Election season coming up, where can we put campaign signs?

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
Campaign sign laws differ depending on where the residence is.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this is the case and says sporting news feed at the thank you talk. And immigration bill fails in the house we've got the story on film program. Authorities are investigating after approval shooting in the piece that we county Wednesday night. Mayor talked about Wichita few fireworks ordinance time to look forward to those details just ahead I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 91 for the high in Wichita. We could be close to that again this afternoon in the park complete forecast is coming up. A woman is dead following a shooting in northeast Cedric county Wednesday night that we've got to sheriff's deputies were called. When address in the 3200 block of north 159 street east around 10:30 PM. Tim Myers with the Sedgwick county sheriff's office says responding deputies found the victim a 41 year old female upon arrival she was pronounced dead at the scene. Myers says two people have been detained for questioning but there are no outstanding suspects in the case UNESCO. Currently being investigated by our detectives and once they've concluded that investigation. And it will be presented in his attorney's office the sheriff's department is actively investigating the circumstances that led to the shooting in the consider it suspicious. Investigators have ruled the woman step as a homicide. Phil holed a brand KM SS news. This year Wichita has new regulations regarding fireworks any fireworks shooting in excess of six feet into the air. Are deemed illegal within Wichita city limits mayor Jeff Long wells has anyone caught in violation of these laws will be fine. On the pass we've had those tickets as high as Tony 500 dollars and I know firemen that have worked for the city for thirty years it never written a 2500 dollar ticket I'm not sure I wouldn't mind. So we've dropped that to 250 dollars. Fire chief Tammy snow says enforcement will be a priority this year. We will hire off duty police officers and that firefighters. Well Marion map in and and marked cars low profile cars and they will be the ones that will be doing the enforcement on July 3 and fourth. Fireworks sales and usage began next Wednesday. The vote was 193. To 231. As a conservative immigration plan failed in the house Thursday. It was led by house Judiciary Chairman Republican Bob good lad who urged his colleagues to step up let's take this historic moment. To come together. And support vital legislation. That provides common sense reasonable solutions all the pressure and focus shifts to a house Republican leadership compromise bill which would offer a path to citizenship to the so called dreamers but Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is downplaying any possibility of congress passing an immigration plan. So congress getting it done. It's not gonna solve the problem unfortunately. Because immigration such a contentious and divisive issue. President has to do himself. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. A former police officer is charged with threatening president trump the former Kentucky officer made the threats against president trump on social media at about the same time the president was in Nashville last may he's been indicted on two counts of making threats against the president 37 year old Andrew long Ryan is already in federal custody Atlanta plead not guilty in a future hearing Ryan served as a police officer and Bowling Green from June 2005. Through February 2006. But the department says he left during training and never went out on the street on his own Lisa Alexander Fox News. A Kansas sheriff described to Kansas sheriff's deputies who were fatally shot by an inmate as true heroes. Wyandotte county sheriff Don cash praised deputies Teresa king and Patrick Rorer during a joint service yesterday morning in Kansas City. Authorities say an inmate apparently overpowered the deputies a week ago today in a gated area behind the courthouse and shot them. Possibly was one of their own guns the Kansas 'cause the sphere in space center in Hutchinson recently received a grant of 650000. Dollars from NASA. To build replicas of mission control nerve center of the US space flight. Senate president and CEO Jim radar tells K and SS news there were. 43. Applicants and only three were given awards so we're very excited and honored to have been chosen in this project. Is a great one for us it's going to allow our team to. Create curriculum as well as traveling exhibit senator around mission control. Gymboree bars are against this weekend and issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on cayenne SS. Taylor says it's time now settle for Foreman and spent 7 o'clock. Another connection between the soccer news and the city of the Philadelphia. Draft wise we'll have details coming up in sports and give us a Virginia congressman is they tax scofflaws. That story coming up on the K and his his sporting news was even dead. The case and it says according you can