The Fine Wines Of Dutcher Crossing

The Good Life
Saturday, January 20th

Guy’s visit with Debra Mathy wraps up with a discourse on the various wines produced by Dutcher Crossing.


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Yeah. Definitely welcome back to the good life if you just joined a club for about that but if the podcast NSF radio dot com and filling and good luck guys out. And of course you can always go to that lot got accomplished our patient factors. A page for every show for the past who have for years. On the phone with me from a dry creek valley is Debra map the she's the busy proprietor of Dutch creek doctor creek. I thought that wind around my threat but not enough. Doctor crossing end dry creek and Deb. As I took the last sip of was in here getting ready for from the deep Europe. You know I said French toast may be owing to that I get this cream the almost sweet oak kind of thing but really what it is it's like. Bread pan seared in really high quality buttered just a little post on it and now I know what I half a year ago writes yeah. Let's talk petite draw when I look at the list first I should rundown. You make cabernet Karen in Chardonnay Merle petite drop Peter nor. Red wine and a blend pork rose's seven neo blocks Iraq ends in and it each of those categories there's several. Other ones other than just one type of position for example at. The teacher op play is a pretty big part in the portfolio. In several things at its. Anti Iraq is every single in the week. Because of that into. It's just such an important part of a good then why but week we have. That cult following for keep. Persons here we only meet 93 cases. As in Estonia mean ten years ago sexy about how to keep track Nolan and the negative. And not many people had. In the vineyards. It was such a strong. Following four that we actually crafted over on several parts of her vineyard. And went down toward the best to keep around that we yet. In all of northern California. And and indicate he injured ask what are he'd Sarah itself. Is it it's such incredible line. That people really need to start to try means in a mean their mind that the right now it it stiffened me. Well. Yeah you're right when you think back of those who who made some petite so raw. 1520 years ago and then those who still do you know Bogle makes a great inexpensive edition and but this this is such a different want when you pour a glass to just black. You know just so dark and extracted an amused ballot. You can smell that time on the skin and that the pru was right. It was a bit picked you know beautiful black prudent and MM what did you remember what you did on the 25 he'd prefer order vote or treatment. Had he had actually 50% annual those it's a nice balance between that the French and American. And it makes a difference is that he's a weakness to a I tell you what we do in the vineyards that I get the warning in two days before we go out to the opinion because he's there are these. Yankees and it. Happy clusters in the hot too we need drawn so eat again dropped fruit to make sure that they're not touching because of the quality considering. So I get the pregame warning not gone figured. And are being your troop goes and we drop half the frugal. There on the ground. An end part is that again and importantly I think insulted my headline maker. Experts like I'm Pelletier. And so what you think that the meat keep her and it was the first vintage. Off by about it is okay that's what you mean by that it has known ally. And it simply inaugural ball that. And I give them packet and then Atlanta and I didn't think I should not entitled to deadbeat. Delicate and Mike maker. And he said I need to drop from. But they they warmly at a time because I think needy. In front but they drop and I just can't handle in theory difficult to know in my mind I paid money. To drop money on the ground. So it's just easier that it outlook invite them gone into the vineyards in tactic. So I mean it really does our vineyard to make it this concentrated. Mean their goal is to have this. Pick. Rick's fault. Line and I think they're very successful Latin. You've set a couple things here but dropping for Hillary goes when they do that well. It's obvious the plan works harder to bring great nutrient to a smaller number of babies. And it and that makes good stuff but you also said something that that I really like him when we were talking about those in at the root has to be right. And in it that's such a hard deal because it's a timing issue. You've got weather influences and effects that can make it. Dastardly to wait or are you may fortunate pick early. It did you've got the labor problem of lining up labor and make and tanks based. Some of the best ones have ever had have been fruit that was picked at. Optimum rightness and then when you talk about sin or I think in this case with this but you draw the upper part of reserve. It just makes so much concentration. Of flavors and aromas and the flavor annoyed or are making my tongue dance. That I hit it is chatted. Special line in mind might wind maker nick in Erie. Carrey they've heard at the Tivoli is to its Trot Nixon in the proprietor from there it's around. But it used to be just be peaking Palestinian plan makers. Net and your date the hip hop and opened to keep track like a starting. Very light to come and they held great now and they're like. Because on something cute he rants and Paul. Like if we're gonna have one glass before we go home would wind speed that so I mean at it it's amazing well how much. These winemakers like these. You know what used to be deemed as Wendy's. Bridle and how they really have brought these to the forefront in meat specialists as individuals bridal. Well. And didn't do we have a Pino at the dinner. Yeah yeah we have the blocker than the Pope who we don't want that around a little bit later he. Or it. At first they need. To be honest. Coming out at sports at the little irked me ordered analog only yen. And outlet partnered. Think that we had in whether it's and Debra ten MIT's I don't care the combination of that beautiful through. Just made it so anxious and who might not have been able to pick it out. Top dog at first attempt at the pinot 'cause it was so big and rich it wasn't that delicate light colored you know. Summer drink if you will. But man it was so good and well. Commit a two week streak of light line. You know right at ever rebel can be read. Area. Annette and that it makes them it's well I can't believe that my case is showing. Tremendous depletion damage. Just McDonald well I'm waiting for my first shipment of club orders and folks you gotta do this Dutch are crossing wandered to the I I. Yes. But sure crossing winery. Dot com. The UK and join the wind club I did and I can't wait to get the batches and and CEO that's gonna play and add Thomas seller but the best part is the stuff and so so anxious and good and Deborah we owe it to you for putting together a team that makes these lines I can't wait to see you face to face when we come out there. The end. That it. The end of march. And it would come to visit I can't wait to meet duchess your beautiful dog to have a whole other story we didn't even get. What a treat thanks for letting us interrupt your day and pick up so much your. Thought that they get I think everybody this day the in March. Never mappings that you gotta follow her blog. It's called rooted in dry creek it's not your crossing dot Blogspot dot com. I've got a good life got bad outcome there through the early. Links there for a particular. Lot of fun coming up I hope you'll join us in the future and especially the seventeenth that's when ships get are excellent this cycle of about. The motto hookers in particular. Models that would rewrite day here next Saturday in it.