Federal government shuts down overnight, then opens again

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th

Guest: Fox News correspondent Rachel Sutherland


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this McCain business sporting news feed and says ninety Macintosh. Congress pulls over nighter to deal with the budget and government shutdown we've got the story. Alleged rapists for the child to downtown Wichita YMCA is back in jail and could Woodward of those details just ahead governor call your promises to launch new open government web site. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday looks like we have our best chance of snow in quite some time and we'll tell you win then how much we can expect coming up. The House of Representatives has narrowly passed a bipartisan budget measure ending a government shutdown that started at midnight. The second shot found each year. The senate voted early today to reopen the government and pass a 400 billion dollar budget deal handing the measure off of the house for predawn debate. Kansas congressman Ron Estes talk with Fox News after the vote. We've been pushing through this agenda that the president supported getting the economy going get the tax cuts in jobs that moving. And and getting this defense appropriations supported but now we've got to turn to the real big problem which is which is our our budget deficit and how much we're spending. So it's business as usual for federal services and employees this morning the president has signed that bill. An alleged rapists and child has been re arrested. 21 year old Caleb gassed and was first arrested last week the alleged rape of a four year old girl at the downtown Wichita YMCA kids' zone. Where he had worked since 2013. His bond was set at 100000 dollars on Tuesday he made bail and was released from jail. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says on Wednesday evening gassed and was taken into custody again on a charge for another sexual abuse case. Captain was arrested at approximately 8 PM in the 14100 block of east crest hill. In derby Kansas. Which dog sitter carry exporting the missing child unit detectives. Have identified a three year old female victim. Any child sex crime that occurred at the downtown YMCA. For a team or market. Gassed and is now held on one million dollar bond which the mayor Jeff Falwell says he in the city's director of public works and utilities Alan King. Will be at the White House Monday. It revolves around a new infrastructure plan that that's about the extent of those he tells them that we think that that's. A great opportunity and certainly it's nice that. We have friends in Washington now know where which is we think we can be a part of that discussion part of the solution. To help brain more opportunities to which talked cancer. Mayor Longo says White House staffers and president trump will be at the Monday meeting Kansas governor Jeff collier is promising that state government will launch a couple of new accountability web sites within four months holier signed four executive orders Thursday aimed at promoting government transparency. One quarter requires state agencies to set performance schools. And develop ways to measure their progress toward meeting them so that the information can be available on line. Another order creates a web site for posting notices of agency's public meetings and documents associated with those meetings. Point your also signed orders designed to make obtaining government documents less expensive and to prevent officials from using private email accounts for state business. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. White House chief of staff John Kelly is facing the fallout from the abrupt exit of a White House staffer accused of domestic abuse while rob reporters out Eads chief of staff John Kelly who's now coming under fire for how he handled the White House's response. Kelly on Wednesday Tuesday and saying I'm proud to serve alongside him but Thursday telling changing his tune. As more details emerged about assault claims made by porters ex wife's. In a letter obtained by Fox News Kelly says domestic violence is a boring and has no place in our society noting that shot contain allegations of caused. Kelly says the White House is making council of L for staffers in the wake of porter's departure. In Washington some Angel fox news' Kate and assess Huston now. Eagle 4:4 minutes past 8 o'clock. With a big basketball weekend on tap. Wichita State Kansas Kansas State all in action tomorrow in men's basketball at different times leaving the rundown coming up sports repeating a call for five minutes we've disgraced former USA gymnastics doctor Mary Nestor. That story coming up on the cape and it's as sporting news misty day. The case and is this morning you receive it and now it's 7:7. Minutes after 8 o'clock. Catholic Charities of what you thought helped more than 111000 people a year across central and southeast Kansas. Executive director Randy Blake tells Kate and assist news. We're really addressing poverty and trying to help people address the barriers that they. Confront when they're trying to supply a you know the basic needs for their families. Wendy Glick is our guest this weekend and issues Tony 18 Sunday morning at eight on K in a sense. US senator is repeating the call for five minutes with disgraced former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow says she was disappointed at an enraged father was prevented from punching Larry Nasser and Michigan courtroom last week grant. He buys it so well. Those. Before charting Nasser and being tackled and escorted out by police are rates later apologized was not reprimanded by the judge they go on meet Paige actually set up to support the father of three of masters victims Margaret announced on Thursday that all 31000 dollars raised so far is being donated to Lansing area groups that help victims of physical abuse man apart on how Fox News and Internet giant is set to deliver groceries. If you can't get to a whole foods whole foods might soon come to you. Amazon is preparing to unveil to our delivery service that you're getting grocer which it bought last year of those Amazon customers who subscribe to the company's 99 dollar a year prime membership. Can get to