The first round of the NFL Draft is over

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 27th
Ted Woodward has a weekend sports preview including the Shockers, the Royals, and the Force.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JE SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The 47 o'clock this is the case in as a sporting news even did it. I came back into the very young bandits are working northeast which of we've got the story. Bill Cosby convicted for sexual assault on to Woodward those details just ahead national LG BT advocates expressed their opposition to a Kansas adoption bill. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we hit 69 degrees for the high in Wichita today should be quite a bit warmer our full forecast and what to expect this weekend is on the way. Gay rights advocates from across the country arrived at the Kansas capitals who opposes adoption bill. That they see as a civil rights set. Back the proposal would prevent the state from withholding grants or contracts to faith based agencies that refuse to place children middle homes. And violate their religious beliefs. The major needs approval in the house after passing the senate. Supporters say the proposal help secure the rights of the agencies themselves. The Foster care system is overloaded and those protections are needed to ensure a faith based agencies remain in service. Critics however contend the bill would allow religious agencies to freely discriminate. Against same sex Kansas residents looking to adopt Dan O'Neill came in SS news. To a young suspects wearing qualities Robbie gas station in northeast Wichita police officer Paul cruise hasn't happened Wednesday night at presto at thirteenth and. Oliver or suspect is a black melon believed to be fifteen years old. By 220. Pounds. Was last seen wearing black but he tan pants. Social armed with a handgun. The second suspect is believed to be a black male and is believed to be about twelve years old Sus. I put the gun pointed it at the employee in the suspects ran away with cash comedian Bill Cosby is facing as much as thirty years in prison after being convicted for sexual assault. Fox's Brian yes was outside the courthouse recovery hurt his verdict in Norris town Pennsylvania. Guilty guilty guilty that was the verdict after fourteen hours of deliberation from this jury made up of seven men. And five women be comic legend the eighty year old comic legend known for playing a bill Cosby's now convicted. Felon accused in charge now a sexually assaulting injury constant at his home. Back in 2004. He left the court with a smile on his face as I know he was acquitted he put his hand up in the air. As the crowds were going around and he ran back into his car he is now on house arrest released on a million. The dollar bail be judged taking away his passport go to make sure he does not. Slowly 'cause the is expected to appeal in a unique moment in history North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has met South Korean president more NJ in. The two leaders met at the demilitarized zone that divides the two Koreas Fox's Greg Powell Cobb reports from Seoul. At a vast oval conference table. North and south leaders face to face sitting across from each other. South Korean government insiders tell me that while much has been agreed on today about inter Korean relations. There is still work to be done to see how far Kim is willing to go in his so called commitment to. After the last year of missiles and nukes coming from the north this of course. Is a big concern to the United States the White House going on to say that it is looking forward to. More discussions leading up to their own summit with Kim Jong moan and president trump. President trump expected to meet Kim Thomas sometime in May or June. Kansas third largest school district is reviewing complaints and administrators infringed on students' freedom of speech during a national classroom walkout to protest gun violence. Including taking away student photographer's cameras. Will get more from Kansas information networks Jim West. The Kansas City Star reports that issues a rose Friday at the Shawnee mission North High School and soccer grove middle school students said they were censored. And Shawnee mission north of junior Grey's Alton often told board members at a meeting Monday that an administrator told student photographers. They weren't allowed to cover the event because the administrator didn't approve of the subject matter Shawnee mission school district interim superintendent Kenny south wecht said he would take personal responsibility. For some of the things that happened the American civil liberties union of Kansas says it is received numerous complaints and is investigating. K it is is used on now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Kansas City Chiefs have draft picks coming up the next couple days and the shocker baseball team is on the road in sunny Florida. Let previews coming up in sports Arizona and Colorado teachers demonstrating for a second day. That story coming up on the tape and assess sporting news was even dead. Okay and is this morning uses even Ted bell shuttle 9:9 minutes past 7 o'clock. Arizona and Colorado teachers plan to Don Red Shirts and descend upon their respective capitals. For a second day in a growing educator uprising. Educators in both states want more classroom resources. And received offers either for increase school funding or pay but they say the money isn't guaranteed and the efforts don't go far enough. Walk outs are the latest in demonstrations a spread from West Virginia Oklahoma and Kentucky. A judge in. Arkansas has blocked the State's newest voter ID law a new voter lawn Arkansas was supposed to require voters to show photo ID before they can hit the ballot box but olasky Cammie judge Ellis Greg has blocked that new law from taking effect. And she did it less than a month before the State's primary in May. Gray called the photo ID and unconstitutional. Attempt to impose additional requirements to vote. And this was nearly identical to a measured