FCC warning about a "neighbors scam"

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Tuesday, March 13th

Guest: Fox News correspondent Tonya J. Powers


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First court. Live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning it's McCain is as boring you to keep its head to thank Steve back inside to people that in Texas. After explosives were left on the doorstep of houses that story. Just ahead to post up smaller mobile missing Wichita child is asking to be released from jail I'm Dan O'Neill. Another winter storm blasting the northeast US trying to put words those details are just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. We could expect another cool afternoon in which the top of the big warm up on Wednesday and Thursday are full forecast is on the way. Now partly cloudy 47 degrees. Two people are dead in Texas after explosives were left on the doorsteps of houses. Fox's bill Carr has more. This is a city that's on edge this morning after two bombs went off and east Austin on Monday morning and it's all playing out. With hundreds of thousands of people in town for SXSW. Now votes bombs and we're delivered in packages to people's doorsteps the first just picked up. Quite seventeen year old he took it inside his south and exploded in the kitchen killing the teenager and also injuring a forty year old woman the second bomb went off 75 year old woman is now in critical condition a third bomb went off ten days ago in northeast Austin that explosion killed at 39 year old man. All the victims are minorities causing law enforcement to consider the attacks as a hate crime. Kagan as his breaking news or Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of state. President trump tweeted this morning that he's naming CIA director Mike Pompeo. To replace Tillerson. Pompeo is to be replaced at CIA by Gina passed ball Pompeo as deputy at CIA she would be the first woman in that role. Tillerson had just returned from a shortened trip to Africa hours before Trump's announcement. Trump offered no explanation for the change again. Cain is is breaking news source and out at state to be replaced by CIA chief Mike Pompeo former Kansas. Or distant. House of Representatives are represented here in Kansas. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee say there is no collision between Russia and the cup campaign Fox's Kelly Wright has more. The house Republicans found their where Russian cyber attacks on US political institutions and when he fifteenth through 2016. And their use of social media to sow discord throughout this nation. But their main finding revealed no collusion. Coordination. Or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the Russians president trump tweet of the GOP findings in capital letters. The House Intelligence Committee has after a fourteen month long in depth investigation. Found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the tribe campaign and Russia to influence its when he sixteen presidential election. This conclusion has no impact on the special counsel Robert Moeller investigation. The stepmother of a missing Wichita boy is asking a judge to lower her bond so she can be released from jail. An attorney for 28 year old Emily glass set and a motion filed Friday back glasses 500000 dollar bond is to line. She is these step mother of five year old Lucas Hernandez who hasn't been seen since February 17. She's jailed on a misdemeanor child endangerment charge involving her one year old daughter. Classes attorneys argue she is not a threat to the community and wants to be with her husband and other child who has been placed in state custody. A court hearing was set for Wednesday. Also on Monday when stopped police say they've closed an emergency tip line for information on Lucas but is still urging the public to call in any tips they might have. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Wichita police deputy chief Troy Livingston says the department is taking a very proactive stance in security and traffic control in old town and the interest bank arena area while the NCAA tournament is underway. The department has partnered with other agencies to form an operation plan for the event. During the tournament you'll see officers assigned to different ships offer will be in the area on foot bicycle. Vehicle or back and even a teeny. All these officers will be provided information. To provide to citizens going to games. And also we urge anybody. This season suspicious activity please Obama won and reported. Deputy chief Livingston says the extra patrolling will be handled in much the same ways for river fest. For the third time a lesson two weeks much of the northeastern part of the US is slammed by another nor Easter. National Weather Service meteorologist mark should aren't says most of New England is in for it. A lot of aryan looking at around reflect are even more on exactly could see some totals approaching eight feet from. Eastern Massachusetts and of course that means. The storm also expected to dump more than a more snow on parts of Pennsylvania new York and New Jersey. Airlines have preemptively canceled over a thousand flights scheduled for today and Amtrak is