Florida cleaning up after Hurricane Irma

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

Our guest: ABC correspondent Jim Ryan in Miami.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on its. 7 o'clock this is the case and it's just boring you defeated Ted. Thanks Steve Macintosh. Man injured in house explosion near rose hill we've got the story. Motorcycle rider killed near these bills and that Woodward those details just ahead I'm filled the program. A member of the Wichita school board resigned Monday night Wichita police confirm the identity of the child found encased in concrete. I'm Dan O'Neill. Dealing with a limited electricity and gas in Florida I'm Alex down ABC news in Tampa the latest coming up apple fans anxiously awaiting the expected review of the company's latest iPhone. I mean BC's mark from a lot with a look at the changes we might see coming up on K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday our forecast hasn't changed much over the last few weeks but finally we see a chance of rain. We could that happen. We'll tell you more in a minute. Authorities in Butler county are investigating following a house explosion. Northeast of rose hill Monday afternoon in the thirteen thousand block of south west 150 history. Emergency crews found a six. Seven year old man would burn injuries outside the home was a neighbor he was hospitalized in critical condition. Butler county emergency management coordinator Jim Schmitt says they're working to determine the cause of that explosion. Investigators are gonna have to talk to the family. They're gonna be able look at this look at what's we've got still got left. We have a very seasoned investigator that's working this has been accounted for almost forty years so. No doubt will be able to determine what happened here. The victim is being treated in the burn unit at via Christi Saint Francis hospital in Wichita. A member of the Wichita school board resigned at last night's board of education meeting board member Jeff Davis resigned Monday night citing a recent move out of the district as his reason for leaving. Mr. Brody I hereby tender my resignation. As board member for just before from UST 259 effective immediately. Davis who represents district four was first elected to the board in 2007. He still has about two years remaining in his current term. Plans to find a replacement for Davis by remaining board members is expected soon has special meetings on September 29 and October 2 are scheduled to interview potential candidates. In his final statement Davis spoke fondly of his time on the board just like to say that on the court just over ten years. It's enough. A wonderful right Phil Noble brand KM SS news. A man on a motorcycle has died southeast of these bills Cedric county sheriff's lieutenant Lyn Denning. Says the accident site was noticed late Monday morning at seven and I treat south of hillside. A bicycle is riding along and this curve here. Notice a motorcycle on the ditch or in the ditch. He'd look in addition found more cycle lane on pop. The individual that we can. The Ryder of them were back. Paramedics determined the man was dead at the scene investigators found no sign of a collision. They believe the man on the motorcycle was not able to handle the occur from northbound hillside. To 79 street sell the victim was not wearing a helmet. Investigators believe the accident happened sometime Monday morning. Police say DNA results have positively identified the Kansas boy discovered earlier this month encased in concrete. Wichita police said in a news release Monday that the Cedric county forensic science that are determined the remains are those of three year old Evan brewer. The grandson of former Wichita mayor Karl roar. Police discovered his body September 2 in sight of Wichita home where his mother Brenda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen boat dine at live. Miller is charged with aggravated interference with parental custody won't vote buying is charged with aggravated assault but no charges have been filed yet in the boy's death. A landlord clearing out the property alerted police to a suspicious concrete structure emitting an older. The boy's father Carl brewer had earlier contact to state officials and police about his son's welfare. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news which does. He council will hold a special meeting tonight mayor Jeff Longwell. Tells Cain assist news or. And have another evening Al meaning that are about. Century to the convention center so we're gonna hear the report earlier. Want people to come around but we're not going to decide the fate of century superpower and here's some have mentioned them it looked at some new and different revenue streams. Longwell commented during Monday's that the mayor was Stephen did in the morning here on in a sense. Millions of people in Florida still have no power after hurricane Irma. One major problem throughout Florida continues to be a lack of power families like collect Copeland that are children feeling the boredom of no modern conveniences. Frustrating because when you have three children. All they want to do is do their gaming and unfortunately we don't have a generator. In some cases being without electricity for days can also be life threatening for those who need to plug in medical equipment though hotels in town housing evacuees are dark people using flashlights at night waiting for the power to come back on. Alex down ABC news Tampa. US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says the North Korean regime. Demonstrated it will not act on its own to end its nuclear weapons program. Yesterday the UN Security Council voted unanimously