Final day of the school year for Wichita public schools

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, May 16th
Musing on summertime funtime activities

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97 and thirteen thirty KUNSS. Feed him more now Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. At yesterday's meeting to Wichita City Council adopted two resolutions to support this year's Wichita river festival. Council first adopting a resolution to allow alcohol consumption during river fest. They did this by establishing a temporary entertainment district around sentry to and the Hyatt regency which is top. The council also adopted a resolution to allow winched off festivals incorporated. Negate a price water park and the lawn adjacent to the Hyatt regency river fest runs from June 1 through the ninth. Rodney price paid an SS news. A man from New York City who hope to become the only out of state resident to run for Kansas governor has been kicked off the ballot. The state objections board voted two to one. To remove Andy mask and name from the Republican candidates on the ballot in the August primary members of Kansas congressional delegation are pushing for faster environmental cleanup. At a former ammunition plant in the northeastern part of the states. The army began cleaning up contaminants three years ago from the former some flirt army ammunition plant facility produced gunpowder and rock of opponents during several wars. The Kansas City Star reports the army says it's making progress. But some federal lawmakers from Kansas are concerned about the 20/20 eight target date to finish cleaning up the 5300. Acres. Senator Jerry Moran and representative Kevin Yoder both Republicans are pressuring army to speed up the progress. Yoder says Johnson County residents deserve to have this land back from productive views in the community. So Campbell came SS news. Prosecutors will file nine counts of felony child abuse against the California mother of ten children. Who investigators said suffered long term abuse in a filthy home that's according to authorities. I know Rogers who was scheduled to appear in court today told reporters earlier this week the allegations against her and her husband are false California has a right to die law passed in Tony's Eckstein. But a judge says it was improperly enacted. And he's tossing left. A judge in Riverside said California legislators right to die law was unconstitutional. Because they passed during the special session. During those you're limited to the topics of the session. Alexandra Snyder with a life legal defense foundation said that was not their primary argument but he'll take. They've got through that way because there have been some pretty strong opposition and even within the committed that they need to power thought that. Attention this site is still very controversial. She says if lawmakers get it passed properly they will fight it again on other grounds she says there's no investigation following doctor assisted suicide. Leaving the process open to abuse by those who won a coerced or intimidate and terminally ill person. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. A smile all is a good thing right. Of school in Pennsylvania think soon students in north Lebanon Pennsylvania high school are told his smile when walking in the hallways between class. Asks if not well they can Wear their frowns right to their guidance counselors not all parents like the new rule some even transferring their kids to other schools and some parents say while they're telling kids to smile they are ignoring bullying it's something the school district did night. It's Gary Baumgarten Fox News and now McCain is says forecast with meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning and. Good morning with a party cloudy start to today we expect to be sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the upper seventies by lunchtime. 84 for the high later on tonight partly cloudy Arlo 65. Should be dry on Thursday would tomorrow's high getting to 86. And a system moving our way on Thursday night and Friday may bring us a few thunderstorms. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now fog mist 61 degrees and coma at 736 now Stephen Tim of the morning here on case Tenet has asks. It is Wednesday may east sixteenths. 2018. A passenger on an Alaska Airlines plane. On a flight from Seattle to Anchorage Alaska was restrained after he ran make it up and down me I'll. Just hate when that happens ten on a flight here on and passenger next apple says the man had been seeded two rows in front of him. Near the back of the jets doubles as he looked up from is audiobook to see the man under load and yelling and moving forward. The man approached the cockpit instead apple says he thought it might be some sort of attack. But then that then turn around and ran toward the back of the jet. Civil says he stood up a slap in and the face another passenger pinned the man's arms and help to restrain him. The flight landed safely about 45 minutes later the man was taken to a hospital solved. Something went wrong their possibly with his medication could you possibly be able to do is rove. In the crowded airplane seats and apparently this gentlemen got it done a terribly clothing. It's one of those velcro is elected them. In the news this morning if you've been listening to Stephen to edit the Hillary aside what but he called that restitution bill for people who are wrongly convicted of crimes in Kansas and go to jail for go to prison for years and years and years. And now we get a new along that as if that happens and they are proved to be innocent. We're gonna State's gonna pay of 65000 dollars a year. Compensating for for that time spent and and did you had a quote we had a quote from a woman is that this is the gold standard for this kind of law in America. And so is that 65 grand tax free is about two thirds of the states now have something like that adds up to do they said that that seems to angels generous but well. I'll hit it probably saves the state from. Even is the price get and he gets sued these are probably say it's all I left. Court costs and lawsuits for years and years it would be on an excellent point and in the years you've got the the losses here this is the money you're entitled to the actual damages what they could have earned over the years there punitive means that to punish the wrong during which would be the state. We're not getting it right. Now some I guess yet that seems seems got a generous but when you point out that he could. Forestall lawsuits. Maybe that's a bed and he's a good deal of score CU ST 25 nines classes last in public schools throughout. Today. Remember talking about grandkids last cycles ago the Catholic schools and one or two more days maybe today than the last pretty much sent Tommy that are timed the year when the kids are just bust and a but since the scene when we get out and spend the summer doing what what kids do in the summer which can be. On now that Little League and all kind of a lot of those three months all kinds of fun stuff that was it. I remembers get a tip I would I was able to. On some somebody in my mom wouldn't bow and get a separately we've got upper illegals who you're in now we've got little thunderstorm right over to bar airport reduced which is tolerant. But he didn't mean to report that was talking about and and take a quick look at the million innocent driver on the northeast part of town pricey some a hole and it'll rain rain dumping on Denver airport a little bit to salute the Rangel on down there. And actually use it is it is dart board board of northern Oklahoma is first in right now we've got to what what's tea. 20% chance well it's 20% in. Now. Over Jabbar but it arena tournaments affected we were able to sleep in. Nice if sometimes it's sleek and I don't want to what's the latest you ever slept in 10:11 o'clock in the morning on this summer I would yeah I would power through till about noon and well. As a death metal anyway Ellen it's already hot yet alone anymore. Was teenaged. I think of course went bananas get to the main thing that I look forward to his good play luckily it put baseball in the summer. So this liberal that's OK that's fine tune in and we'd have a would have a vacation every year yes me too pleased with the ball and vacate little more than two highlights of the summer for me is well you know with the ball going to the library yet you do that deserves all funds funds that you can do and you didn't have any. Teachers to tell you what to do at what that it. Andy in the library forgot about that spend hours and going to aerials games we went euros games man. But yeah and there's a game that. I don't ash I haven't seen it. My grand kids don't play with global. I haven't seen it before ball bat and ball and to be in action probably 4050 years on added. You know week two every summer I mean you take that ball hundreds and hundreds of with the ball game yeah. It's in you only had to get you'll need to geyser three at a team renewed when a lot of feeling Millen on your plate right. Willful ball the plastic ball you can throw in anything we just. Dart and you'll Qaeda cells some holes and it's he can make it her and a drop. Not to get too sporty illness but I would then get out there and emulate the batting stances so we'll certainly start out doing Willie startle you have to do now is that the Willie Willie when it Windmills that. It could do to do list and usually your. It is now. It. A base that was fun of basic. So all right so the kids out of school watch out for about their assault and be careful with the kid but hey they're going to be out of school for the next three months. And then enjoying their summer and we enjoy of course is our time parents will enjoy having them home all the time. Artists and 41 now is Stephen dead. And all the way editor bill whether it's tough business units that talk about. Oh Wichita development project that's changing hands that's coming up steam ahead of the morning on tape and SS.