the state legislature passed four years ago. But the State Supreme Court ruled that law also violated the Arkansas constitution. By adding a new requirement in order to vote till NATO Fox News. Investigators say they used Jean genie logical web sites to crack open the cold case of the Golden State killer you know those web sites the Leahy tracer ancestry using your DNA and the Sacramento county district attorney's office says that's how investigators were able to bring down Golden State killer suspect Joseph James De'Angelo. They say they used DNA from a crime scene years ago and ran an on family history web sites. And they found a match and what a they then set up surveillance in the suspect's neighborhood. There they were able to get what they called discarded DNA material and used it to see if it was a match prosecutors say it what is. The DNA testing services 23 and need an Ancestry.Com. Have both denied any involvement in the investigation. Mike Kantor Fox News. The seeds of change are sewn. As Michigan voters plan to cast ballots on recreational marijuana Michigan could become the first state in the midwest and a green light recreational pot use following a statewide petition to the budding ballot measure getting approval little now go before voters this November of it would allow those 21 and older to possess up to two and a half ounces of marijuana. The only buzz kill for pot users is that 10% we tax on top of a 6% state sales tax. The Michigan legalize medical marijuana back in 2008. And it does measure passes it would become the tenth state to allow part use recreational. Tom Graham Fox News day and assist used are now 7-Eleven. Elevenths that's 7 o'clock. The gasoline prices in which it's not very strange this week as we jumped up to 2159 a gallon. And that was back on net Tuesday into Wednesday. Now our already backed down to almost where we work. I've seen some fairly low prices up there 55 and Broadway too 47. They're 47 street south hydraulic 247 sept. Gasoline prices coming down. Traffic update from K and as S radio I'm jet chambers and now the KS and storm trackers report cast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura band get boring Laura. Good morning and happy Friday happy he's happy Friday if I love say yeah we've got some great weather today to you we just have to chill this morning the temperature out the air or 42 clear skies. When delay from the northwest at seven miles per hour and those light winds will carry us into the afternoon and give us some sunshine. Temperatures a boost up and jump it's seventies upon for a high of 74 today in which a top. More the same is because through Saturday and Sunday Sunday's limited day we actually feels more wind. He typical Kansas Wendell folic that gusted to forty miles per hour but we are really cruising into a gorgeous weekend you get a sunny skies and light winds and Kansas. Can be and it's. Yeah and that everything's greening of savagery of the lawn mowers crank it up tomorrow. Mom and now I've got to do that and a it's on it's I enjoy doing that that a yelled at and people are going to be cooking and I think it it's going to be a terrific terrific weekend. How it's amazing cast of all things outside the next several days he got the right idea of you rev up the lawn mower. You fired the grill too so it's going to be good we can put. Nobody goodies stay inside and play video games when he got to do with your time yeah you know that's kind of like my hobby yeah I'm only talking with people you know this is receiving talked to you right now I don't know if you can. You go to the story you Wear big scar or your face and you know right. That it yeah I try to attract as much attention to possible by agents are packed and crazy hats and stuff like you know billions. I'm sure when your Brea like that the public but it won't leave you alone that. But talk about the weather was the right thing that's these are the first questions I search charging down to five dollars and ten question gets asked me that cuts the kind of kind of steep. It's a good idea. I don't again millionaire click on the line every few a lot of that when afterward thanks election idea I was. Thank you hardly KS and star trackers report cast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bannon and yes it is going to be a terrific week and now partly cloudy. 42 degrees we have a west wind at eight miles per hour. And the sporting it was Stephen did we ask the question that I know many of you were probably up all night made the past couple nights. And worrying about thinking about relating about and that is. The new prince's name F a Britain's royal palace says he infant son of the duke and duchess of Cambridge has been named a Lewis Arthur Charles Little loop little mood I ordered a week. The palace ended at the baby's full title is his royal highness. Prince's Lewis of Cambridge's royal highness. Royal highness recovered who have. We've baby poop via a William and Kate's third child born Monday a brother to four year old prince George dead princess Charlotte it was almost three. Lewis' fifth in line to the throne after his grandfather Prince Charles. His father and other siblings. So Lou we will probably never be king but ever so I. Really and named Ted. Lewis Arthur Charles. Fine. Who. A little bit French I hear you saying really a prince Louis. That's just it just don't wanna have much fun with with those buildings of the of the royals. It's come up something in knowing that why a Larry. Somebody with a strange surely many open. As somebody with a strange out there name I can't say that. I am glad that they picked the traditional name. And that they spelled it right now there's a lot of people don't do that far and it's it's important that you deal. Opened up that can orphanages Aetna Kate a a group of those servers at a twin peaks in Illinois were graded on their bodies before shifts and are forced to Wear launch racial revealing that police issued citations were indecent exposure. According to a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The former service at the lodge