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Friday, August 11th

...even one who might be a rather tidy burglary suspect


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 730 Stephen Hill in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted good word to. He and his his breaking news a Kansas Highway Patrol says three people died and two children were hurt in a collision in eastern Kansas. The accident happened at last night on interstate thirty Kansas 32 that is an Edwards bill. Investigators say air car driven by 42 year old Erin Nash talk of Kansas City. Was going west but it crossed a median and hit a car driven by 29 year old Sarah governorship of Overland Park. Ash rock and dilution died in the crash along with 33 year old Ashley Gonzales of Shawnee who was a passenger Indonesia's car. Gonzales is eleven and twelve year old daughters were injured their conditions were not immediately available that in Edwards built close to Kansas City. Severe weather across much of Kansas Thursday night when reports of thunderstorms large hail and several places. Tornado warnings were issued for several northwest Kansas counties walking he was hard hit. With Taylor to the size of baseball causing damage to vehicles and windows. A semi truck was blown over near what can Eli Stephanie. Visibility on that highway it was down to zero for awhile. Highway Patrol reports a three vehicle crash near walking he took the life of 56 year old Gail Moeller a woman from pumpkin city. Now look at the forecast we can't assist staff be college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning some scattered showers and a few thunderstorms were moving on off to the southeast this morning. And will likely become partly cloudy as we work our way into the afternoon and our height 82. Clouds will likely move back in overnight a shower or thunderstorm below the upper sixties and scattered storms again on Saturday afternoon with a high near eighty I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Earlier rain in the area 74 degrees northwest wind at six miles per hour. Taylor Swift took the stand yesterday at her sex assault trial in Denver the pop star testified that. Former radio DJ David Mueller grabbed her bare backside it during a photo op for years ago. And that he and his then girlfriend appeared drunk Mueller is suing swift for allegedly getting him fired. ABC's Clayton sand belt tells us swift was crystal clear about what she says happened in. Her mind there is no question. That what happened to her was perpetrated by David Mueller he said. Session said quote that she has a 3-D re creation in her brain of that moment. And especially as this. Ganges regulatory medical board is weighing disciplinary action against a doctor. Who Planned Parenthood self reported may have violated state law in handling a thirteen year old girl's abortion the Kansas state board of healing. Arts on Thursday was to discuss a petition alleging doctor Allan Palmer illegally failed to preserve fetal tissue from the 2014 abortion and submitted to the Kansas bureau of investigation. The petition by the board's deputy litigation counsel says Palmer was a part time Planned Parenthood contractor solely tasked with performing abortions for patients and their first trimester. The petition says Palmer's attorney has insisted his client inadvertently violated the state law and regulations because he wasn't aware of them. Phil told a grand Kagan SS news. A plan that town hall meeting for employees at Google was abruptly canceled yesterday at a closed door town hall meeting was set to talk about the situation involving a Google employee who wrote a controversial memo suggesting that women are biologically unsuited for attack in leadership jobs employee was fired. The town home was canceled Google sang after getting feedback from employees it was not the right moment for such a meeting. Because employees are worried about asking questions candidly given all the attention. Google says instead it will hold a series of smaller meetings Alex down ABC news. Seattle so called gun violence tax survives a legal challenge Thursday. The Washington Supreme Court upheld attacks and ads 25 dollars for the price of each firearms sold in the city. The attacks took effect last year and has raised almost 200000 dollars for gun violence research. ABC news legal analyst royal Oakes explains why law abiding gun owners are so upset about the stacks. Got rights advocates cried foul claiming that tax was an illegal infringement on a Second Amendment right. But Washington State's highest court had no cities have a right to tax retailers for the privilege of doing business within city limits. It appears attacks cannot be appealed to federal courts as it is allowed under state law. Globe engineering an employee owned business in Wichita for seventy years has outgrown its current facility near area in Saint Paul in the southwest part of town. Many are just Longwell says the aircraft parts company is going to moving to a new space in the 4200 block of south mains eroded. The good news is they're going to be employing twelve noon employees these are great paying jobs. To add to their existing base of 220. I think the important part of this announcement it's not as sexy as someone coming in town with 500 new jobs. Minute shows that we care about small businesses to. Next week the Wichita City Council will be voting on possible financial incentives for global engineering. An estimated five point four million Americans suffer from alzheimer's disease about 51000 here in Kansas. This weekend at dinner Glen Campbell died after a long struggle with the alzheimer's. They border land where is executive director of the alzheimer's association of central and western Kansas which covers 68 counties. There are so many out. People that have been affected and win prominent people such as Ronald Reagan and Glen Campbell. Cop for word it helps to defuse the stigma of alzheimer's disease a lot of people try to keep it quiet. Overland rear end association. Program director bring an attacker or our guests this weekend on issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight. On came in and stance. 