Even great drivers can wreck in icy conditions

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Thursday, January 18th

Dale Earnheart Jr. has a slide-off in North Carolina.


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Is stationed in Wichita. Birds for live team coverage of breaking news today and assess Wichita is number one. And weather station depend. Didn't even that it won't be back into Austin what word. All across south central Kansas today after cancellations here vapor dangerously cold weather. Which of us schools spokeswoman Susan. Aren't been tells Cain is his views the bitter cold and dangerous wind chills for the reason to cancel classes. It would late afternoon and we have been kind of in communication throughout the day but it's like okay. It and you know look at what that or counselor but nothing had changed. You know how sometimes things change during the day you know it's still going to be dangerously. Cold wind chill and that was when we decided not cool because kept waiting for the buck kept walking to school. And this is 161000 which the students ride a bus to school every day others walk to school. Now the forecast with gay and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning cold Arctic air still in place across south central Kansas but he gets a nudges high pressure moves in from the west today sunny mid twenties a lunchtime 32 this afternoon with a win returning to the south it'll be clear over a nice -- under seventeen it's sunny and 46 for the high on Thursday I'm KM -- meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy two degrees and get yourself when -- six miles per -- that gives us a regional. Of minus nine Nina. And his girlfriend both aged 21 victims of a carjacking in south Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davis it hasn't happened early Tuesday outside a bar called the stock. North of Harry in Washington. They're reporting that few unknown suspects. Approached the vehicle. And one of the suspects produced a handgun. Shot into the air and demanded the car. Both victims as it exited the car and suspects then left in the vehicle. The two male suspects were both wearing hood he's the black bandanna over their faces stolen cars are great Toyota sky on the F arts. At our seven. But the license tag of 73. HEY. City of which ties issued a request for proposal for the assailant redevelopment of the downtown to peak at street fire house. Located on south to begin your interest bank arena the. Citi is marketing the approximately 161000 square foot firehouse for redevelopment in an area considered it catalysts like for downtown according to project downtown master plan for Wichita. The request for proposal is designed to encourage incorporating the two story building as an anchor for a multi purpose development. Which will expand on the success that and trust bank arena and the commerce arts district. Scott Rigby assistant city manager and development services director says it is an exciting time for downtown Wichita with numerous development projects rising up in the city's core. And the property provides a unique opportunity for development teams to build upon those investments and excitement. Details of the request can be found on the city's website at Wichita dot gov. The hold a brand Kagan assets news. Or may not be enough Republican support for a measure to keep the federal government running past this coming Friday. GOP leaders are pitching a short term funding bill that will keep the government going until February 16. But members of the conservative house freedom caucus say there needs to be a long term spending plan however. Caucus leader mark meadows says they're going to continue talking. Well I think no one wants to shut down I think newness. Myself included wants to shut down to give them. If there aren't enough Republicans to pass a measure GOP leaders left and turned it Democrats. Trying to get an at bat above backing to approve it if that doesn't happen. The cab of the federal government could shut down Friday night. Former White House strategist Steve Bannon was supposed to be talking behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee yesterday but Fox's channel program says he didn't do much talking. Steve Bannon was brought up to talk about the Russian investigation. And things are going along rather swimmingly for the first hour and a half. And then in the words of us several sources things got squirrelly and that's why I talked to Mike Conway a Republican of Texas. Who is a member of the intelligence can watch prompted that change probably I'm not getting all the answers it. We want is a recipient in the mission management compelled answers up. I think about how strange this is to have a witness there and suddenly they say wait and and I can't answer things about the transition I've been told the White House counsel that I can't answer about things that happened when I was on the White House staff. And then he clammed up and this is where one source said to me there's no such thing as a transition privilege. Fox News has confirmed that ban and will return to speak to the house Intel committee tomorrow. 