"The Equalizer 2" wins the battle of the sequels at the box office

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 23rd
The Equalizer sequel's 36 million dollar take edges out Mamma Mia 2.

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Good morning Steve and get in the morning just beat back into their approval they didn't Monday. More questions this week from lawmakers about president trumps meeting that is Russian counterpart. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has scheduled a hearing this week with secretary of state Mike Pompeo session it's expected to include plenty of questions about what was in wasn't agreed to by president trump last week. In his one on one meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin's I'm happy that the two leaders of two very important countries are continuing to me. Out of that meeting takes what's the question I think that's all all all of the good Pompeo answering questions last week about a planned second summit between presidents trumping prudent. Some lawmakers say that should not have to Intel it's clear what was discussed in the first summit. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News. The Sedgwick county man is dead after a three vehicle crashing coffee county yesterday. Kansas Highway Patrol reports that happened seven miles south of Burlington. The pick up truck rear ended a car in and wound up in the oncoming lane was hit head on my semi truck. The driver of the pickup truck eighty year old William Castle of Clearwater was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the car was taken coffee county hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and semi driver was not injured the victims of Thursday's deadly boat accident on table rock lake were remembered at a memorial church service near Branson Sunday. Renton mayor Karen best. We honor the seventeen lives. That were lost. We honor the fourteen survivors. And we aren't the many heroes. Who did everything in their power. To save lives. The criminal trial for former trump campaign chairman Paul manna for begins this week. Paul metaphor has entered a plea of not guilty to charges of bank fraud and tax crimes that he faces in federal court in Alexandria Virginia to charges against men afford it come as part of special counsel Robert Mueller is investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. And any potential ties between Russia. And the trump campaign president trump has repeatedly denied any collusion metaphor also faces charges in a Washington DC court. Of conspiracy against the US conspiracy to launder money and failing to register as a foreign agent. Apple White House Jon Decker Fox News. Last week Kansas governor Jeff collier announced the launch of new economic development initiative. Aimed at attracting investment in promoting business it is expansion in the state. Kansas to many people is applied. But we really easy to live games. We've all had here and work aren't you here legally. Kenyans is the first step. To a new and comprehensive. Mark. That a hell others around the country and around the rules know that Kansas is open for business. The landing Kansas marketing campaign no reasonable old and direct message to businesses in key industries to start or expand operations in Kansas. Officials here in the state of delayed the launch date for the State's new vehicle plate. It's state officials said Friday that the original August 1 launch date for the license plates has been delayed until August 15. Due to issues with the new digital processing equipment. Wichita center industries will create the plates on demand using a digital printer. At Princeton tag information on a background and bonds the background material to a metal plate. The new plates will be mailed to the customer's home within ten to fourteen business days. This means license plate customers will leave accounting office with a temporary plate and registration sticker but till the permit played arrives. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. The forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan Mahoney good morning and good morning a complex of showers and a few thunderstorms were weakening off to our west. But the clouds associated without will likely start our workweek here in which a top today's high 91 and tonight becomes partly cloudy Arlo 71 it. Dry weather expected Tuesday with a high back to 91 and I'm K and assessed meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy 74 degrees driven both east wind at seven miles per hour. 835 now Stephen dead here on K and as edged. It's time for entertainment news the order was dead rubber talking about mama media gather the mom and me to seek pulled. And coming out over the weekend let's get a little up close on that. The pop celebrity profiles and Amanda I read the actors returns as so see in modern yet here we go again she describes the moment she found out about the sequel. I've been leading to ten years to this in an subconscious way and all of a sudden it was just turn on my lap but is overwhelming a lot has changed Versailles friends and she first played that character at age 21 I'm coming back ten years later actor remind myself that. And we're really only we're not set for ten years later were sent me beat three or 45. And it's not as much has changed for Sophie as it has for me aside from most of the cast other music also returns for the soundtrack music just isn't it normal to its descent who are happy and relatable. I just think that it's timeless and CNB is bold words about part two this movie is figured it's better it's more spectacular and I. I can't live and