The Federal government avoids a shutdown.

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

The House and Senate kick the can down the road.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning we are needed him more now 630. Steve intensity back time. Ted Woodward death house and senate leaders will present former Republican senator Bob Dole of Kansas. With the nation's highest civilian honor to recognize his decades of service as a soldier lawmaker and statesman. House speaker Paul Ryan's office is dole will receive the congressional gold medal in a ceremony scheduled for January 17. Now 94. Dole represented Kansas in the house and in the senate and was a GOP nominee for president in 1996. Ellis take a look at the forecast with KSA staff meteorologist Dan holidays in morning and good. Morning wanna grab the heavy coat on the way out the door a big difference from where we were yesterday at this time with temperatures starting below freezing only getting to 36 with a gusty north wind this afternoon partly cloudy tonight are Lou 21 that we get to 39 or forty for the high tomorrow and then on Christmas Eve sunny and 35 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now cloudy 26 degrees you've got to north wind gusting to 21 miles per hour. Congress has passed a temporary government funding bill keeping the government open through the holidays. Fox's chat program has more. What the government funding bill does it fund the government that the current levels until January 19. It temporarily renews the domestic surveillance program which is a key tool in the war on terrorism qualifies a 702. And there's also some money in their for the military and also for children's health care. This gives congress time to try to find a permanent solution for government spending. The Department of Homeland Security is suspending plans to conduct bio terrorism drills near the Kansas Oklahoma border over concerns about the impact on grounds native American tribes considered sacred. Homeland Security spokesman John for Rico. Says it tests were suspended over objections to them taking place at that show local Indian agricultural school their nuclear Oklahoma. Erica says the work remains important and the engine agency is looking for another location. AAA has forecast 107 point three million Americans will be traveling from Christmas to New Year's Valerie wise with Wichita Oz Eisenhower airport tells KNS as news. An estimated 2700. Passengers were scheduled to fly out of the airport yesterday. How does that count compared with a normal today. They're just stays there and you're 222300. Something like that it's just a parent. Like they're pretty all every day. AAA estimates six point four million people are traveling by airplane over Christmas in the US. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Candace has used a violent crime numbers have been going up the past few years. What crime category concerns him most. And gun violence is the number that since Torrey fourteen we've seen. Increases in our aggravated assaults associated with. Gun violence and what we're seeing is a lot of people are choosing to resolve conflicts with with guns then. It's a concerning trend and it's something that we wanna turn around. Chief of Ramsay our guest this weekend and issues Tony seventeen. Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. During the holidays the Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers who have not filed a tax return for 2016. Or prior years. Now's a good time to get current on their taxes IRS spokesman Michael DeVine. You didn't file last year and you file a 2007 king return and you do refund you probably won't get that until. You get current on your taxes you know because what we thank you as well maybe you Rhode last year you didn't file you gonna get a refund this year so you file while watching the get current on your taxes because. It is a statute of limitations on claiming your refund. But that balance and do the money you woke. There's interest and penalties that are growing unmet. In general all the law provides most taxpayers a three year window of opportunity for claiming a refund or the money becomes the property of the US treasury. For more information go to IRS dot gov with President Clinton vice president pins are both taking time to thank American troops before the Christmas holiday. Vice president pence making a surprise visit to Afghanistan to meet with president contrast donning green US troops. Thanking them for their service will stressing America's commitment to the war torn nation the armed forces of the United States will remain engaged in Afghanistan. Until we eliminate the terrorist threat to our homeland. Meanwhile back home president from spending time with troops at Walter Reed medical center awarded a purple heart to first lieutenant Victor prod out who survived an IUD blast in Afghanistan last month some Angel Fox News. What's the healthiest. City in the United States according to consumer advocates dot org it's Seattle using government data consumer advocates taking into consideration the populations body mass index. How physically active people are how much sleep people get a night and the level of physical exercise coming in second is San Jose California. Rounding off the top five San Francisco Denver. And San Diego so it seems if you wanna live healthy lifestyle. The best places to DR in the west Gary Baumgarten. Fox News six. Friday December 22 when he seventeen and it just feels like it feels like Christmas Eve that I don't that we a couple of days ago but. We have what three days till Christmas. Well sports casting legend. Has passed away beloved hall of fame sportscaster Dick Denver has started his home in La Jolla, California. And berg was 82 years old and had a career that spanned some six decades. His voice graced the broadcasts of ten Super Bowls. He'd NCA a championships and 26 Wimbledon ends and his play by play was unmistakable. Great job. And berg was celebrated by fans and his peers earning top awards from baseball basketball and Pro Football Hall of Fame but with all the accolades