"Fatberg" goes on display at London Museum

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th

They are even selling fatberg t-shirts.


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And. 97 and thirteenth became an assist teams in the morning Nelson thirty was Steve Macintosh and Woodward it. The government shut down overnight for several hours after a failure to come to an agreement on a continuing resolution to fund the government. The house passed the senate spending bill shortly before 6 AM. Following the vote house majority whip Steve Kelis spoke about the democratic votes for the bill. We knew that minority leader Pelosi was still trying to hold out for something that she was never gonna get. But it seemed conscience part of the negotiation with the steel. And a lot of our members knew that it was he responsible thing to do it past. You know. As much as we wanted to sort of the military dividend number there's members that want to do well with my replica of that. The final Toronto on the budget act was to 42186. In favor of the bill which will continue funding the government until March 23. The bill also includes two year deals for defense and domestic programs. A chemistry professor living in Kansas who faced imminent deportation to Bangladesh. Has been granted a temporary stay. Lawyer is representing 55 year old Syed Kamal announced Thursday that it judge issued the temporary stay. Jamal teachers at park university in Missouri he was arrested January 24 at his home in Lawrence you arrived legally in the US and 1987. But after pursuing a doctoral degree overstayed his visa. Since his visa expired he's been allowed to stay in the US and report to immigration authorities on a regular basis. He and his Bangladeshi wife have three children who wore American citizens. It wasn't immediately clear how long has temporary state would be valid. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. And armed woman robbed a store in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Wednesday evening. At the cease store at Lincoln and Oliver. Unknown suspect entered the business. Armed with a silver handgun. The employee stated the suspect point the handgun at him. And began demanding money. Money was taken by the suspect within fled the storm put. At woman was wearing a black jacket black tights and carrying a black gym bag Kansas governor Jeff collier addressed a joint session of the Kansas legislature this week. Paul you were outlined a four point framework of school finance legislation that he would sign it. First we must keep our schools open. Second we need a definitive solution. That ins the school finance lawsuits. For good. Three increased investments in K12 education. Let's come through a phased in approach that doesn't increase the tax burden on Kansas families and lastly and most importantly. We must insist on accountability. And improved outcome. Soldier did not answer a sign of about two what those objectives might cost. A new survey showing overwhelming opposition to president Trump's plan for a military parade in Washington. The military times did a survey asking it's readers if they support president Tom's idea to get the Pentagon to put on a parade to put America's military on display. The times says about 51000. People responded 89%. Of them have said no it's a waste of money and troops are too busy. The other 11% responded it's a great opportunity to show off US military might. Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White says parade plans are in the very beginning stages. In Washington Joseph NATO Fox News. Catholic Charities of Wichita celebrating 75 years of helping people across central and southeast Kansas executive director Randy Glick tales came as has used the mission. Is to alleviate poverty and that includes victims of domestic violence. Harbor has this been around for 25 years we're the largest domestic violence shelter here in the Wichita community. We have 60% of the domestic violence beds in our community in order to serve. Women and children and men also we also serve man who are fleeing domestic violence situation. When neglect is our guest this weekend and accused when he 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. Now what's the forecast with gay and assess stamping urologist damn holiday good morning dance well this morning colder air is on the way a strong fathers pushing from north to south across the states. And will be here by around noontime our high today 39. Wins will turn to the northeast and remain gusty throughout the afternoon breezy and sixteen for a low overnight cloudy windy and 25 tomorrow and a good chance of snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy 36 degrees we have a west wind at six miles per hour Stephen's head of the morning now at 735. On Kate and answer this. A warmer day across Kansas Thursday it wasn't bad yesterday afternoon which allows high temperature. Sixty degree global normal life of the date is 46 nights it was nice to get out and had a little running and Riverside yesterday just with a short shorts and a T shirt. Said the usual. You know sweatsuit and cancel all that stuff. Today is Friday February 9 2018. On the state and eighteen cent and the US Weather Bureau was established most people. And just frankly Ted the