Final Week of Preseason (Aug 30, 2017)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Wednesday, August 30th

The deadline for teams to cut to a 53 man roster is this Saturday (Sept 2) at 3pm Central. Kendall breaks down the various math behind getting to 53 for Kansas City.


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This week he would teach football. The official chiefs radio podcast. Now your host Ben Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in chiefs football it is the eve of the final pre season game. A two point seventeen the chiefs will host the titans at arrowhead tomorrow night. We'll talk about some of the positions in play and some of the players on the bubble is that looming 53 man deadline approaches but first it's chiefs headlines. She's headlines this week each football. He's from the league offices in the word Quantez perfect. His five game suspension was reduced to three games perfect found. You have violated two rules when he hit the sausage Anthony Sherman in the third quarter the Cincinnati game. The leaks sent him a letter and I think it's kind of interesting is the language from that letter this is not your first offense with respect to illegal hits to defenseless players. To the contrary this incident is consistent with your pattern. Of egregious safety related violations including your hit on the defenseless player during the 4015 wild card game. And your head against the Baltimore tight end who was away from the play on January 3 when sixteenth. When players violate the rules intended to protect player safety on a repeated basis. And particularly when this violations carry with them the significant risk of injury to an opposing player. You must be held accountable for the continuing unacceptable conduct their from John running at the NFL vice president of football operations I think what. I'm hearing and reading between the lines is dude that knock it off. It's pretty much and that simple if that's coming from Jon Runyan by the way who. Was not the nicest guy himself and an offensive tackle for the Eagles for so many different years so. Yeah they reduces from five to three I think it's interesting that with the with the new system they have and how they have former players on there that says they electric giving them a fair shake but yes five I did think was significant three is still pretty hefty. Chris pretty hefty write or is there 85 almost felt a little especially for what they've doled out elsewhere. An interesting development there. Mario let's get some of the other headlines big news on the chiefs' roster well you're right new GM Brett beach has been busy as he traded for inside linebacker. Reggie Iraq would from buffalo the chiefs gave up a fourth round pick in the twenty team draft which will be next year. Some out there and they own not only the fourth pick the first round pick as well as they get chiefs gave a flat pick. To buffalo to get up the slots in just to Patrick mobile excellence and rest and the other won't talk until I'm Cameron Urban League just traded. For him from Cleveland. He is a former first round pick. You as a seventeen starts in his point nine games playing for. Cleveland then I think it should be noted that he has played gold silver and tackle in his career so. Brett beach he's not sitting on his hands at all these good Americans it is difficult that is your headlines for today Wednesday August 30. 2017. And can we got a lot to discuss the chiefs will hold their final pre season game tomorrow as we mentioned the big thing. Is this Saturday at 3 o'clock eastern time on September 2 I'm sorry 3 o'clock central 4 o'clock eastern yeah. The chiefs have to make a 53 man roster so there's a lot of changes to going. That didn't need to happen here in the cut down to 53 before we discussed some of those positions. I want to just talking about these roster moves could yet kind of an interest in concept and frankly I think your onto it. Yeah you know with no cuts coming down and until the film after the final game it's just going to be your crazy 48 hours. And you're to have 1001. Utterly team guys on the market. So you know that's haywire to begin what. Couple bout with the fact that. The chiefs are 27 to line in terms of the waiver system and I should explain that no if somebody is put on waivers cut then if a team wants and they put in a claim on him after its multiple. From worst to splash to the chief Steward is what they did last year they're 27 in the order so. If they have a wish list and they have some guys just. It was reported that Reggie reckless and Cameron or from both have a hard time in and stood a chance of actually getting cut. Well that's it if that's the case. The chiefs never would've got hold them right the 27 on the way of our system so I think it's forcing teams to rethink. What they wanted to admit that somebody that they really covered that they think can help them. And work into their system like Reggie rightly. For sure then you go out and get them and acquire them as opposed to hoping and waiting on the waiver system itself a little bit it can to jumping up and draft. You're exactly right and that's what it does and you set a perfectly hadn't. Put it like that but it is that that's the only way a team the down low it's gonna jump up there and do something that that. The league is structured the NFL's done a great job of structuring parity into their due process and when you finished twelve