suspended service between new York and Boston. West star energy crews in some of their regular contractors are going to help in New York. The get power back on after the nor'easter is that have come through in recent days Gina Penn zig it's with west star. We have about fifty lest our employees and or headed northeast that includes blank created in support personnel. In addition we have about a hundred lying contractors who usually are doing work. On what properties supporting our customers you have asked to do be able to get north pieces while. Crews could be gone for as long as a couple of weeks US Defense Secretary Jim Mathews is on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan. To discuss a sixteen year old war managed believes a victory is still possible. No one club tour and gets harder. Unity government. And I want to talk toward groups obviously a big game reform passed there. Managed as a victory would be less of a military one but moral political reconciliation with the Taliban. A fatal ATV accident Monday afternoon and Russell in north central Kansas. According to the Highway Patrol the driver 25 year old Timothy Burris hit the brakes hard lost control rolled to the ATV and thrown from the vehicle. Burris was taken to Russell regional hospital where he was pronounced dead. Gay and SS news time now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Couple of NCAA tournament basketball games tonight to get this thing started for the week. That he soccer baseball game tonight and more familiar names leaving the Kansas City Chiefs. Details are all coming up in sports a big stink for an Alabama community that story coming up. On the cape and it's as sporting news' Stephen dead. The team just foreign news even dead now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Which companies are looking for the lone bandit who robbed a Burger King Sunday night in the totally 100 block of west when he first. Officer Jeremy Davidson explains what happened to. They reported there are no suspects have walked up to the drive up window brandished a firearm in demanding money. Money was given to the suspect within fled the area on foot. Suspects and are known black male mid to late thirties. Get a brown and black mask and was wearing green and hand him a jacket and was armed with a black and it. Vice president Mike Pence is calling the president's plan to meeting with North Korea a remarkable step forward. No decision made yet as to where president trump in North Korea's Kim Jung on Mamie. But secretary of state Rex Tillerson says it should take place at that nice neutral site possibly in China. Meanwhile vice president Mike Pence stills Fox's Sean Hannity. The fact that Kim Jung on has agreed to a meeting and is in objecting to US and South Korea's joint military exercises is remarkable. All this breakthrough and we hope is a breakthrough. Is it is a result of of the strong leadership the president has provided. It's a Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill warned the administration that North Korea's been deceptive before and may be again at this meeting. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News a big stink in the south human waste from New York City is being shipped to Alabama. For disposal. But a lot of it is sitting in railroad cars on a citing stinking up a Birmingham neighborhood. Boxers Katherine Paterson reports. Why Harris is not happy he says these rail cars might be hidden behind these trees but nothing can hide the standings. Alabama is not me dumping ground and put it in value since waste these rail cars removed here last week after sitting on the tracks for more than a week Norfolk Southern controls Israeli art big sky environmental ships these containers here from the northeast and Norfolk Southern spokesperson told me big sky has sped up how quickly and diss the containers. Big Scott meanwhile tells us it is an advised by their attorney. Not to speak with the media. K and it says use time now HE 11:11 minutes fences o'clock Stephenson you're still gonna want to avoid northbound I won 35 runner on first and second street car verses that. Semi truck injury accident there. We also have an accident northbound I eighteen of the 35 minutes at Broadway that's approaching the north junction there. A really slowing down at this time. Traffic update on Kate and as best radio on jet chambers and now look at the forecast we can't assist stamping urologist Dan holidays yet more debt and the good morning with a few high clouds drifting from northwest to southeast. It'll be sunny and cool today with a high 55 and alight with windows. Clear overnight are Luke twenty died and in sunny breezy and warmer on Wednesday with a high around 65. Clear and 44 wins tonight Thursday's high in the mid seventies. