Fans are loving "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 15th

The movie opened up with special viewings on Thursday night.


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First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. The morning's deep backers are. A man is behind bars just days after scamming you wish commented to buying fake basketball tickets for this weekend's soccer game. After news of the great ticket scam got around us police sergeant did you vote rose contacted by another citizen who had also purchase fraudulent tickets. Derek Devlin was arrested for suspicion of theft possession of drugs and additional warrants. As to the port. Antidote to the forecast now with kaine as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning we've been stuck in this dry weather pattern for quite some time but finally we're seeing a chance of rain coming this weekend. It will be drive this morning though sunny and cool this afternoon at our high 52 with a gusty southwest wind. Clear and 32 overnight near sixty for the high tomorrow the rain moves in late Saturday night and early on Sunday I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan solid jail partly cloudy 26 degrees of got a west wind at three miles per hour chilly up through sport and a man robbed of fidelity bank in northeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Wednesday. Is every three female employees in the bank are. Unknown suspect entered the bank armed with a handgun. The suspect pointed a handgun and employees. And demanded money. Money was taken by the suspect. Who also sprayed pepper spray. The employees the man drove away in a black Ford or Volkswagen CC he was wearing a black cat a dark sports jacket and sunglasses. Well it's coming down to the wire as Republicans in congress try to be to self imposed deadline to overhaul the tax code it. As Fox's Chad pair from reports it's a very delicate balancing act to avoid losing Republican votes they seemed. Be a little bit up in the year with the votes at the finish tax reform that might be one of the reasons why it appears at the House of Representatives where the votes are little more certain. Might move first early next week. But once they finish the tax reform bill allergy get a final documents the you know it can't be changed at that point it signed the conferees these of the members. From the house in the senate he said yes this is the final merged blended version between the house and the senate. Once you sign off on that conference report. You cannot go back in and reopen it he can amend it he can't change it it's done and they have trouble at this stage then their goose is cooked. It's unlikely that the bill won't get any support from Democrats. A federal grand jury in Oklahoma has indicted the man accused of kidnapping his stepdaughter and holding her captive for nineteen years in Mexico and elsewhere. During which time he fathered her. Nine children in indictment handed up in Muskogee on Wednesday accuses 63 year old Henry petite of kidnapping Roslyn Maginnis in 1995 or 96. And traveling with the intent to have sex with her. And FBI agent says and an affidavit that petite first had sex with mcinnis and eastern Oklahoma home when she was eleven or twelve. But give us now 33 managed to escape from petite last year in Mexico where there were living and she went to the US embassy. Associate of breast generally doesn't identify sexual abuse victims Bob Maginnis has discussed her case publically. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. All we always did drug abuse is a growing problem across the US and that includes south central Kansas. Sedgwick county district attorney Mike Bennett tells can't assist news prescription painkillers are fueling the problem. Thank you for those if you look at your medicine cabinet you've got lower tabs and until like that payments that are popular based payments. There's actually I think to. Walgreens and maybe other places well but the Walgreens central hillside north central Mays I understand. Well both except pills taken an errant fellow attorneys inning get rid of them and they will do that Korea. That it's his math is still the biggest drug problem for local law enforcement mark Bennett our guest this weekend and if you Tony seventeen. Sunday morning at eight on Kate and assess. Eight 35 now Stephen dead in the morning it's time for entertainment news the blur with Ted but Byrd and Ted tells Harvey Weinstein is. Is that what fighting back right Ted you know any response to a story we had on the blur here yesterday. Weinstein responding to Selma high acts skating meet you op Ed. Harvey Weinstein responded to Selma high X op Ed in the New York Times and says he remembers it differently. Tonight hikes allegations that he forced himself into her room. Night after night or their quest for massages to showers this tax saying others saw it differently he also responded to our statements. That he demanded she do a sexy with a woman in the film freed at that told the story of the Mexican artist telling us weekly mr. Weinstein does not recall pressuring so much. To do gratuitous sex scenes with the female costar however that was part of the story has freed callow was bisexual. Hikes as she bargained eventually added to kissing scene with actually just. The shelf Leno Fox News. And more today on a story we had for yesterday one of the biggest mergers ever to hit the news and entertainment world. Walt Disney company buying much of 21 century spot. Ex Disney is buying a large pot a 21 century fox for an estimated 52 point four billion dollars in stock. The mega deal includes Fox's film and television studios as well as cable and international TV businesses. Disney's move is an effort to bill content and distribution. As it prepares to do battle with Internet giants such as Netflix and Amazon. Disney will launch its own streaming service sometime late the next year. The agreement though does not include the fox broadcasting network and stations all of a Fox News Channel the Fox Business Network. Well Fox's main sports channels analysts say though the deal could be closed within twelve months. In New York actually Webster Fox News. And of course heading to the box office this weekend all the focus is on a the new Star Wars movie the opening of Star Wars the last two jet Iowa last night in New York fans got an early look at episode eight in history making franchise. The force has been with us for forty years now on with this latest installment. Fans like Edward Nagy are glad the story of Lou can lay out and now ray has endured. Just