and four. You don't get to pick first hotels are just the way it works you're exactly right. Yet and I think it's interesting people may or may not realize that with both lol they've gone from a 34 system to a 43 system and they had been outspoken on the fact that. The rich you who of course it was coming off knee injury and just hasn't quite gotten back to form completely but they also. Didn't feel like he fit the system of the inside linebacker 43 that he was more of them the three foresight of development course. That's what the chiefs run and so this has a chance. Two to be something really good for the chiefs ugly damn because. Coming out of Alabama of all places so you know you complain and in I think he was a two time all American a lot of people had him as a proper which is you know he's gonna play the run and and maybe camp played the past but a big red this week's that he thinks he's maybe three down player that's the case. Where the chiefs are with their linebacker position IB a thirteen year that in and Erica Johnson. You've got to start build something for the future you know we've seen in the number of times who. This administration. Is good at scouting. And they know what they neater they they know what the they want and so what you. DJ Alexander. And it's interesting is it is it really is one man's junk is another man's treasure that's right just like I wouldn't say it took a technical and by the senate as well only. If it's not a nice thing but. It and it's gonna make. I mean I'm looking at my charts right now this inside linebacker position which I thought was the weakest coming into draft this year. As in and ended up being one of the deeper positions I believe on the chiefs. A roster and no I think maybe defensive line is even stronger butch. You know you look at it Mick Wilson they're just they've been starting so they're going to be here. I believe you can marry a league where will be here at the very worst because a special teams but also he showed a lot as an inside linebackers well. They tried to compare Lewis he's a four course specialty Merck. So I've already got four inside linebackers and you've got to believe the wrecked he's going to be yours well so it makes you think that in my mind they're going to keep five at that position. Which then is as we go through things you're gonna have to find somewhere else that maybe you pick off one less than. That's worth the whole numbers game comes into so much you hear it said. Ad nauseam Yeltsin numbers game it's a numbers game that's it it's because it is a numbers game it's it's not necessarily 53 best players it's a 53. Players that best fit the roster for the situation for what's stored on to that particular team. You know and a lot of guys don't play a city code because. They're not mapped that Beatty crossword but it's that same kind of deal where you got so many boxes he gets how many letters to work that he rather you pretty much have to figure it out. In and I always think it's interesting because we do say it's a numbers game. I always think it's insisting though how many different ways teams cut that tie. Right immediate really is fastening some teams really go. I mean you we've seen even in chiefs history recent change history where coach says I'm not gonna carry fullback right you know 'cause I wanna carry Anixter. Defense sit back or I wanna carry an extra running back. So I was I loved in in certainly we don't get a choice in this we say this all the time we don't get to make the cuts. But we've been around a team awhile and I and I wanted to start in let one we start with the offense and they. What we economy and as soon we're gonna carry three quarterbacks the questions Julia which three. Yeah I'd. To me it's pretty much says it could we of course know Alex and Patrick they're what they're wanting to. I think from what we've seen the the little amount that two jewels to obvious place that I think it's going to be Tyler bray or. Or it's going to be somebody else that's on another team I don't being picked up but it could be that if there's any position that might be that I think that we could be. Who knows Lleyton you know maybe your plane Tyler bray and any show also took maybe he shows up as the number two for somebody else and maybe you can get him. You can get some some value from him with somebody else you know so the so many different things. A different positions. Wheldon and probably the bigger question on on the offensive side as the O line. Yeah it's. Of course you've got Fisher what's been playing left guard and when we believe he's one mass spot the starters are gonna play this week. Morse is senator Lauren do were they toward you fit right guard and Schwartz at right tackle. Those 5%. Of course sect told him believe assessed you've got six. Parker anger just came up that the UP. I wonder if you won't go on the IR designated to return so that's a numbers thing you're dealt with there of course camera who's going to be here and somewhere assure perform. So the fact is. Or the chiefs going to keep. Seven and keep some on the practice squad or are they gonna keep a reward they keep as many as nine Ameen if they. I would expect them to keep pay if they kept an eye and they have to go. And impaired out at another position of ticket seventh and they're trying to get away with something so. Again it's 78 or nine I think it will be eight and I think. I think the extra guy will still end up being