The Fabulous Wines From The Scotto Cellars Organization.

The Good Life
Saturday, December 9th

Guy’s visit with Bradley Gray continues as the two discuss the various wines that Scotto Cellars produce as Guy samples their “Rich & Creamy” wine.


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Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Mac program every Saturday between noon and one at lunch hour with good life guys who want him bunkers. Lou we just talk about how important that you could do a radio show it to you just gotta pay Erica. And we love. It's the good life studio. As special thanks to my highly talented staff. Max power Ander everybody here that the keep the electoral bloat. And they took down on the five callers that called him and a bunch of callers after that Phil Osborne with the lucky winner. A copy of meat heads barbecue book. It it's a great gift you could still get the ship on time for Christmas the science of great barbecue and growing you can order copy an amazing groups dot com. Thank you to be. On the phone with is Bradley great news that doctor public relations and media relations office sellers Hugo's. Scot sellers. The nickel and I have a bottle of rich and creamy that would fit in addition of the Chardonnay that they produce department that management. Brad quick rundown I guess I don't know we don't need to rent every label but. Is a lot of them you know off a copy your head what is available here in Kansas. I do. I think. I'd know we got this auto sellers got a fairly taller label. I think we got. Try and dredging up in my brain what is the Napoli went by. We suspects yet come to the likely suspect you might see is going to really kind of cut all role or as it's called rare rent or gratefully and and it's it's a reasonably priced to read recruitment. A huge following. Would make quite a bit at that and that's a one year likely to see. At around eight bucks. In a lot of source. The use you just. Picks a lot of work in my line and it takes equipment and machinery in and time and grapes and amity and get some details good great buck that's a wonderful thing well let's talk about rich and creamy I would like you hear the core model bottle but. Much to my enjoyment it is they screw cap. First tried this. Just the other day and it kind of a cool room temperature. Normally I like mine you know close from the 48 degrees. Somewhere map with a little warmer than Matt and I thought oh my god that this magnificent. And now I've got this one at about the same temperature of the just pop the pop on. And it has some interesting a Roma's and then after the attack sheet. This. Anthony Dias Blue imitation and gave it a 91 points. And 50% barrel for men and French and American oak. 85% Chardonnay and then you mentioned a great Friday that a lot of people are not familiar with symphony it's got 3% of but he. And 12% chin and block and it's still a sharp and I did it meets the this sort of proper fit minimum grip Friday. But boy it really changes the format acts and makes it a rather unique Chardonnay that fair. Absolutely this is our our newest. Little rock star Richard Green this is our first released puppet and one of the things that it didn't auto does. Is that he listens really carefully to what its customers have to say what is distributors after today. And this is certainly changing awarding world is changing its its wide open and this is kind of a different approach certain date. Rich and creamy pretty well explain that we worked really hard on me in the morning Richard creepy as opposed to buttery. It's spent. Ten months on the will be used to give that nice rich now Biehl. And I think the label because of all the great look at the label in this wind is in fact rich and creamy. Well and it is more talk and alignment and you know retail for twelve and under and you know buy by the case of 20%. And it's just it's it's a year from wind yes is a great summer super U but it is but I think I'd be just as happy. Saddam from the park place. Photo or or outside with the orange cabinet. Yes it is it's a big big warranted not your typical. Free style austere Chardonnay it's got a lot of bodies to it and a lot of flavor. Well I was tropical. Tropical and it's kind of low and alcohol. Yeah and I think that's gonna do you know. And who we say low and I'll call some Google all American drink more of us thought really it you know don't forget you can get. Tank on 3.2 beer. In doses. Can tell the difference between a twelve point 5% wind like rich and creamy. And at thirteen point 5% part of a couple of classes that makes it different. Yeah I imagine it does but I think what it well it really does is it lets them for shine through. And what are some individual I can pay when I smell. But that the symphony of match little addition and bonk. At a unique aromatic quality that is the Pitt plays nicely with the Chardonnay. But it undermines your cream soda about the good what. Right so Bradley where it rated ethics dinner the wives of some us to the store. We're gonna put more picks dinner and drinks from rich and creamy with a and you would say. Oh I'm going straight to Fisherman's Wharf home to be some tenderness crab order. Rock harder red snapper. Possibly he who popped up it would create stark even. You know I'm I'm from Florida and I just came back from spent in seven days with my brother in saint Pete beach and we stone crab claws. And he made a little kind of mustard. Garlic grip Milan dip the colts blue crabs program medium. And even without a rebel objects this program for great but the combination of that and the shark it would be wonderful. I of that. All be right. Yeah perfect prom I can't wait I want in the not too distant future and you are now communicate. I'll do some hunt about and see if I can get. A couple more of the ones from the Chicago friendly on the shelf that Jacob would church and company Richmond couldn't. And there will maybe get in the the third back on a victory as you call them and in what thought more about some of these ones I just love the idea that. You know I a a young group of siblings working together to keep the family tradition and I trust that. They have ever will have kids to follow in their footsteps and. Well they're already out or kept. And that whole purpose of it is to build winery for the next generation. Ought to treat what are you up to the rest of the weekend. I'm gonna go work on race car. Oh I saw that about you and Matt and I got to pay it one of the highlights of my a year two years ago. Will as I've been on an auction package here in which offer my good friends that audio which. And I got to do the body driving experience at some humorous way. But about tomorrow. And I've got to drive and RS seven. A TT. And then the majority of time was spent and are and I got sixty laps as the score three different our Internet secret. I was upbeat dog at the end of today. Yeah you ought to reflect hold my hand islands I was a whipped but everything though rat race car driver of round and round and round. Big deal if you're not shape you die. What are you running daytime well seasons come over but that you run some. Some races this summer. Yeah I raced with disperse our vintage racing association. I ended up to coming in first for the season and GT four points on his second overall in group two and for the national championship. I raced at willow springs raceway near Los Angeles. Fontana at California Speedway. Your point person on the race waiters. What can go in. In New York Virginia international raceway and our last three wood and circuit of the America. Travelling dog spend the money like a while men. That what happened. Well maybe didn't get the sky auto sellers to be one of your sponsors and give them it's a more sticker on the car and and I got a record or our apartment well look I can't tell you what a pleasure is this week with you pass my regards to all of the family and and I look forward to try and more one in heaven. One of them on the show or if not you again. They'll get 83 yard and he was really disappointed but the other. Team to go coach. I understand how that is. Well enjoy yourself happy holidays to you yours and all the family in the report talked in the future. Thank you very much are we really appreciated and we wouldn't be right if we didn't have a shout out to a good friend John majerle who. Hook me up and got the wind here in which Donna's doing great worker. Representatives got to hear limitless. Yet you can tell you what were there could you credit though he did he knows everything asked of him. All right buddy thanks a lot will that cock the audience's cheers. It here. Adios OK so that would've been a break but I will tell you that rich and creamy is again the a splendid Chardonnay it is. You know this is this is not Kessler shark net. But on the same hand it's a far. Head and shoulders above. Through our logo are but you know it's much crane lake either and not incriminate the memoir and and then it's that's addition it has a very unique now that the twelve retention a blog and 3% support symphony it's kind of you know home that cream cake costs interest cream cake orange cream. Of the thing. Really fun and moderately priced lower now all. And incredibly gracious Tom you heard about it good luck that I'm. Or from good luck guys you could see more about it that left an outcome would come back. We're gonna doctor Marten Ervin he's the dad. Now had children. And grown rapidly and he and his lovely wife Michelle have made. Nine lazy kids KIDs the sauces I've got cute spicy mango here we hear this story it's entrepreneurship. Our day at four Ramirez back but away.