keep your head down 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. Longtime columnist and Fox News filters Charles Krauthammer has died of cancer. And it's funny thirteen Fox News special a life that matters Krauthammer discusses how he was able to regain some normalcy after an accident that left him paralyzed. I think the physical part was getting. Learning to do everything again. I have a great capacity for rationing your memory. So it seems very sure it was long but it would seem very issue. Krauthammer was 68 years old. A Virginia congressmen. Is that tax scofflaws. Records show Virginia Beach Republican Scott Taylor delinquent in paying nearly 121000 dollars in property taxes penalties and interest for multiple properties. Municipal documents say teller ignored accumulating tax bill since last fall. For six frontal houses a duplex a vacant lot in Norfolk and Virginia Beach town house. His excuse. A spokesman says the bills one on paid because Taylor was busy would legislative business and it slipped this mind. The spokesman adding Taylor paid the bills on Wednesday. Summer Gotti Fox News here's a hint to would be bank robbers if you're going to stick up a bank don't give the teller your ID. Not. Too swift that's what Columbus cops say about David men's Serb who they say rob for banks. But it one of the heights after being handed over the loot he demanded more cash. Cops say the teller told him they needed his driver's license to get the machine to spit out more money. So he handed it over and that's how police knew what to go out and arrest. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News day and it has used time now 71010. Minutes at 7 o'clock. Stalled out vehicle and traffic hazard here this is. In the right shoulder on the ramp from canine V6 west 1996 to wood law and so left. Once had in that area this morning traffic update. From KN SS radio on jazz chambers find a signal to the forecast now with a sand storm tracker three forecast for Kansas today meteorologist Laura fan and get boring Laura. Hey good morning happy Freddie TI ME happy healthy and how it happened as nappy. You know what I think Colby's please actually needed to grab Jackie this morning with temperatures in the fifteenth and sixteenth at the airport 64 degrees he might have to bring your own sunshine work though because we do have some clouds it's. Hovering overhead but those were cleared out through the day today and we just a typical cold June day ahead with highs in the upper eighties to right around ninety degrees calling for a high of 89 here in Wichita. Also a nice added bonuses at the winds are going to be and the lighter edge out of the northwest out by fifteen miles per hour the one thing we have to watch or for anyone that may have any evening night plans. Tonight's we do have a good chance of showers and storms so hopefully this doesn't run out of gas in the clear out by timing Erisa which tallied seen this happen earlier this week. But we do have a fairly decent shot at seeing some wet weather overnight tonight into early Saturday we clear out allow for pleasant weather take over to the rest of the weekend next round of storms actually cites in late Sunday into the nighttime in the key on south guy's going to start the new work weeks overall. Nice weekend just a little bump in the short term with the rain tonight but we'll take it especially given such rights and lately so. That little changeup it's got earlier in week yet that patted down everything for you in your. You are all right we'll get more than two drops its. Let you wonder if not some Italian. Got a little bit of a rain out in the southwest part of the state is that about it then yeah we just got some showers and storms out there and so that'll clear out now placed outage Oklahoma the moon next week's storms comes back and listen you can't do you weren't something a jacket recently you're such a wimp Natalia pretty compliant nickel easily that's not so Iran if there but my understanding is that you're going to be leaving. It is the you know it's how it's been it's been tough day but yet today is my last day accusing news and last time you hear me on the radio waves here in which stylists oh. I'd love you know that new life is such did you make comebacks yeah. That's you know not say anything about where you're going to like that. You don't know no not I went on when the time is right we'll make an announcement as far as we're moving but I am moving outside Keyon says I am I'm really looking forward to you alleges a new beginning a fresh start so I've been here for the last four and a half years and I was supposed to be here for three weeks announced and joking around it's the longest three weeks of my life by it's been quite possibly like most rewarding. Honorable four and half years guitar why gradient thank everyone and their. Is it something many weeks and send me an idea that gathers is one time your kind of means mean well and cry and let's get suckered suspect to win the. Well. Wear the jacket and and they all summer Laura we've enjoyed working with you or treat it and we give you all the best and you're gonna book whatever it is