FAA clears Boeing's 787-10

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 23rd
The largest Dreamliner has earned its certificate.

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I'm somewhat on the radio station I really like kids get it really you are. My father came on the. ID seven a thirteen thirty K and as soon as we are Stephen 10 in the morning at 847 minutes. Rebate thing. Government shutdown is over for now seeing Wichita police captain faces charges after shopping teenage referee during a youth basketball and one. Store employee shoots robbery suspects in southeast Wichita. Rebate things even dead on pay and assess. These gasoline prices in the Wichita area this morning to 35 gallon. Newsman since it it's been around 235 all weekend so not much movement there on the gasoline prices so far this weekend update contain an official radio. I'm jet chamber sunny today. The Ohio 46 degrees clear tonight the Obama loads and reports. Wednesday sunny and warmer tomorrow's my 54. Now partly cloudy a west wind at ten miles per hour and 53 degrees. Venus has weather brought you by the monarch quoted one of the best burger bars in America by the Durban review located at 579 west Douglas. In his story delay no. The monarch. Stephen did it in the morning. The man's been arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot and kill employees of CN. And the suspect is an unnamed Michigan man who reportedly called CNN 22 times saying things like I'm going to go on you all down. And complaining that cable network is peddling fake news he's also led students say your cast is about to get gunned down in a matter of hours. There are reports that the FBI traced the collar and arrested him before he could take any action. CNN issuing a statement saying we've been in touch with local and federal law enforcement throughout. And have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our people. Until NATO Fox News. A woman identified by a scholar as he inspiration for Rosie the riveter the iconic female World War II factory worker has died in Washington State. The New York Times reports Naomi Parker friendly died Saturday in Longview. She was 96. Multiple women have been identified over the years as possible models for Rosie. But a Seton Hall University professor and Tony sixteen focused on Brady as a true inspiration. James. Of a woman flexing with a caption we can do it. Trading was born in Tulsa. Oklahoma. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor she went to work at the naval air station in Alameda among the first women to do more work there. Rosie the river dead TH of 96. And Ted did that he remembered. Mime late mother's funeral she was 96 and passed away in December. We talked about the fact she came to Wichita from out around learned at the outbreak of world war two and found employment. At beech aircraft so kind of a rose to the river but a lot of young women did that yep. Narrower while she was there she met a guy who later became my dad so there you go Rosie the reporter's story about that. Hefty gains for energy and technology companies helped US stocks set more records Monday. Drug makers announced two major deals worth about twenty billion dollars and smaller company stocks climbed. After the senate reached a short term deal to end the government shut down. The Dow rose 143. Points the NASDAQ added 72 points. And the S&P 500 picked up 23 points and president trapped. Has approved tariffs on imported solar energy components and large washing machines in a bid to help US manufacturers. The Chinese are already registering of their objection or that. And but they go tariffs. The president patriot tariff should probably invest those drug making company that's probably a real good idea they never seemed it. No wonder when it comes as soon as the cost of health care and drugs and so what. Never noticed it is never goes down it always goes on mutant. 851 now Steven Ted and a construction is planned in Wichita health facility editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal with us this morning to morning bill. Good morning Steve and Ted yakking construction has a 330000. Dollar building permit for work it Wesley health care. CEO trip Boeing says the work to be done as a remodel about half fertilization lab. It'll get updated equipment at the interior finishes. Spanking and burn Phillips ties did the design. The workers to get started this week it should be complete in March. Have exports in Wichita has been growing at a clip of about 25% a year that growth is why it needed to move into new facilities. The company has completed its move to Bel Air to an office building in warehouse that built at 9715. East 53 street north of new spaces 180000. Square feet. The building valued at eight million dollars. Boeing's largest dreamliner has been cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration to enter service disseminate 710 dreamliner has earned its certificate other countries also have to sign off. But they usually do pretty quickly once the FAA gives its okay. First 78710. Is to go to Singapore Airlines and the first half of this year. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and what to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy pushed. That 787 manufactured by spirit is that correct absolutely right here all the dreamliner is are the forward fuselage on. Some of the other components I understand what one of the band uses net is it is is it pretty fuel efficient compared to other aircraft. It is it's it's mid size say aircraft that is fuel efficient and that's why it was attractive to. To folks in that in that area too cute commercial airlines in that area should say and didn't they worm mainly going for Chinese. Yeah. Ers don't allow homeowners fruits like an airplane with a when you stop and and they pull in do you know in an airport to they get up to credit card and handed out the window and it's weather no doubt. And you know technology really hasn't caught up they usually put the cart in like we used to do and yes if China pressing on can't clone can't get to a squeegee and a clean the windows and it's clean when I was seriously. My sister in law leader who lives in Mexico now when she lived up here. She actually guessed airplanes had that at the former mid continent airport a while little old quote that I. You know rain or shine she's out there just gas and up airplanes since now but if you ever met leader Ted you've met leader. Embarrassed every years go micro in these so yeah she's just a tiny little woman but. She's fairly self sufficient open a teller it's pretty tough he's live. Retired forest ranger and she does out their New Mexico packs of heat wherever she took the but don't mess with lead natural right now today is national handwriting day. And the started to re enter days it written reintroduce oneself to a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. According to be writing interim manufacturing association people might hand down their bonds chance for all to explore the purity and power of handwriting. I've got to us so much go like I can't read Ted's at all. They generate any of this can can you read that that note there that natural. Yeah I can read that stuff debt and a 1000 Ijaz close okay see I'm. I always prided myself was in grade schools having really good penmanship a good good grades in penmanship. How about you bill where are you that's what you that's what you focused on I was penmanship what. Want you Al that in an art of course and all the the sensitive courses. Her eyes and a minute recess I was the champion of the yeah. Well the stand up comedy comedy routine increase. We had him gone out there at ten minutes though right guys the old C saw out there doing a great this joke from Jan Murray and if you know Rodney Dangerfield distance everybody have a bad seaside. Mrs. Campbell I tell him I. Tim no it was good to feel a little respective age fifteen back Stevenson thanks guys coming up dais as is that nine. More than temporary end of the government shutdown seemed dead on tape and assess.