saying this then the original on me yeah. And I didn't think he can get better but it is is actually market and Fox News. Who wouldn't want to have Paul McCartney as a party guest. Apparently Denis Thatcher the late husband of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Newly released papers show a reception guest list. Public's Denis Thatcher put checks next to people he wanted to invite in question marks next to ones he was uncomfortable with it. Paul McCartney got a clutch Iran. So it surely Massey. Naturalist David Attenborough and track star Sebastian to Iran however. Denis Thatcher was fine with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Judi Dench. There's no explanation about why he questioned Paul McCartney's inclusion. However note says that Denis Thatcher did find it quote unpleasant and embarrassing. Entertain people and publicly insulted his life. I don't know homemade. The spin it that the anti cancer comment during the Falklands war I had no idea. Have no idea what that stands for a but. Something that should all usually doesn't mix it up to humans now currently Denis Thatcher didn't wanna departing. Let's go to the movies this weekend it was pretty tight race for the top flick box office. I'm rob Dawson a tight race this past weekend in the earnings column but the winner goes to the equalizer to Bulger time line. Denzel Washington plays retired CIA agent Robert McCullough again this time seeking revenge it's too much. Some kill each and every one. We disappointment. Is that going to do once. The movie raked in an estimated 36 million dollars not far behind the number 20 mama media here we go again. Never thought close to him. The need stack from police that he was all those years ago. And admitted you know you'll be singing Abbott at these CNET. But they'll bring in more than 34 million dollars hotel Transylvania three summer vacation and then in the watched an incredible still finish in the top five that's fox on film. An opera based on pink Floyd's the wall album made its American debut in Cincinnati opera about a rock singer pink use all the albums lyrics in some melodic themes. Producers as the album's story of love and loss makes it in grand opera. Brandon Cincinnati's music all that runs its Internet music all through the end of July Pink Floyd the wall. Opera. Rakes scorpion marks the third week topped the billboard 200 album chart no more than a quarter million units in the past week wiz Khalifa. In second place with a rolling papers to a post Malone is in third and beer bombs and Bentley. Iran. Needles and your playlist this weekend's that you know it because of the billboard album chart the week. Shark week celebrates thirty years of Jos some ness this week. It shark meets shark has the financial investors behind shark tank dive into shark week literally battling it out for 50000 dollar donation. The size of theirs is a sharp conservatory. Of their choice. The gang of discovery of also harness additional muscle shows featuring brown to rally Rob Gronkowski. Aaron Rodgers Shaq and Lindsey Vonn. In a cooking up something special guy fury of the this year the bring in a team of all female scientist for great white mama. Improve shark cam technology for Johnson paradise. And search for sharks in water previously closed to outsiders in Cuba secret shark where Michelle Wie now Fox News. You go you ready for shark week shark week. Citing. And Steve today marks the 25 anniversary of the movie phone hands on and based on the east baton and outlines sketch. We've got Dan act Droid Jane Curtin playing. Visitors stickers from. Grants from any foreign plants. And long yeah. From regular regular them planet revenue and me gap and a funny sketch it's not sure it's worth an 87 minute movie. But it did Doug gross 21 million bucks allowed me even despite finishing in sixth place on its opening weekend. It really come out of the gate strong but still. But it and June I was stunned when he one million bucks have been paid to get a seat count in his. Now the cast is just super. When you look into the script I don't think meant naturally Jane Curtin Michael McKean David Spade Chris Farley which on natives in bad. Both Michael Richards and Jason Alexander and while they were doing sign build and time to make appearances in this movie and only Phil Hartman Adam Sandler. Drew Cary and first time the senator alive people. But the thing together. I'd say I did get a chuckle out of fuel the reviews mostly negative reviews from critics on. The Roger Ebert gave the film one and a half stars out of four saying it was dismal dreary and fairly desperate. Janet maslin the New York Times says the film and it's still be charms. But that it was suitable for people who found Wayne's world two demanding. Hey you know today marks the twentieth anniversary of the release in which Tom movie theaters them. Conan and it's. Entertainment news in the blurs occupier good friends at pizza Johns interleague. You know they were close together twelve months and they closed yesterday. Good news is they are now open for the next six days Monday through Saturday servant of tasty pizza from 11 AM to 10 PM. Monday through Saturday and of course the pictures Stevenson right there on the wall yeah giving you your purse our personal seal of approval. One of the great pizza places in south central and we love you back there on tape fifteen at 208 self Baltimore the sit on an 843 now Stevens in the morning. On Cain is this activity of the Wichita business journal update to the editor bill Roy. Robots are on the job which is as it is employers. That's all the way Stevenson of the morning on tape and assess.