Only got 46 seconds to do so. Down by eleven. And it's that it will be kicking off leading your flight eleven. And we don't. You would have it's hard hit bounce taken at the zoo. I he works fast he wanted 120 yard return. Top left ball cleared up by 1141. Seconds left that. Point one yard line. Which is called the office can do here. They got to cut down their last drive back which plus scored touchdowns on three of the platform draws. The offense is. And pick it up here in the second half. Defense played much better in the second out. Now I look at you with 41 seconds to go behind the thunder center to throw it quickly the DA Allen on the right side try to get out of bounds if that clock stopped. (%expletive) does not only four seconds ran off on that play in about. It about five. If you do city territory now up 24 yard line. 37 seconds to go with it brought down by eleven. His interest sooner they're there we went through a little short run than they do. We have home run phone the first let. I'm back at once again he's going to grow this time. Sort wrapped up top the Allen and he gets the ball for the ads out of bounce clock stopped need to move experts doubt yard gain of about seven. 34 seconds to go and it's on now has hurt him with the seventh DE and. Her dead at seventy. Eighty yard line 34 seconds to go our fourth quarter and I thought you buy into those Italian restaurant. With bonds gone the route for a couple of short. Passes. Immediately out of bounds. Both completions. Only 34 seconds left in this game no doubt my eleven got to get to the end zone is again. Or that's it about five sic ga Allen bought it out about the the past. What nine seconds each of these places take about four seconds. At a down to the well. In game five. Only 32 seconds remain. Which it's not down by eleven where's the clock stopped them all these plays. Side the one minute warning. If all the ads. Even the most farsightedness plots. Behind the front all. All I had he's brought down now it was canceled I'm not quickly quickly they did immediately got up. Well not now. Once again in this league or game. And yet not to make. Juan. And want to pump today you better get heard and it after that if not the pockets gone and you're down that's exactly what happened there. There. And bring up a third incident for which softball like the eighteen. He yard line it's only 47 seconds left now that was at lately a lot of time off form. That won me we're trying to go for the in zone they weren't doing a little quick count round to GA year Marreese chamber like that they are going for. The end zone map what. Here we go after the timeout thirty after the sack. It's now third and. Did for which it's not now. Mine that are Centre backs up nightclubs out of the pocket. Like down it brought into the crowd it was. Now the clock is down to the but he seemed seconds to go to game which it got down by eleven. You know Luther holdings McConnell which Rafa which clubs getting further and further away from the end zone. And the clock is not it. Is their favorite article 22 seconds to go with the ball gazing down by eleven. Officials are still discuss business. It's definitely the entity but that. CNN affiliate had it since second runoff when it's under. They've declined into the big city decided to decline. And believes that a third and long that'll make it for the extent. So they were Wichita the one final play here for the last five which applied toward the golden knights team they got a ninety yard touchdown pass out of it. Once again which tons. Pretty much doubled its final play here try to make something happen fortnight and at the eight speed. With 22 seconds to go down by you levity here added press bank arena. But. What you thought of one more. License to go to Mayo magic here tonight. It's music and those rockets and added to pick off passes picked off kind of floated over the middle of Iraqi nine. And once again at its base sir lose that I don't burden but because I don't believe that's all I'm wrong step could Derek hits theaters that's been. First interception all night long. Line which office. That's for over a little. Wrap up this game only fourteen seconds left now you've city football but did not down by eleven. And on the night that. The second half that saw a lot of things go right for which the talks with white. Close the door in the second half on a backed. Which involve itself by his city's eight needed this one got back to within four. And had everybody on the edge of their seats. But once the onside kick failed. In duke city funds that it for a touchdown. This thing. Really started to get batteries. Some which drugs keep. The week week in and week out they keep pulling within a scores show and then the images disappear just like that. And it went off up the middle it's viewed the whole. And Huntley tackled and about with the reentry needs about fifteen it's only eight seconds left now. He'll do city try to fund we did on the final player or they just taken me for probably right but you know they don't do it. Sylvia. It'll be quarterback Steve. And don't want ever to let's. No dispute city that's been. And. And with only one seconds remaining on the clock duke city but in the end zone. They have not that. That you want to the equivalent to 5740s. Or store. But there're. Certainly. Not indicative upload things got in his second half. Of city lab late touchdown. It went in the near. Yeah it is good. It's not give