jar read. May be over battle and Hawkins. I don't know I've a person and we for some good things about killers well so when you get into that last topic sublime position I think that's where it's a little bit of a crapshoot and it again it could be somebody from another team on the offensive line thing side of things as well. You know let's talk about the running backs that that once deep group is pretty much defined yeah point head coach Jamie Reid his name cream called the starter. Rookie Korean called the starter and but it's amazing and he's played above his years he's he's played above what a rookie would be expected to play but we've seen him. It was two games Kobe to Cincinnati. The game how he he cut the ball out of the back field. Am I got up until very very well he Reynolds bought the key. He had a eight carries for forty yards and then the other big thing I think to be noted is the fact that he. Seems to have a grasp on the offense IE. The protection in past and that's the big thing that running backs coach Eric B enemy talks about his you've got to be able to be tough and am step up and take all those linebackers and provide protection for QB that's a big part of that so. He seems to he seems to have passed that test. Well certainly didn't you know. A running back coming out of the state of Ohio not a shock but Toledo. Yeah exactly that's pollster engine. Turkish request CJ Spiller divine reading I guess are the four in contention but at this point I think in the forties odd man out right. Yeah I agree with that I would think he has no Dave told really loves him on special teams but I don't think he'll be an at large bid. I think he stands a very good chance that maybe it'll practice squad them. It and see how they can develop which which these guys are great at you know that's another thing when we talk about the you know getting a player who may not be excelling on another team. He made only fit better on our team and our coaching staff is really good teaching and coaching. And while it sounds absolutely absurd you think all coaches are not right but they're not I mean to me the way. Currently enemy approaches the running back situation how much he teaches I've I've been nothing but impress as I've seen it. You know it threes three year earnest two straight years where he was still little weary still Turk Kendrick. At the time these guys were more names and just wondered while you spend a lot of time somebody who. I don't know click and make it the longer hold here they are in the become starters all right so that's eight or nine and we're looking at O line three for quarterbacks. Probably three for running backs that. Kind of the way it's well it im im sure and so forth so for yet doesn't pull back his yes we would seem that that's primarily to keep the one fullback right tied imposition. Well. Of course you know Travis Kelsey is gonna be here he's arguably the best out in the game I think we're gonna see the two best fighters in the game on the opening week we go to. A New England get that when you meet. Demetris terraces on the team no doubt about it he's been very involved got a lot of reps because of Travis Kelsey can rest in camp which I think has served him well. After that you look at Ross Travis got an Escobar Orson Charles. I think Orson Charles is the odd man out that by body had a chance it was because you play in the H back him. But that doesn't seem to have manifesting itself much so I think it's between Ross and Gavin. I think Kevin's going to get them. Really because Ross. He had a great camp last year we roll in his corner this year he's been up and down. And a coach is set again a couple of times that he's impressed with how much he's learned that planned at didn't stand out that way to me. No well I think there's at times were thought he was he was doing well but then you miss a few a new government. They can go either way I mean I think I agree with that but boy I tell yet we saw Escobar flat flash a couple of times he can't pressure would like to see what he's got because. I agree I I think the ceiling tire and rolled traps I mean if if you let Ross Travis go I guarantee you Philadelphia will put a claim on him whether they get hammered out somebody won't get him because. He is a talent if he or she figures that came out and I was told last year. About some folks inside the the but the chiefs organization that you know having just played basketball in college football that. It's some of the things just more natural to him that normally are natural to other people that make sense. And there's kind of a learning curve and I think we've seen that would Demetrius as he was here couple years before Ross and he's now starting to come into his own soak up that being said and I keep saying let's look with all this position but it's a troop. Big red loves to use three tights now and but the fact is if you got a three tight situation Golan. You're gonna need to carry more than three tights and what you what you would think may be or or otherwise you're gonna have to Alter your got your game plan plan a lot maybe that's what he'll decide to do with somebody gets hurt but otherwise. They are I wouldn't be I wouldn't be shocked if they carried foretell items I'll just say that yeah I mean either. Okay wide receiver you know and obviously that affects the wide receiver position just hearing for tight ends yeah I assume you are gearing up for you to carry five or are you