Florida man asked a store clerk, "what would happen if I stole beer?"

Steve & Ted
Monday, April 16th

She said he would be arrested... he was arrested.


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97 and thirteen thirty K and assist games of the morning now. He backed exhausted Woodward 6:30 here on Monday morning the threat of three men accused of plotting to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali refugees in western Kansas. He's drawing to an end after weeks of testimony. All sides have rested in the federal case against Patrick's dying Gammon right and Curtis Allen on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. And conspiracy against civil rights. Always thought liquor store was robbed Saturday night. Around seven officers responded to an armed robbery at don's liquor store in the 900 block of east hairy. Two unknown suspects entered the store and one pull out a handgun and demanded money. Money was taken from the business and from a customer by the suspects who then fled the scene on foot. There were no injuries the first suspect is a black male in his twenties five feet ten inches tall what they did a medium build. He was wearing a gray hoodie with white lettering grey and black pants. Black and white shoes and was armed when they silver and black handgun. The second suspect is a white male also in his twenties five feet ten inches tall with a thin to medium build. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie Ronnie Price KUSS news. A court documents filed by a prosecutor working on the Lucas Hernandez case sheds light on what happened to five year old Lucas before he disappeared from his Wichita home. Almost two months ago. The doctor gives the widest most ET Al views so far the investigation of his disappearance seven pages long the document describes a dysfunctional and violent household. It alleges that annaly glass Lucas his stepmother had difficulty controlling her anger did to bipolar disorder. She was thought to be targeting Lucas because she was upset with his father. Between February 2015. In the day Lucas disappeared the Kansas department of children and families received at least two reports from people worried about bruising. A possible abuse in the boy. Another report was made New Mexico after Lucas was seen narrow two black guys. Two of the three cases were eventually closed the last is ongoing Lucas disappeared in UNK and SS news. Minnesota residents slogged through mid April storm yesterday that dumped two feet of snow on parts of the upper midwest coated roads with ice. And battered areas farther south with powerful winds and tornadoes before plowing toward the northeast and mid Atlantic view that it looks like at least three people have died in storm related incidents regarding those storms now. The US plans to slap new sanctions on Russia for supporting the Assad regime in Syria. The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on FOX News Sunday that Russia will soon see more penalties for what the world views as its role in the most recent deadly chemical weapons attack. Sanctions that are continuing had to happen which you'll see again on Monday. That lets them know this is not good behavior. Haley says the sanctions will hit companies tied to Syrian chemical weapons use Haley says this will come on toppled a strong military action from the weekend. Which Russia openly condemned they've also accused the US of making up the chemical attract. As an excuse to strike by ear colonel Scott Fox News. Kentucky's governor has issued an apology video. After he said children were being sexually abused because they were left home alone while the State's teachers were pro testing last week. For those of you who understood what I'm saying thank you appreciate that you do but clearly. A tremendous number of people did not fully appreciate. What it was that I was communicating or what it was that I was trying to say and I heard a lot of people. Many people have been confused or hurt or just misunderstand. What it was that I was trying to communicate. That's Kentucky's governor Matt Bevan the governor's controversial comments are part of a statement criticizing teachers. Now to forecast with gay and assist be on just damn holiday good morning and good morning another chilly start today here in Wichita but is high pressure slides are away from the Rockies that's going to help warm us up by later this afternoon's sunny with a high 62. Partly cloudy breezy and 44 overnight. In windy and warmer Tuesday for the high 82. I'm meteorologist Dan Holliday in the W I VWE news now dot come weather center. And partly cloudy. To your feet. Are we got an out 24 degrees and we have a west wind six miles per hour 634 now. With Steve and Ted a Florida man have to store clerk what would happen a vice wholesome bigger. Police say Christopher Maxwell suit filed out. Sebastian police say the 33 year old Maxwell entered a convenience store at 2:30 AM Friday but was told he couldn't buy beer because alcohol sales are banned in the city. Between one and 7 AM. In response to Maxwell's questioned the clerk replied she would call 911. Actual read to eighteen packs of Bud Light and left. The car did she