Florida man arrested after punching an ATM... for giving him too much money.

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

He was late to work, and didn't know what to do with the extra money.


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8713. And as fast. We are Steven dead in the morning at 846. Now all three big things he Wichita officials working to help police with staffing challenges. Ford dead in French and I seventy near heavily in the line. Heavy snowfall in bitter cold across much of the US privy thing Stephen dead on day in a sense. The gasoline prices in which talks going out today. Yesterday we had gasoline prices were around him thirteen gallon. This morning at prices are headed out to 29 to see yesterday's prices may not last all that won't be good data go ahead and get that gasoline from. Find that lower priced into the 29 again this morning in which. After a patent case and as radio and gadget for I got a vice. Gasoline today and I'm not looking forward to standing out in the cold to do it. Mostly cloudy cold today with a high of 22 degrees. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight. The overnight low down to fifteen and then on Thursday warming up a bit mostly sunny tomorrow. With a high of 37. Now cloudy skies northeast wind at seven miles per hour thirteen degrees in the windshield these three. Three. 848 down Steven. Chad it's fair to say. Maarten and Michelle paths are extremely happy about the 100000 dollar prize they won the playing a twenty dollar extreme crossword instant scratch ticket. A win like that can also make someone a little emotional it made me cry said Martin's pass in fact it's wilderness just thinking about it. Maarten in Michelle passive told Wanda. The lottery officials late purchase to a ten dollar instant scratch tickets and 120 dollar extreme crossword ticket peace over 23. Barton Michelle planned to use their prize money to pay bills. Buy a new Chevy truck and renovated house they're going to flip. Marten is self employed in the flooring business. The lucky ticket purchased and jumpstart to that's located at 701 north main in Eldorado. Cutler from 212 with. A 100000 dollar jackpot from the Kansas law Ella element of about 55 it's now under that's pretty. Though. After tax it's still nice tonight on this. A fireball that lit up the evening sky is lighting up social media the bright streak Tuesday evening was seen in parts of New England including southern Maine and New Hampshire. The mount and Americus. Pins conservation program webcam on mount. I got mad tickets in New York's in New York County after the event at 5:52 PM. And that's where it's located one social media user tweeted that her parents and Wakefield New Hampshire thought it was fireworks. Observers are being encouraged to report what they saw two the American meteor society website in others in America what it land. As we don't our land that probably about the notions of play somebody's backyard in Nebraska. A Florida man told that I know there was an American Media mediator society and that there is the AM mass not a non. A Florida man told investigators he punched an automatic teller machine because it gave him too much ash. An arrest warrant their arrest reports just won a three year old Michael Joseph all accessed. All sick. Cost about 5000 dollars damage to an ATM of the Wells Fargo branch. Bank branch in cocoa. Florida November 29 he was arrested December 22 on criminal mischief charge after might have been decided to press charges. You can hit a you can actually punch and an ATM and and and actually damage it. Why would forward to something for giving you too much money in the guys the guys goofy I think you hit the screen made an okay. And yes Florida today reports surveillance video captured. Bolick sick pummeling the touch screen. As a matter to get to work. At a game too much cash it didn't want to know about you know. You know this is just started punching him you're not away and then a few yeah meet the needs of rectify things to come back later do that ended a little punch the machine it go to the line there at Dillon's rather get the yeah. The self serve thing there and a ulcer throw big fit I used to alive. Then they put an attendant on their 24/7 yeah as they realize there are guys like me like you now. And a grown man swearing in a screen are starting to. The punch of a little bit to. I'm not good as you know. Employees of a Waffle House. Received a huge tip. Of over 3500 dollars from Ohio churchgoers pastor preached about generosity Christmas. The Dayton daily news and WH OTB report five women working at the wap account data restaurant were stunned when congregants from grand lake united ministers delivered the surprised that. On Christmas season a lot of that smothered hash browns their lawful workers at the restaurant were told they did with the money into. Over 700 dollars apiece. Tonight as a Christmas bonus to Waffle House. And again what we find out did we have any lawful and our listeners chimed in we get well a couple of new Kansas City area or something right well wanted to partner partners closed. Via the and so I don't know why we I don't know if we have any in this stating Kansas probably we do. Well I think we need to talk with mayor long I believe there's not one in Wichita in long Mair Longwell on the case in May be you know get one up here and can't hear what you. Is it. Really just Jones and for a pocket as browns as Ariza and the preakness on an often get at all. I would like to have it here is an option sometime an option yes just one more choice and are dying I don't know and I'm Jones and they weren't there it really really want grits. If you do now Stephen dead looking at local business use courtesy of the Wichita business journal equity Bancshares is not finished growing through acquisition. The Wichita based organization announced in a news release plans to merge with Kansas Banc court. And Adams dairy Bancshares incorporated. Equity expects to close in the mergers simultaneously. In the second quarter of 2018. Pending necessary regulatory and shareholder approvals. The second quarter of Tony eighteen is shaping up to be essentially busy for heartland cardiology. The specialty medical practice will relocate two of its Wichita offices and open a derby location within a matter of weeks. CEO Barry Reynolds says heartland is anticipating moving in April to a into a medical office building in northeast derby also on April. The expected completion of a building near 35 street north of web broad that will house heartland administer officers and the combined operations of two of its practice locations. And shares in US retailers enjoyed a bounce on the first day of trading after Christmas on rising hopes of a strong holiday shopping season. But fading expectations over sales of Apple's new iPhone weighed on the broader stock market. A host of traditional retailers and department store chain's top the table of the biggest stock market climbers Tuesday. Helping the S&P 500 retailing industry index gained two tenths percent and she record high by mid day. In New York. Local breaking business whose every day on K and assess and which stop business journals dot com which the business journal and Steve Macintosh. And just what can you hear any under finished this Harley-Davidson. Head is a place in a renewed emphasis on teaching people ride motorcycles. As part of its effort to attract more customers. The Milwaukee based company's decision to expand the number of dealerships with a Harley riding academy. Comes as the industry grapples with years of declining sales and an eighteen customer base. I'm as many people. Currently not more buying motorcycles anymore program launched in 2002 about. Fifty locations. And now 245 dealerships in the US offer the three or four day course Harley and iconic American count yes very much in the terrific Brandon but it doesn't matter how iconic you are people aren't buying your product inactive they don't know how to roller ride a motorcycle and haven't experienced the fun of the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth thing you know. Time to go to Hartley and in fund were told about our. 855 now Stephen did come ever got a motorcycle I would want like this is the Dennis Hopper version forget. Easy write easy rider the handlebars are but yes he's six and a half feet lies. Senior football element it. Decatur SS news at nine heavy snow creating problems in the northern US Stevenson in the morning on K an assassin.