last few years the improvements that. They have made in their forecasting. With the help of these modern computers and so forth in modern equipment. If they do a great job National Weather Service now called the Weather Bureau them. You know those days it just kind of record with a temperature of separate. But now to get very very sophisticated of course all of our TV stations. User information and if you're aware of that but true. Use a lot of operative from the National Weather Service says hey happy birthday and a chance taste you guys out there at south west of the airport. In your in your plush offices out there about it before now I have not differ meeting couple years ago pretty pretty nice lot of computers. And a lot of sophisticated stuff going basically been around since Wichita has been around about the same time out right visit the irony Garcetti was what chartered and 1872. The pretty close at 1870. At London's. Newest museum attraction is a greasy smelly and offers a glimpse of at the hidden underside of urban life take note Wichita museum people. This maybe the key the Museum of London has unveiled its latest display a trunk of a 143. Time fat berg. That was blasted out of a city sewer last year. It's like an iceberg only it's beneath the streets and it's made up of different stuff. It took sewage workers reject poses nine weeks. To dislodge the 820 foot long massive oil that's diapers and baby wipes. From beneath white chapel in the city's east in should be called Roto-Rooter. The museum has a lovingly preserved a chunk the size of a shoe box. Who's a model of consistency. A curator likened to a partner John crossed with moon rock. Yeah it and add to the X-Factor. Close examination reveals a presence of tiny flies. Three transparent boxes protect visitors from potentially deadly bacteria. And from the fat virgin noxious smell. The museum is also offering a selection of merchandise including T shirts and fat burger budge. Those featured there but they're black we should look will we wanna put media on our on the web on the Internet and pretty pets they should do is scratch and sniff thing. Or you can at least approximate what the smell is when you're seeing it well I answered yeah it was that's part of funds would have seen experience I'm sure. And it should be bigger and that's they've that this the sample they preserve is too small I'm wondering is this some sort of Russian plot. Against the English you know they MI five in them James Bond and those people wondered you know and intrigue may be the fat burger may be made by Russian tourists over here you have a knew firsthand how to clogged sewer. The fat bird Nelly we had on westerners were organ enough of Narnia clog things we had an American would where's at ball Baltimore had a massive wanting pepper and obviously the museum world treasures needs to get on this yet but it called on its part of it part of that Baltimore. You know Battenberg you don't know which it all right now there could be a fat bird you know size of the city bus underneath Goddard or you know there earlier Alexander. Someplace like that. We could capitalize on are you picking on the suburbs. Think Wichita was capable of having a fat berg. That's right below for a five north main man right below the public utilities director Alan King is a nice man and if he if there was a fat burger let me switch atop. Picture element at all. Exactly. Hasn't said anything yet. I have a I think we're clean as a whistle down to I think we do to announce tomorrow a birthday for my granddaughter Evan. Macintosh he is a student at derby in north middle school playing on the basketball team and now to name. Basketball players she's a trees. Soccer player Jim missed a musician. A video augur for she does her own videos. Writes her own music and it's just a matter time before she replaces me. Well in this job. I think he's already much more accomplished and I think she'd probably want a little more money but who doesn't. He's quite young lady and she's grown up but their parents traveling and living in different places now she lives in derby and were pretty pretty proud. He's a pretty good about a report in an army. Why not easier needed to on fourteen years young lady right. Oh OK the arms and this got to be sensitive to these things and happy birthday Evan it's tomorrow a we worked more talk about what we're going to do about pizza that is national pizza today. And we were thinking maybe for folks if they wanted to try our new app tell us. Would you what would you say the question was what's best plays as the let's best pizza in town and why it okay. Now you download this free kaine is says app from the App Store. Then leave us a comment by going to menu and click talkback at talkback. And it will let tell us what the best pizza in town is and why and will play those responses in the 8 o'clock our American way and it's exactly hear what you think. And if you don't know how old animal the app called Alan after Tony. Orchard estates had no it's pretty easy do. And you are free and easy reiterates. That you less than a minute man get it done 741 now Steve intent on the way. Bill Lloyd and networking opportunity for local women in business from the which Davos is your last all the way. Steve into the morning on Kagan as fast.