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Monday, May 14th
Audio of the stunning tie from Mike Kennedy ...

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number one in the news talk and weather station depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case and this is sporting news we've Stevenson. Ninety Macintosh. More volcano evacuations in Hawaii. We've done this story on Phil pulled over a trial date has been set free Sedgwick county commissioner accused of the spending campaign funds. The new US embassy opened in Jerusalem today time to look forward to those details just ahead. Dow up. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday who storm prediction center has issued a slight risk of severe weather for this afternoon and evening across south central Kansas. What can we experience the full forecast is coming out. Jury selection is expected to be wrapped up soon in the Missouri governor's felony invasion of. Nothing more than a huge job. Just moments ago Fox News. No county sheriff's office reporting a man has died after a motorcycle accident Sunday night. At around 6 PM near Arlington road and Fairview road officials say 24 year old. Jesse soup is of humor lost control of the motorcycle he was on and went off the roadway he was pronounced dead at the scene. A federal judge has set a summer trial date for Sedgwick county commissioner accused of miss spending more than 101000 dollars in campaign funds trying to covered up. US district judge Eric Melbourne on Friday schedule Michael O'Donnell's trial for July 10 in federal court in Wichita. O'Donnell has pleaded not guilty to federal fraud and money laundering related to his handling of campaign funds equal count indictment unsealed this month alleges the 33 year old Wichita man took 101500. Dollars from campaign accounts to put into his personal bank account and to give to friends. Then filed false reports of the Kansas governmental Ethics Commission. Obama was elected to the such recount commission in November of 46 team for a term set to expire in 20/20. Phil holdover and Kagan assets news. Officials in Hawaii calling for more evacuations as the volcanic eruption continues on the big island. Talmadge magnolia civil defense administrator for Hawaii county says evacuations are targeted to very narrowly. Or Scott are working. They immediately as far as evacuating folks that are threatened to close by. Mike no estimates that more than three dozen buildings have been destroyed by the fissures that started opening in the ground more than a week ago scientists say it's unlikely to stop anytime soon. Top of the volcano could still blow off. The new US embassy opens in Jerusalem today the move that's triggered protests and violence across the Middle East as well as celebrations and Israel. Hours before the ceremony marking the relocation of the US embassy. President Trump's daughter of lock her husband's presidential advisor Jared Kushner and Treasury Secretary Steve Nugent landed in Israel. Along with the other dignitaries they attended a welcoming ceremony in Jerusalem at the Foreign Ministry. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the crowd and the president Trump's decision to recognize that Jerusalem is Israel's capital and to move the embassy. Has made the alliance between the US and Israel is stronger than ever and a. People will be eternally grateful for his bold decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Mo biblically. In Jerusalem David Lee Miller. Boxing and those demonstrations of turned deadly at least 37 people have been killed and more than 900 injured in demonstrations today. Two women reported in critical condition after a passing police officer found both of them running out of a restaurant they were on fire. On Friday night a police officer was driving my illustrious restaurant near Tony first Waco when he saw a woman on fire running away from the building. As he helped the woman said her sister was still inside the building the officer busted in the front door and helped her out. The two women have been identified as Rosie Reyes who's the owner of the restaurant and her sister for a turnaround and both women are in the hospital in critical condition. I investigators do not know what caused the fire but there is no damage to anything inside the restaurant. Police say the officer who help save the women suffered minor injuries but is fine. Any web KN SS news. Which to off fast food restaurant was robbed early Sunday morning at approximately 1250 officers responded to an armed robbery call at the Taco Bell. In the 2400 block of south Seneca. It 28 year old female employee stated after taking out the trash she was approached by an unknown suspect armed with a handgun who followed her inside the business. The suspect demanded it took money at gunpoint. And then fled the business on foot. There were no injuries. The suspect is an unknown male of unknown race and age he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt black faded jeans and a black mask or scar he was carrying a dark bag. Ronnie Price KM SS. News in assists used on now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. A marathon. Baseball game at six stadium yesterday actually can run a marathon faster than that happened yesterday you know and it was there a satisfactory results. We'll have all the highlights coming up in sports Mother's Day comments from president trump that story coming up. Only taken us this morning news received this. The Canadian assets forty years who's you content now 8288 minutes past 8 o'clock in the Monday morning. A city owned. Property and southwest's Lawrence Kansas now on nationally designated underground railroad sites. The Lawrence journal world reports the site known as the Grover barn was originally the barn of abolitionist settlers Jolie and Emily Grover. The two story limestone building once hid the fleeing slaves including a group for free slave from Missouri. Led by abolitionist John Brown some Americans are going all out to celebrate this Saturday's royal wedding in the UK. Americans are getting ready to celebrate the royal romance between Prince Harry and Californian native actress Megan Markel. But just like the soon to be wetter putting a twist on tradition poured their wedding so does the royal punk pop up bar and feel like you're attending a wedding Adriana salami and drink company transforming this bar in Washington DCE indistinct George's chapel even