735 now Stephen Ted in the morning and night of storms as we talked about a moment ago large hail. Which does high temperature yesterday was 87 degrees normal high for the date is 92. And we'll take a quick look at the case has has weather center radar this morning and there's a very large area. That's covering Sedgwick county up in two. Harvey county over to Reno and down to the south as well it's a very large area of moderate showers right now it's moving slowly to the east and looks like really having to re here. For a while longer this morning and temperatures of course moderating so. Sounds good to me anyway. A Virginia man returned home from a trip and found that his apartment had been broken into that's not good and cleaned. All that is good that it Arlington county police say shortly after 12 AM Monday. A man returned to his Arlington apartment after a trip peak he called police we noticed at his apartment appeared to have been cleaned and some items had been moved around. So what's his brief though didn't take anything. Nothing was missing everybody ought to have made. That might also be a robbery suspect number of burglary suspect in any event. The man told police he doesn't and boy it may but police say the mystery cleaner unlawfully entered the apartment off you know that she already was not an. I didn't. And are you you know I'm I need to phone number of that suspect yes. And you sharpen it I'm going just don't tell music that tidy things up. And they you know did. How's bizarre where I was at. Arlington Virginia Arlington near near the capital of it is one of the congressman who was a little bored and their recess and I are breaking Missouri department of cleanup mice. Well Adam B congress actually got checked up it just kind of personal to add it help you on housework. I mean garrison on Daschle or so the answer is probably sub par Sony. You have one of those refrigerators with the green meat in it like no no I like bill like the prison pretty good shape like the odd couple OK keep the bridge good this right now. I confess that I. As far as emptying the trash maybe lowering the destruction it's about all about all my wife and anatomy. Although vacuuming is kind of fun. I mean yes it's kind of like. You can see your results especially if you get the you know lots of potato chip crumbs and things like metal floor you can see results quickly now. I guess in item and that might my grandchildren not to not real good it is. Maybe emption and safest that there. They're not real good that they don't kid you know and jump in there and to pay well yeah let's get after it you know but I guess what my kids are Whalen advocate. My mop handle all that adults now. Among hamburgers and instituting shores can. My mom handled all. I think you got to make your bed twice. On the Chilean anyway. A message out and they break it and I'm gonna got to admit I'm kind of the same in my house like Japan in about. Ten hours and be back in it messing it up that's what's the use of it can be thirty again it needs that aren't. A new study published in consumer reports suggest. Cutting out just one soda a day eight. Could have a huge impact in your help notre about the course he owns soda pop. Isn't exactly breaking news they'll get some statistics stop drinking sugar water you'll lose weight. Made even the diet stuff Vanessa if you're drinking at 120 ounce soda a day for a year that is the equivalent of 52 pounds. Now. Foreign sugar diner guerrilla. Although it sure can lead to inflammation and can cause stress due to oxidation which damages blood cells and every organ system from the brain the heart McKinley. So I guess she shouldn't be drinking soda all Ted. And if you think he can't go cold Turkey your craving teachers try to sports drink instead of Florida and if you make the switch you can lose six pounds in the year. If you prefer to try something like coffee. Researchers say sixteen ounces of coffee instead of soda will help you lose nine point five pounds and a year. Are you listening prairie fire coffee people. But the best alternative of course is water you can lose up to fourteen pounds a year by the water soda for water or not they want. We talk about this before I am becoming. There's a great article readers' digest. This month abouts about water and what does debts in your body and I'll tell you what it. I thought I knew something. Waters terrific. You know I I drink I don't keep Delaware made up of the stuff you have a and I run every day India sometimes I don't drink enough water I pay for it was dehydration. I have headaches I get drowsy in the middle of the day. And it's because I'm not drinking enough water in it and you know I need to retrieve great big two dollars a day. And I don't do enough and I just you know you think about it and only Lotta people like. So I I personally me but I've one of the major sodas that as a coal only and others like it candidate now and enter a bottle it. I like it but as far as sucking down all day long every day go away how many times he's seen me with a sewed it all rarely you are you either on yeah analysts say I don't know of ever. Yeah we drink I drink coffee or did you drink much at all work no I don't. Know it and there's you know I do it's walker yet. The opinion urged did you add new week coming back next week you know jet is get a guy who didn't have big of ice one out he'll usually right big water guy and iced tea is he is doing it right so anyway ego. This in my ideas about abouts soda but get on no other of our co workers coming here with. The biggest. Container of doctor pepper they can bond down just suck on held we have one of our sales associates. A female has got a great big. Giant number it's like it almost did I try and yet. But I think she puts water albeit heavily to Abbott is Batiste LC that I'll have to check on it. I think but water and good she's got the run and I cuter the other day of loading up these are hydrated with with vodka. Well and a David Donaldson on no wonder she's such a good move out doubles is always in a good mood at the top Bruce I don't know where to what's and it we're scared we're scared to check. 741 now Stephen Ted to racing capital. To bring about youth justice editor bill Lloyd which business journal coming up with Stephen test on tape and assess.