Exchanging those unwanted gifts

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

Moneytracker Don Grant says sometimes you just get stuff you don't want.


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New Year's resolution is to go to church more I didn't go as much so I think that's going to be my New Year's resolution. He's 713 thirty K and SS feed him the morning coat to. Things like good news. 646 though was even dead at three big things to me. Winter arrived in force across United States and would the police report more cards stolen while warming up and attended the line. And shot very police Jason west Wichita three big things even dead on K and assess. And this morning in traffic we've got an injury accident eastbound lanes of Harry. West of Georgetown. Looks that's the all of her area looks like a bicycle with the hit my car there. So was Al. Cold in the bicycle left eastbound lanes of Kerry's west Georgetown Ritter and Oliver traffic update from taken as his radio on head cheaper and becoming mostly saw. He later today warmer with a high of 39 degrees after yesterday's high of 22. Mostly cloudy cold tonight the overnight low seventy Friday partly sunny tomorrow's high 38 now mostly cloudy. Tony three degrees south wood to twelve miles per hour the windshield is eleventh. And Jackson's wishes to thank their customers for a great holiday season. Philly now for great in the years sale items while they last including a large selection of camps and aunts. To keep you warm and men Jack's six of one US Douglas in delay no at the clock tells. 647 now seem to do morning Don fancy of these money tractors and that's right on good morning done. Martin and chilly out there are not as cold yesterday at this now it's balmy compared bar code that. In the one where much Speedo. The last time you went to the mall. The mall seriously probably about a week ago really of that about Q did you mall rat it's been years in I'd you know. Not much of a mall apathy a lot of young people knew hanging out the mole hill on that hang out to buy some I know you were just hanging out your buds over there yeah he had me and and and Roy Moore get a Alabama had a great story this morning at least. Seven to hang out at the malls and tweeters Neitzel and our map that was good to. At least 700 juveniles created a disturbance at a New Jersey mall frightening shoppers a day after Christmas. On witnesses say the youth kicked doors and went the wrong way on escalators no matter it. They saw a few fights broke out of the in the crowd. Police have charged five juveniles with disorderly conduct resisting arrest and other offenses. No injuries reported they just raised hell I go the wrong lastly just to get in shape. Police say is the month gathered inside Cherry Hill mall Tuesday night Cherry Hill police arrived around 7:30 PM. Disbursed to disorderly crowd for the charge miners are from nearby Camden one is from Cherry Hill. The mall and southern New Jersey is a short drive from Philadelphia. Apparently they just all decided let's go to the ball and have some fun. Currently employed at one mall now which on the one on the east side but they don't they don't admit when police station and there is a west smog on now well well. All but dumbing it. And Dillard's is gone out of there and cedars is all on the old Wichita moll is now amateur offices. There anyway mall rats raising a unit all those. Kids Chester Higgins stock indexes camp another quiet day on Wall Street. With slight gains Wednesday recouping some of the market's modest losses from a day earlier. Standard and for 500 index rose two points the Dow climbed 28 NASDAQ. Rose three points. North Korea that bastion of civil liberties. Is one of the least Wi-Fi friendly countries of the world. It's task only got two cars. Having a device that emits Wi-Fi signals can result in detention and a major bind it. Worse if you are a North Korean. Public use of the Internet is a concept. That did just makes North Korean officials really nervous well yes it's called the free flows. Animation that it might be changing. The country's main Internet provider appears to have put up a Wi-Fi trial balloon at the international departure area. A Pyongyang's. Airport yet called Pyongyang Cox yeah. Yeah you gotta control the provider service area controlled limit on Yang contours. You know they've just taken a cue from me you know Kansas official state officials people routers you know. I. Are taxpayers you know. A slice of North Korea right here in Kansas. I. I can't disease started in great big story what three or four weeks ago. And at document all these non transparent state agencies that are in this affair. You know you can you do the freedom of information thing and it just ignore it. There's a big problem. While that is they don't want well there's an analyst as a major shenanigans going on pars all the taxpayer. People are like North Korea. 651. I feel about this team on it's just it's baloney six foot that you want let's talk about exchanging. Those unwanted gifts. That's like they're like your North Korean Bobble head doll of the big. The occupant had a source of that done this yet but he. The most Davis you know I have and I hate to be that guy you do you know what sometimes we gig if we just don't like yeah I know somebody put a lot of thought into the gift that I made good money for it but gee each. It's just not what you would ever use and of its store bought you may be able to return it even without a gift receipt. The first thing to learn is where it came from sometimes that'll be evident by what it is. If it's store brands for major chain that's probably where did you know where it came from unfortunately restore. You know has a different return policy. Call the store and asked them what the return policy they may not give you cash but two will be happy to give you store credit. As they know that you'll probably potentially spend more. Than the value of the returned Oreo never to forget to gather cardinal never use it right I think there's like 30% did doesn't get ever used to make a lot of money on those. Retailers like wal marts are pretty liberal when it comes to their returns are often asked for received. For nothing less than you know for anything less than 25 box and you'll get a store credit for items that cost more than that. Are you a regular customer of the store that this thing was purchased from if so let it be now won't tell them. How much you've enjoyed shopping their over the years begin your conversation with that type of chit chat. And then tell them that they give situation. I'd disarming them were with loyalty and being nice will go a long ways towards a refund I've actually use that one. Once you determine where it came from returning as soon as possible the longer you wait the less likely they are to honor your return. Some stores will have a sixty to 120 day return policy. And keep the original packaging. Of electronics back into the plastic bags that are inside the box with all those twist ties. And you know there were included in there make it as perfectly and opens as possible. Some smaller retails without rigid returned rules may first deny the return but. Using the I was given this as a gift line may war. Most important it is that to be patient. And to be nice if they give you an answer that you know really like it gently tell them of your disappointment but don't be rude ormat. I have the yep I've you know I've had the person behind the counter appreciate my attitude. And then they give me a refund just because I was still does not allow people ourselves so that helps and grows every questions. I'll be nice to you if you give it called number 63422. Twenty that's bone in my rules of life is I'm just nice to everyone. Yeah no the other night I called one of the nine moment dispatchers here and she basically told me she could give me the time today and I can look so there. But just is following rules say you know they have same rules of all the other agents thank you for. Around topped it media and there is there's for our lag stoop it well you. All of a lot. All the way today buddy purse you're using your 91 was personal not a one time when somebody's probably have a heart attack and they couldn't get through because you're asking what time it is then they'll think all the watched one whatever. Now I'm just doing what demonstrate you're still mad about that I'm just doing a lot I transparency to government off I guess just doing what I was told. The same argument at all argument news. Wishes and all the guys that they are number I'm just doing what it's just following orders. Nobody gives viewers like you say anything I will carry ago got. I love you like this great national now you've said that state agencies are north Koreans it's not success is just wanted to you know I had I like the Postal Service Clinton just. I the national Steve bitch day there'll be wind Davis few days ago or. Today is national chocolate tea any day. So there's something we can all agree he could is made from the attack whole tech old plant. Before it was ever made into a sweet candy it was ground into a beverage. And in ruling class society the beverage we've used for medicinal. Purposes. And so Dillard chocolate get a one time. Was only for the rim is personal purposes man give it to women for a one medicinal reasons don't. Intimacy. That's a medicinal word. You're you're you're you know what you're being way to transplant from parent who has missed despair you can see right through me thank you depends if he thinks they're not even then governor of 7 o'clock. The KM SS boarding is a complete look at today's news Flickr is a private course across the United States. We're gonna tell you all about Steve available only on tape and assess.