Emergency Medical Services Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 18th
Saluting first-responders ...

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I just for a game. Evident thirteen thirty K innocent seated in the morning here at 848 and Friday. Three day thing thirtieth. Volcano lava flow continues in Hawaii. Special board game days this weekend in Wichita for one quick thinking tortured perhaps it's a tanker. Very big things. Steven dead on in this sense. Traffic updates here on the Friday morning commute traffic going smoothly at this hour it has been for most of the morning. And willow if anything develops we'll let you know scrapped update of course brought to you by Jodi broadly in Carl's Goodyear tires located downtown at market and Waterman. And in the east ferry street mall. Or you can go online at Carl's tired dot com it's the home of the 3495. Oil change Joseph Bravo and Carl's Goodyear tires. Mostly sunny today that we do have a 10% chance for rain a high of 88 degrees. 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 69 Saturday partly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain tomorrow tonight 91 night. Now partly cloudy 67 degrees and get an east wind at twelve miles per hour. Gear up for your summer fun with a new half. Romance and next people always notice a great hands and chances are it came from hat and Jackson at the clock tower in the Leino and fans yes. 850 now Steve. Dead on king and assess hand at the Stephen Ted poll you can find it on our website kaine as if radio dot com have some fun go and check it out and and vote for your favorite what is your. Favorite on the outboard rule. Al chickens coming at the bottom of 1% kabob is getting 3%. Hot dogs only gotten is only 10% that's kind of small burgers committed 20%. All of the above gets 31%. And stakes is tops. Stakes tops on the grill for the people who go to our web page. At 35%. There it is right there on a web page is it ready about count the Steve and tent pole. And we we got there we just heard the report of a fire in southeast which it's off fire crews heading to the 900 block of south edge more near edge more and link him. The report they fire at that location fire. Trucks headed that way all right stock indexes closed slightly lower Thursday. After day of mostly choppy trading wiping out some of the market's gains from a day earlier the S&P 500 index slipped two points the Dow lost 55 NASDAQ. Component fell over fifteen points. Hundreds of craft beer enthusiasts investors and brewers. Are attending an exhibition in Shanghai. Dedicated to expanding the Pallet of Chinese consumers and promoting sales of high and bruise. That's in China. This is. May eighteenth Friday may eighteenth when he eighteen it was on the state in 1980 which will be yours go to 238. That long ago. Mount saint helens volcano in Washington just. In Washington State exploded. Top of the mountain bank. Am day of the Deborah talked conscious of that depth of the volcano in Hawaii in what's going on there and this something like this could happen. And massing held the whole top of the mountain just blew up 57 people killed in that really into it it was smoke and ash everywhere and you could see it from outer space the whole thing. And I just remember the yeah. The pictures of the site of that mountain. We're always needed only great three easy you know and we just they were like somebody to guess a mower southerners voted down. And now that was a mistake in 1980 when mount saint helens erupted in Washington State. 852 now Stephen dead recognizing the best in business. With the editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Taylor the other big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today telling the stories of the Wichita business journal study eighteen best in business award winners. Fifteen companies and organizations were recognized this week for their innovation. Financial success and their involvement in the community we announced five overall winners and tries bank stand in wholesale electric merit trust Grossman clinic in Wichita surgical specialists. Profiles of all fifteen finalist companies are featured in the weekly edition. We also feature brief biographies of their CEO's. The best in business awards around for thirteen years. In that time we have recognized more than 100 companies when companies been a finalist ten times which at times voice products. In this week's top 25 list the Wichita area's largest independent insurance agencies are ranked by 2017. Wichita area premium volume. The IMA financial group tops the list of 465. Million dollars. Arthur J. Gallagher is second the rest of the top five Hays companies of Kansas US side insurance services and hub international. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. All right thank you bill today is. Emergency Medical Services today. We've established in 1977 by the international council. In the of emergency services. And this recognizes those people of course who who are on the ambulances. And the EMTs people on your first responders. And in my brotherhood Jerry. For many years on one of those first responders with Wichita police department and fire rescue squad he learned quite a bit. And know quite a bit about how to take care emergency situations with people and help problems came up and and and this is at the end as you know critical link to. Saving lives are EMT service and its EMT in the fire department combining efforts here in Wichita is one of the best in the country. As far as there response time and so forth and we salute them they're out there. Just in case we have. 24/7 cell. A big salute today to courts emergency services. Are right 854 now Stephen dead. Coming up K Unisys news at not saying that we Stevens hit the lava still flowing in Hawaii. That's all the way Stevens head of the morning on K and a sense. Are your credit card payments.