736 now Stephen did in the morning here on Wednesday January 17 on the state in 1929 Ted. The cartoon character Popey the Sailor. Made his debut in the temple theatre comic strip when your favorites and later he became of course a big cartoon stars and he'll be missed his last name was. The care Popey the Sailor. Counted you out as Popeye have a certain I don't know. Don't know that is that marijuana regulators have suddenly given pot retailers a green light to begin home deliveries for the first time since recreational marijuana sales begin legal. Last July. The Las Vegas Sun reports the Nevada tax commission voted yesterday to make permanent most of the temporary. Early start regulations that govern Merrill licensing distribution and sales from July 1 through December 31 up. But it you have that little magnate that goes on Europe. You know on your refrigerator is there an event and it does get to the pot hotline there. It's a way to deliver some of marijuana hopefully glows in the dark place don't like them on the electric company sentence it's good to make. It says 737 Stevens had it Weathers this morning. Fox News commentator Todd started good morning it's not nice to have you weather here. Well great to be with you guys and how about LT resident. And I saw something about that that that and he was easy oldest president we've had to take office right. And yet he he's doing pretty well he's he's in good shape. And he's in he's in great shape according to be according to the the official White House doctor I don't put it this doctor was Obama's doctors who the liberals can't say anything about his credentials. But I thought it was interesting because I watch this press conference yesterday and honest to goodness I thought the about the white house press corps really embarrass themselves. With with all of these are questions. Asking about some. You know about his so. As well for fast food. What it looked like expectancy. Where the doctors said it well he's gonna have a a bite slaughter like I actually thought I heard a few people out of. When. They dig dig you grow older something there but there. Yeah you apparently you'll barely he'll have a big back down then and you know what the rest up as you know. But at the end that was the point that was going to make is that what we've learned yesterday is the president likes to watch TV that light exercise device to go to make doubles start database back to reality via. Ellen and of that sounded to me like through did have the ability dude do very thorough examination of the president's and a and they're looking for anything RTZ guess he's under he's honest patent. For the for the cholesterol which is what I've been taken to. Again like I just well I. Just it doesn't everybody. Doesn't everybody in America have heart disease and their family. That and I really hate to bring that stuff but I need to do it took relief at all that some perspective. The previous president admitted to using marijuana and cocaine in his earlier years. And I don't seem to recall. The white house press corps really that I doctor. About whether or not. You know the president's mental pistol to man's mental faculties were somehow. Violated as a result or been damaged as a result of Obama's drug usage so. This is a double standard we're looking at and I think with the mainstream media or we don't win but the average American takes a look at what they what they saw those questions were being asked. There's the president obese. I think they understand what's. While the president is these overweight like all of us I'm overweight. I mean for my weight down I should be at least eight feet to you know. Even put up. To tell you a story about my two uncles. One loved to jog eight helping meet the just throw was a chicken that was foiled in the cottage cheese the hole by an arch the other oracle from Mississippi he did everything pride deep fry it. By the time they get seventy both of them ended up having to have open heart surgery for clogged Carter. Are you out of this a much of that is hereditary you know. And people do but you do what you can't you hedge your bets you try to live a healthy lifestyle you know and you came to visit us here what a year or two ago here in Wichita. And they laid out we had some snacks to eat there and and frankly I didn't even get a chance those of sandwich is the or put them in your pocket and take it if it. That strict boy we're. The official check and I think we even had some sweet tea for you just keep you happy. This helps that helps keep arteries lubricate bottom line is that this president is is there a union very cheap he's healthy healthy guy. He is and let's hope we can now move on to other issues Bryant didn't crazy they really didn't they really thought it was crazy but but he thought man. I go to my doctor for a check d'antoni doesn't usually messenger does that mean a semi doctor already knows cents a unit and it. It's it's assumed. Eight thanks for bringing us appreciate it thank Fox News computer Todd Stein and this morning I'm Steve dead 741. Now we've Steven dead and coming up. New lodgings in northwest which start to post or who's gonna as all right that's gonna put bill Roy here on the switch to a business that allowed behaves diver. Yeah K and us. Prairie fire coffee is a precious off the Wichita area because he does very tired Kobe beings are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired coffee if you're almost just like Stephen says he needs by calling 2673770. Bono on line. At prairie fire coffee dot com for 740 Jim Stevenson of the morning on tape and assess.