First full day of school for Wichita public schools

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Wednesday, August 15th
A live interview with Susan Arensman from USD 259...

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Point 7 o'clock this is okay and is this morning news receivers Ted I think Macintosh. To order concedes what life is a Republican nominee for Kansas governor we've got the story. Sedgwick county commission candidate demands a recount I'm should look forward to those details just ahead. I'm rod comprise the public voice its concerns for the proposed city budget Tuesday. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday the low pressure system responsible for rain and thunderstorms across south central Kansas has moved on off to the east. Quiet weather settles in today how warm do we get our forecast is coming up. One person is dead following a bicycle truck accident in northeast Wichita. You tonight in the 5300 block of east when he first. The bicycle rider is sixty year old man was pronounced dead at the scene. When dissident indicated the man was crossing 21 when the accident happened. A toddler was hospitalized after being injured in a shooting yesterday afternoon near 24 and should talk boy in northeast Wichita. Police said several people opened fire striking house with a seven month old boy and his father inside both were hospitalized and treated. The child receiving stitches in his hand and wrist after being struck by shrapnel. No arrests have been made in the case Kansas governor Jeff color conceded Tuesday evening in the State's Republican gubernatorial primary. Saying he would endorse secretary of state Chris. Allbaugh I've just had a conversation. With the secretary of state. I congratulated him on his success. In our repeated my determination to keep his seat in Republican hand. Color accepted defeat in a surprise announcement after reviewing some provisional ballots that failed to find enough votes for him to overcome a deficit of 110 votes. Out of more than 3111000. Votes initially out of co block will face Democrat Laura Kelly and is likely to face and independent candidate Greg Orman. In the November general election. A candidate for Sedgwick county commission asking for a recount huge knicks trails incumbent Richard ran solve by just 75 votes. Nix has. Paid the county 1000 dollars for the recount Sedgwick county elections commissioner tab at the layman tells KS in news of bipartisan group the count the votes by hand. We hire a bipartisan board to come in and do that it is going to be in our office. Of course both candidates can have a service they're washing entire process. Once complete the recount will be certified and sent to the secretary of state tomorrow. Police report a suspect has been arrested in Wichita homicide early Monday a man was shot and killed outside Dixon's erotic sports bar west of Harry and Broadway. The victim is identified as Austin right. Is that point four year old male of Wichita. They're diligent follow up and evidence received. What star police department officers and investigators. Were able to make an arrest. In regards to the homicide in the short block what's Kerry. Arrested was. Turning posada. Point five year old male Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson they're saying the suspect was arrested late Monday morning. The Wichita City Council hearing more public comments yesterday regarding next year's city budget. Council heard comments from citizens on topics such as the arts fired police finding an old counts down. Count on is fully funded through 2019. And any potential changes won't be voted on for another year. Mayor Jeff Longwell said work we'll have to be done to address program funding in the future. Do we have a long term sustainable. Funding. Employees know we're going to have to address that. But right now we're keeping those things open that are most important was called Levi amenities that we think real dues set us apart. Ultimately the City Council voted on the combined measure of the 2019 city budget and the 20182027. Capital improvement plan. The motion passed 61 with Jeff blue ball from district for the only no vote Rodney price KN OSS news. Rescuers are looking for any possible survivors and a bridge collapse in Genoa Italy and Italian fighter rescue were Richard BO Donnie. Shares of details of search farewell. It degrees and days you see behind me is that bridges collapsed. We are now searching people. People under the debris and people it's. And find out what he's such in the car we are coming home because these operations. 39 people died so far that number could do it heal up. But 39 is a told at this point can assist you time now 70 yeah. Taking a look at sports just few minutes we'll. Fill you in on royals and wing nuts activities last night. And we'll have sports update in just few minutes. And a crackdown on travelling support animals that story coming up. On the case and as this morning news Stevens there. Okay and is this morning you just even to announce a little money in 9 minutes and 7 o'clock. Police are looking for the man who robbed a gas station in south Wichita early Tuesday officer Charlie Davidson says it happened at the Casey's General Store. In the 3500 block of south meridian. Or seven year old female employee who stated that unknown suspect had in the business. Point at hand got better and demanded money money was given to suspect that fled on foot. That's suspect wearing a black hoodie black pants black shoes black gloves. And a red Bandana over his face cracked down on travelling support animals Southwest Airlines and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Updating their policies on emotional support animals. Southwest announcing it will limit the emotional support animals to only dogs and cats allowing one for