This evening is Wichita's Neighborhood Night Out

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, August 14th
Is Steve in a neighborly mood?

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And thirteen thirty room. You can SS. According stated that the points lead Macintosh Ted Woodward. 630 here on a Tuesday morning. City of Wichita will not be closing library branches or golf courses in the 20s19 budget which will it will approved today. The city will add more than thirty new police positions. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells K and assist news or. And on they being. Many of those call him like amenities that then people like to have that that's still at this point. You know idle state. And it's. For some of it is so one or two year. On well commented during Monday's with the mayor of the Stephenson Joseph here on K and as trash law enforcement conducted a DUI check lane of traffic enforcement operation over the weekend Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it took place on south Washington street. Between Douglas and Kellogg. Officers to make contact with 300 point five vehicles. And through their contacts. There were eight DUI arrest. Including one. Felony DUI. Six open container rests. That chuckling lasted for five and a half hours from late Saturday night into the early morning hours on Sunday Kansas congressman Roger Marshall tells K Unisys news. House district one has been going through some tough times. This recovers 66 of the State's 105 counties smoke. Liberal but there's a drought dole and ought to end up from just learn to council grove on it and never been tried both work. Are driving. Commodity prices forty years commodity prices in the tank. And now because that this trade war there's been going on since February. The price when yet another 20%. Marshall says he believes president trump favors a free market and doesn't want other countries to take advantage of the US. Some members of the trop administration getting a closer look at wildfires in California. Interior secretary Ryan's pinky and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue toured the car fire damage in and around the city of Reading. Think he said these massive hot burning fires do not have to be the new normal if we remove dead trees from public lands and denounce the forests and it's. Prescribed burns late this season this mechanical extraction has better force management. We know how to do our Frontline supervisors and superintendents just need to tools and authorities to do it. Pretty estimates he'll be spending three billion dollars on fire suppression this year by borrowing from other parts of their budget. But the next year a change in funding kicks in that will allow them to spend more money on fire prevention. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. The government has rested its case against president trumps former campaign chairman. Federal prosecutors have made their case against Paul metaphor the former trump campaign chairman charged that tax and bank fraud men if Fortis pleaded not guilty. It's still unclear if he'll testify or if defense leaving call any witnesses before moving on the closing arguments. Last week the star witness for the prosecution written gates a former man afford business partner who struck a plea deal spent days describing how he and metaphor used phony loan applications. In offshore counsel Heidi incumbent on the IRS. But gates also admitted to an extramarital affair and embezzlement tracing questions from the defense about his credibility in Washington Jared Halpern Fox News so. Well known office supply store fighters a manager for falsely accusing a pregnant woman. Of steaming in North Carolina Cheryl Bates was paying for back to school supplies and a staples in pine hill North Carolina where a cop came over hatter stepped aside to explain what was under our shirts. She replied twins that she's 34 weeks pregnant expecting a Boleyn girl. A manager there apparently thought she was hiding something under there to steal but the cop took a step further not believing there and airlift upper shirts. The manager with since fired apologize in refunded her purchases Bates says no mom should ever have to go through that can Duffy Fox News. Now the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan that good morning we're seeing areas of scattered showers and a few thunderstorms around us and what weather is likely throughout most of the afternoon into this evening today's high 82 showers and storms move on after the east tonight Carlos 68. Clearing Wednesday with a high 86. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday right now fall premieres to 71 degrees south wind at seven. Miles per hour 635 now Stephen tidbit. In the morning on this Tuesday morning. It was quite a generous gift but an accidental one Massachusetts firefighters say a man who donated to their. Muscular dystrophy drive accidentally dropped his wedding ring into their bodes. The Gloucester daily times reports firefighter Lucas Mike rob was collecting dot collecting donations Friday when he found the plane gold wedding band. The unwitting donors stop by the fire house later that day to explain what happened. Minus the value of the rang the department has collected of more than 7300 dollars so far. More than a little road toward a fund that. Most of the Bible rolled toward a fund that to send young people with muscular dystrophy this summer camp so. Fortunately the of the firefighters found the ring descend on the hung on to they knew somebody would be by to claim and that's what happened. You heard does Ted talking a minute ago about that baseball. It's