style restaurant in Ormond apart detailed their claim to the Chicago Tribune. Alleging that part of the job description. To be a genuine. Twin peaks girl mended mandated that they sign a form stating that the essence of the role is based on female sex appeal. Carry diseases snooze yeah it is because of you know I don't know their filings don't you do the ex employees to female bartenders at a mailbox. I get it there. And mailed us what are we supposed to Wear lingerie now on only they released in the restaurant violated the title seven of the 1964 Civil Rights Act protecting against sex discrimination and harassment. I guess of you know odd that there Bennington good luck with this loss is never been to a twin peaks and I would think that part thanks for combined in the locker room show mandala you know I've been there eighty times the last two years Martin Purdue balanced review that. I developed what is it to somewhere locally to do that trio. That would be twin peaks are Todd mentioned at least 200 times on the air and you he'd never you know can't even listen to anything that you pitch you know that my wife would not let me go in there. She opted she would let me then that we hear about it the next. Forty years and K. Understand this marriage stuff there's an eating examples of its. Not Terry to a Greek woman who it is somewhat suspicious of everything you do wow anyway. Now they they're filing suits illegal good luck with that lawsuit. And they they were oaks and looters went to the same thing fifteen years again right. My elderly neighbor comes of that we had a mild afternoon across central. Kansas Thursday's high kept high temperature was 69 yesterday normal life 71 about that beautiful day beautiful day in a beautiful weekend ahead alright to like it. 7:18 esteem into the morning. It's time for sport for Ted Woodward where he's going to tell us about the pro football draft which is all gonna go for about a week and a half right Ted. Now just cut us more today just a couple of more. It got around the one started last night down in Arlington Texas the tea leaves a Kansas City Chiefs did not have a first round picks that they were not part of the festivities last night. But the Cecil really delve into it with eight draft picks during the next two days. Rounds two and three of the NFL draft are this evening and Arlington Texas. And then rounds 456 and seven will take place all day Saturday. Down in Arlington that'll wrap it up the chiefs have a second round pick that'll be the first time the chiefs' draft tonight. Number 54 overall pick in the chiefs have a couple picks in the third round with. One of those they got in trade with the Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith. She's also have a couple fourth round picks. One in the sixth round in two more in the seventh round. This is the first draft at the Helm port chiefs general manager Brett beach. Cecil stock up on some players the next couple of days out of college ranks. College Baseball this weekend port thirtieth ranked Wichita State to shoppers are in Orlando taking on Central Florida Sox have never met Central Florida in baseball action. Now they're members of the conference together. These teams are right next to each other in the standings Central Florida in seventh place a shocker in eighth place of the shoppers will try to. It winds and jump over Central Florida in the standings soccer game and a half behind Central Florida in the American standings here shocker head coach Bob Butler. My word right now us finishing the season now regular season and these guys getting caught with a warm weather we're going to Orlando. That's going to be fun to be hot down there and I like this complex life. Mike Kennedy and seeing Dennis we'll have live coverage of soccer baseball 5:30 PM today at 530 tomorrow noon on Sunday all those games are live right here. On 97 and thirteen thirty KUNS. Asks. Major League Baseball last night at Kansas City is the royals lose at home again meant to the Chicago White Sox and White Sox hit five home runs. And beat the royals six to three. Royals left eleven runners on base when you two for fifteen yesterday it played with runners in scoring position. The royals are now one and ten. In their eleven home games this season that is the worst mark in Major League Baseball. The royals and White Sox need four more times this weekend. 715 tonight a split doubleheader tomorrow afternoon game in tonight's game and then at the Sunday afternoon. All those royals games are live on Sports Radio feet at 81240 AM. 975. FM indoor football tomorrow night on the road for the Wichita force. Visiting the Amarillo venom month. Two of the top three teams in the south division which caused just behind Amarillo in the standings wanna move up back to back wins the force. Coming off trying to get the three game winning streak. Sean Boston we'll have the call for force football from Amarillo and that will be after soccer baseball Saturday night. Listen live to listen right here in 987 and thirteen thirty K and S asks. And a couple of birth. Days today to my baby brother in medicine already birthday today and tomorrow Ned is turning 45 tomorrow he's a baby are happy birthday Ned. And former Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards is 64. Years old. Very and one of our coworkers David turner. Turns celebrating a birthday today Miller that means his wife's gonna make some of those great cookie humans. That's. I'm I'm distinct possibility yeah of the great and we like Dave but we like his wife cookies better than well. It's all in the win column right there it happy birthday to David turner and my brother Ned this weekend gallery goes forth this even Ted KN SS coming up. May 24 that interest Becker rated James Taylor in concert. Again another pair of tickets that went about their ice. 86913 thirty you musical right now you'd like to go to the concert. Courtesy of Steve and Ted. James Taylor contrary tonight's call well 722 given her for Rush Limbaugh morning update. More dire global warming warnings. Seated at the morning on K in a sense. And.