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Tuesday, December 5th

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6:47. Stevenson in the morning it's been in 97 and thirteen 38 and as as good. A couple of minutes away. Taking their money tracker Don grant now it's time for three big things to me. Another harassment allegation against 88 year old congressman John Conyers Democrat from Michigan seeing. Another shooting overnight in southeast Wichita one man hospitalized in critical condition. Wichita State men's basketball game in action tonight difficult arena against South Dakota State soccer are ranked number six in the nation. Three big things with Steven says 987 and thirteen 38 MSN. We have the report of a grass fire in the backyard of 500 north elder quick enough that's. Also it is they want 3500 K 96 that's the north Johnson and others that vehicle. They took out a whole bunch of traffic cones and so they're trying to reset hole that so they held at a non injury accident. Also any area of rock road a trash truck and car have collided not injury there they were each trying to turn. And they randomly to them and they go traffic from Tony do you think I can assess. Thank you for the update now let's take a look at the weather forecast here on this Tuesday morning. As we have a cloudy and cold morning you will be clearing off today no wind out of the northwest Libyan high 49 degrees tonight. Clear skies overnight modem thirty. Then looking ahead forward tomorrow it'll be sunny and windy with a high of 47 degrees on Wednesday currently in which it's off. He'll partly cloudy skies 31 degrees little breeze on the west northwest on the way too high 49. Take an SS whether it's brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of Kraft Durbin isn't always easy in the state of Kansas the monarch offers a military discounts for currents and retired veterans. That's the monarch in the Leino. It is 649 with Steve intent on Kate in SS thanks for being with us here on this. Iran is a Tuesday morning Don grant money our editors dropped minus he has a lot of false start pass this morning wow. Yeah when you make of that I think it's a putting our full roster on display. That's that's added a where where is doing is he's just take a day are Elliott a hour or trying to prove that we can do this without Steve. Good luck with that mind counties these tough act to follow does a lot of work I have confidence in his crew though and unsure that Steve his home went out this -- were taking notes and he has he's getting you know I hear all notes tomorrow we're gonna hear about it so yeah. So we'll get after it's it and how's the weather out there Don the weather outside is frightening. It does rain and lightning gave it now thundering and lightning yet but it's not the little chilly out there Ares I I was a risky Iowa now without a jacket. But I don't mind the risk but it was like 34. Set in my truck thing. So it was a what is your say dirty their online is 31 I don't think it you know. I don't know maybe it's maybe it's that is Jack Coleman just an immune to it. You run your hardy Euro hardy I'm all parties are now you look at that layer of fat I've got it. There early on like a dark here at a we're not articulate it and it's OK I say I am secular since Avery. Yes you add via duck fat fry is it to densities. I don't know if I have I've had duck fat fry as they orbit there a man with. Little truffle oil on that I get the job done. Aren't so let's take a look at what happened yesterday it'll financial update on a Wall Street's. After two weeks of gains and 73 points to the upside in those two weeks the Dow gained again. Up 68 points and moves into record territory. Once again closing at 24000. To ninety. The S&P 500 which had an intra day record finished down three points at 2639. And the NASDAQ Composite has been under. Pressure of lakes down 1% topping 72 points at 6775. He's on names such as. Apple and FaceBook dot Netflix all to the downside so many of these. Tech names are out of favor while we're seeing financials leading the way on the for the New York Stock Exchange tackle battle Levy's Fox News. K and SS news now at 651. Enjoying the process yes. To order talk about spreading those spreading the load here is money tracker Don grad CFP receive intended to on. Well thank you to head. You know most of us probably have been involved in a social conversation that turns philosophical. You know it's the conversation that moves beyond small talk may be. Touch upon by some practical conversation about you know first of all your work around the house you're talking about the business dealing another glass of wine and there were exploring. What would drive the mind of Kim Jung un or whether there's life beyond breath. All those you know long those philosophical lines I often wonder. What success. Means to other and you know I had this conversation after that last one it was a comedy. Often I asked a question and include a time element can you tell me. What would make your life successful. In the next year. What would make you successful in retirement. How would you measure your success in life like it varied answers. Most seem to be financial tangible non philosophical answers. These are the successes that are measured by material accomplishments like money and personal property. Material possessions are most often associated with shorter term goals of success. I hear a few answers that revolve around relationships. A happy marriage good friends and finally. Very few people will tell me that success to them will be measured by good hell. A long life. Win I share the answers that I get from other people and the and frequency of answers about health and relationships. I see the head tilted deep spot. Then inevitably. Over traction of the material things answer. And a revision that included good relationships and good health as a measure of success in life and we just don't immediately think of that sort of thing although I think we deep down inside all wish we had it. Sometimes we discuss what it takes to get there most people I've talked with don't have a success plan. There seems to be an assumption that if we keep the nose to the grindstone and work hard will be successful. That may be true in many circumstances but the process of planning with the immediate and long range goals. Will increase the odds of success to Seattle. How can make you make that are written plan for how you want to succeed. Whether you're a measure of material things are health and relationships. And according to the urban institute well and economic well being is directly linked to longevity. And of course if you have any questions about this or. Put together that plan and you can give me a call the number 63422. 22 you are delving into. All sorts of work and deep breath as those days they aren't we lady in the air. Week now I'm sorry bit be it Allen was one of those things I guess when I wrote it I was in that mode in. Not knowing what that what the mood would be here in the benefit of that maybe maybe maybe changing. Maybe guys starting to think you know the Moody's year inhibitors is where's where's the free knows yeah he had a pretty exactly that point and then pray fire coffee. And temporary prior copy good staff yet because you know what well but there's a relationship. Your boss loves you. You say so it boiled down the immediate gratification may be a couple of per fire copy but you know what. Jackie was loves you. Well you you always got to put a spin on it yeah I am on selling around her office next you better watch out. On the thank you were dropping yank you wrote my pleasure working with the guys are gonna grant right here was skiing instead on faith in an SS. It is 6:55. Am dawn grant heading back out into the frosty morning but didn't bring a jacket though he's looking forward our high today of 49. You're listening to Kate and. As stats to introduce Stephen Ted in the morning every weekday for the money record Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with castor I asked orchestra AS. It's the holiday season and Taco Bell is giving away free Christmas cash. All you have to do is listen each day for the Taco Bell weekly location and join us for your chance.