a well sold for 600000 dollars. And basically all the stars the first. Wave into the hall of fame in Cooperstown including Babe Ruth Tyco homes Wagner and that's an interesting story opponent today pomp. 636 now was even dead and a tonight his Wichita neighborhood night out. Sponsored by which the police department it's a way for folks to come out it. You know it's gonna make maybe a little rain tonight could be some rain that did have to wait if spoke to come out and gather in the neighborhoods and a they had they register these. Neighborhoods in advance with police department and in the police will send by up. The local beat officers the officers who were the area combined say hello and he gets an all and it's a it's a good deal of the way to build community relationships. I think firefighters can go by to get out there now so thanks firefighters go by and the way to know who's who's patrolling your neighborhood. Been going on for several years that's good deal and tonight's tonight. And a lot of neighbors will participate mine hasn't for preach several years simply because there's nobody in the neighborhood looks. Take at least that much to organize it that but I could be true could be me but a deliberative in my stinking neighbors my front you are now. Wow. I guess I'm not very neighborly. But your normal benefited that we had people living across the street from a stint. I swear. They were there when my girl when my daughter was in schools. They moved in and they were over there. I suppose for a at east twenty years. A solving guy alive the man who lived there never said hello to me never even wave nothing is you seem to take a close motorcycles. The woman who were it was there she wants her dog got out and it came in in my front yard should come over get her dog eating. So only time she ever said hello to me wow. And they lived over there for legacy. When he saw it years they just didn't wanna gain data did not want anything to do with us army against. So in eight. Other house sitting there empty. Trying to sell it but nobody can. That it risks and the neighbors and get. I've met the ones next door on the ones then you know yeah that's about it. There are there's one couple that lives. Caddy corner from here or lived over on hood the Martins and they've been there as long shelling them and even know I have two grown daughters fathers that their civilians who have across the street and for all we have a few neighbors have been a long time and many don't know when they return I can. At 639 now Stephen dead it's time for our commodities update with mr. Tom left very neighborly all wanna neighborly guy time left through what we're among these. It. And Bethany. And then why can't make new loans for the current slide in the Peter jail head inside trading session that was brilliant move last week rose. Hadn't I can't accomplish closed today and yesterday. Iberia in terms of nearly nine during that Michaela mail which I think one can not need empty boat from the previous week. What we're very glad to have seventy yards last week and looked very good news last week type includes part of yesterday it will opposition. On the October live cattle boat and went away to keep. October 252. Portland forty ignited by October Leno took 47 says that. 165. Going to government composite Monday after the soybeans wheat corn late blows from the current into the damp side of bigness of less value view report continue to put pressure on the grain prices we get a second session of double digit loss yesterday at home corn and soybean condition relating to slightly lower than previous weeks. And crops of maturing faster than the five year average at the moment December 2 people who want to record I didn't want to record as a grownup concerns that three of indeterminate in November soybeans up a quarter of a penny at 869. The camera crude oil 79 compared to 71990. It would go but can go to any input over under one dollar and 75 the advertisement in the paper with a 2833. And hit the -- dollar index nine implored 9616. The timber that is key interest of about 125000. To 91 but I think regulate marketing advisor contact with the commodity on the program whereby you can. Six go. All right Tom look at the canisters weather center radar isn't good when you're in diagnostic and Butler county and you are just clears can be right now all. But it bought. And everybody is being here is that everybody got a big but I. Did argue that Kingman county is now becoming pretty much arraigned on right now well all Kelly. And is moving in from the Weston is Cedric county were just right knock it a little on the west side of our county and you're just it's going to be but it has more today. Which. Exactly what does not make me at this point we picked up they haven't inch thirties so we'll I'll be happy about that the other thing I champion Betty. But are they picked up somewhere close to mention the biggest when they had this growing cities. Yeah you know but it's been spotty the National Weather Service guys. In Wichita told me they're neighbors doubles nothing here in Wichita and in my neighborhood we get post and into banks though it was really tennis by that way but. In our first and that's been the pattern we've been seeing this entire weekend and move around have not been you know general. We need general range downward to detect that we've got a record. We'll be too picky about right now I take it where they're at 42 Stephen did it for Don grants the MP the money record. Getting your estate rights. I was going to be with us and tells all about John Ramsey and eat them the money tracker coming up. Even though the morning on tape and assess.