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy chilly 27 degrees in northwest wind at seven miles per hour. 81212 and it spent 8 o'clock Stevenson of the morning here on a in cash S and the FCC that would be the Federal Communications Commission. Has been warning about neighbors spoofing. Scammer is placing phone calls that appear to be local. Fox News radio's Tonya. Well what think gamers are doing and you may have noticed this listeners may have noticed this. Well I certainly have especially in the last few months been getting things a lot of folks at a and what what a heated these Amber's. Which sometimes can come from overseas and where they're coming from because what they did that take technology and name. May manipulate the number they're calling from to make it look like it's coming from local number for you know. The number of the pop down to cheer your area code eight pitcher disbursed three digits of your phone number. Which makes it look like it's a local call me and I'll answer. Oh I have is exactly what I watched it and this happened instantly. Bank yesterday afternoon all of tried to take a nap in a phone rings and there's somebody from India which is a suburb. And it's I don't know somebody from. Arabia urged. Don't know yet. There's a lot of times when when that happened there will be nothing on the other end of this on you pick it up but there's no there's just violent. Saluting they and. What are they doing there to what they're trying to do yeah robo calls is to establish dental and number that called your number is an active member. Don't win we answered a phone. They go oh OK that's an amber that actually works and you go on a list where you basically are. Get you know possibly become a target for campers in the future because they know a number that works with somebody actually pick up. OK which increases the likelihood of him being able to call you in time we don't don't bank and we just need to repair of and it from now. Yeah any time you get a phone call from anybody. Regardless of where that number comes from that as we need to verify your your information your personal information or your bank account information credit cards at an up yeah. Don't try to talk to them don't read much and just hang out. All right thank you Tonya that's Fox News radio host on you. And all of wanna do is is Venus she says just find out your information yet. Get you hooked on their on their phone list there and fourteen to Stephen dead and we've been talking about a breaking news here in the past few minutes. And that is that Tillerson Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of state. And Mike Pompeo has been nominated. To be the next secretary of state to CIA director who is gone from in just a matter of months Ted. From our fourth district represented here in Kansas to CIA director. And now if Finley if he's confirmed he'll be secretary of state. And a tie it to be endorsing this but this will be our second one which would thrust him into. Russia and North Korea and all other NBA doesn't really going on he'll be he's got against this guy at all worldwide events that will be going on years to count and I I'd. Action don't know that much about Mike we've we've interviewed in a few times and he's he seems to be as sharp guy. This sit this seems like a whole new level forum. He doesn't seem to blanch when when there's a new challenging just jump in there and jump right in oh. And again he'll have to be confirmed by the senate but I can't see where it's going to be a problem with that you knew you would think I would think very highly thought of by the trump administration. All right obviously you're rising star in such he's been a pretty good about doping in in in you know in interviews about does. Not bad Mel thing the ball serving like this to be in keeping his nose clean and in put the good face and everything any. He's doing well he's call rock right up the old letter of Ayers and Ian blinded pulled one of the highest profile cabinet positions in the United States of America. But of course he's not it a native of Wichita but he's lived here for most of for a good part of his life. And and businessman and here in Wichita before he got into politics uplift several years ago. And just Trent thing we've had another secretary of state from which you thought have we not. Robert Gates. Robert Gates and a when he. He was he was that on Cuba is okay. How quickly you forget I think music Thursday to all right. But I think it's too but we'll check that out of my memory goes bad. But it is August but yeah. That's a big honor and if for Mike Pompeo latest on the feather in our old hat that we have somebody that or that high in the administration on the cabinet. And interest. So that's pretty anything developments this morning and not sure exactly why Tillerson is out we broke don't really have seen anything yet on that but I think in some. Strain yeah he was just in the administration and with some foreign parties as well yeah so then he was that a businessman oilman who who took that job and so Rex Tillerson is out and Michael pale is now dominated. To be secretary of state but it's eight to give up on 818 would Stephen debit a lot of sports talk about this morning did we get. Basketball and baseball legal football talk about today tablets yet still list the NCAA men's basketball tournament begins tonight. The couple of first four games in Dayton Ohio. Get a preview of those. First two games of the turn. The first two playing games of attorney won't we the field of 68 down to 66 and first for action from University of Dayton arena and Ohio first up the Northeast Conference chance LU Brooklyn. Facing big