Equity Bank makes another acquisition

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Equity will buy City Bank and Trust of Guymon, Ok.

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Would love most about talk radio. The listening to other people's opinions and learning. 97 and third he's thirty K Canada says he's been in the morning now. At 745. With here on Wednesday morning. Three big things she. Which involves Wesley medical center planning a multimillion dollar renovation and seeing. Citizens and City Council debate location W swimming pool while. And it takes woman's wedding ring at gunpoint in northeast Wichita. Three big things Stephen dead on KM SS. And that traffic slowdown just continues to get worse over there. Ahead of the road construction. Eastbound on Kellogg approaching I seen 35 that back it goes back death. Why awaits now speaks to bridge road so watch for the slow down there in the road construction traffic updates. On cable and has Epstein did chambers are. League cloudy with a 20% chance for rain today and a high of 89 degrees. 8090 day today yesterday's high by the way this 93 feet. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight lows 71. Thursday mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow's high 96. Soul warming back up tomorrow. Now partly cloudy 72 degrees we have an east wind at three miles per hour. They can assess whether brought you by the monarch. Explore your level America's native spirit every Wednesday with four dollars like burdens and Christie's. Located at 579 west Douglas in his short delay so. The monarch. 746. Now owns about 47 seed into the morning. The Dow drops slightly with the other two major indices were up at the closed Tuesday. A somewhat muted reaction for stocks after the historic summit. Between the United States and North Korea the Dow's down one point 2500320. In the NASDAQ Composite up forty Ford 7703. The SP 500 up almost five. 2786. Some of the big movers included tax what's the upside announcing it's cutting 9% of its workforce. But will reach its goal of 5000. Model threes per week. By the end of June. And tracking on the Dow with some of those financial stocks Goldman Sachs travelers JPMorgan American Express weighed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average ahead of the Fed meeting. Here's in 95%. Likelihood of a rate hike on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Nicole I believe these Fox News. So as investors and to people in all the you know finance and and of Sox are winning here if rates go up that they're at as an impact. As an impact on the market and business at every level and houses cars whatever and it looks like a look you gotta find. Another has little increase in interest rates that. Massachusetts has sued the maker of OxyContin. Over the deadly open Lloyd crisis and has become the first state and to also target the company's executives it's getting personal and the lawsuit alleges Purdue Pharma misled doctors and patients. About the risks of OP Lloyds and peddle falsehoods. To sell more drugs and boost profits. In addition to the company itself the suit names sixteen current and former executives and board members. Including CEO Craig Landow and members of the secular family which owns the company sounds like a very similar. Through the tobacco lawsuit he outfits not only the gone after the company but declined for the people the right the executives who run the company. And I can be able. Be very air the only. Senate banking committee has approved president Donald Trump's nomination of Columbia University professor Richard chlorine to to be the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve. Panel also approved the nomination of Kansas bank commissioner Michelle Bowman right. To fill another vacancy on the Fed's seven member report. The nominations. When approval as expected from the full senate they will fill two of the current four vacancies. On the Fed board. 749 now Stephen Ted and it's time for our. Business update with editor bill that would stop business journal talking about equity bank making and other acquisition right filth. That's exactly right Steve good morning and other acquisition for equity it is announced it's made a deal to acquire Citi bank and trust of got an Oklahoma. From docking Bancshares marking its city. Chairman and CEO Brad and Elliott says adding CBT it's equities footprint providing greater access for customers in southwest Kansas and in Oklahoma. The dealers to be complete by the end of the year. Wesley medical center got a boost for its 100 million dollar renovation plan Wichita City Council proving industrial revenue bond financing for the large scale renovation of Wesley is main hospital. Project has three phases first about twenty million dollars second thirty million to forty million hospital system says that 66 jobs over the next seven years. Kansas is getting higher marks for the health of its manufacturing and logistics industries. Connects us Indiana reports that Kansas is one of only four states that has improved its letter grade in manufacturing. One of just two that's improved its logistics grade the report was prepared by the center for business and economic research at Ball State University. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS in Wichita business journal dot com for the what do sobbed as mr. all I'm little boy Billiton. About Wesley for just a minute if we may. You know the mayor Longwell has been on a couple of occasions commented with a us that the medical. Industry. And the health industry in Wichita is huge I mean it's one of our biggest. Industries in town rack rack and we need to do what every candidate to keep that go honestly Wesley. It's just part of that part of that process right. Right they corps of course created the Children's Hospital in yours well and now others there is more. An investment in Wesley to weigh in upgrade the main hospital in the pouring a lot of money into it at least hundred million dollars and again. Pretty big campus here but a date and from where they are now loans they can't really expand Albert very far into these into the surrounding. The surrounding neighborhoods I would think at all so they're probably gonna just keep. The rebuilding within that that basic structure or structures. At the pal lot there're there isn't one holes and locked up. But they have a good parking garage so there. And sure I both my children were born players have partly to the less that's not going to knows Ted knows what's going on with the food right around. Wesley and there he if he keeps track of that forest so all right well let's interest in ending an expansion and or not expansion to renovation for Wesley medical center. And I keep up with the times but they have yet I've got it is something it's that's related against national random acts of light day. Edith Wharton said there are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects that sometimes it takes just a gentle word or small token to help overcome darkness or are we talking about well. National random acts of lighting encourages us to bright light. To bring bright light to the darkness of cancer by surprising someone someone with a knack of kindness and it instructive because I. I know a couple of people who are involved with cancer being treated for cancer right now and it is something that. Are you get that diagnosis and it can be just devastating even if you hurt either there's a good chance to be cured. Continue to have effective treatment that the diagnosis and hole a by the way you've got cancer. It's devastating and yeah that touches of so it's a scary thing you that it touches everybody in. And it's it's nice to give those folks people around them a little bit alike just. Nice to have that system toward encourage it always goes a long way all right. That are right thank you bill 753 now Stevens did pay each state was Steve did in the 8 o'clock hour this morning. The latest on a wildfire. In Colorado right. Tip gives us a sports update dazzle is right says you know check in with video. Royals in the wing Nazi how they did last night right plus we've got entertainment use of water would have heard it always fascinated oh yeah. Yeah probably fund and weather and traffic is worth. Stay with Steven dead 48 o'clock hour here on cape NSA national.