city 58 top forty. So which he thought got loose closes or let's do a late touchdown by few city. All though those two touchdowns one of the game on a very short field during an onside kick that did not work. And then another touchdown you're kind of garbage time late snow. A few city a couple of touchdowns on the board. This thing was that was right there. Late in the game Wichita had it down it would explore it. If not close out this ballgame 5840. Arsenal or. And there's only 12 left on the clock for you to be picked off here. Let them. On we look back on this game and think about. Read your city touchdowns not by the offense. But to do on Monday middle mistakes but its offense on bad snaps. And then work on special teams on the outside because it. Did feel that way. Take those three touchdowns to play in this game is anybody's ballgame would not make these mistakes that. Keep that from him tonight. Giving them a good thing is though that they will get another chance that the city owned Yahoo! right now against the gladiators but. One more chance. Later on in the season the seed the regular season finale here. I believe that's on Sunday. Mushroom that forehead something I think it's a weird. Some big game late New Year's. And you city not picked off the wrap this game. It is so this thing got it super excited in the second half we need to do. And you city will actually do an onside kick and recover. And at bowling go to New York's it's not a good thing I probably couldn't do it at the Florida actually sounded the referee's. Whistle. I didn't see eighty flights come down and should have been wolf I think there and stuff. Both sides have agreed this game is over. And so as the officiating crew and so that'll wrap up our final score tonight. Why is indicative of a close second half but it would exceed our final scores news city 58 the top forty. Let them toys which he plots. Which I thought certainly gave it. If things go a third or fourth quarter of scary Perry inspired beat it by Wichita. Tonight was things did not know the forces at play. And the city became the first place. And still on the season all five of which he called off of the companies need to earn her place in the standings. Our finals were tonight give city 58 with the top 44 quarter pipe proxy fight Angelos Italian restaurant. We'll take a break we'll come back because I read it closely fill up to this you are listening to more football I don't know 97 and thirteen 38 and as. Spring is here and John Gardner Brady had. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's Stockholm everything you need. Her lawn and garden this season. And Johnson's garden where you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards and put two locations. When tempers that westerns came and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do both current rumor mill within. So good you're sure bill like it's easy get a gift card from Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card to dine and pick up and to those statements pizza or taking big lives on in Munich I think festival you can take the excuse to get yourself this how many troops. To enjoy those Italians. On center opened convict him. Hi this is they'll see Tucker. If you have credit. We understand. Because we financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge from. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. This is Steven's dad. Join us morning right here on cape enhance and. I'm reading this Woodward is on Boston puts you here on site. Did you lose your assignments of their final score tonight. Duke city 58 with the top forty. On the weak spot there are our post game still vitally brought to you by amber late diving company and amber waves. The heat on this the game in which we talked in the pre game about. You city powerful offense. We saw that right away as a kind of got off to a great start off at this game yet here we are at the end of the game. Duplicity. Offensively at fort Pakistan. Yeah and then we look at when you're unlikely to amount before you we talked about this deuce in the offensive and older firepower and everything. And now look at the game afterwards it would look at. Be forced defense in what they're able to do. They had us a lot of hue stomped tonight. And there we go back you look at some these points are scored by. Do city that should have it's who beat you take away the two fumbles for touchdowns take away. In this Google's of the in the midst extra points. And is that which always again if you take all that. Off the scoreboard which outcome don't win tonight. And you know that's what they know football is so it's a loan to gain and no to every player council. Yuck and that's what that would solve. Dwell on what you go to the locker of measles plays the at your grasp and he made mistakes and the city certainly capitalized big time a couple of those mistakes by Wichita that really kind of fuel the difference in this game. You city's only got four offensive touchdowns on the game that they get to buy their defense they got one on. On the onside kick off return late in the game. So 5840 ended up being the final score as quickly politics the loss but thought additives four point gain in the minutes ago that. The city got a couple late touchdowns finish it out and when McCain by eight points tonight. And especially after that clock start in the Wichita though it's. Another problem though is playing from behind which closed