passenger. A letter from a doctor or licensed mental health professional will also be required to. Royal Caribbean changing its policy and will no longer allow emotional support animals on it ships. Both carriers say trained service animals will continue to be accepted on board. Delta united and Alaska Airlines have recently tightened restrictions on emotional support animals. Which in the past have included dogs cats docs and even peacocks. Richard Dennis and Fox News. Donald's is making hefty investment to revamp its restaurants across the country the fast food chain in its franchisees are spending six billion bucks to modernize its restaurants both inside and out. The company's planning new dining room's digital self order kiosk new menu boards and special parking spot for curbside pickups. Hundreds of McDonald's restaurants in every state will see changes implemented. With California seeing the most restaurants upgraded. McDonald says it plans to update all the bits restaurants by two thousand twenties. McDonald's has also recently introduced in the delivery with over each have more than 5000 US restaurants Hillary bar ski Fox News. And it has used time now 7-Eleven. Minutes 75. And take a look at the traffic here on the Wednesday morning commute we do a water line break down town and the intersection at Dewey and Saint Francis is shut off. That's just near the SK eight park down there underneath the Kellogg fly over downtown at Saint Francis so there. Yeah utility crews checking out that water line break that location. And this is the first full day for public school students at Wichita you'll see the yellow lights and traffic zones in the school areas this morning that's traffic update. KM SS with Stephen said and the gears and storm trackers the forecast now with Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams good morning run at all. Good morning Steve tapping one's happy. Every Wednesday joy is Wednesday here now aren't at some really nice rain in Riverside Riley knew it would not too far from. From your studios there it is and in that I understand that they really get drenched out button southeast Kansas that. We're really got hit hard. Yes you know it was a busy morning I feel like a lot of areas inside our viewing area especially and Sedgwick county you know getting some nice so kings and ice beneficial rain to getting a little bit too much. In southeastern Kansas late last night and earlier this morning and I don't know if you guys heard or not but there were actually couple of deaths in recorded in Montgomery County. And it was due to that flooding there was at one time. In some homes about four feet of water so yep things things that we getting will we got pretty dangerous out towards that way and. The bank county independents had to become our viewers out there I know we have heard about that so. That looks like you can be a couple of fatalities talent he's down the center he's sort of the state because the flooding you don't they always say they'll run L. Turn around don't drown if you see that water and you think it's in a safe you better be careful that this time of year especially that kind of rain. Yeah you know if we always preached that Monterey even one were expecting. You know not necessarily significant rainfall even you know 12 inches because should even one area get that all the ones you know. There can be there can be some big consequences with that so definitely important and everybody remembers that. Now as far as rain chances today though it looks like things should stay mainly dry I am keeping adjusted very silent 10%. Chance for maybe a quick pop up showers in parts of central Kansas but otherwise just a mainly cloudy skies what's gonna greet you when you take that first step out the door. Temperatures around the lower seventies and then. Eventually warming up in the middle eighties by the afternoon that's what we'll start to see the cloud cover break up a little bit more even getting some sunshine before the day is over. And then a 10% chance for a shower or storm late tonight still looking like a partly cloudy skies though temperatures falling down into the upper sixties. And then tomorrow partly cloudy skies may be seen a couple of leftovers in the morning 20% chance of rain. But then a slightly better chance in the afternoon. In evening we could see is strong to severe storm in Wichita during that time and then right now just seeing an overcast sky sitting at 71 degrees with a north wind. At nine miles Broward dew point of seventy so we know temperatures not really looking or feeling all that bad still pretty humid out there visibility. Just fine but right now it nine miles due to the fact that there's a lot of low clouds out there but not too many travel issues to relieve mansion. They won that sounds pretty good to me thanks run out we appreciate you notice that at the K is in store record three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams he reached deep in debt on Wednesday morning. August 15 of its 714 now on this dates. In 1971 president Richard Nixon announced a ninety day freeze on wages prices and rents he was trying to control inflation. And basically this was all voluntary. You could either participate or not the place right works and gambled it for ninety days big deal. Inflation was running pretty Hutton and and it was very it's he's ready goofy idea. That's what it happened with President Nixon 197 to act. 715 now Stephen dead and it is the first day of school for Wichita as public school students and with us this morning is Susan. The spokesperson for Wichita public schools nice to have you whether Susan. Europe and Adam. And you've got your you're young and Brady go right. My young and art on that late night and at the school district's middle school got real man real heroes here. And I can't count. All excited