to carry six that'll keep. Think the chiefs carrying more than six. Wide receivers and a I think they want to carry six probably because the special teams down there at the end we know Tyreke. It is on it for you got Tyreke you got Chris kernel only got Albert Wilson got the new controls I think those four are etched in stone for the most part. I believed to Marcus Robinson will stay on mainly because special teams side of things I like him as a receiver. And he can return kicks as well he would be he would be the starter is of course the Anthony is doing that. But then you get to the sixth player in. You know you can go so many different ways unless you can't John take his Jones stretch has has had a nice kid opening stint on some good things and in the games but then. Markus campaign blocks apart he has a great big special teams tackle on kickoff coverage I think last week now. The fifth and sixth wide receiver have to deal with contribute. On slightly a special teams and Marcus camp is really showed again he's six foot 422 innings really ranging he's he's he may put on a little bit more beef here he runs pretty well. That's somebody who's pretty intriguing. When you look at Kevin Jones will righteous than Jerry your chest and and Peter. I think their practice squad possibilities I think teetering chess than are the two lot of people are fickle world. What about just because he's your I think six rampant right or you're keeping them. I don't think he's flashed enough in special teams and I know he hasn't flashed enough as a receiver so I think. They will hope that he. Clears through through waivers and he will be on the team does have basically been carrying somebody who could come right up in the system and be ready to go if you had. To a lesser deal skills so he cleared waivers you put him on the practice I'd like so yes. Yeah I can say it would be at this point I think he'd be harder to pick somebody over Marcus can you know I mean dieters. Here have some good moments this camp has done it in canes to he really has an and united we we talked to go after. After practice couple different times and he's a fun kid I mean you can tell it very humble and interviewed him after the game and he is fully aware that. While he wants to be a wide receiver and make a name for itself there the fact is special teams is how is going to make the team. That's one half the team let's flip it over to the defense and talk to start with defensive line. Yes one of the strong points for the Kansas City Chiefs coarsely sign Kenny Logan the nose tackle to replace. Domtar Domtar Poe thank you port. It's like you get out here he's gonna is gonna hurt our members and Arafat don't seem right. You got Chris Jones who seems to be healthy now of course he was out to and puke. We got better Logan Chris Jones of course Allen Bailey the hole so those three. We'll start rock theme Nunez roaches who's a sixth round pick in fifteen. Is that fifteen ounces frame and really looks the part in just a high energy guy I think he's a lock to be on that. You are got channel passing you know here. As defense event but they've kind of moved him to. A linebackers well but he's played nose tackle late it's crazy how athletic and big key is so he's all over the place and that may be where. You still position because if he can he can give you some depth that at three different spots I think I I mentioned on the broadcast is. He doesn't have all the all the defense down and every everything so he's not and you get to sit at the big board table. All the time but he can still go the kiddie table Meserve quarterbacks are so he's gonna come in on up passing situations when they're just gonna say you know what. Lick yours put him back and just go and get QB so I think he has a chance to help out tremendously. Now I think that and I'm sorry and Roy Miller I acting QB there's all you scientist to provide. To provide depth and I think he does that are right inside linebacker. Well we talked about literally wrote me Wilson Derrick Johnson who came ideally Kuwait and Kevin Peter Lewis I believe those four. The only way I see Dutch I'm changing him. Would be if McKinley didn't make and some wish her perform a pedestal and so I think he's shown up with like him enough on special teams. You have to believe Reggie racked loans went beyond what could be distributed for a unit to spend so if you're Carol with me that's five and that's. One more than I would normally put all their rooms. Yeah I impact if if they had not trip Reggie how what is told those top four hours set more alert and Terence Smith work. The odd man out I still think throughout the amount I just think there's going to be five from the linebacker position unless. Unless. Somebody down there are shows up a little bit and they become trade bait they've they show value to somebody else because again just like we decide to trade for somebody. Because we didn't know when you'll take a chance of Islam I think you can see that the other way as well. Live there. Surprises me I just I can't figure it out because he likes how did last year and I at this news can set the world on fires its members. As in come about and it's that it's amazing how things change from one year to the next 'cause internally. There were so high on him and this year he's just he's been the odd man out like you like him and he dealt with a little bit of an injury last year but. All the same it's funny how times change. All