Elephants are people too

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 14th

The Non Human Rights group wants legal person-hood bestowed upon 3 petting zoo elephants.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Point 738 and 10 in the morning on K in SSD Macintosh. And what word. Wichita police need help locating three burglary suspects to receive Smith Elijah Martinez and Michael baker. Are wanted on burglary charges the three of active warrants in reference to several burglaries in Wichita they were in custody two weeks ago but they were released. At the time the burglaries were still under investigation. And the district attorney's office couldn't charged him in a reasonable period of time. But you know the whereabouts of the man. Call police or crime stoppers at 2672111. Now the forecast with king and a sheriff's deputy biologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning we didn't cool down much overnight so temperatures are fairly mild. We drizzle and fought cloud cover sticks around today only a slight increase in temperature with a high 57. Scattered showers this evening with a low near fifty that we may get a brief look at the sun tomorrow sunny windy with a high 61 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Now fall to missed 55 degrees you've got to south wind at eight miles per hour. Prosecutors say a man has been acquitted in a deadly shooting in Wichita apartment separate county DA's office said in a statement Kirby Lewis was found not guilty last week in the December 29 death. A 28 year old Robert Young. Whose body was found by officers and a hallway yet woodgate apartments he had been shot multiple times. Police said that a fight began wall young was drinking with Lewis and his roommate at their apartment. Young and Lewis is roommate left the apartment at returned a short time later and hit the door of the apartment. Police said that's when Lewis grabbed his firearm opened the front door and fired several shots at younger. Willis initially told officers that young tried to rob him Dan O'Neill KMS says. Snooze a man was shot Sunday night just south of downtown Wichita police officer Paul cruise says officers responded to a location on to peak at. Where a 42 year old man had a gunshot wound to his calf. The victim reported that a friend was at his apartment and dropped a handgun on the floor that discharge construct this like. He then left when and one was called victim was treated and released from the hospital. Police classify these case as a whole accident a fifth woman has come forward claiming that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore sexually approached her when she was a teen. More is denying it Alabama State rules say his name can't be taken off the December 12 special election ballot. But Alabama secretary of state John Merrill says more could still drop out Merrill also tells Fox News the Alabama State Republican Party could just disconnect from more. They could disassociate themselves from judge Moore and his candidacy. And that indicate that he is no longer their nominee. That has to be done in a formal way. It would also indicate to us at that point in time that he would no longer be their representative even though his name would still be on the ballot. A suspected serial killer is indicted on murder charges in Louisiana. A grand jury indicting 36 year old Brian sharp on murder charges after three members shot and killed in east police Siena parish. A rural area to the north of Baton Rouge. The victims were middle aged or older white man who were shot at their homes are on their property. Sharp is the owner of a plumbing company and is also white. At first he wasn't a suspect in the killings but an unidentified police sources saying shark called the local sheriff's office and said he was the killer. So far no response from sharp's attorney till NATO Fox News. The jury has acquitted a man accused of stealing equipment from an animal laboratory at the university Kansas. The Douglas County jury found 37 year old Matthew Reynard not guilty of one count of burglary and two counts of theft. The Lawrence journal world reports Reynard was accused of taking thousands of dollars of equipment such as a veterinary camera from moloch hall in June he was released from jail. Thursday. 734 now Stephen Ted in the morning. On 97 and thirteen thirty K in necessities Tuesday November 14 2017 just not playing days. Away from Turkey day Thanksgiving Day I can't wait it. I'm already my mouth was watering over a great big slab of white Turkey breast covered in gravy. Mash potatoes your white meat guy who. Can't wait all right sentenced her before now Stephen did an animal rights organization has asked a court. To legally recognize a personhood rights of three elephants. At a Connecticut zoo and ordered them released. The non human rights projects as it filed suit in Connecticut superior court on behalf of elephant's named Beulah. Karen and mini. At cover for zoo. A traveling petting zoo. Alexy elephants from leased to a natural habitats sanctuary. This is the same group that tried but did not succeed in getting chips. To be recognized. Legal people. So when you about that to him. On would you name your elephant. Aaron. Well. It seems that solid named Ernie did right out of 1970s. Know the names of our elephants at the century cat exhibit isn't there but there's Susie. But you wouldn't have won a bunch has been there for quite a while I don't know the a lot of things in the new ones probably have Heatley