First place on the line again for the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday night

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Friday, December 15th

Guest: Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitch Holthus


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Is this station which should talk turns to first where live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock. This is the case as it sporting news even dead just IST thank you so much. More information about the shooting of eighteen in north Wichita we've got the story forward operating Wichita these what was I've been here. Congress hits stumbling blocks for the tax overhaul bill. And it would blurred those details just ahead. I'm OK and assets meteorologist Dan holiday it will be breezy across south central Kansas with a gradual warming trend over the next couple of days are forecast on the way. Pizza Hut is offering a 101000 dollar reward. For information in the death of one of their drivers last month in Wichita. The company announced the reward Thursday seeking tips in the November 26 killing of Osama Roman. His body was found in the trunk of his car and he's Wichita police say he was shot to death. From a deliver pizza orders the previous night but didn't return to the restaurant investigators say they currently have few clues or leads in his death. Crime stoppers has also awkwardly 2500 dollar reward in the case Roma moved to the US from Bangladesh seven years ago when married three years ago. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. The teenage girl was shot in the back in north Wichita investigators believe she was wounded with a bullet from a gang related shooting police officer Charlie Davidson says early Wednesday evening. Were six people at a house including some children and some adults meanwhile events were going on outside the residence. There were five juvenile males. From ages fourteen to seventeen. We're having a BB gun war outside of our residents in the thirteen or block of north to spill. It was reported that it's over car drove up the block. An unknown person from the vehicle. Began shooting. Multiple shots and the picking your opium I was struck one time in the back. And girls hospitalized with a bullet wound in serious condition of her condition now stabilized. Bullets also hit that nearby house police believe he was not a random incidents. The target of the gunfire might possibly be a fifteen year old gang member who was part of that BB gun war at that location. Congress hit some stumbling blocks has Republicans move forward where their tax overhaul bill. With Republicans in congress pushing to get tax reform done before Christmas Florida senator Marco Rubio says not so fast. Rubio says he's a know right now is pushing to do more for the child tax credit. A lot of people making it by 4025000. Dollars. Working and I am able to utilize them as much of the presidency. Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey a Democrat is praising rubio is efforts. Our side and actually go a lot higher than. And senator rubio opens in the making an effort. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. The attorney general of New York promises a legal fight over the repeal of net neutrality. Eric snyderman says he'll lead a growing number of states who don't want to see a free and open Internet controlled the Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back Obama administration rules guaranteeing equal Internet access. And AT&T officials said the Internet will still be the same tomorrow but Schneider masks. How long even if they promised not to do any of these things today. There will be no rule against in changing those promises down the road. Simon Says he's also been looking into fake public comments that he says corrupted the process leading to the decision. In New York from all scuffed Fox News. Slope really drug abuse is a growing problem across the US and that includes south central Kansas. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett tells Dana SS news prescription painkillers are fueling the problem. Journalists with pills. More tabs and and that sort of thing that you can get prescribed for pain. People are taken and you're addicted to or rather prescription. They try to get more at some point they make no longer get them legally. Bennett says prescription drug abusers often turn to heroin. But he says math is still the biggest drug problem for local law enforcement. Mark Bennett is our guest is weekend an issue Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. In a testing and time now 8044 minutes after 8 o'clock. And we're about ten minutes away from our live a weekly chat was made told let's play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs don't NASA. Coming up ten minutes Kansas high schools Ernest C grade in teaching personal finance. That story coming up on the case NSA sporting news receiving dead. Okay this is morning news or Stevenson now 8077. Minutes after eight make that 808. O'clock just turned it. High schools in the state of Kansas earned a C this week for teaching personal finance. The report card prepared by Champlain college's center for financial literacy. Grades each of the fifty US states and the District of Columbia on how well their high schools teach personal finance. Missouri Tennessee and Virginia earned an eighth grade and Utah was the only state. To receive an a plus John Pelletier is director of the center. States that caught and they act who require students to take a standalone. Personal finance course that's equal to one semester perhaps of an academic year to think about an elective high school in order to graduate so they have to take. A lot of education that works out to about sixty hours sitting at a chair and a classroom learning about personal fine. Kansas got only a C because a State's requirements are not specific enough there is no specific course cited in Kansas that students must take graduate. Hotels in Houston are on high alert after a string of ATM robberies Stephen Morgan with fox TV affiliate KR IV in Houston report. So at least five AT and theft that Houston hotels in the last six days the crime is quick no longer than two to three minutes officials say. The group before eight masked bandits walked Guillen. Head to the ATM and carry it out no weapons had been shown into the most recent robbery earlier on Thursday at the very odd near bush airport. Where one of the suspects displayed in the city. Would employees began questioning them all the best happening overnight when the lobby seems least busy. All the deaths involving an ATM that is not bald kid or secured. Entertainment can be part of what draws