The economy and the stock market

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, August 16th
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about how politics does... or doesn't affect the stock market.

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We'll trade and better relations. And I. What we do here affects others worldwide want people worldwide do either success as well. 9730. K in Kansas players even jedi in the morning. At 6473. Big things. It was Presley died four years ago today seeing confederate tattoo removal becoming a big issue in several states. Firearm charges against the former bell police officer dismissed. Predicting Stephen dead on K and assess. Those traffic volumes out there picking up. And this time but I'm not seeing any big slow down on the roadways here in which so far this morning just watch out for slowdowns in the road construction area. Got for a construction at Kellogg an icy 35. This just didn't reported by the Kansas. Department of Transportation to three in the roadway. Looks like rocks in the broadway's southbound lanes of I want 35 right around money. The rocks rocks in the roadways and to be lost effective drug trafficking a big occasion as this radio I'm here at chambers of the stones I guess to. It it to send a rock clubs that did notice actually says Iraq and I. Most think not being with a visitors. Good chance for rain today and a high of ninety degrees 50% chance for rain tonight overnight low 67. Thursday sunny with a high of 88 degrees now partly cloudy 72 degrees and we have a south wind at 120. Miles per hour cape and it's as weather brought to you by the monarch open at 11 AM. For lunch Monday through Saturday noon on Sunday the menu can be found at monarch which is a dot com the monarch. In delayed up. Am 50% chance for it keeping our fingers drugs when Doug grant CFP the money tracked Marta in the building a more and a group like he sure did thanks red shirt today thank you. The simplicity thing. You're Communists has symbolized I probably got to deal on this golf at that the other three. Stevens Edwards stoppers dot com poll is underway. Right there on our web page can us us regular Tom. Are you doing anything special to you Monday solar eclipse. Yes I'm traveling to get closer to totality 40%. I might go outside 20%. Yes I'm celebrating here at home 20%. Not really funny percent. No not really thank god if you're if it's happening. Which atop Kirk's done what's it take a step outside he'd have for supper that's terminally lazier and it's got to be some school hours and I'm a lifelong journey to achieve to a talent or all watch it on TV. You kill your. Real estate decisions often boil down to three things as you know. Location location and location. Hey it's your money looking for a home if your first time buyer while out of says you really can't go wrong the lone star state isn't very hard to beat Texas right now. The top three cities here McKinney Frisco at Allen out of 300 cities that we looked at. All did very well he just get a lot of home for your money analyst children's college says this is one reason most of these cities has. About 5% of their homes that have been built within the past five years. That's a very high number we're seeing a lot of building permit activity here Jerry L holding her. ABC news US stock indexes finished close to where they started Tuesday as technology companies and household goods makers rose. But weak report from sporting goods and auto parts retailers left a lot of smaller companies with steep losses law center and poor's 500 index lost a little more than a point that out that Al picked up five points NASDAQ Composite fell seven Morton Muster recalling nearly 80000. Cars and suvs some for a second time the Colorado let me guess replaced dangerous to kinda airbags inflate yours recall covers front passenger and fighters on. Certain 2007. Through 2009 in 2012. CX seven CX nine and Mazda six vehicles. Recalls vary by state and age the vehicles most at your dealer will be. Calling her you should check in. FaceBook has announced it will spend 750 million dollars on new data center in central Ohio. Marks another boost for the State's growing technology sector 750. Million that's a lot of dollars while and US home builders are feeling more optimistic about their sales prospects. Reflecting a pickup in demand and positive expectations about further growth for the rest of the year. National Association of Home Builders Wells Fargo builder sentiment index released Tuesday rose to 68 there's about. That's up four point from a rating of 64 in July and the highest level since Monday. So. Yeah 652 now Stephen dead after Don grant CFP the money tracker checking in on the economy Don. Why not the answer can well recently we had a psychological. Milestone for the stock market is well you know the Dow industrial average index top 22000. Remember couple weeks ago that number is tremendously significant however the Dow started the year at 19100822. Excuse me 622. And is gone up more than 10% since January 1. Well how much does this presidency affect the markets does the presidency affect the markets that's really an impossible question to answer but. When the economy is good the president will take credit. When it's bad the president is blamed. How does that this presidency stack up against the stock market to past administrations. Well if you compare the end of July 2017. Performance of the Dow average at a bit more than 10%. At the same point in Reagan's first term the Dow was down. Point 4%. According to Bloomberg historical data well bush 43. Was down nine point 2%. Clinton was up two point 9% at seven months into his presidency. Bush forty one's Dow was up twenty point 1%. That's double what owls right now. And President Obama Obama coming out of a bad recession caught the wave and was up 22 point 6%. Our country's gross domestic product GDP report by the bureau of economic Alice analysis. Was up one point 1% for the first quarter of this year. And up two point six in the second quarter our past president experience a five point 3% decline in GDP growth the first quarter of its first term. And a half point decline in the second quarter and our remember that was still in the recession then I guess we bottomed out the recession on March 9 of of 2009 as far as the stock market's concern. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases monthly. Jobs reports. Since the beginning of this year the track admitted trumpet administration has averaged about a 173000. Jobs reported per month. The pass administrator average about 200000 jobs per month not a huge difference. Keep in mind that unemployment was north of 10% when the last president took office. And the height of a major recession. And that average has been of course over 424. Year term Obama started when Obama starts 10% unemployment 1010% and got about. Yeah yeah yeah well. It's been a very very slow recovery but yes but it has been a positive one but anyway just it's kind of interesting to look at things and inherent to where they work. And of course if you have any questions about this or how'd righted factored that affect your investment you give me call number 634 inch 22222. Thanks. I've accomplished at least you can drag and in a we were rolling along in history every day and sometimes we. We don't we forget what's going on ten years exactly exactly today as it looked back national talent joke day. Well I'd better than a day filled with laughter well you you had a couple Lou always jokes the other day at least hang on member of the presidential jokes yeah some jokes Maurice Ager researchers examined more than a thousand jokes before whittling them down. To a final fifty. And getting 36000 people to vote for their favorites sources one poll dot com. Why are checked that out so what is the favorite here it this is the number one joke erratic. Advice apparently this is the fish stick one or heard before I know. Woman gets on a bus for their baby bus drivers as. That's the ugly just may be up ever so it. Well and walked to the rear of the bus sits down fuming she says to a man nectar the driver just insulted me command says you go up there and tell them off on a holder monkey or should have. Yeah. Craig your bookie is pretty. That's that the number one joke remember that if you go to work to debate about it most popular and who wrote it carbon I don't know. Probably tidbit buried Bucky but you'll have. That that the Goodman and I believe you Vermont he is 656 Stephen dead. On greens this coming up at 7 o'clock McCain and assist boring you received a look at alternate views including. A new development in the showdown with North Korea over Guam. Seemed intent on Kate in a sense.