our delivery service for free with orders of 35 dollars or more for an additional 799. You can get one hour delivery. Fresh produce seafood meat and some alcohol will be available the services currently active in four large cities with plans to expand to other markets. Rich Dennison Fox News. They Unisys news son now eight or 9:9 minutes since 8 o'clock. And taking a look at traffic out there right now in Wichita. Nothing's moving along as the gasoline prices coming down a bit. We were still lancet 242. Would gallon yesterday this morning. You know more places around 239. A gallon than. Selling prices. Coming down just a little bit today traffic updates from state and assist radio on gas chambers. And now the forecast risque in his says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning gentlemen good morning and Arctic cold front is making its way through Kansas this morning and it will likely be through south central Kansas in Wichita by about noontime or high 39. Cloudy tonight with a low in the mid teens and in windy on Saturday with a high 25. Now by late Saturday night into Sunday morning we'll see a system command that would give us a good chance of snow potentially. To a half an inch possible. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy 37 degrees northwest wind at thirteen miles per hour yesterday's high 68. At 839. And that's. Now that's a whopper. Paul he's restaurant in Boston is offering a burger for sale for 3000. Dollars. But it's not just any burger Desmond comes with an engagement ring on the side. Restaurant is offering it as part of a Valentine's Day special. The special jury is a 78 carat Neil Lane ring nestled in the Bonn. The ring will come frame with round diamonds and the fourteen karat gold band. Just give them 48 hours notice to get ready he. Wrote or Paul barker says there are no confirmed orders so far. But there's several very interested people. This Libya ladies resume for when those romantic Valentine gators let's go have a hamburger does amber and Andy and all look over there now. There's a ring you see Mike seltzer Jewelers is up there right next to five guys out all of this is such a great idea they would have thought this out my long time ago Mike Goodman doing it right. I it's 8:11 ousting until the morning had you been following the news this morning you know that. Actually the government or shut down overnight in there was priest overnight and following the situation. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland good morning ritual like to have you with us this morning. A picture having me let editors every night time. Where the government went past the midnight deadline in officially shut down because it could be no agreement. And a house on. The bill Whitney ultimately passed about 5:30 this morning eastern. Is he continued regulation I mean the government until March 23 attached to that is as long term. Spending bill that raises in the across the board for two years is that as level. That actually at that fiscal conservatives like senator Rand Paul took the floor try to block. The bill yesterday with a bit of a surprise BP'S_C. warns that if indeed that elected in this case he did not. It squeaked out and it. He had that same problem in the house where. How treating pockets with staying away Whitman it is not a fiscally conservative bill that that Republicans needed ever. Though is that held up things for awhile. Finally. House speaker Paul Ryan giving assurances the Democrat they will take up immigration. Post taste though it passed again. Around 5:30 this morning just a little while ago the president signed the bill effectively officially opening the government again. So my understanding is that president trap percent about daka. Let's breed good and and make it better and I would presume that's going to be taken some research rewriting hearing something like that that could take some time. Well I think that the public that topic saying yeah you want the fine if that's actually a path to citizenship. For people who are brought here's children you know to think that their rounds. And he said okay we'll do that. But I want those stocked in return he's saying he wants 25 billion dollars and border while funding he went to be just as alien migration program. In the end to diversity lottery programs that the fourth pillar approach. And it Democrats. Have been balking at Walt funding although it's been on the table before and in particular. They have they're taking issue but wind changes the Stanley migration and diversity lottery program. Docket expires in March it. Right now at that held up in court acted be overturned and then it will rational what happens on March next. If it is a court order blocking the president. Getting docket had paid appealed never turned. They need to beat people here who had been coming out of the shadows exports. Losing their art department they were available work and means that they would have to go back into hiding. So. I don't know if people remain at British she's it is the new government spending deadline is march 23 if by chance there's just one scenario. A court overturns. But the decision block in the top of the situation with the spending daka. Can't get past the deadline then there could be total battle Royale. On March 20 Beckett going up until midnight. Don't buy utility is. March 23. We may be going through something some or all over again. It it depends on how turning point that it's very hard to predict what congress is going to do it's an educated over the past couple of days there's been like three hairpin turn it. It's it is they they changed their mind. And they will come out of nowhere. And that everything blows up or it can Morse nuclear clean match and it just it kind of awaited speech well we do now is that both chambers their leadership and both sides have agreed is that we are going to start. Open debate on immigration back in majority leader Mitch McConnell has said. That they're gonna open right up on or people who just but the proposals out there and whoever reads this that either way. Thank you for your help us when we appreciate your average. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland was Stephen did this morning live from Washington DC to use its 815. 