add up all these years ago. We didn't back. The whole story line at all. Plus the jeopardizes everything. Edwards been following the franchise since the first movie debuted in 1977. But for many die hards of the title raises the question. Is this the last one we can't convince Edward of that yeah. The best products always drama you can bet he'll be out there to buy a ticket whenever episode nine hits theaters in New York colonel Scott Fox News. Let's go a little closer with more Star Wars actress daisy Ridley talks about her effort in the French. DP Ridley says there's a reason she feels it's good not to reveals spoilers first Star Wars the last Jett died let me say this happens is lit up. This happens can give them justice I don't think they'll as for how the force applies to her character ray I think. What humans find even outside the so as you know less is sometimes. People have admitted he's a great to them what they on the stunt or greater than what day. Believe or are accustomed to or equipped to deal with the and so I think rape is the force is beyond her control they it's not out of control issue something that she's trying to fix. Around Bradley admits her journey in this epic blockbuster universe has been an emotional line is if that's only just come out and we went straight into a house those unsafe you know I was feeling sent halfway because suddenly I was in a film that was everybody. Both say that I'm 25 what do we do so when I was 23 and the like I'm still learning actually divorced and Fox News. And of course the Star Wars fans are out in force. Are the mysticism. Your favorite line from the forward moving sport. What is your favorite scene. You'll know. The Luke and I am your father to. I cannot. Add an and I can says he doesn't like sands. Native forests be reviewed I am your father did and so I love you. I know I think at the end when Darth Vader. Jails on emperor property. Alex when this was but it's swing aid destroyed the death star. And it's just like the biggest exposure and is really that Luke I am your father of. I didn't have theory it in and probably. The Joba the hut. Wit. Prince's layup. In fields it was a return of the you got to enjoy that it is the yeah. Love star whores. In a I am Ali I got to go last night Alexandra Hernandez security some tickets and somebody backed outside I got offered. Of placement seat. Did you get a big bucket of popcorn. Yes there were several buckets of popcorn again purchased that's what I'm concerned I got I got my share popcorn and a way. About 89 ounces of drink you know beginning of the big oil's largest is enough for an elephant to be a gallon upon him. But you gotta get up go to bathroom right no less hard on nine yeah Anna used to come back to see the part you missed it went against it. Give up that much soda. On in my seat didn't move for two and a half hours I can't imagine you get them. It's up our horse the last genocide. In east Warren you know not let's take a look at let's flash back into. I'm from the movie action. Now about. Fifty years ago today coming out in which Tom movie theaters. Valley of the dollar rallies and all hell one area rom com. Via. The novel by gentlemen Susie he's irritated and that's correct this very good yeah what's your face Barbara Papa Barbour pardons and he didn't shoot Sharon Tate Susan Hayward. Apparently they offered Raquel Welch the Susan Hayward girl she didn't turn it down now. Valley the Don you seen this movie I know I had an I'm Gladys think O Rama and attitude these bills attitudes. About drugs and Judy Garland was originally cast. As the older momentum she inspired you reportedly came and worked wrong. Our great crowd. I might have been dealt with Susan Hayward that got them girls that it valley and adults about fifty years ago today of course. This brought the best part. Did Dion Warwick sings yeah this car race on the 1960s and beyond wore him Warwick sing in the valley adults. Let's flash back to sixty years ago on this night so. On a tell the facts now first let's go to birthday today about a good Wichita guys. Don Johnson I'm Jackson born in Wichita actor is 68 today south high class 67 that is it for Don John here's Don Johnson from a Miami buys stocks. I don't I think asks. But here. Dangerous student. I don't do this sort of thing kicks it's just a job. I don't get off on it until retirement. Be nice. One time I asked. And instead done come back for all the self labor unions. And he has perfect attendance zero I don't think he's been back. I don't think he's still doing the little island Don Johnson which has gone native 68 years old today yet. And we'll flash back to sixty years ago on this night. The final episode. Of the Nat King Cole hero was on the air. On on NBC. Can't let this guy's voice. As one of the classics of all time name. Of course favorite Christmas Augmon. It's pretty powerhouse. It's done more Nat King Cole and very. Very rare at that time in American history have any black man hosting and yet variety show on prime time event. It did not go that controversy though there was a decided lack of national sponsorship sad to say him. So he knew he couldn't stay on the air without it hasn't alternately as is obviously racially motivated companies such as wrangled beer. Ended up assuming regional sponsorship for the show that they could never international sponsor. CNBC had to pull the plug on the last episode of the Nat King Cole Show was sixty years ago on this tonight's. Colin made it on the air for over a year he says it was himself and not NBC needed decided in the program. Maybe hurt her it's commenting on the lack of sponsorship Coles that after its demise Madison avenue is afraid of the dark. Good line you know it's the linemen on. They easily replaced the Nat king Cole show with. The quiz show treasure hunt was jam marine. Generous and again and again I love Jan Murray I think we'd rather see the net Kenya. Last episode ever sixty years ago tonight. And he did sing the Christmas songs that aren't so right before Christmas there that's. Entertainment news nobler grunting about a good friends at pizza Johnson derby either open Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM right there at 208 south Baltimore on K fifteen feet to John's. Age 44. Even did keep their for the which about business journal update to the editor bill Lloyd talked about. The best places to work at Wichita State and out of the morning on me and assess. It's so weekend of giving as Wichita State women's basketball coach Phil shocker winter classic December 15 and sixteenth and Charles go to read. Admission is have.