to impose more sanctions on Pyongyang. Capping North Korean oil imports and banning textile imports from Pyongyang when. These new stronger sanctions are added today goes past last month. Over 90%. Of North Korea's publicly reported exports. Are now fully band. Kate and assist used on now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Wrapping of the opening week in the National Football League a couple of Monday Night Football games last night and how that the Kansas City Royals do chastened playoff spots. Talk about coming up sports anxiously awaiting Apple's new iPhone of that story coming up. On the case and as if sporting news and Steven dead. 9 minutes past 7 o'clock. Late Sunday night. Police were called to a ball awful situation but Wichita. Near 107 street west and all neat. A man living on west Blake told police his seventeen year old son had sent suicidal statements to a friend. The dead and another son tried to help with a seventeen year old suffered from metal analyst chased him armed with a knife. Officers went to the residents and began to speak with a seventeen year old them on the phone and spoke to him for almost two hours. Looked up toward the center Carol was able to be taken into custody without incident and print transported to an area hospital for mental help treatment. Also did a great job in this situation utilizing time and distance and working to help the seventy year old Kristi treat. It means. That police officer Charlie Davidson says this is suicide prevention week. Are you good with a gun at high elevations the park service at the Grand Canyon may be able to use you says ABC's -- Ebert and the National Park Service plans to thin the herd of bison in the Grand Canyon through roundups and by seeking volunteers who were physically fit and good with a gun to kill Lee animals that increasingly are damaging park resources shooters should be selected through a lottery you can keep the meat about 600 of the animals live in the region growing fast much of the work would be done on foot in elevations of 8000 feet or higher between October and may snowmobiles and sledge should be used to remove the bison meat and helicopters in rare instances park officials say. Apple fans are anxiously awaiting today's expected revealed of the company's latest iPhone it's expected apple will announce not one but three new models of its. IPhone to sort of more midrange phones called possibly the eights and eight S which may be represented less drastic changes and yet our axes. In a woman with and gadget that flagship iPhone X could have a lot of changes possibly wireless charging and no home button. It was expected the company would have a dramatic update for the iPhone as it's the tenth anniversary. Besides the bells and whistles the price tag is upgraded to rumors say the iPhone X could set you back a grand mark Graham Allard ABC news. 7-Eleven now is Stephen Ted on KN has sent us. It's morning in traffic gallery hearing out there is that debt. Eastbound Kellogg. Is backed up all the way back past ridge road Atlanta road construction. Yes that's this. Quite a ways to watch out there. Nothing turning very slow. Over there in west which Joan of traffic update from case and has as son team now the case in this as storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas State meteorologist beyond specimen good morning Leon. Good morning is right on doing good it's just as it seems like you just it's not a lot of challenge for you to do a forecast and no plan. Very balance each and Eric my it would mean is that there. You're like Earl on a daily basis. All the sport yet. Looks like today that we had chain and number. So all you had changed numbers today and then we ate there yesterday. We had to make it in 88 today as a huge change in a great deal spot and meteorological. Confusion put it now they'll kick. It even during like any Internet than in the book that dot it's total purse is forecast. There are extremely mile course humidity right so low 88 was that all predate and I like that yesterday. Just delightful stuff OP went out that the super long right yes cumulative as in thank argue we're gonna see any impact from Irma. If you look to the east on the sport and you have this beautiful sunrise steel deck of real high end that level clouds. That sort of often extreme eastern Kansas and a lot of impact which star or even not that report states a week I we seek while. On our eastern horizon that speak only impact it Herbert walker. Tropical system out when he went up on the out. Ground Atlanta that about Ali Al Atlanta. Bob and opened up pretty heavy rain back in as it is well the beginning impact we used to great yeah really. Not forty inches millions of him and on the utterly I think maybe early next week at Marie chances pattern. I just want a little bit everyday we. I thanks Leon McCain and assist Star Trek of three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith and let's check in now. Where they BC news correspondent Jim Ryan lives in Miami talk about hurricane Irma and the aftermath of morning Jim. Good morning Steve here in Miami I think that is the best sign of recovery early cited psychological boost to the community I think came about an hour ago I heard it. Kind of rubble outside stepped out onto the balcony and saw. And a jetliner coming over Biscayne Bay and approaching Miami International Airport the airport is re opening today after several days bill flights at all have gone in or out. Since the just before the storm came a short so. Yeah its I think you a major sign that things are starting to get back to normal here still got millions and millions of people across. Five states that without electricity