down by thirteen in the first half down by eight seed in the second half certainly made it to game. But he played from behind Floyd stuff that the city year. You haven't tried twice as hard sometimes to make up ground especially just did he Mike. Right you can afford to make mistakes because they gonna make it Honshu and you know we we even go back to. Beginning in the game and you know when which star had a great opportunity to put seven on the scoreboard and they go for three on the opening rather up three nothing. But more like Houston is you know. Which shall reward of one of seven I don't address and the first few drafts they had a ball and so I thought five. And they and they come away with with three on both and it's just little things like that then they'll come back in and you know that the coaching staff notices all that as well and and they're gonna look at what should have been done differently and everything which is no which does not a bad gender really get cheap and it ages. Can't afford to be playing from behind and they've got it. Q you touched else when they should get the chips and they can't keep selling for two holes because those are and give it I mean. You looked loose and a great job all season long let's. There's there's been some times he struggled and you can't relying on the kicker. And on the right foot every every single night. When you out those first three possessions of the night for which it's not. They're all excited and all three of those drives at six points out of it could add to what you want it up Italy six. To leave the potential fifty points on the scoreboard even that early in the game a lot of that happens after that but. Is that this will slice of of points. You've got to get we get that close there capitalized it's beat you might be those points later in the game certainly which did that applies but EDT. But which I gave good effort and boy the offense the second half with strong the deep into the second half was may easy. But just couldn't quite over comnet eighteen point deficit they had early in the second half. You city went tonight 5840. Our post game report is brought you by amber wait study company let's take a break we'll come back. It prospective read it with more right after this for football that night 97 at thirteen 38 evidence that. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer and bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're not Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next starring amber. Everyone doctors do that's needed talked about it early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to link. We can make that happen both the largest and I think after. Professional instructors and masters and the Wichita area and now the largest training facility in Kansas apple. 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They are ready weeks. 97 at thirteen thirty KM SS. Right let them join me in the morning denying right here on. Report tonight brought to you by amber. Ways diving company duke city 58 which call for final score tonight. Obstacle to mild night in downtown Wichita. Or force indoor football. John. Edwards on Boston with you here tonight for the post game report brought by amber waves diving company. Which it's not really kind of got things that going on the offense in the second half we talk about halftime. Things that time didn't quite match. And I'll although there was one huge mistake in the second half another fumble on snap exchange opened Matt. Wichita got three touchdowns. On the board of the second half and got the passing game. In in a much better mode and add it. And boy I tell you what the wide receivers Maurice you know have you second half touchdowns. DA Allen had some great catches Edward Smith would threaten makes a lot of those and and some really nice numbers but it would pop passing game on the night no three receivers were were all right there in the mix making big. Catches and rocketed a great job adjusting. It in like you said early on. In the first. First few drives of the game do city wiz game pressure back on rocky. Through round that effort few drives in your case inserting guys like that we're getting back there and and rock you really had no chance to get the ball off and then. In the in the adjustments were made by the office line did a great job of protecting rocky throughout the remainder of the game and you know just. The fumbles is what you look back at the everything went off line was great tonight. Except for the fumbles and a result in annual. Fourteen or thirteen points commits PAT thirteen points for Purdue city so. No you shouldn't keep looking back at that and in what could have been different let's in the and it's no it's it is what is in which. And then loses. Another great. And certainly. We really I have to look at the Wichita defense tonight and we talked about it at halftime Johnson. If Wichita and start getting pressure. On Holbrooke back in the pocket this thing this game might change in oil it's exactly what happened. Which is talking out of that locker room and just lose. All of fire on defense. As we just started Colin Devin ray's name all the time keeping it was all over the place. Kendrick harper was knocking down passes. And all of a sudden but it's not with putting pressure on Colbert in the backfield. US completing pass after pass and the club defense the second half they were they were for Rosh. Us into one point the defense