Facebook says some changes are coming

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

The social media platform says their focus will be on "people."


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 631. And you're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 inning as best. A winter storm blew through south central Kansas during the early morning hours yesterday bringing heavy rain. And falling temperatures freezing rain sleet and snow. Alan King Wichita is director for public works and utilities says his road crews began prepping the streets at about midnight yesterday but the rain washed a lot of it away. So they had to start again about 4 in the morning yesterday won't. Keep treating until we get the results we want which are all arterial streets and in good. A travel condition we wanna try to get down to bare pavement on all arterial. Don't really know how long that will take but we'll just continue to put up all sixty trucks on twelve hour shifts a laying down salt sand mix until we achieve those sorts of conditions. Cities treating the arterial the main streets but the side streets and residential streets remain untreated and many of them are still extremely slick. Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and Wichita police officers worked more than 150. Traffic wrecks in the Wichita area yesterday morning. Let's take a look at the forecast heading into a cold weekend with meteorologist Dan holiday hello Dan. We'll good morning we're back to the habits of having me heater on a high and a heavy coat on it. As more cold air is in place and we will cloud up throughout the day with a high 23. Northeast winds will make you feel more like five to ten below zero throughout the afternoon and it's cloudy and ten for the load tonight. Sunny 23 tomorrow we may be back above freezing Sunday with a high in the low forties I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Again Dan right now in Wichita way to clear sky. Nine degrees we have wind out of the north the wind chill at minus seven at the moment. A blast of nasty winter weather did cause problems across Kansas yesterday traffic. Power outages school closings but Wichita. Public schools along with hazel derby and old Maine remain open yesterday preschool Wichita school spokeswoman Susan aren't men tells KM SS news. No it kinda who got a little. A little more Dicey and we anticipated. But by the time that happened we we start school we have schools that started exit the ailment that we already had are the borrowed. Picking up kids. Our incidents has overall things went pretty well for Wichita schools she says a special team of makes those closing decisions for USB 259. Another death involving faulty took cover airbags has Ford Motor Co. asking owners of some ranger pick ups to park them. A man was killed in West Virginia in July in Iraqi involving his 2006 Ford Ranger equipped with a faulty to conduct air bags the second death in a Ford Ranger and a problem that's led to an ongoing recall that began in 2016. That's spam the auto brands now covering over forty million vehicles including more toyotas and Hondas in a recall announcement made this week to come as faulty air bags used the chemical ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion and fill air bags quickly at a crash but the chemical can deteriorate causing the hot metal canister to turn into deadly shrapnel killing 21 worldwide and injuring at least 180. Jeff's mom also Fox News. It's a law enforcement chase involving a suspect in a stolen car started outside the Wichita city limits and ended up in the water downtown. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says a Sedgwick county sheriff's sergeant was pursuing a stolen Dodge Neon about 930 on Wednesday night. Wichita officer was placing stop sticks in the roadway east of maple ridge the car sped towards the officer with car swerved away at the last second. The chase ended up downtown. The pursuit and continued to the apartment complex at central Waco where the driver exited a moving vehicle in the parking lot. And fled on foot. But stalled vehicle then rolled into the river and officers located and arrested the suspect. In the area of the Riverside in his. Ports. That suspect a 32 year old man was arrested for aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and a felony charge of fleeing from police. A Kansas woman who embezzled more than 200000 dollars from her Sedgwick county employer. Was sentenced to five years probation and she must make. Restitution. Also we county district attorney says 36 year old misty leaker of Maine's. Sentenced Wednesday for embezzling from ERI's solutions and call which. Pleaded guilty earlier to felony theft computer crime and unlawful use of a financial car. Prosecutors say leaker who was an accountant at the firm used a company credit card. To make 209666. Dollars in unauthorized purchases. Weaker conserve nearly three years in prison if she violates her probation. She made an initial payment of 151000 dollars toward restitution Wednesday. And was ordered to make a minimum monthly payment of 500 dollars Dan O'Neill king and SS news. Kansas US senator Jerry Moran. Giving his best guess as to what what happened with the latest budget impasse this week Moran said he expects another short term fix for now. Or editors I think is a continuing resolution that takes a couple weeks in the February but I hope that only happens because we Abbott deal struck in in the immigration is part of that and that so called stop skeptics is part of that issues that are controversial but meetings at the White House. The Republican Democrat leaders with the president seems to be that there is progress being made. Congress has an extended weekend finishing up the week after a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday will take place on a Monday. But determined that dog walks twenty miles from her new owners she wanted to be back with her original family and she did it repeatedly. Kathleen is essentially a Great Pyrenees mixed whose family had to give up so another family twenty miles away from their home in Seminole Oklahoma adopted her but can't we wanted to be with her original family and ran away to returned home wife after she managed to find your way back twice they decided to turn it over to an animal shelter pets now looking for a new home for Kathleen the adoption fee is just 45 blocks but no guarantee she won't hit out for little old home again. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Authorities in Texas on the hunt for a serial bank robber. Calling him a Social Security bandit. Robert will mell forty year old black male described as a career criminal who's accused in a string of armed robberies in Houston dating back to October in which police say he holds convenience store clerks at gun point demanding cigarettes and cash but that's not the interesting part. There columnist Social Security because he has a Social Security actually tattooed across his for a better image pretty investigator frank humans as wooten also has his Houston area code is 713. Tattooed on his neck we're told no one's been injured in the robberies MM it's just a matter of time before the Social Security bandage. He's caught Jeff meant office ago Fox News. They get SS news time is 638 with Stephen Ted FaceBook is making some changes the way you interact with it and that's our list of changes designed to leave you spending less time on FaceBook. Social media giant says the goal isn't it to have users spend their time in a more quote meaningful. Way. And it means fewer post from brands pages and companies and more posts from people. All right FaceBook also ramp down the number of videos which the site considers pretty much passive. Changes comes the company faces criticism of social media can make people feel depressed and isolated. Man I was at Facebook's fault. I don't know if it's Facebook's fault or not I will say one thing though. I imagine. If that companies start to notice that their posts are getting around a lot less. They are more likely to hit that booths this post opinion and pay a little extra money to FaceBook to concedes he does post a little bit further. Maybe understand cynical but seems like this could make FaceBook a little bit of money. Now. We're all in it to Roland for the buck garlic and expose so. Except this guy he's let us every morning. And doing it with a very alt through mystic outlook is times the commodities update with Tom Loeffler of left or commodities good morning top. Good morning to you a nugget has taught me about Steve's gonna gotta compliment to ask. Us. Bring it on. The Telecom equipment and rooms for the week shortly after the opening of the trading yesterday it was mostly lower but to close the pardon for the live cattle may give people in the theater. Long liquidation that like selling weighed on the cattle complex and potentially good prize from negative. Patrons were installment contract ties yesterday and straighten maybe in the close call it digit losses. It closed yesterday the kennel club it and I went seventeen to seven arts be good to have any time since a 141 point seven. And they Bloomberg the dollar patent by the forward 1797. Including public scrutiny and the corners and change yesterday. Exports sales report there were several private report that income to Brazilian soybean production. Today at 11 o'clock news being supplied to the report quarterly earnings report and we know we acreage report. Well what we're looking watched intently at a pretty high of course 43 quarter outscored by an opinion 349 recorded. Parts of remains unchanged at 950. But you're crude oil temp of 1% to 5329. Edward go to nine dollars and ninety tied at thirteen 130 to forty. Participate five and a quarter point 12774. And two record sports dollar and exploding it's important that anyone would too. Once they're just feature that 94 point 2500647. Commodity trading like marketing advisory codec into commodities on the program whereby using. 66 in ten problem. Tom we have negative. Negative wind chills this morning are there any are there any crops that just cannot take this or is this a normal this time of year. It's not normal AME it is not viewed for the cup right now because we collapse under certain administrative support for the country. And also affect their we've got to dry weather conditions also makes Serbs who temperatures even more critical. Yeah I a course we've talked about before it if the cold weather comes along with snow at least that provides moisture but we didn't really get a whole lot of moisture out of this one. And exactly right and you wouldn't know what it does give them like yesterday we had a lot of women what to put. Good road rail about real estate boards needed. All right did you did you survive yesterday's winter storm all right. Fred you and I did not good morning we had to remove it does the best political sidewalks. There were slick. I got a picture you look at home right now in under some kind of buffalo rug. Although I'm by a fireplace. I'm proud that road but they are quite we have our act got to get to work here in a Friday morning Tom thanks thanks for joining us have a great weekend. Commodities up big Tom let blur of left lower commodity. He's every weekday morning at this time right here with Steven Ted on 987 and thirteen thirtieth save in as best renewed tax bill and may need. Find out what that means when the money records on grants. Joins us shortly right here were Stevens at the morning until eight innings as status.