English company has a job opening for a "chocolate taster"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 13th

Sounds pretty good, but you would also have to taste candy corn flavored Oreos.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock business occasion as is sporting news feed of dead. And Steve Macintosh. Suspect arrested in which it does latest homicide case we've got the story unbelievable brand. Wichita students who seeded return to a normal school calendar beginning this fall. President unveiling his new infrastructure plan behind the word those details just ahead. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan holidays yesterday we got to 44 for the high in Wichita we may be ten degrees warmer this afternoon are complete forecast is coming up. Which of our schools will return to shorter school days and longer school year this fall after board members unanimously approved a new calendar and Monday's board of education meeting. Years ago the different shorten the school here and added thirty minutes to the school day as they cost cutting measure to help balance the budget the new calendar will now help 173. School days which returns the fifteen days the were previously missing. Board member Ernestine Crable questioned if recess time for elementary students will be affected by the return to shorter days school superintendent Alicia Thompson. All seniority. Recommendations of procedures that we developed. We developed a best practices for students not because of a calendar. So those will continue to be a place. Board vice president Sheryl Logan who served on the district's calendar committees that she and the rest of her team were pleased with the proposed change. The first day of classes for what it's all students will be August 15 on the last day will be on May 23 2019. They'll hold a brand Katy and SS news. Police have arrested a suspect in Wichita is latest homicide case a man was shot and killed in southeast Wichita Sunday night. Lieutenant Tonto Giles has it happened in the 900 block of south pine ridge. Or five people were inside a house. Unknown individuals knocked on the front door. When they went to answer the front door. Threw for a no suspects. In the residents armed with handguns. The eighteen year old victim and one of the suspects. Got into the physical confrontation when the shots were fired striking and killing those that don't. The victim died from multiple gunshot wounds. Early yesterday morning police arrested a seventeen year old suspect near Lincoln and rocker wrote he was booked into the juvenile detention facility on multiple charges including murder. Police are still looking the other three suspects this is which it cause fifth homicide case of the year. President trump unveiled his new one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan at the White House Monday to an audience of state and local officials from around the country. Which the mayor Jeff Longwell was there on the president's plan the federal government would contribute 200 billion dollars forcing state and local officials to pick up the rest. Critics of the plan say 200 billion dollars is not nearly enough to federal help but local says instant improvement. We're picking up the entire tab now. And so we have a have a lot of federal support and building out infrastructure congress shall need to approve the plan. Might help says lawmakers from both parties will sit down with president trump. To continue the discussion and president trumps infrastructure plan does fulfill a number of campaign goals but does rely heavily on state and local governments to produce a lot of that funding. Kansas fourth district representative Ron Estes tells Katie and SS news it did. A lot of money and what one of the things that he talked about order or a sport that is do a lot of public private partnerships so that the federal government doesn't. A spin that one and a half trillion dollars and so looking at things like the only haven't told coastal bridges that things like that that. We see a lot more in some states more so than other. The senate is starting to debate a bill to replace the backup program and many hope the house will not be far behind while the senate is going first there is no doubt lawmakers in the house have strong opinions about addressing the difficult issue of immigration. Tennessee congressman Marsha Blackburn is among those supporting a conservative approach. I say. Find and accommodation for a GM but no amnesty we cannot have individuals. Get in the Q in front of individuals that have been legally working through this process for years. Fox News frightening moments for the president's daughter in law in New York yesterday Fox's Shannon Bream has more. Vanessa trump is doing a wild after she was sent to a Manhattan hospital. After opening a letter addressed to her husband that contained a suspicious white substance. Testing by new York city police later found the white powder to be non hazardous. Donald Trump junior expressed his gratitude for a Stanley safety on Twitter fanatic. Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior. The Secret Service is investigating. Gainers as you time now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock. College basketball action tonight. Jayhawks are on the road we'll have a preview here and coach self is all coming up in sports a few dream jobs in the United Kingdom yet. It involves chocolate. That story coming up on the case and as a sporting news receive a dead. 9713. Thirty K and I says Stephen Ted in the morning it's. At 71010 minutes and 7 o'clock the Wichita woman has been arrested for setting fighter. To her own a whole month fighter lieutenant Jose okay eighties. Since Sunday morning fire crews and police were called to a disturbance in a house fire on south Saint Francis as soon as police secured the scene fire crews. Fought the smoke and flames there were numerous cats located inside the facility. And were able to be rescued and taken to a ever more control center. By her started on the front porch area costing 45000. Dollars in damage fifteen year old woman was arrested on charges of arson. And animal cruelty. Someone else is claiming Jerry signed Phil's latest show wasn't signed felt idea now the comedian is being sued. It's a simple idea comedians in cars getting coffee always silence. So yeah GMC reports producer Christian Charles says Jerry Seinfeld show on Netflix comedians in cars getting coffee. Was based on an idea Charles pitch back in 2002. In his lawsuit he says sign filled originally turned him down. Button 2011 sign they'll call them and asked him about it they still went on issued a pilot now on the show is in its tenth season. And Christian says he wants say created by credit and money signed felt attorney says the lawsuit is delusional. And that it was signed Feld who created the show until NATO Fox News. A few dream jobs or opening up in the United Kingdom look how would you like to get paid for eating chocolate the company behind Cadbury candy an Oreo Cookies is looking for one chocolate and Coco beverage taster. And three chocolate tasters the jobs ads say you have to have a passion for confectionery. He'll be working with a team of panelists to share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on taste it should be aware though the ads also say applicants need to be. Eager to try new and inventive products. Some of the new Oreo cookie flavors include candy corn and pumpkins ice till NATO Fox News. 712 now 12 minutes past 7 o'clock Stephen Teddy and keep the candy corn. Well with every job leaders got a cannon of an advocate and a bed yeah I guess them. How that works ice you know. I traffic this morning instance you know. Or the urologist or abandoned. Get a good part of its view on TV the bad part is yet to work for them that's right what's happening in traffic that aloe right now in traffic. And things moving right along not seen any big slowdowns out there at this time is gasoline prices. Kind of trickling down a bit the best I found out there so far at 237 weapon when he first north's threat skeptics say and it says radio on gas chambers. It looks. Technically is in store for complete forecast now with Kansas State meteorologist Laura fan and good morning RO. Paying. Eight at our. Candy corn out. A job tasting than chocolate or your candy in in the United Kingdom with I'd I'd do very well that ethic but what it. Yeah candy corn was one of the yeah yet to Korea it's. Known up and now I don't know. Yeah well that's definitely how about that. America that I've got a you know hey yeah easily even this morning we've got wind chill and that double digit hate I hate I it is about. We're at the current temperatures that's when he thick winter like the Al east at eight miles per. Hours without light wind this morning by oatmeal later aren't able deal that ramp up bat out. But the high today is that these evil on it Hiatt 55 in which top sports. Eight and then had you tomorrow and I think that's where all eyes on the forecast and calling for a high steady degree in which it not sure we had a look at the date yet he went and got out a network record doesn't look like it's quite how. Happ and or record goes back to. 1954 now a high of eighty degrees now that's a long stretch but nonetheless it is. And seasonably mild. That indeed that really warm weather is going to take it all the way to Thursday and that our winter. We're and it snapped back I can write a book on it. Short term it says today's high is what now fifty you don't go to fifty go to defies logic. In a different number well. 5455. Anyway pretty optimist but yeah okay three agree on that range or whatever. Today is a world radio day I'm sure your celebrating down there at the television stations are out that keep we had an at large. And now. Our best year to deal on world radio day. Thank you so much for your help this morning. Is absorbed records reports yet as with Kansas they meteorologist Laura men and thank you lord it's seven. 715 now all we Stevens added. In the morning and today is. First followed talk about what is trove Tuesday. And intend exactly what he shrugged Marty rock comes to an end today they know there have been marred ago but it comes to an end today. Trove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday means what you can eat whatever you want because lent starts tomorrow the last day before lent optic that's and tomorrow would be Ash Wednesday. That is correct. And usually don't don't that happened march may or real alert this camera you know I can never figure out when Easter gonna come capital but lynch is on the way. And Ash Wednesday could occur any time between early February and almost mid march now we're kind of on the early little bit on the early side. Atlanta is coming up and I have really been thinking about anything I want to sacrifice relent. Maybe eldest. Resulted to be nicer. Two UN the other employees here at the radio station. I try to be nice every David and I don't have to start till tomorrow again this is such as they can think this is trove Tuesday is in stroke fusing so I can be nasty to people crying and it. Now I had a if you've heard about the big infrastructure up program that the president is very ambitious infrastructure program that president crop has bringing forth and rob Estes are our. Congressman it was yesterday was talking with a us and he mentioned tolled roads now. Told Rosen candy you've got the turnpike right. You get to Richie Houston area where my wife Shelley work on their for a while several years ago. And if several told rove right there in the city you out taxes. Ohio Pennsylvania. And Jersey big tolled road places and it's elective it on one hand it's a good way to pay for it you know what's going on there and yeah and keep it up today Kaczynski and generate a lot of cash. I mean