carving a look like stealing. Complete with an entire throne room with court fees and crowds. For people to snap pictures and sip as if they were after the wedding. And the Ritz Carlton in Washington is hosting a real time viewing party Saturday morning. In Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. And we have lots more royal wedding news coming up and entertainment news in the floor I. Well 25 minutes from now can't wait can't wait president trump recognized economic contributions of women into America on Mother's Day how. Does gain our independence. Through their grit determination. And incredible spirit. They pioneered the west and settled up front two years during world sport to America's mother's health bill the greatest arsenal sport don't mock. Accuracy president made those comments in a video message on his Twitter account. It is ESPNEWS I'm now 81010 minutes fancy o'clock. And we tila traffic here on this Monday morning commutes. We have had rain showers come through Wichita this morning. We're continuing to see a little bit of a slowdown off and on on the Kansas turnpike just few miles north of the Kansas Oklahoma border southbound lanes have been slowed down some point this morning. And another construction going on in the northbound lanes and at that same location so you might see a little bit of traffic slowed down on the Kansas turnpike. Where he gets to the Oklahoma border. Traffic update from KNS ask Stephen that I was take a look at that forecast now with Kagan is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday. Good morning Dan it's. Good morning a frontal boundary is going to be nearby today in that could give us a chance of thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon at our complete forecast is coming up. 40% chance of showers thunderstorms today with a high of ninety degrees. Yesterday's high was 92. And 50% chance for showers and storms like the overnight low 65. Now light rain and seventy degrees we have a south wind at eight miles per hour Stevenson in the morning now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. Today is Monday may fourteenth 2018. On this in 1998 the last episode of Seinfeld. Aired on NBC but a great great show that was it for nine years you said earlier my favorites of all time and you can. All kind of different characters on a great one of one of the script writing with a great character still working to do and commercials party never. On the big guy here again it's not like it is he's still losing money doing for your car rental company and we yeah some pop up on yeah he was off it he just a minute ago what a great series sitcom series that was it could still see it it's all over the Caylee you know it's a typical in town kind of Bob Newhart formula yeah the main character kind of just. Is the straight man has this. Great array of characters all around him that are Xena and that he had his skill is reacting to all of delivers routing them and certainly now all the zany zany people. Self signed phils signed off on the estate course we had Mother's Day over the weekend and a I had a dinner Allah by my daughter her family and of course my life. And we're gonna celebrate. Mother's Day with other relatives here today but you know it's it isn't it great say. And it's our mom I know that you are cute tied up in the ball game now cannon got. You're gonna passes up into the vortex of that soccer baseball game yesterday and I missed and a once now with my mom maybe belatedly to do something when gal lament. Up I like your monkeys or one of my favorite people she's she's good person have him on Tuesday through this my first. Had thought about it that is my first Mother's Day that I'm all now she passed way in December from a birthday. So wouldn't have heard there but you know. Moms continue what fat at a lot of great tradition motherhood. We celebrate that you're now there but he had a good day with the moms who was out. Saturday she is saying Shelley and I went into the the local wal mart's four of them northwest which at times I came out I ran into a couple of people I know. Reno and a you know I'm talking about I'm gonna mention his name because he works at another company. But I'll just say that he's a guy who does a lot of production. And meant by that I mean our great friend commercial long ago. We Rennie we ran in well we worked with a minute. What would you say are other place once before inner calm of rural by eight different people. But he came in SS Bakken when I first started in 98 or some leader he was there and actually that went back I've met this gentleman pumps and is is that it does them into areas that we've met him in 1980 when he was production director. KF I don't like Nazi in the days and we had on him for only a long time we scooter Myers he's carriers and Bruce terrible and all those people there at that time and a we've known through the years and it it was good scene bouncy and very often missed that. He said hello said he wanted to congratulate us on our mark O'Neal wore. He says you know that's really big delisted you know the more the more we go the more I think that is that Marconi about personality year and then he also said. Your show so hurry well that's why didn't wanna tell you where it works. Because he's listening to the competition which is costs. If you sell them how many times over the past few years have we run into people who are media people now. Who listens Steve Internet and because primarily I think because. It media laden were very much emotion in what's going on the news and so forth in the east like what we do so it's flattering and a they have you know have the the other professionals well. It happens all time to on TV. You keep track of the competition do we see what he would do and on the other seeing what Carolina and our rights 815 now Stephenson and Denise Neil has been. Busily. Boring at the keyboard down here as always with which to Eden. And she come up with a headline today Wichita on list of worst we east he cities. The city of Wichita has landed at number seven analysts of top ten worst cities for weeds in but it to yeah. I. Just compiled by the national association of landscape professionals in other words people Gunter Grass. Outlook tiger weeds treasuries. The city's main problem according to the ranking will be debt and alliance and white rock course quite ready matter around. And Dan Lyons in the course of most of them handed out. They've hated. And