right that's the Mike and we'll have a on the outside. Well just in Houston before of course and then is on both special teams and the impact it's almost really somebody who complain both sides. And he can also played inside backer really really Smart guy and his eight year we got him from. Green Bay several years ago I guess is if you're here with the Kansas City but. After that. Channel past and knows here either I don't know which you wouldn't call him Jack of all trades but. He's been running behind Justin Houston at that left outside like America position. And yelled. I think Marcus rush is on his way out and getting Nicklaus is on the PUP so those two so really comes down to. Are you and keep an extra in Earl O kindness you showed enough and then the other one is we Tom holy still on the PUP I mean what's their. It's hard for me and letting him talk about my good friend he was a teammate of mine it's hard for me to think. That he somehow ends up on the team because there's a cap savings he hasn't practiced at all and I understand his knees or. Our our our bolted up but that that happens and he's played well even when he hasn't practices through the year but. Boy you just gotta wonder. But the end has to come into and I love Tom as well. Thomas always one of those guys in the locker room. And I was very perspective yet he did it it would be hard those are the kinds of cuts that hurt. Players in red hurt people and organizations because they really identify with that he's been around here very long time he's been a good. Person in our community and it's hard to think of it happening but right at some point it does happen back there right if it does that mean. I mean if he makes the team I can't see him have been to three more years in team you know I mean you know talking about we're reaching that final going. We are in ten in the past I think. Well number one before him the best campus career in my opinion and also with 100 passing yo really coming on and showing some pass rush ability I think. Outside linebacker position and the rush to the edge rush in general is in pretty good hands so. Again. I have to believe that to Tom vote probably on his way out of them I'm not certain if there's a market for him into Armenia he hasn't practiced. You know as a human being healthy I hope there is what if there isn't how peaking come back in India culture contribute because of the guy is a leader. Any is a veteran he knew Russ a lot about this game and I'd sure would be great day to retain him in some ways disorganization I guess that's the great thing about the chiefs ambassadors is. You know when these guys finish playing they can't come back in country right as a chief so. Always are best for Tom about I'm with you it's an in he's got a long haul them to make we should also mention probably hear that the chiefs released. Josh Marca. On that strike on a bus that I than that we're doing we can put that in yes so. It's just part of the roster moves that were made this week. That's inside and outside linebacker Lestock defensive backs are starting corner. Yeah Marcus Peters of courses here and Stephen Nelson who's been Manning the other side of it he sees had a few injuries issues but. Those are the two direct quarterback position in my mind is still. Up for grabs a little bit I still think it's gonna end up against even less there's issues. Health wise but terrorist Mitchell's been battling a hamstring. Issue were otherwise he's he's in there as well I think it's those three and told gains. And Phil has played decent resting because he's had. He just had a lot of injuries that he's never got healthy from but this is the first few inquiries really stayed out there and he was running number twos and even number threes at time stand which in Europe for the former. Third round pick out rice that that doesn't that seem to make sense but once he comes opportunity. Nor Al Harris that the defense backs coach is released spoke glowingly of him and am I think he's in the mix for the right corner position as well but. You'll so I'll go with them Peters gains Nelson Mitchell. Packer had a good game last week had a couple nice pass breakups that would be five right there are so. I could possibly see them going with six. Food beer six well. D. J. White electing your life I I tell you are probably would have been National Anthem but unfortunately he tore his ACL in practice and he's out for the year but. A D. J. White the sixth round pick he was really in favor last year hasn't had a strong camp this year but I would say he's in the running. A default to bust these shows about bonuses last week and that nice pick that he made. So that would be the truth that I think or competing for that six spot if. There is one and ask you something completely non sequitur here I mean you may not the answer this but I know you were a player rep. For the union and in you're involved in a lot of this what what happens in a situation like there were players. In camp. Any gets hurt or pre season but he has really made the squad unit and the house that compensated is he paid is that a minimum wage is. Is he I don't know. I'm not completely up on and I and I know lots of people that's quick contract so if you're injured before the season starts. I your pay higher after contract if your vested veteran. I believe your your basically going to get agriculture trucks Dahlia. In I don't know that's coming your nose negotiated out