people to the Salvation Army red kettles to make donations. In Orlando Florida they've gone a step beyond the usual. We've all seen Salvation Army bell ringers. Or a trumpet player belting out a favorite Christmas tune. But in downtown Orlando people were amazed as CC applause kept dancing in front of a cattle. Not only is Sandra drawing crowds but he is also drawing worldwide attention on social media. The salvation army of course is hoping that he's drawing people wanna help stuff his cattle with cash as well. Jerry bomb garden spot. Snooze stay in business news I'm now 81010 minutes fascinated thoughts. MS stalled out vehicle watch for traffic slowdown westbound on Kellogg at at the I park when ridge road there. So let's stole that vehicle westbound there and we've got a movie in the lane closure on the Kansas turnpike. Other goods and sleeping today so watch out they're closing the left lane in places from Belle plane service area. Two days bill. Traffic updates from Kate and as his radio nine gas chambers and now the forecast with -- innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning 10 good morning with a clearance got to start today a chilly morning forests but we will be sunny and breezy this afternoon are high 52. Clear and 32 overnight. Tomorrow windy with a high near sixty and a good chance of rain by late Saturday night is a cool front moves says I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy we're down to 26 degrees of west wind at three miles per hour 26. We started off a few hours ago a 32. And over the past couple of hours we're down to 26 degrees. Get a scooter day across Kansas Thursday which does high temperature yesterday was 51 degrees normal high is 43 and a few sprinkles in the area last night but the few sprinkles. 811 nose Stephen dead and I wouldn't talk about. This Google revealing the most searched for lists for Tony seventeen. Watch news radio's Tanya. And any big surprises on the list a may be just got to share witnessed what to what Google found out there. It'll. Lot shocker you know I think most of us are pretty familiar with the stories that there were the most searched. Topics. For the entire year at the first one of course hurricane Irma. The second one. That our. So well to end up as to being most searched. Also behind Matt Lauer on the list rock star Tom Petty of course to lead off in October. On the Super Bowl which touted. Include everything on here in the typical of like a million weeks ago yeah goes a long time ago yeah. Yeah. A lot of massacre at compliment split the solar eclipse the on the list Phidget Anders made the list UN eight it's better fan. Well I got a story about that and about my wife searching for them from weeks and weeks and miles time she finally got them they were everywhere. Be that the supply showed up and you Gloria Ayala anyway that's that's near here that you don't about Google searches are we talking about just. Applicant headliner is is there more to it anatomy do when you search just this is just the hips right on these different topics. Yet it remains the ones that were you know the most searched and other things included. Harvey Weinstein. Of course it's like that I don't think there's a lot of shocking things on here right. Megan Markel has now of course Mary are about to be married engaged to Prince Harry. All right just announced their wedding date this morning effective may nineteenth. Yeah. But ultimately the most starts movies or it Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman okay. The most searched TV shows included thirteen reasons why came around and that this. Yeah interest. So much much air it out but you know it does it matter what what is just hose at them duke marketers look at this list any. There's something we got to do our. It is is it's helpful to to folks who are marketing to all of us after. Question that it coming in at a pay attention to her in any search engine pay attention to obviously what you know what we all. Are thinking you know doing it. Act yeah I mean it's not like it the XP now OK and ethnic and I'm at bat that. It's a re talking about these. Top prize winners here as you know I give any numbers on that. And this morning you're the first 1 that I am sorry. So it did for your career if I think about that if there if I have just as the topic. A related question if that's got to be. In the ten million for assault like Google how many hits with a. Yet. Again it. All at all a part of Google's master plan is to be. All right that's a bit this. Target thank you for being Weathers this morning appreciated Fox News radio's Tonya. Google's most searched for lists we're toll seventeen it's a fifteen now is Stephen did that time of the week and I did today it. Last Friday. I dropped into American egg credits. Beautiful new building in northwest which and I called. Four and was able to speak with Reagan Reno. I met the man and his staff table and that's quite an office he's got there at. It's got a lot of memorabilia from Mitch hopeless and there autographs pictures of you know. Cast players and whatnot just loaded with good stuff that any type permission they want us this morning Ted. Actually meet women. Wedeman went and actually that beat Gregory now. Yeah. He's an iced him these it to all nice looking man he's got a firm handshake at the Clark or better look at McGregor are Britain operator wouldn't you know he looks you right in the eye and he says you know he's skinny state wildcats needed apologies there you know. He's a good marriages are very good it was fun to talk to him yeah. I can't believe it and this is it must become a big deal. It's it's the wizard of laws and helped get bill which is broom well I dropped daily diet I told him I was Eddie plop and I got right in. It than it is beyond apply. That's via. Via you know he's fair and you know they got to go on on it that people found out even to news reports like Ole Arkansas trickles out maybe there were concerned but I got some acreage. Outside of terror. It's yes Agilent dot com or eco. In the course of a lot of people directly and all the other cultures and use them or they can about his company's. He is a great person there an asset to which are. Region in the area so we get a chiefs game coming up this week rank and yes kind of bigger stage bigger it's potentially bigger than Gregory you know that this here. Just certain that's. Signal you know big second lead in a row first place is on the line. Yes in a column charters because all my friends in San Diego through. Loved it worked with the chargers and for the charters for years and years Canada. They're the kind of terminal for in this deal so body protest of the cheapest seventeen trees and this