my yard they're gone I I treat forum every year in and you can't get all out. You just. Whenever you know all your neighbors and Riverside have been analyzing knowing all the neighbors so. How would you how was your yard for dale lines as she. I mean typical I did my nose is bad this year so here it's just like him. Poppy field yeah there's just millions of what it didn't seem got a bad. How about this not from my perspective or the worst city for Wii's this year will be Atlanta. Okay which will be played by adult worst spot long disease. Don't know what that is and Orlando's number two it'll be overrun with Kraft who acts. Crabgrass. Which does nothing I've ever did I should mention you are you anti program not really grieved green marina and I can bullet as Homer Simpson always says if it was called L grass people yeah does this got a bad name oh yeah but on I'm not opposed to that week. Probably should have mentioned the honor of being number seven with the mayor Long Will we have now another distinction for president Lindsay you are right up there in Atlanta and Orlando yes Hussein maybe tomorrow at the City Council meeting. They can handle a plaque or something that looks like at a dental. And I'd 817 now Stephen dead on K in and says hey it says time for sportsmen Ted Woodward. No may have been football frustration. On me. Based politics stadium yesterday featuring a shocker is in their series finale with 22 ranked South Florida. They started the game at 10:30 yesterday morning hours trying to get game dunce of South Florida to. Fly out of here and get back to Tampa. Well this thing goes a long game anyway and then in my neck straining the Wichita State was behind by four runs its seventh inning stretch. A rally with a run it is 73 more in the eighth to get it tied up and that would set the stage for extra innings then both teams had some chances to score in the extra frames. But it didn't happen in the tenth. Once again at USF tried to score in the eleventh. Got frustrated with the men left on base still tied in the middle of the eleventh inning Mike Kennedy had to follow the game it was on CFH. Packed stadium and I am sorry to have to inform you that because of the time restrictions today. So that US. Can catch a flight out of here this game is over. So fortunately the shocker is dodged a couple of bullets in the top of the eleventh inning and held USF scoreless. This is soccer's world not get a chance to bat. In the bottom of the eleventh it was Greece that. That the game ending time for this would could be 3 o'clock apparently. So that they have a chance to get out of here and catch their flight and so this game ball land in a tie. It's been a long long time since she actors have played it time for any reason but. This will be a tie at nine all. And we are disappointed that factories didn't have one more chance to win this one. So it ends up ball Melanie argues that this morning half our game night started at 1030 ended at three. Still know over. And yet it was I a analysts gay and you gotta get in this conference got to get the other team out here there's only. The last flight on Sunday out of Wichita airport to get Japanese word congress and now that's got thousands and I don't wanna bust in and out of you gotta get flights and that's right it's their last chance to get out of Wichita on and get the connections eastward so well. So it ends up in a 99 time two teams split the series right now on the middle 11 and one. And does clinch a spot for the shocker though in the postseason tournaments. And don't talk about it tonight I'm sure there will be interesting discussion going on this well with the weekly coach's show via did you baseball coach showed a coach Todd Butler 6 o'clock tonight. Broadcasting live from AJ sports realty Alley thirteenth green went on my Kennedy coach Butler tonight 6 o'clock here on Ian SS two in that. Hey congratulations to the soccer softball team they're going to the NCAA tournament they get an at large bid. Will be heading to Fayetteville Arkansas they'll take on Oklahoma State in the opening round Friday afternoon team they have played now beaten already this year and a tigers are all going in and ask Miguel. Good good good. Final results yesterday on the last day of the American conference track and field championships in Cincinnati. And some soccer's came through big time aaron's true of the shocker one javelin he broke the American meat record a well a win because today won the 5000 meters for the shocker is that as her second title in three days. And Austin Corley ran the seventh fastest time in the nation to win the 400 meter hurdles but the shocker to adamant terrific. So I don't want to those folks and they had a nice job at the American track and field. Major League Baseball yesterday to Kansas City Royals lose eleven to two in Cleveland against the first place Indians dropping two out of three in Cleveland. The royals. Now are home this week hosting the Tampa Bay Rays in the in the New York Yankees after that. Tune in for royals raised tonight at 6 o'clock that's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM a the royals and rays of both lost four of their last five. You go baseball at Lawrence Dumont stadium it's the wrapping up the district playoffs. Hutchinson and Barton meet at 4 o'clock. Losers eliminated in the winner moves on to take on Kelly college in the championship round starting tonight at 7 o'clock Cali is ranked number eight in the nation. Andy in NBA basketball yesterday opening round opening game of the Eastern Conference semi final does not. It's in my files the finals Eastern Conference finals Celtics cavaliers in Boston it was all Boston in game one. As of the Celtics went at 10883. Former Kansas jayhawk Marcus Morris. Have to guard LeBron James and did a masterful job shutting down LeBron as much as you can shut down LeBron and markets has teamed up big win in markets. More specific this attuned to and effort and it's not it's not just me. Everybody pleaded park gardens are two best players in the game and the multiple. Team. So to garden turned in notes in the village. Morse had 21 points ten rebounds Celtics with a 25 point win 10883. Boston up one game to zero on the cavaliers. In the Eastern Conference finals court the Stephen Ted KNS. I think it's funny three down souvenir for the hand as the morning minute reporting good news about the heat. Economy Stevens head of the morning on Kate in the hands hands.