The Father's Day after action report

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
What did Ted give his dad, what did Steve get?

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk and what their station. Depend on. Good morning at 6 o'clock 5050. Reporting you to keep him there at the hi Steve back inside compartments of these guys now and 77 to. The streets. Authorities are investigating after a man's body was found near the arc Kansas river in south Wichita Saturday morning. A person called 911 to report what they thought was a dead body in a tree line next to the river in the area of Wausau and green my boulevard which is just south of polonium Broadway. Police believe the body had been there for a few days the identity of the man and the cause of death were not immediately determined. Authorities have under recovered the body of Hutchinson man who went missing in northern Colorado lake. Steamboat today reports 64 year old Davis massive purchasing Kansas was with another man on the shore of steamboat late trying to fix a problem with their boats trolling motor Friday afternoon. Routt county coroner rob Brian says we don't really know a lot about why he went down. S.'s Bonnie was recovered just after midnight early Saturday morning in an autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Is that Campbell came in SS news. There are several people are dead after a high speed crashed near the Texas Mexico border. Fox's Jeff Paul reports the victims are believed to be illegal immigrants. The democratic chair just spoke a little while ago saying now 86%. Might have died in the number of casualties might only rise he also says the driver was known to law enforcement. It was changes last week hit a scouting the area or looking for immigrants to smuggle fourteen people were incited when it crashed while. US Border Patrol agents pursued the SUV. They say the vehicle ran off the road and flipped over several times twelve or rejected Ford died on saint. Fifth passed away on the way to the hospital. The sheriff says it's an extremely busy area for smuggling more assets are needed. And they have a real problem with illegal immigration that's showing no signs of slowing down the driver of that vehicle survived and is in custody. A strong earthquake knocked over walls and some off scattered fighters around metropolitan Osaka. In western Japan this morning killing at least three people and injuring dozens. President trample meet with house Republicans. Ahead of votes on a pair of immigration bill. This discussion this Tuesday will go over GOP bill protecting undocumented kids from being deported art house counselor Kellyanne Conway says separating kids and parents is not the president's intent. It's really like seeing. Be decent ripped from the mother's arms. But the president tweeted no GOP bill would get his signature without funding for border wall California Democrat representative Adam Schiff says that's not productive. None of this can be resolved by angry tweets or by. Using these families as a lever. Girl scout Fox News. Sedgwick county commissioner accused of new spending more than 101000 dollars in campaign funds and trying to cover it up possession judge to dismiss his indictment. They defense filing Friday in the case against Michael O'Donnell contends the US government has needlessly interjected itself in matters traditionally reserved for state authorities O'Donnell has pleaded not guilty to a twelve count indictment alleging wire fraud and money laundering. The motion says quote overzealous prosecution sometimes occurs when prosecutors throw a wide net on criminal corruption it contends O'Donnell came to law enforcement's attention during an investigation of other higher profile people. Argues investigators uncovered the alleged campaign finance violations and charged him instead of referring the matter to state officials the US attorney's office that it will review the motion and respond to the court. The global brand Kagan SS news. Kagan as serious news time now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. 713 thirty KN FL season mowing down sixteen and 10 minutes past 6 o'clock on Monday. And this morning well let's start volumes are starting to pick up about they're really the only thing that day you're gonna. Wanna watch out for others and you know the big traffic slowdowns or trying to help you get around this morning is that the road construction can tell you about right now last week thing narrowed this. He broke construction on Kellogg's east founder of Iowa and her around I seen 35 in the construction zone there. So that is this the start of the second where we where they. At that narrowed so watch out for slow down there Jeff skeptics who can assist radio I'm Jeff chiefs. And Alex to go in the forecast we can assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays good mornings and on the good morning with a warm start to the work week it's going to be breezy this afternoon. Pitchers in the upper eighties around lunchtime at 93 for the afternoon highs. Party cloudy overnight Carlos 75. And a few isolated thunderstorms tomorrow Tuesday night he won. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday and now partly cloudy 77 degrees we have a south wind attend a miles per hour sixty in 10 minutes past 6 o'clock on Europe Monday morning Steve intended. Today is Monday June 18 2318. On this date. Well another warm and breezy day across Kansas. Sunday because my temperature was 97 degrees normal high is. 87. And on the stage in a 1983 astronaut Sally K. Ride it. Became America's first woman in space says she and four colleagues blasted off aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. On a six day mission. Sally K. Ride once married to Steve Hawley from muscle and an astronaut. From Salina. I happened had to dump the I was fortunate to work with. She Holly's brother Jim and KFH back in the early eighties buying buying people good good family. I really Sally ride died in 2012 just a few years ago but she was the first American woman go and going into space there. Some Nebraska schools may have students play a game next year that officials say may help. Disruptive students behave and composer and the potentially prevent violence drug abuse and suicide. The Omaha world herald reports that the Nebraska board of education has approved spending two and a half million dollars of US Justice Department grants. To implement the good behavior game in thirty schools. Supporters in the game has improved the classroom environment but many are skeptical calling it wishful thinking in me. The game requires teachers to divides students and competing teams. The best behaving team will be rewarded with prizes and privileges. Team usually penalized for violating class rules. This is partnering with a Rand Corp. to implement the game insisting on a large scale. Somebody just scant amount of a couple of million dollars for inventing the quiet anything babysitters yeah now. It's ridiculous. Nebraska. Well I think it's kind of silly and on the other hand you've you've got