or not but yet that's the thing now the other thing we should keep in mind also was when you're looking at who you're going to keep. It's somebody you're not sure about in their vested veteran. The minute you keep them. The first game their guarantee their salary that year if they don't come back if they don't come on the roster until the second game or after the first game then you can come at any time and you don't accelerate the whole. That their whole salary so that's that's a very that's a business it's a business side of things that takes this from checkers to chess really narrows quickly you know I mean he gets so intense and this is why there are guys. Do you walked into the office every morning at one arrowhead drive they sit down behind the desk. And they calculate these thing right and this try to mean that that's the business I expect that you've only got so much money to play with. From a cap standpoint and it makes a difference of if you've got of a veteran who you like. But he's got to he's got a high tide. Do you do you wanna do you want a moment the first first day and guarantee X what's interesting. You can do is watch your career which as you can double dip if Uggla Emma I'm accustomed veteran and I've never done that I make the squad the first game. And then I get cut I'm guaranteed my salary from that squad. If I go sign with somebody else so next week and play you know that he might as well I should dial one as well unfortunately I never able do that I want to do that I'm not Claudia and I know guys who have. And you know it would only take one time I mean I guess that even at the league minimum that's a pretty good deal it is a pretty good I don't know that that goes to benefit the play your because of this situation it. If you can only happen once later on in their career yup you know they could lose half a season XS zero. They're trying to give the dust veterans at least some stability wants to grow America's. People what do you do or don't know for the most part. It's a contract but it's a contract of if they decide keep your week to week I know my career with the exception of the last few years. I had a contract but you know like because any time in the dome and that's. But that's tough to deal with than the depression goes all in the you know felt from that side of things and now. It's pretty intense there's no doubt on both sides he doesn't it the watching some of these players union in the like a guy who goes out you might think so here's fans might think that. Hey guy tears as a CEO he's out for the season he's gonna get paid anyway and while that's a wind fall well it it is. But when you're dream is to make an NFL team in years they're right and you. There's no guarantee either chiefs are gonna invite him back and nobody in the camping. Mean there's all kinds of things that can happen so yeah I know for me I was fortunate to play fifteen years I played. I've played thirteen and a half so I played a hundred acre 218 games straight. My hole and I was hurt throughout those games but to me. I never reported to let somebody else get my position and show what they can do. So I try to be available each and every day until I broke my leg in north Houston in my fourteenth year. You know I'd never missed a game. You know you you do some ultra thanks to make sure you and you make it through the years but that's part of this Travis Kelsey is out there on staff or. Yeah except for your right all right a final position as safety so as your as we've been cutting out. The the team here basically. The chiefs are gonna end up with a with probably five may be six players at safety. Yeah it's it's either going to be. In I think it's going to be eleven between the Daniel Serra sort senator Maria those are those are locks. If there's going to be a fifth because now there's nothing I'm not exceed those four. And markets the extra quarters that it didn't value our yup bitten do that I think they wanna keep the Levin what they think are at eleven best defense of backs him. I guess that makes sense semi keys you know you have strong. Right he had strong safeties have those four and that's drive that only two positions in the field so I got depth the and it. The defense is so we're these days those because you play in nickel. No well over half the time that you're in times you're in three wise or for whites are you have to have a lot of good defense of Bach's. And like a set those four. Oh like go between Caroline and equating on the clay it was your sixth round pick as he stood out not really to me and I have seen him do anything about it either. And I haven't seen him stand up on standout on special teams not say that he has and I just haven't noticed it. So. It depends on whether they see enough of him that you wanna know borderline put him on scholarship and you believe because I don't think he would suit up. I think you be one of the inactives on game day for awhile analysts are some injury issues so. It that in that. That in the defensive back situation is going to be very very generous and well those those last three or four guys there are guys so as we've looked at this we've looked at offense and defense and there are guys we've said hey day they can make their way on special teams. But the reality of the way this will work. Where correct me if I'm wrong here but. The offensive coaches will decide I want these guys the defense of coaches will decide I want these guys in the