15 minutes past 8 o'clock here on a Friday morning Steve and Ted. And eight. If you. And get this worker can't listen to his work on the radio. You can now. He which can do. Listen to us on line pianist has revealed that about debt it while I do a lot of folks do resist in the cat. A young Florida boy wanted to stuffed toy while his family was having dinner at a restaurant in Titusville. So he crawled inside the claw style vending machine. To get one. About these finger resourceful yet that'll cause you put a new core now there's stupidest error and it robs millions of people out there in order to ever get that stuffed toy enough do the thing is worth less than that the thirty. Fifty cent to put in market. Tony this kid got stuck inside the glass in case structure. An off duty firefighter Jeremy house was also having dinner at the restaurant. He yelled for someone to call 911 and colleagues from a nearby fighters station joined him in rescuing the kid. I don't know how apple about whether or use the claw and just brag about the bottom of the just at the door but the ball is embarrassed. But wasn't in distress and they got him out and about five minutes so. And really love. Much of the tragedies the young man who crawled in through the the claw style vending machine hole. Doesn't say how much that he's all I. I'd be small enough to crawl under that aptly be embarrassed and a mean how how big hole is that that it's can't be now now. You've got to be a little guy. As you know I've I try to get an area or that middle one my arm and there app voice. I would embarrass these triumph fun I have a great time hey look here come the firefighters 817 now Stephen dead. That's to look at sports this morning with deadly bird. Got a lot of basketball to talk about today right there under the tomorrow on tap for busy weekend including a home game for the shocker when he first ranked Wichita State. In men's basketball hosting Connecticut's. First time the Huskies have ever paid a visit to Wichita shots right now are tied for second place in the conference. And we'll get after the shocks beat the Huskies might ten points way back in late December. And then tomorrow is the rematch. In Wichita Mike Kennedy and Dave dull will be on the air with pregame coverage at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon game will tip off at 5 o'clock at the arena. And that's on 103 point seven KE YN. And join me after the game I'll be taking your phone calls live on the shocker locker room shows we broadcast live out at twin peaks in east Wichita at 21 in Iraq. He would twin peaks after the shocker game tomorrow. Kansas and Kansas State both play tomorrow and the or both games involve teams that are in first place in the conference Kansas is ranked number ten in the nation's tied for first atop the big twelve look. EU is at Baylor tomorrow. Afternoon. That you has beaten Baylor eleven times in a row usually close when these two teams get together. They you beat Baylor by three points in Lawrence last month. Rematch in Waco tomorrow. Live pregame coverage of the jayhawks at 11:30 tomorrow morning gain tip off at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon was the jayhawks on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. Kansas State has to wait until tomorrow night to play tonight gain in Manhattan for the wildcats posting a seventh ranked Texas Tech. The other team tied for first place atop the wealthy and a state is tied for fourth so big matchup here in Manhattan tomorrow night. He state playing well connected on five game winning streak that techno whipped the wildcats by sixteen points last month in Lubbock. Tomorrow night is the rematch in Manhattan that'll tip off at 7 o'clock tomorrow night nationally televised on ESP NU. College women's basketball a big one tomorrow for the Wichita State women as for the first time ever they will play Connecticut. Connecticut happens to be the number one this team in the nation. And they are 23. And oh on the season. And Connecticut has never lost a game in the American conference 81 and oh all time against. Those in the American now. With Wichita State the newest member of the conference. In their first crack at the Huskies tomorrow on the road. That'll be at noon tomorrow Steve strain we'll have live coverage of the soccer ladies at number one Connecticut and you listen to that game tomorrow right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Kate and as tests. Busy weekend for the Wichita thunder hockey team three games in three cities on the road at. The Fort Wayne comments tonight at the Cincinnati cyclones tomorrow night. And visiting the first place Toledo wall lie on Sunday afternoon but the thunder with a busy weekend on the road. Ju co men's basketball tomorrow night Butler community college on the road visiting sixteenth ranked Hutchinson. Always interesting when these two get together in the last time they played a couple months ago an elder radio Butler had a 26 point lead and blew it Hutchinson came back and won that game by a point line and tomorrow night is the rematch in Hutchinson Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of the Butler grizzlies at 715 tomorrow night net's live right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and that's that's. And in the NBA yesterday Toronto beat the New York Knicks 113 88 in Toronto coming off the bench for the raptors former Wichita State guard Fred van bleak had ten points. Tied for the raptors lead with six assists. And let the raptors with three steals as well hey Fred still playing great off the bench they've wrapped nervously Oprah are one of the top 2 teams in the Eastern Conference that sports with Steven says. They. Anyone know Stephen says in eight. About half Valentine's Day I've got to the special for you right now. It's our Valentine's Day package twenty dollar gift card from Coca built today. At Bradley fair or their new location that you market square next to panera I was in their last night it. Plus we've got to Mannheim steamroller classic romance CD romantic melodies who. So you'd like to have that special Valentine's Day gift from Stevenson gives a golf. 86913. Thirty all right even your for the Hannity morning Milledge John criticizes CNN coverage of Russians at the national prayer breakfasts. He's the head of the morning on K and assess.