kids come to school and have no idea apparently how to behave. It's the best possible form of school or try to work of the my guess. Or how that works what was once thought and in the concept of learning yes we're just basically babysit right now gotta yeah he's got to get America. Get him in there and get their attentions amount where you can get a bill or anything. Officials in eastern Idaho or investigating after finding a young mailed dear dead with a leash around its neck. The Idaho department of fish and game since the deer was found on the south side of pocket Allah. Pocatello. Agency had been trying to capture the deer after receiving the reports in march of young near with a leash on its next four attempts to dart to the deer field. If you game says at least cause of their problems keeping up with the herded became malnourished. So one ruin somebody's pet dander up who would put a leash around a dear net. That's the mystery from Pocatello Idaho acted it's a 613. Now Stephen Ted grocery just a big weekend up for fathers everywhere and their families. Father's Day was Sunday yesterday. Anything. Happened with the Woodward's there would Gerald pack your dad now in a nice gathering yesterday get. And feasted. That you were used to do you go outdoors to do in the backyard on on police stations outside chance now. It was a breeze late yesterday afternoon to keep the schooled I went to derby. The less and Scott's house for a little cookout then there. But most the time we spent indoors gal to Leo we headquartered in size will lose breeze it was still good warm didn't Scioscia. We call and it to go order from Angelos pizza and the stage hand that's a good cinema etiquette training and a note let's get it now. And testing good stuff and Daniel any present or anything it just the company of is now until they finally. Came from. I bought him on in the book called something wonderful. A new book about Rodgers and Hammerstein just came out while ago that might be interesting. Will be you look like it look like he was pretty interest again. What's it what's it called something wonderful wonderful one day. Some of the author we had an on somebody got hurt and can't assess whatever Fuzzy thinking all right. So it's very likely hear more about that. How many musicals do you think they actually combined. To make it up somewhere around ten and I think ten. Almost everyone of may hit was at the way sort it out there earning my goodness yes you can name six or seven of them were star still among them heavyweights of broadly the Asia and a it should be good book idea that you receive and again I bottom bump myself forgive Friday Shelley that would do little shopping just two of us in the afternoon. While some clothes and in got a civil book I get Keith Hernandez new book. Biography and I just paging through it looks like there's going to be some fun stuff and he. It's this guy played them baseball for what's cardinals and the Padres for the Mets the Mets depths. The present he had it only got even more famously appeared on signs now. And had a that are on there it is thought to be on for that birdied targets of earlier Davis talk about. An appearance relate it the basis itself is blocked on a particular couple thousand bucks whatever I guess is that restricted he had about four pages of dialogue. Yeah that was a much made and so but that was a two part long episode announces. I get a double a start on that effort to finish from my current book about the about the gangsters in the thirties and forties are. 1930s are always learning from your children had to buy I don't know in Vegas Saturday night we went out to eat most of us Stacey and her family. Dicey couple meals I mean but what the heck. We went to east crowds Saturday and and I talked him. Our good friend Kevin was up there and we we we did all right. On those kids they like at family style dining with a with a potato is in the green beans and all that. We had a great time Saturday night and has ousted. So easy to commute to a couple of photos on FaceBook. Don't. Think I got a card from my wife she gave me a cart. We're probably another that. An election senator Saturday after an island just blew it on the country and Russia Chile got a a couple of blouses an unknown publishers so. Yeah that's Father's Day and again another. Only coming up talk to that talked about that a minute mentally today for my wife and me that's on the life. It's come on 618 it was Stephens and they do lead up sports is one. Talk about the U wanna talk about the bills I'm getting to the love the royals. I hear they're not going well there scuffling now. And it does an excellent. Help when royalty in on hottest team in baseball than using Napster news via your car and breezed in Kansas City and did what they're doing everybody else beating him. Astros keep finding ways to win a royals. The other side of things. Astros won their eleventh straight game yesterday the defending World Series champs finish off a dominant. In an old road trip all as they beat the royals. The three game sweep 74 yesterday. We gave you heard on KFH. Astros. Swept Texas they swept Oakland. They swept Kansas City all those games on the road outscoring them by an average of seven before it's put yesterday's finals or won 774. Now. Here's some early action on the Astros radio network O two. And that is back into right field that's a base hit. Ariel scores are Resnick will be held at third and the Astros have taken a lead by deplore. Avid pianist and RBIs single his third head of the afternoon. Late runs for the Astros when it royals have now lost six in a row and twelve out of thirteen. And they still have only 110 home games they've only won ten of their 36 home games this year. Update today for the royals although the homestand will continue after today's off day. That's nodded off there and am sorry the Rangers coming out. Rangers come in for three. As the homestand continues for the royals they're right back at it tonight royals Rangers. Live coverage begins at 630 tonight in start like 715. The royals in the Rangers tonight on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro baseball last night for the Wichita wing nuts finishing up a week in taxes and they finished it up in style of three to one win. In Grand Prairie over the Texas air hogs yesterday afternoon on Father's Day which caused a second three game sweep over the air hogs in three tries this season. And when nets beat the bottom team in the league in sweep mount. Wichita finishes the Texas road trip was six out of seven wins and a which followed that win in moving into third place in the south division five unhappy back it's an off day today for the win. Travel back and now back home for homestand starting tomorrow. Sports with Steven says Kate and as I did chemical sixth when he knows Stephen Ted. Fox News coveted spot starters is on the leg of her with a talk about the things shop owner. Was under attack for his fate that apparently vindicated by the Supreme Court. Not storms on the way he's six play now seems that in the morning on Kate in SS.