put the rest of those guys on the bubble. Then does Dave told. Get up on a table and banking issue for a particular guy I he does I I he's told me before I mean he generally. Has a whole bunch in that is listen to what they're read all the guys he wants them to a degree. Will get water to positions where he can keep a guy for special teams will now I think. I know on a lot of teams and I've been on it's not just the O and a because these all these coaches watch everybody. And so I think actually. Other all the coaches way you them maybe they don't have as big apart from the office of coaches may not ops we have this big part. Let's say on the defense of but they way they weigh in on the defensive side of things as well and vice Versa. Naturally it's the defense of coordinators. And the position coaches and head coach alternately that are making the decision well on which position it is but it's it's a very subtle dynamic that we're talking about. But you know as opposed to saying a guy is a case may be the third or fourth. A linebacker birth. Our quarterback or whatever but this but you know he's pretty good on special teams so the combination of two you were gonna keep him right defense. That's different from saying this kid has to be our special teams aren't even though he may not be the best he may be the number six. Cornerback but he is so good it's special teams he has to be because it's a third of the game their three phases to this game and if you just look at it from an offense that you just look at it from a defense. Or you look at it from an office in special teams defense and special teams that's. Different than saying that's a third of our game. Yeah I am. You know you only have to look as far as the first game for the chiefs with the New England I think it's a tremendous first thing that is Jackie Slater son he. He's a position player but he's not there were any other reason than. He is a complete stud on special teams he's been probable multiple years and mean he is vicious. And he is there for one reason and one reason only took place special teams and that's important when you've got somebody who's as dominant as he is and special teams. That makes a difference because we talk about each and every day every week. Special teams creates field position insult in Kansas City has done. You're in your house was big red has gotten here and it's helped when you make short fields for the offense and along pills for the defense to Japan and that spells good news for the team overall. Is there a position. That so let's say they've towed gets you know. He gets to throw to two guys in that hat that are hits him is there a position on special teams. That that like is that the governor is it the long snap you know what well what we were no long supper protestors here. Colquitt and Cairo OK this sounds like just which admits that Cairo is going to. I think tick. Field goals this week but I ruled that there haven't Kaka off Pickens can kick off the set again. But. The jitters in my questioning in terms it is very is already out there a key position or two at special teams that they will fight for what he just try to get two of the best athletes. You know we'll generally that through those best athletes are going to be your governor you you bring up a very valid point. Goner for sure because with the way we want the ball which is pretty impressive you'd want somebody down there and helped on those balls inside the twenty inside the tent. I think the Gunner is probably a big deal I would say returner except torturers are here as split as. Receivers in hell so that's not an issue sometimes you just get somebody who's just unbelievably athletic and then it's so big and passed that. He presents matchup challenges on kickoff coverage and well kickoff coverage alone because like I remember a couple years ago Demetris terrorists was on kickoff coverage and he just wouldn't think that the tide in his size on their. He was so so swift in and it's such a nice job there was something that that. That meant for mismatches is is this on special teams with regards to special teams is. Football like you or at what a schism may be more important. Is that fair quite isn't right it's a fair question. I'll take my case you know. Barring maybe the order I was the worst athlete on the field. But much football IQ allowed me to take good angles and make up for the lack of speed that I had so. You know they're like you're literally ten tackles pretty decent for a wall for long snapper that at the time but even the times I didn't make the tackles like. I call myself the sheepdog I would hurt him and somebody else's heartache he says angles and so I was kind of a pain. Two other teams because even though I was you know the worst athlete on the field. I was still making a difference to you generally don't block long snapper and in and there are support my career where they were not only blocking team but they were blind side of me because. I was making a difference and I our secure left and I don't blame your high when he gets girl you're probably laughed because I can remember one time like up blind sided. In Saint Louis and I never saw the guy told him I remember that game and and I was down on the ground and I was gasping for air and I got up and there's nowhere up there are either. And it in what ended up happening is I have picked a cartilage in my ribs had torn in so it hurt to brief and I was like six games left