today. That's the next step is restoring power to all those places those of you Jacksonville in Charleston handle problems of some big problems and right. Yet they have men and remarkably this storm like Harvey a couple of weeks ago. Is doing a lot of its damage eighty after its hurricane status in Jacksonville. They're that hundreds of high water rescues and end situation going on up there with plotting to eat even moving up into Georgia and the Carolinas. It's causing a lot of problems right now it's been downgraded its not even a tropical depression anymore. It's the post tropical cyclones a really is that there the term post that's what it's called a PT CU Jenna. Yeah well I hope that's what it's all right. I'd just just kind of a nuisance at this point it's just it's just raining a lot it causing some problems up in the Carolinas. I think stamper Shuster ABC news has but it Jim Ryan live in Miami this morning is weak. Continued to wash the cash is flooding is causing all kinds of problems. In fact it was on this date September 12 in 2008. That there we had a problem here in south central Kansas yeah when thunderstorms inundated the area with five to twelve inches of rain in one day. Hardest hit. That day in 2008 was Wichita. Where the west northwest and all signs of the air capital were inundated. By ten to twelve inches of rain. All mid continent airport now Eisenhower. Sent an all time daily rainfall record a measuring ten point 31 inches. I'm home on the state in 2008. Boy remembered. All the state in 1959. Bonanza. Made its debut TV debut on NBC. Well not one of my favorites I was more gun smoke fan myself but. Bonanza Bates stars out of four guys there Lauren Green of course they've been dead with a great big voice. He was from Canada and he I think he did a radio actor as well as great voice great voice on this date in 1966 the monkeys made its debut. AA on NBC hey hey we are the monkeys. And people think we monkey around at. 96 very popular show for oil players that won it in 1978. Taxi made its debut on ABC another funny show that's a very very funny people and have them as a on this date. These 170 night to coming up on 718 was Stephen dead and it Ted Woodward has forces were talking about. Now. A couple of football games last night at a at a late game last night as well until. People get it up this morning may not know anything about what happened that one right Nam I assume they were all listening on K and it all Sasser and they probably through there up on what's going. Yeah we had our. Double dip of opening weekend Monday Night Football last night a special broadcast right here on KM SS. We started out with the Minnesota Vikings hosting the New Orleans Saints Minnesota wins at home 2919. To open up the season. Getting some playing time on the defense for the vikings former Kansas State wildcats Terence Newman had four tackles. Terence Newman beginning his fifteenth. Year real national football while. To get that done. And a helping the vikings to the win last night in the late game we also heard right here on CNN SS in Denver Broncos hosting the Los Angeles chargers. And the Broncos win it 2421. Horses and that defensive secondary for the Broncos a pair of former Kansas Jayhawks both getting the start. Chris Harris at right corner for the Broncos. Had one tackle him was for a loss and he also broke up a pass and in the left corner he had another former jayhawk Aqib Talib getting attacked a last night and not helping. The Broncos to that win last night in the season opener you've heard those games right here on being an SS will be talking pro football tonight. On the weekly chiefs kingdom show wrapping up of course fantastic season opener and looking forward to game two. Home opener on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles could trigger listening to Mitch pulls us that I Playboy's the chiefs tonight. On the chiefs kingdom show that starts little after 7 o'clock tonight right here on your home with the chiefs. 987 and thirteen thirty K and that's acts. Major League Baseball last night in Kansas City the royals were behind in the first inning and never caught up White Sox the bottom team in the American League. Wallop to the royals eleven to three. Pushing Kansas City three games behind for a playoff spot only nineteen games to go in the season. The royals hosting Chicago in an afternoon game today are rare Tuesday afternoon game royals White Sox. Pregame coverage begins at 11:30 this morning game start little afternoon. With some of the royals on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. The Colorado Rockies were in Phoenix last night beat the Diamondbacks five to four that's five wins in a row now for the Rockies. That's a matchup of the two current wild card contenders in the National League. Former Kansas City Royals pitcher Greg Holland coming out of the bullpen for the Rockies with a scoreless ninth inning. Or his fortieth save of the season for the Iraqis that is tops. Nationally while. That's fortunate Stephen ten K in as assets guy to another bullpen for the Kansas City Royals couldn't wait. Well no when the royals were contenders for the World Series they had Greg Holland in the golden. No longer no longer. To the royals' best bullpen guys are now over in the National League in saves for the Rockies in the cubs these days move rapidly running out of games to make they're they're big push. But he even if you did have those guys. It wouldn't help when you're losing eleven to three delight to get this right. I had 721 now keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update rush has some advice for Nancy and shock. That's coming up Steve until the morning on K and assess her.