self Jim's Radford the what are danced at Thursday's game against top seed Villanova in the east region Allen's getting underway at 6:40 PM eastern time. After the blackbirds and highlanders is the Bruins of UCLA to get on the bodies of saint Bonaventure a battle for the eleven seed to face exceed the east Florida in the tournament Thursday that game tips off at 9:10 PM eastern Matt parts on how Fox News. And you could hear both those games live tonight beginning at 5:30 PM with coverage on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Your radio home in Wichita NCAA men's basketball tournament. Course this is all leading up to some other the big. Dave Foley games on Thursday and Friday Kansas plays Thursday afternoon right here in Wichita. Shocker play on Friday afternoon. It stable play on Friday evening. Some talk about sports betting on some of those games last night in fact the shoppers came up on KFH last night on the Spain and Fitch show. They were talking with Scott striker from wager talked dot com Scott what about Marshall should be Marshall and Wichita State. Well our executive considered again as sexy pick among the public is Marshall the Marshall thundering. So busy 5% of the tickets that are written on Marshall. Little more than half as far as the money is concerned so. A bit deeper that's a pretty much split between Wichita Marshall but again a public all over the thundering herd right now give about a dozen. Or are you say you shape public eye and I start to crane but II. Now uplifting talk on the betting line of the shocker as game when Marshall on Friday afternoon interesting stuff. Get ready this week in the NCAA tournament. Baseball action today for the shocker to a ranked number twenty in the nation now Wichita State will be on the road at Missouri tonight. Wichita State hasn't been the Columbia in seventeen years shocker at Missouri both teams playing well Sox are twelve and do nationally ranked. Missouri is on an eight game winning streak going into this one. Live coverage of soccer baseball beginning at 6 o'clock tonight's game will begin at 630. And it's live right here on your home for soccer baseball 97 and thirteen thirty K and SS. We do have some football news out of the NFL. A longtime veteran of the league. Former Kansas Jayhawks a team to leave it traded by the Denver Broncos. To the Los Angeles rams reaction from a to leave and a. I live get a life man my final chapter in my NFL career man a fourth quarter meant what better place ability and in LA man would have marked man with we way Phillips would a young energetic caught on how does not any may have Renee you back to me a great quarterback man Todd Gurley man this a great situation in my opinion so I'm just glad to have have. All right he totally excited joins cram snapped. The Kansas City Chiefs parting ways with familiar names as and the theme of the offseason. Big money names of their their prime the pilot's salary cap money pours the chiefs. Strapped for cash heading into the offseason but got rid of linebacker Derrick Johnson their career tackles leader at saves eight million bucks pitching. Cornerback Darrelle Revis gone for another Florida millions saved quarterback Alex Smith gone at that saves seventeen million dollars. And now two more moves yesterday veteran of the secondary wrong Parker gone. Saving five million dollars and 34 year old a combo holy. One of the chiefs' career sack leaders. In declining years of his career gone and that will save the chiefs nearly eight million dollars. We started two games last year obviously is for years pretty much winding up but these are cutting big names and getting rid of big money. Trying to obviously get some younger players to shore up a leaky defense and probably to pay for more. Young fast weapons at their new young quarterback Patrick Holmes can have at his disposal for years and limit chiefs are obviously making some. Bigger shifts in dynamic changes right now they don't want through the offseason. Happy birthday today to Wichita State. Guard Landry sham it at bay switching to one team won it today. He turns 21 as his team is heading out to San Diego the tape play in the NCAA tournament about that happy birthday Landry Shannon a sports. Stephens said Kate an asset our crack research team got an oil up there and we did some little research found out that Robert Gates a graduate of east high school in Wichita. Did indeed serve as secretary director of the CIA. And secretary of defense however there's nothing there it's it was never secretary of state so Pompeo CI a director now. He is nominee to beat Michael pay a nominated me to new secretary of state Alba that. Robert Gates had the interesting note of serving under two presidents from different parties yeah. He bridge the bush makes Obama a dapper irons which was quite. Unique our right to we got Freddy's frozen custard and they burgers twenty dollars it gift certificate for one of molesters. Right now give us a call 86913. Thirty if you'd like to go to Freddy's courtesy of Stephen to death. Eight what he's readout given here for the Hannity morning minutes. Former news executive keeps Obama doll in her purse that it story coming up Stevens head of the morning on K and as fast.