him. Mean it was just miserable. He had a video enough talk about me I'm I'm that the department gathered to wish you could play go under today's rules. Well I did the last couple years you they had a visitor area I didn't like the rule because I was Powell over. I became adept at holding my bio in the middle and not getting pushed back even though I was only wearing 250 I'd I'd lost my weight. To me that help separate because there was a lot of guys who snapped and just cut the crap knocked out of them so. To me that leveled the plasma which I didn't want leveled at us. All the same and it's it's a good rule. Assistant and I always said also while we set up our special teams coach. Up until that rule I always said that I would absolutely annihilate consider each and every time and it may not pay dividends this player this game. But eventually you Opel would. I've. Nova and enough about the long snapped a position. And I divert their boats oh we kept the rest of the teams I was just curious about it the special teams aspect of it because it really do think sometimes we under value what a significant. Portable game it is you know I mean so many games are decided by three points or less yes that's a field goal extra point of course the extra point moving back like it did several years ago. Has brought. More drama in to that play as well which I think is good for the game but. Special teams. It makes a difference every coach that that I ever had in general your around they always talk about the fact that. The over the deed may spotter a little bit of one week to the next but the one thing that have to be. On point that you need to win each and every week is a special teams side of things and and I've always subscribe to that theory as well. Is win win Dave plans for a game. This he actually playing in against his opponent is much as he plans something the way. And even had asked this question. I would I would say he'd yeah I mean it's it's against the opponent in the player she sees on he's trying to find the weakling he has OK Kim can the long snapper block or do you have. The ability to get to the opponents of the middle is somebody getting out the link to quickly and trying to go cover and maybe you can get up and under and get a blocked on their. Are they taken off too soon on kickoff return. And is there a possible. Sneaked. Onside kick things like that you'll look at the scheme of what's going on in your your looking at the personnel and the old at the athletic schism. For from from our standpoint. How the number ten back their Tyreke to return pulse is going to force a lot of that plots. This year I believe because people want but they don't want the ball in his hands it's just not safe to eat you shouldn't do it. And saying with the Anthony won't know why I agree but. D'antoni is great and he's he's fast but. Hi reeks very easy even the end of the even more different in my opinion is. He is the fastest person I've been around him and I've been around a lot of fast guys he's he's pretty impressive. Yen and say is I listen to you explain the answered my question is is pretty stupid question but a notable though I think it's just it's just interesting to me because my cassettes how many times we displeased over. Specializing to slowly and you also but you're looking at that certain people think it's like. They have daughters that are getting down there if K can you hold up with one person or you need to get a hold up with one personnel you can ever rush on. And people think what you're Russian and you can't return well if you rush oftentimes. The the and that the team that's covering. If they're half and defend from that rushed the they don't get out in their coverage and it's as quick as possible so now you've got more space between. The receipt that the you're the returner. Were killed in the ball and that the closest guy that's going out premium in the practice. As I said earlier putting I read kill in space is not a good thing for the kings are set up but. But but it's the perfect analogy which is growing up Plame audit he was never yet. He's here he's really needs so little space he can just turn on time it's crazy to want to close them you know that I loved the when indoors with the with the team can you get to see consider truly the fast this guy is. I was listening you know any talk about you know you're down in the corner in the donut shop and coffee doughnuts and cut the teen dance we discuss the team down but. We had been listening doughnuts you know whether that's that's something. They won't you come off like him. Donuts was more worst return and I will say I was pretty much good for about it at least a dozen donuts on Saturday points. I remember bringing Krispy Kreme to the that the suit on Sunday in thinking between you and I think if there. It says that for whatever reason that I like. Like maple weighs less like there's not enough sugar to prepare and I go it was. The maple world. And to be hungry to rest of the night. All right chiefs in titans tomorrow night kick off 7:36. PM our pregame coverage begins across our great network of affiliates. At 6 o'clock 6 o'clock PM central time. We will have all of this discussion will be joined by Danny will be at its focus and of course hall of Famer when dogs. As always thanks for subscribing to it to your friends and we'll talk to begin tomorrow night at 6 o'clock places out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.