Florida fisherman catches drunken woman

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 18th

She cursed at him, swam up to his line and bit his lure.


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The news concerns you the most and why the fact that Kim Jung un is six to twelve months. Thirteen thirty K and as as we ours didn't intend to be in the morning. Three big vein. Police in Spain killed five suspects after car slams into pedestrian self the Barcelona. Former Manhattan city attorney pleads guilty to child porn charges fly and governor announces pay raises for Kansas prison workers. Three big things even dead on take an offense. And this morning the gasoline prices a little all over the place here in Wichita this morning just. Not seen too much in the way of consistency on prices prices as high up there still is to nineteen a gallon. And that's the prices even have gone up today right around 219 gallon but we've also got gasoline prices it. And considerably lower responded to over five near maple and Tyler. And you know we've got that 207 and Tony first and ridge traffic updates from K and SS radio. I'm just chambers partly sunny with a 30% chance for rain today and a high of 91 degrees. 30% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 67 Saturday sunny. Tomorrow's high 94 degrees now cloudy 71 degrees southeast wind at five miles per hour. They have assessed whether brought you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. The monarch offers a military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In the Plano. 849 now Steve and Ted here on a Friday morning Miller wasn't exactly the catch a Florida man was hoping for while fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Instead the deputies say a drunken 22 year old woman cursed at him before swimming up to his fishing line biting it and swimming away with a rating. She still was fishing line caught a lady you. Saint John's county sheriff's official tell local news outlets the fisherman you know there are other efficiencies freshman told deputies he hasn't happened Tuesday evening is his fishing with a rented older and Augustine. Deputies asked Alexandria turner to come to the pier office but she became belligerent as gators say turner created just seen. And upset the sense of public norm at the Peter when they tried to taker and a custody. She was arrested dead on suspicion of intoxication. And resisting arrest self guy's got his. Is lineup in the water she swims up to it bites hitting two and takes away. His fishing whatever the lure all that stuff. He's 22 years old and she's already is going on drunk and crazy. About. Stevens to have fun Friday night nine PCI. Oh number interesting. Stephen. Totality 40% said that. 30% said I might go outside twenty percentage yes and celebrating here at all 10% says not really. So they don't understand the 20% that Sam might go outside you either know your middle look at it or not. That haven't made up their minds yes. Today's question we have Nolan any violent protests after violent protests erupted. Surrounding the removal of confederate monuments should confederate monument be taken down this one. We think probably will get a little bit of attention. Yes or no. Stephen did which Toppert dot com pulled a web page case in SS radio. Dot com we're not giving you that weasel ops and unsure yet there got to commit on this and yes or no we want it we wanted to definitive and yes. Nope like her idea does black and white this is this is the easy part it's 852 Stephen Ted. And the Wichita business journal recognizes excellence in manufacturing and distribution. With editor bill Roy of the journal good morning bill. Good morning guys who have the least during the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today of the WBJ handed out its annual manufacturing wholesale. And distribution awards during a luncheon Thursday at the Hyatt. In the past four years the journalist recognized 43 companies sixteen more were added to the list Thursday and one company was chosen to receive the overall excellence award. Johnson Controls. Profiles of all the companies are available in the weekly edition and online. The latest edition of the biztalk until Roy podcasters out episode twelve features a discussion with the Wichita entrepreneurial legend Tom Devlin. He's the founder of Rent A Center who went on to build one of the nicest golf courses in the country. Flint hills national Devlin discusses how the course was created to famous people who were members. Any has some advice for new want to open doors. This week's featured business full survey what should Wichita do with century too big response for this one. 48% say tear it down and build new 42% say renovated to meet modern standards and 10% say leave it alone it's just fine. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS in Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role like. I can build German and customs officials. Say they have found and destroyed twenty rotten snake heads found in a package and it arrived from Nigeria. A spokeswoman for Munich's main customs office said. Officers discovered the snake parts when they X Rayed a three kilogram package last week. And me it's like parts already Mueller says that when officers opened up a partial. The stench of the rotten snake heads was simply overwhelming and unbearable a set smell moves vacated slew. Mueller said the state kids were Heatley burned to prevent spread of possible diseases. Says the customs officers repeatedly intercepted packages from western Africa with state cans which are sent to Germany as a delicacy. Germans. The likes how much they can't but he just ahead tonight versed in national thing heated day babies they can't make fajitas. Originally made from throw away cuts and beat by Mexican doctor Rosen southwest practiced this is a throwaway stuff. The heat it was developed as a regional staple in the early 1930s. I feel like I'm one of the few people it doesn't care pat it is seems like everybody gets all excited about on really I am with you I hear with Arnold and now. On the border Mexican grill and cantina founded national but he today and when he sixteen. To celebrate the sizzling Tex mex flavor of the flight data and now out you know. Well my grand kids like him I am not a big and fan. Of the thing I'm not either but I celebrate today I celebrate all food system that's right you're very include Simon was nice for you all food celebration 855 Stephen Ted. Coming at 9 o'clock to Unisys news at nine governor Brownback announcing pay raises for Kansas prison workers seasons in the morning on faith in SS.