going to be great in day. Thanks for being with us every morning putting up with so okay you're saying it's been fun thank you so much thanks. I 713 now that is the key is and storm secretary forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett 713 now Stephen dead and I'm gonna bring this up because the other day a person was campaigning in my neighborhood. For one of the office of the county commission office okay and asked if he is asked me if you put aside in my garden I said okay. At the this morning with a season Jim Weber from the Cedric county public works good morning Jim. According pat we know what the rules are connect I'm probably already violent in my I don't know. Where can we display these things and have to be on private property or. Well let me be clear what. Our county policy covers only roads that are out in the incorporated accounted I don't know where you where you live Steve but it could be different. But. Basically. Stay on as alive but in private science in the public. Street right away or any kind of an obstruction. So at 2015 and candles legislature passed a law. Then gave political science campaign sign the ability to be placed in the right away. What they call election period which is kind of starts 45 days before an election and in two days after election now. Tomorrow at the beginning at a 45 day period for the primary election and so. This thing gives the special status to political signs during those periods of time so it took them put them. In a row right away now not every city or county has adopted or changed their regulations to allow that but Centre county as. Beckett went sixteen updated our sign code Merrill our regulations. To create a policy. That would let. Campaign plans go in the right away. Com. During the election. To Bubba what is a right of way mean just that on the edges of the of those streets at night and highways and. Have so difficult to explain bed it's here. Best example would be. If you're in the city and there's a stripper ground at about fifteen feet wide between the back of the urban your property line. That's all right aware easement that actually belongs to the public. Utilities can go in there easiest way to theaters in the concrete driveway of their before so wide sidewalk with a close I'd walk faction. A flat spot. The backside that besides that closest to your house is actually your party line and so on the county what you typically would he has. Defense fly in the barber and planes going to be on that right away line and so are right away very from a over sixty feet wide over a hundred depending on what. Size frozen there. One on these happen but it's part of the challenges of a little bit difficult for. Most people actually and now whether rightly that they think it's their right guard. K well listen and you're talking about you're talking back out and account you'll be for you specifically you're on about out accounting not necessarily for the cities like Wichita hour. Our Mays or any of those. That's right for example on why this Ein news Citic which star has not changed their sign ordinance to allow. Political science in a row right away. Okay I'm well they had done is there any limit on the size of the signs or. Anything I'm there. The statute allows the municipality. To regulate side of the science some location aspect of the line for safety reasons. So for our policy. The sign base can be in the larger than six square feet so that's like Africa by two foot sign. The whole site in the mounting system now they usually elect a wire a bracket. Can't wait more than five pounds so that he hit it it has become a project your windshield. And that we ought to keep the tops of the time below thirty into the by the ground. So don't and we think that person and a average car would always be up to see over the top of that see what's going on. How much regulation. Is it appropriate that. You really I guess you wouldn't there's not enough space of their duties they do abandon. Well. And we don't think about content being bad but the issue is just this particular law addresses campaign time. There was as Supreme Court ruling in point fortunate when a fifteen it's called the Reid case. And it's established sort of equality amongst signs if you allow time to allow all fine or you allow any time. And it was actually related to little right and I parent church situation so I wasn't probably that they had an appropriate time. But the regulation in the town Gilbert Arizona. Kind of put extra limits on this type of defined as opposed to I don't know maybe gripe itself sign. And so that. Basically at the First Amendment saying where. We can't and going to try to regulate the speech quote quote that you put on the fine. What we're just regulating their time per period at a Columbia and some of the safety aspects of its size and location. The camp the wind isn't it went border of the time parameters some of the signs there are to appear. They can start put him out. Well on public property 45 days before the elections took morrow is they've fortified before the election. And then they can step for two days after that theory being that I think campaigns