if you had a two dollar. Charge you know I seventy nuclear crested at Kansas you know the number of cars go on that airplane and money to maintain the time. My only experience with this other than here in the US is you know went chilly and I went to this it's got our our son in France. In Germany. Several years ago the highways in northern Germany and France are incredible. That the best you've ever seen. Every song of songs are kilometers you gotta give a couple of your cancel room you know they're told world but they're they're that they're beautiful highways anyway. I don't know that's the way to go or not but maybe it's better than that put a couple more pennies on the a gallon gasoline for for protection urge. I just I would love to see our arts where I'd got to see our highways and her and her roadways are bridges in good shape but this bill also. Include stuff for rural areas broad band things like that it's it's it a big big bill. And a look at what to gonna come up with a the end but they've got it started yes not. Not inexpensive and any larger country like this to keep everything up to date in just look at what they've been doing with the you know with the Kalla type highway 54 in our area it's been going on for what's your entire oh my entire life thirteen fourteen years or more of and you get on I 35 and hit south toward Texas or come up from Texas to pick to Kansas union it's always. Under repair constantly and in. Some places haven't said Grover always so. Yeah it's a constant deal and you know how we could save roses just not rival minimal as your plan that would be receipt it. 718 now Stephen did it is sports I would Ted Woodward and it. The jayhawks are frankly I think K you basketball this year. Think about talent there and I think you're underachieving right down to it that they're playing tonight right. All the ranked thirteenth in the nation that's not good no let underachieving you know they blocked it or five games mean. Well so was almost every team in the nation. They lawyers and product but at least you'll obviously it would at a loss to the cowboys you okay this is a conference where deflated at night to. Get a. Bring it every night yeah thirteenth ranked Kansas will be on the road tonight going up to aims to take on Iowa State jayhawks are six map point favorite now they beat the clones by five points in Lawrence last month tonight is the rematch on the road. Like we said like you mentioned Steve it's been tough going thanks Jay hawks are in second place right now on the conference Iowa State is in last place. But yet they've got three wins over three wag the ranked teams in the last few weeks self. There's nobody is immune to getting beat you know as they live pregame coverage of the day off to 5:30 PM game will tip off at 6 o'clock. OK you basketball tonight is live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM at 975. FM comments leading in tonight from Kansas head coach Bill Self. There's this league is unbelievable and end. Certainly there's no great teams there's no great teaser stay in good ones and end. And we don't have the margin for air not to be really good and have everybody beat beat toll. Turned up and entombed in. Iowa State maybe last but they won their last four conference home game it's not easy to win in Ames. Hey you at Iowa State tonight the new rankings coming out yesterday the Associated Press top 25 and the coaches poll. Kansas straws dropped three spots in both polls down the number thirteen in the nation. Wichita State moved up three spots in both polls the shocker now number eighteen in the coaches poll number nineteen. In the CD. NBA basketball last night the Philadelphia 76ers at home of beating the visiting New York Knicks 10892. In the starting lineup for the sixers former Kansas jayhawk Joseph oil indeed. With seventeen points and six rebounds. Four wins in a row for Phillies they are holding on to number seven spot right now in the Eastern Conference. Hockey tonight for the Wichita thunder on the road in Cincinnati taking on the cyclones at 630 tonight which it's not trying to snap a five game losing skid this. Couple birthdays today happy birthday to keep bode former manager of the Wichita wranglers baseball team keep the 62 today. He was the manager of the wranglers for four years and they're all winning seasons for humanity go OK keep voting happy birthday he's 62 today. And the head coach of the shocker women's basketball team keep that adams' fifty. He won today was not keep that in radio show last night broadcast live right here on K and assess had a good time Saturday days and a nice crowd on hand. And and it's been wolf. Our with Keith Adams and snipes does shocker get ready for a couple more games coming up this week. That's sports with Steve intent on Kate in as a dad was a quality time did you exchange some some deep meaning with or anything in conversation. Actually did after the show law and its partner she has those roots in Oxford Kansas oh yeah and my. Migrate my grandmother and great grandmother. Group on a farm outside of Los Oxford and a little so we had some Oxford chat last night with. My mom and coaching Adams at the Oxford milled in Galley you know yeah that was brought up about this all sorts of Oxford yeah federal money. I'm Kutcher probably go Oxford his hometown of the late season carrier. We're really weatherman here in Kansas from Indiana and I think it's odd for 722 now Steven Ted. It's time for our prairie fire coffee break on K and SS only very fired coffee. The freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans that are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very prior coffee your office just like Stevenson by calling. 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com or 720 to give their for Rush Limbaugh morning update rushed much at media coverage of the White House chief of staff. Even then in the morning on K and it asks us.