that our school. They are you gets too old and younger there builds or well. All I think I can remember when those two were just little guys we're all equal right. Type ads that are redundant. Well. We have the course in the united in we've talked about this before we haven't Wichita. One of the largest urban school districts in the entire middle part of the country tells us about day how many did you go to school here. It's. And I can't. Put that in perspective. But it's great because. Our. District court. Or off a lot program. Or offer. A lot of our stressed. I might interest. Question. Over and it's. It's. You don't and we we have a very diverse school population I mean. A lot of ethnicity lot of different ethnics in them and they've been a lot of different languages talk about that for its second. A. Languages spoken out our students at all the help we have to do. Speak up speak English and like some apparently question it at all over the world. While aux are always speak as. An hour. Corner of the world and it's just great ticket to meet so many people learn about. Cultures. And interests. You know it goes beyond just our neighbor. And it will along with a all this diversity and so forth and indeed there are some real challenges of with regard to keep those. Steven to kids in school and in doing the best we can and how we doing on on dropout rate no which does senate. The high drop out rates. How how we do on that we make any progress. Actually I'll drop out rate. Correctly story and well struck out which apparently formula at stake out a aren't sure. It's not where we want it. Well at work or hurt like last graduation rate at all out. Here. Well. Or. Mr. strategic this year and what. It graduation rate and make sure the education they need. Successful. Only in their career but in light when they leave our. You know and I misspoke nestled amid city graduation I'm sorry it's extra correct you know. How we don't test scores I mean I UST 259 test scores. Went operationally when I left the school system. We need them. To test scores these days. Sticky change requirements set out. Challenge last year's start or not scores at. Try to score is now focusing on pets. At making sure that our. Bad. In the future outside. Kyrgyzstan. Or. At in the Castro. I'll. Still like showing up on time. Player. Work independently. At some app. Our. Players as. We. Can try to what. We want that. Responsibility showing up work on time. And that was kind of our skills and missed just focusing on as we get as our skills. And and again a reminder that it is your view you're out there have been commuting around today that those yellow lights or question this morning right. When. I. Stop our. Cars. Stop arms time. Oh okay. You're kidding me are you kidding. At all. And that's something you don't that's all I eat them because you know. If that bus stop the nets and is out you you're not supposed to go past on either direction and yet we see all the right. On opposite direction arts and they are. All right Susan hey do you go to and everybody's in public and the publishers already dictators and dollars schools I just hope we have a great school year and in the best UN in everybody down there UST 259 thanks. I. Teacher. Stood out here. I thank you Susan has been XT 259 which the public schools vote for woods even dead here on me Wednesday morning it seven net. Twenty now and then it's time for renewals sports Ted Woodward as sports gets. The weakness actually to have a double standard today Dahlia. And tell us about it. Yeah I didn't edit pro baseball after that nineteen game road trip during the national baseball congress World Series the wing nuts finally back home last night they didn't get to play a rain up. What are in downtown couldn't get the mound ready for the game so they will play a doubleheader today beginning at 5 PM a pair of seven inning games at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Wing nuts only twenty games to go in the season or just half game behind. For a playoff spot. Kansas City Royals last night. Lose to the Toronto Blue Jays six to five the royals had a lead in the eighth inning in fact one strike away from getting into the ninth inning with the lead bit. Two run home run by the jays with two outs in an 02 counts in the top of the eighth inning. The jays on top in the royals did not come back blue jays when it's 65 the royals have lost ten out of twelve. Two teams have split the first two of this four game series. They will play again tonight royals in the jays up a conference stadium live coverage begins at 630 tonight. Game starts at fifteen minutes live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Minor League Baseball at the single level last night in state college Pennsylvania the New York Penn league all star game and former Wichita State pitcher Kelyn feel door. Delivered it he is tied it in his short pro career for the league lead in saves with aids. And he threw a scoreless ninth inning last night in an all star game Kilgore was drafted in the seventeenth round this summer. By the Philadelphia Phillies and he is doing great in single a ball and performing well these New York Penn league all star game last night. And happy birthday today to former Kansas City Royals outfielder. The rod nice some of with 34 today of course he was on both those World Series teams for the royals in recent years including getting a reunion 2015 pounds with the Arizona Diamondbacks Jarrod Dyson. 34 years old today on his birthday. That's for the Stephen Ted KM SS don't forget one hour from now at 815. Our daily chat with me told us play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs from chiefs trained hard 722 down to even have a Rush Limbaugh morning update. New life for a steel making community. That's coming up Stevenson of the morning on Kate and pass pass.