he's still considered himself a lucky man. It's been such a complete and privileged life and no it's some and it said this I have worked today under a minute that's been employed beautifully. Mike Kantor Fox News at liberty Garza's spent a lot of time doing play by play and I know that the Unita have our favorites behind the Mike I liked it and I liked that the legal game but you. Big fan very clean and to the point and and extremely knowledgeable now. It was a really good job. Always brought enthusiasm right to what he did an appropriately in yes yes. There's never seen doctor very decent man who would never you know denigrate a nap leader coach anything like that either I can. They think about Super Bowls and yet all the Wimbledon finals I would Watson was ten days in Vienna he watched McEnroe and Borg and Dick in berg was Colin and on summer mornings Tennessee gone now football baseball you bulls needed final fours. Pretty a pretty interesting guy telling how many different same broadcast. How many different sports have you done that play for Ted you don't know don't know a lot it is summit meant some people but if you've done your share beyond baseball basketball football. You have it and soccer. And net now or hockey. That's right in and create a public address for many many out ports more than I've done play by play. You know a lot of fun doing that right. Or some year add in stuff that I covered for the Eagles to yeah because you were pro tennis Hubert for the eagle leaders and I'm well that Dick Denver I've got a very pretty very prism. Yeah you do. Which people look at that matches I can't focus right that's exactly that's pretty much wanted to out of it and that. All right we're just again you were that last night going to the movies. I hit that the grand daughters over the house to date back into the house in these two and eleven year old girl's grandmother making. Crafts you know him you know. Ornaments and and cookies and the sister act like Santa's work out the absolute wreck and I just didn't go be crazy but they finally. They finally got at all cleaned up everything to her glitter everywhere hello yeah you know on that they're there to watch and if those those kids shows that they watch in the afternoon just terrible. You know they're just awful but the kids but again it is anyway they get time to spend. A few hours with their grandmother and you know those things. If it means simply had it's not sadness just not okay I spent some time a grandmother. These are the places where an act I appreciate this I guess more maybe just my mom passed away what three weeks ago cup yet three weeks on a birthday. Did you creating memories we do these things sure are and they have they have a place in your life and realize that the people around so I think was it. You know Alex said it was a big mess but I think that's okay. I let him slide of this. And you're right it's nothing special it's nothing grandiose but. Well it's been it's those moments that you'll look back on years from now on and treasure in Italy anytime the other thing is you know they're people who have never had this and that experience and I. A feel for because it is an it candidate larger art especially here Chris Vista. 639 our good friend Tom Loeffler of what we're commodities with a us this morning. Yeah. Good morning Steve. Don't like cattle feeder cattle clones positive epic big league start in the morning and appeared to be mostly technical bail to the upside. As cattle trade this week has been mostly hip and a forty dollar mark. We've traded mixed and close out. Up Friday morning at 11 o'clock that is important as you say is the release of the monthly catalog the storage report along with the quarterly Hogan pig report at 11 o'clock in the early release. Because the markets are closing early today at twelve if keen for the livestock. On the closed yesterday there were candles that beat views than either 11967. In Peter the dollar fifteen 142 and on eighteen that they're all those points at 56057. The soybean futures closed they'd be yesterday for the eleventh consecutive session the past twelve. The court in the wheat futures closed on the positive side weekly export sales are still rather low for the year ago levels. According futures were closed early today at twelve will by the reopen at 8:30 Tuesday morning. At the most Arctic sea weed a quarter of a penny higher fortunately for the AF. It's chords and take the 351 and reported January being three quarters of a penny higher at 949 an area. The Buick and mistreating there at the sacred oil February crude oil rose 41 at fort 5795. Did you work golden bucket empire 12132. PM market at 22 and a quarter point counterpoint 690. Parts dollar index which has hired 9290. In March just petered up fourteen points and 24 that would. 79 PP but commodity trading right marketing advisory contact corporate commodity on the float on the web like using 866 go to. So utility that the egg market is gonna close at noon today. Well it's good now the eggs and what are we want our vehicles stock market what are you gonna closed due today. Well once close look at five is our great completely content at 1215. Wide stock markets closed well. You didn't you drag him. In Russia which category BA expo. Let me ask Europe it is kind personal question that. Are you wearing one of those funky red Christmas and catch with a ball on the end of right now. I can't believe I gotta put to give. Clue that I have not too. Who. I was feeling you're sitting right by your your bid in your underpants what he's. All right well listen I tell you what will talk to you get on Tuesday morning until that time. To your family from Steve did Janet but he you're gonna come we hope you just have the Mary's president prisoners and think for Bayless. Well we will think you guys you have all have a great Christmas did. Time now 642. Stevens did not grants the FB the detractors within this morning didn't get a talk about bad to portfolios. But the city like a bad Santa. It's we'll find out organ of my death I grant CFA the money tracker on the way she'd been dead on K and SS.