name Ozzie names excel. Right. BS a Montana drivers got Thanksgiving turkeys instead of tickets. When they were pulled over by traffic officers of Billings gazette reports officers with the Billings police department checked for outstanding warrants after pulling over drivers for traffic violations. We didn't have any outstanding warrants they issued a written warning and a game frozen Turkey. So they violated traffic law yet they get a frozen Turkey in exchange for that at the way they do things in Montana I understood now understand this at all a local businessman bought twenty birds and asked the department to does. Distribute them in time for the holiday. Driver Larry rebel appreciated surprise after he was pulled over for not signaling that earned. Rattles wife died of cancer and he lives alone on a limited budget each year he tries to make holiday meal for his daughter and himself. And this year he got the free Turkey. From the Billings Montana police department now. That are bad driver you get a free Turkey. Well. I'm doing and I don't understand that such. I mean there but there you go up you're speeding here's a free Turkey despaired of the season. Yeah one of migrate. It. One of the things I enjoyed. During the show was having you seen you in. Ted stumble over pronunciation which funded budget errant now but. Permit me to return the favor I have looked up the names of the elephants at the Wichita is a very good thank you yes would you like to hear some of them see how. Instant search on our crack research department here this is going to be awful. Old they're not they're not air it and you know no no. Barrie was first what do you spelled CU BER. Yeah they're very jerk who bury followed by some union currency. Exel Yoni. Tally and tighten we have that many yes tighten things get tight pretty good good to get elephant name like tighten. The deal would be good today. Exit. Ted's really. Very concerned about this I answer those lists deafening. See there's one you think in its depth and their egos the death I have a sister Lawny staff and but she doesn't have a truck. It does have attractive probably filled with stuff but the 738 Stephen Ted now the shocker the big game last night and backtrack it sports few minutes ago but. What was kind of you glossed over little bit is that. Apparently. During the same coach so they are not good enough condition that right not what and the coach said. Company. Bid there they want they weren't exactly full speed. And he's right they they're going to have to play three games in three days now exploding so and be ready so you better be relative to gas it up for three days in Cairo tomorrow what kind of sprinting important and the receipt of that but. The that he sprints at the at a practice at what they do you know and for the conditioning. All sorts of waging view that you can course you can run laps around the concourse -- arena now. While you could run that spoke arena ads that run the steps that sets the stadium good for knees niners a lot there's a lot of ways to get eyes don't. My high school coaches I played basketball school my high school graduates and you know if you're in that fourth quarter in your missing shots into making mistakes it's because you're not getting option to Zia. And at their forward going to run some more practice which every basketball player needs to but there at the end of practice here around. So. There and then they're go to Hawaii right that's correct class. Be runner on the beaches over the on them now. Now. Rendered yeah I think acted. Handle some conditioning knowing that you're going to want Ayers is getting close now all right to 739 now Stephen Ted and share a couple of comments to respond first ball. The statement in which top perch dot com. Poll the women who question up should the witch stuff police department use traffic cameras. To spot traffic offenses so they can hand out turkeys to people right. Yes if you don't wanna ticket don't break the law 17%. No Big Brother is watching 83%. While. The polls on our web page K and assess radio not count if you like to participate in obviously. Those people go to our website is Simon a huge minority I won't have to think appears golf Floyd need to be take it at Tesco. Right I mean nobody gets a break. Now it never ever ever we get the break. Comments from cape and it's as FaceBook today at the Kansas Republicans banning the three candidates. Who are under 21 from the debates because it didn't vote gladly. And Augusta pretty good comments. James says this is a move to try to guarantee that only approved candidates will not Rock the Vote are given attention that is candidates the party can control. We need to figure out a way to give the younger candidates a voice in a public forum I do not even care if I agree or disagree with them well it's. He thinks freedom of speech tonight. And intent easy as I do not personally agree with anyone who has not aunt whenever adulthood. Without the safety net of mom and dad's care being allowed to run a state government. If you're going to allow them to be on the ballot they should be allowed to speak on the same form as everyone out exactly if they run. Let them SP and I that the youngsters they might have a good idea. A change the way about that that would be would that be shots. You know all that be shocking to be great all right. It's been 41 now Stephen dead and I coming up a growing company in west of Wichita. Editor bill at a Wichita business journal is on the way. Seems intent on K and a cents.