are pretty good these days about. When elections over they go and try to get the science picked up. And I out of there I guess thing is to be clear. Yard signs that you wanna play yard sign up in your yard on your private property you'd be debating time. And there are probably other sign there are assigned code that regulate what you can do there but the campaign signs could've gone up six weeks ago in the front yard. You move afoot for a and the right away. And that when we have all of that problem. A thirty penalties for stealing nude. Somebody's yard her sign like that. It comes up but I don't really know the answer correctly and that some very bad at some kind of that's you know it's not supposed to be. Every now and then goes where you Busey is story over the years somebody's taken video of their opponent taking yards and that would seem to happen around here very often though. Well it had. We we have phone calls from. Campaigns were. They have a problem this time they've actually put out trail camp a tractor who's taking the time. And that opened another one and it disappears and I wonder if kind of gets so crazy sometimes. Hey Jim thanks for being with the escort we appreciate. Your time this morning and I'm sure your. We'd like talking and some time. You know what I'm doing Armey spoke of it thank you Jim Jim Weber of the Cedric county public works and if your interest and information about. But the yard signs tomorrow the insert them apple look. On the public right of ways where it is appropriate and legal 720 now is Stephen Ted on Qaeda associate sports time with that Ted Woodward and hate. We got a shocker do you. Apparently headed for the NBA right. Al last night the NBA draft taking place in Brooklyn in New York City and a shot here is his name called in the first round. I ripped the 26 pick in the 2000. NBA draft but Philadelphia's 76ers select. Landry's ship. But that no number 26 over all the Philadelphia 76ers. The first shocker taken in the first round in 33. Years last Wichita State players they can in the first round of the Xavier McDaniel. But the Seattle SuperSonics 33 years ago. Landry Shannon goes in the first round in the second round early on. Kansas guard Delonte Graham was taken number 34 overall by the Atlanta Hawks he was then traded it to the Charlotte hornets. And steam a pilot. Of the jayhawks was taken number 47 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. Men's golf. The whip dot com tour making its 29 annual stop in Wichita for the Wichita open sporting which is on view that Christie country club. First round play yesterday to co leaders at five under par shooting 65 yesterday bin colds. Who is from Dallas and Sebastien Kaplan from Denmark. Apple and won the Wichita open here four years ago they're both 28 years old both shooting five under yesterday that first round co leader. Second round is already underway today they teed off about twenty minutes ago first group on the force 156. Golfers again we'll be out of Christie today for a long day of golf. See who can make the cut who doesn't heading into weekend of course speaking the weekend. Mike Kennedy and live the third round coverage at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon live final round coverage at 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon that's all right here. I'm 97 and thirteen thirty K and that's that's. Major League Baseball the Kansas City Royals are in Houston this weekend taking on the first place Houston Astros the defending World Series champs. Royals have lost fifteen of their last sixteen at the Astros have won thirteen of their last fourteen. Tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon novels games live on Sports Radio feet at 81240 AM 975. FM. Speaking of the royals are going to play a very interesting game next season. Not far away from Kansas City. Major League Baseball take over college baseball's turf next season June 13 next year. 2019 Kansas City Royals in the Detroit Tigers are gonna play a game here at T the American ark and LB commissioner rob Manfred their announcing that the Detroit Tigers in the Kansas City Royals will plague team on June 13 of next year at TD Ameritrade park in Omaha Nebraska home of the college World Series. The game will take place before the 2019 series marking the first time in MLB game will take place at TD Ameritrade it will also be the series finale for a three game homestand for the royals Matt volatile Fox News. All through the first time a Major League games ever played in the state of Nebraska about debt mean praising yep. And the of Wichita wing nuts when again they beat the Sioux Falls canaries three to two last night wrapping up short homestand at Lawrence Dumont stadium. A six game winning streak for the wing nuts and they now embark on the road there in North Dakota this weekend taking on Fargo Moorhead men in Canada after that along the road trip to the north coming up the wing nuts sports was even dead. Hey NSS seven funny for now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update continuing harassment from the deep state. That's coming up Stevens have the morning on K and as Vance.