in the office word we're both. You know on fire nets in that second half and then. And then it was you know they've both slowly started go down and that's when duke city wrote Becker to the occasion and and you know whatever it is too much which summit. Final score duke city 58 Wichita forty yard post reported but you by amber waves diving company. The second at a post game break welcome back wrap it up from downtown Wichita right after this sports football on 9873038. And assess. Spring is here and Johnson Garcia and Freddie have spring to be outdoors both Johnson location. Employing gardeners can stop pull everything you need your lawn and garden is CNN Johnston Gartner fuel for my generation of professional advice and expertise to help you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards yeah. But few occasions when everything west thirteenth and it. First of. Turning to decide what to do both current groove. Real so good you're sure bill like it's easy you don't get card from an Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up into those famous pizza or taking big lives on in Munich I think. Since the all you can take the excuse to get yourself personally troops. Who grew into those Italian restaurant on central open and they come. Hi this is bells and Tucker if you have credit. We understand. Because we financial future not his Brothers bankruptcy even if it's not discharge him. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find some line of payday dash voters dark home. Bill O'Reilly on the Glenn Beck program. If you read it if you listen to the far left right now it's all about what is. White privilege. Right supremacy. Correct and I'm I'm saying to myself what is going on going and they brag of that sense says that white Americans will be a minority Serbs. And this is is this is a celebratory thing move now I don't care what anybody can call it I just want the best people Bill O'Reilly on the Glen referred. Graham a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. I arena blows me. Report tonight is brought you let amber waves diving companies that were gone off with you tonight finals gore quad city 58 which top forty. Indoor football plate tonight as which politics home loss at home games let you down the stretch course. Are. Still has another home game in the month that makes you more in June wrap things up for the regular season. Hopefully playoff football waits after that for Wichita. You know things play out the last in fact on the last road game of the regular season is one week from tonight. With which they'll have the last three years old but at quad city one week from tonight and what's quonset via the Internet. They're quad city was in Bismarck. ND you win 4530 Q and overtime so. One city C with a record of. There weren't very foreign three now so. So every team which supplies remaining on its schedule at the winning record. Now quality form theory. But we'll see how things have progressed in court at that game for European SS one week from tonight on the call in Moline Illinois. Your phone call with Steve Miller in upstate wheelers next week which toppled the and in the outcome they're coming off that road win in overtime. In Bismarck which on up 35 on the season last road game of the regular season one week from tonight at what city. And an exterior here in the house that impressed bank arena. For the last three home games for which it's not down the stretch may nineteenth post in Bismarck. June 2 at Salina. And enough on May someday. You stand. Duke city will be right back here again take on which it on 4 o'clock game on June 10 the wrap up the regular season. May nineteenth is that next home game two weeks from tonight against this market's first responder military night. You get five dollar tickets for first responders and military. That'll be a interesting night to honor those folks will be glad to happen not here. Oh water bottles for the first 500 fans to go along the rockets at birth 500 guts and I think that the mild. And there's a pregame I kicked off schedule special on May nineteenth two dollars up the barbecue combo meal rep my belly barbecues though. All sorts of fun things victory here in in the office in respect to two weeks from tonight. Or the next home game in Bismarck. With the top four expert of three straight home games in a row wrap up the regular season here in downtown Wichita. Course the next game is one week from tonight road game at quad cities on it will have to call that one right here pianist that's for listening to that one week from tonight. And as Shawn had a great caller great the next week and thanks for being list and I don't think you hopefully good weather at their next week. Yeah for instance get that bill on time you like to see that. On Boston's that would work with you tonight our studio engineers and Simon Sumner back idiot thank you Simon. And technicolor great sponsors are those reports that brought you by in ways diving company of course. If you love four football here on the radio please support the sponsors that make it possible no sponsors our heartland point gallery. Amber waves diving company maximum outdoor equipment. Johnson's garden centers and those Italian restaurant. Payday motors. Our final score tonight quantity 58 which are forty. Makes frozen force football tonight right here on 97 at thirteen thirty K and SS did not. Jason hey join us for become reality radio week nights. I'm OK okay.