will never called the rapid boot chargers only reference them as charger. And recourse yours sir but it slips and calls on the San Diego Chargers we had a spell it are its September stop park. Which is smaller than just the station by the arc what they plug yes but a belt ordering every time somebody says Cynthia. I did great until the middle third quarter that respect upon her on Aqua curriculars and sort of lost my concentration thing. San Diego but if you look sort of brought here as the Pulitzer and frankly to go back and look at the order let's archives. You'll hear being doing it and so but these are the chargers and it's showed. Whomever they are wherever there problem. This game is the biggest game of the year. Well you know they say at the end and it's a wonderful life every time a bell rings the chargers get a new stadium. For our. The. Yeah there's a lot of books San Diego's economic turn ago worked over that amount. Not too fond of putting your list as well more reasonably good this week. The chargers for the second time in their franchise history started out 014 and seemed to be making a charge might beat the post season. You know play on worse battery charge they're the hottest team. Seven and two in the last nine it's been the best product stream. In the National Football League over the past two months we know the future. Two in six of the last state maturity or seven and two of their last nine. That weakness to this point with a boat tied it 76. But the chargers team is doing a little here's weather though is it emulated the chiefs. Philip Rivers so often give an analogy the kid in school Drudge too fast prom night products are. Is not wrecking the car throwing. Interceptions and are on all the court and you know machine. The last six years prior to those worn. He did in the first inning and particularly picks in the story the first quarters or portrait of Whitaker. But he he's changed his life. The chiefs and the chargers on Sunday out last week of course Kansas City got back in the win column. By a getting back to the basics of a lot of noise. Well and got all three phases together. For the first time since the fired getting winning streak to start the year and honestly don't expect to report that orders has started so part of the first group early in the first half of the upper corner for the first. You know it's tight in the first not in it's been about what happened with particular. Because but he took him right out after Oakland inserted to dictate the game until. Immediately Christian owned sire or restricted stock beast mode Marshall and Lance was three. You saw cents. Answers to leave it to three either gonna never stopped them it is I don't know it's. Indians opened 26 they're not going to be for the raiders and a late rally are still all three phases we're gonna beat their. In it and it's. Or against Christian ministers are court they have that awesome awesome defense right into the fourth quarter that was that was fun to watch. Absolutely and Gregory you know always intriguing there has been a work. So we're open and really great speaking Saturday night a rare Saturday night prime time focus each decent air and about never happened. This is never wow yeah that she hadn't ever ever happened ever happen that they approached the current terms and I didn't matter. And out or c'mon you know that's the real and they're. Also brought industry hero and an exploration well all the songs about center right think about it don't aren't all the great poets and and songwriters and dance artist a sort of outsider art for years. And there are via open that you slow cooker dorm and they city rollers. Well that's about that's the number one in August kitten that I was as the Syrian expert in Hilton aren't lead to a slew. And Chicago. So during an hour this Saturday. But the great city rollers that eclipses all that's still on Gregory Olympic track and Erica. And the chiefs have beaten the chargers and their last seven meetings and see what happens tomorrow night. Mitchell this has live pregame coverage with his friends at 6 o'clock tomorrow night game will pick up at 730 right here on your home deceased. I'm Kate and SS minutes I must ask ask how does this Howell chargers matchup Al somehow relate to Wichita State soccer football and how moderated a soccer football data that he sees updates. A tip of the cap total putts and emerging credit make it also a doctor are worker which stirred this. Stop whatever you're doing the lessons of a sudden these guys. Are the sort of pretty obvious on all of those who initially because. History will not going to be a separate night because the trees play on our first parameter. It will also will be probably the first time in franchise history. The achieved at 1000 yard rusher Kareem on sorties there. He 1000 are tied in receiver Travis Carroll sees fit your partner award in 1000 yard wide receiver Terry hill. Fourteen yards away on the same team at the same time. That never happened it's only happened four times and in history this would be the fifth. But it makes me think about the shop and maybe. He can't turn it you know Steve on this policy book title game and did you know. There's been 11000. Yard rusher was well what those under pressure and soccer history. Only what. You're there. PD Donato. Are close Eric gives. Viewers Erik there and right here three were broke out. So and so out out. This is interesting one passing. The all time passing leader actually led the nation currency. Almost. No time was there not so it was good all of that but 1966. Shocker for a bit do it bought it. They had jobs act. That was the had a crazy year passing the full and had in the the most attempts. If a guy that he threw to name. Mel surging bills currently and so Knowles are also had 1000 hurt she she's not sure what 1150. In 1960 search. All the shocker of all players that have the bouts though by now the triple like to call it. Tip of the cap to them because its his hope we will her. Win over the character and a triple now. With the tide in order receiver running back for the first time achieves history of the sport dominant just dominant. Very nice. Yes so bring it back and that doesn't hurt pressures. Borrowers who don't have teams and bring it back to it in Sebring where. Captain and we mentioned Jim Trimble 997. Times this season so we might it be closed that to. And Trimble actually. Went to the restroom 1100. Million car or truck or car. Mitts out it's all on Saturday night we'll look forward to hearing you right here on game SS have a good golf each when he Cornell. Receive executive of the had a deep mourning mixed. Something new for the White House tour at Christmas Stephen dead one K and SS.