said she was going to do a police found Maxwell nearby. With an eighteen packeting ten well about that. Abuses song a scene package yeah the big muscles on that he struggled when they try to arrest of he remained jailed Sunday on charges of petty theft and battery a police officer. But it Christ also bear. If you can be in trouble Pyle. School and the police officials in northwest Wisconsin. A using a mock teenage bedroom to demonstrate to parents tell their children might be hiding. Methamphetamine and other illegal substances. The leader telegram reports the display was used during recent parent teacher conference is at North High School and off player. The room featured a twin bed soda cans writing utensils hygiene products and stuffed animals. District attorney's office and police departments demonstrated ways that kids can either drug use such as and B New York a fake canister of a shaving cream. Parise teenagers typically used marijuana and pills but Smith is also a growing problem. And if you dedicated a teenager and you don't know toy and you don't know what how to keep an out of I'm sure that if fake bedrooms here that you probably LP I don't know now in the united. And maybe maybe those parents should just take back to what they used to do to hide and right that's what you need to do to count on what did him in York jets are repaired it. You know kids can get away in the nineties and evidently I can. At any rate as the C Reynolds we got going on them but found out that the news this morning to Barbara Bush. Is that apparently near the end of her life for failing health and if bush family has decided not to do anything special. Make her comfortable and turns in her nineties with a 91. Yeah this is George HW Bush's right. I she's one of my favorite first ladies electorate he seemed like person who was no no nonsense nice lady. Nice to be don't I would never cross or she looks like that you looked like kind of person you would not one of angle. And Dylan my wife and I and our two kids were in Washington DC. Back in them to actually via late eighties. Mid eighties anyway we were there and we decide to go down she is that the White House in the morning donut. Who get of one of those busters that managers at the White House we understand there. About 8:30 in the morning and all of a sudden. I mean these black suvs come wizard now the White House blocked off traffic in all directions. And here comes a limousine. The White House. And I could see that white haired a backseat. I knew I was here. So I began to run up to the car at the stuff I am widgets are slowing got to turn the corner and I thought well this is a good way to get shocked you out there. So what are their rabbits he was in there I don't know if you saw us reseller so that white hair he couldn't you couldn't mistake that anywhere but. Mrs. bush now doing well Vista is that. Penalized for her looks like pretty close the end but it. At 638 now a mother of one president wife of president. Actually the mother of two governors know that it's offered a lot of politics and he got a lot of he's seen a lot the lot done a lot he's been through all the politics in the nation's capital. 638 now seated yet on K and assess that sick a look at are opening commodities update with that Tom Butler of let's look at obviously it looked. Good morning Steve. But like camping and jet passengers Friday traded mixed after the good to have a big highlight of the week for the second straight session Friday afternoon in cash cattle couldn't reported that wouldn't want him to the north. And 120 in Kansas. You know fusion closed part of with a notebook on tactics and and it went three dollar indeed can the camp to the June contract which is now for a league contract. Closed Friday did you get a license with a torn. They used wouldn't say entitlement or don't seven. Yeah. We're decent 7765. As we came to any and on the navy side for the record it and and soybean complex on Friday. The district doesn't mean in the cord and can make loans for the week. Would implement it implement them first reported last week that incident when it lost eleven cents for the week July soybeans gained one and like when roster and for the week I want to remind them what would need to supposedly improved. Weather conditions that is banned from this weekend instantly. Might have that getting less and less than being closer to it. Those same people that are looking at the fact that looking to improving ruling and we're looking at second week that we just went through below freezing weather can hardly wheat crop at the moment that we still don't like some contentment Rhode Island I'd like Danica mania 392 enjoyed being replicated to recorded between 66 and three quarters because suddenly that influence would think 62. They have about sixty at thirteen 146 what did you do it and keep it can record a point complete 72 minute and index 20% lower ninth when he didn't do bedrooms 239. Point when he put that we 75. According to ignite marketing budget cut that for commodity on the vote on the web by using. 66 due to dollar. I'm good sea island and dimension is that the gridiron showed Tim was in not this last Friday that the Friday before us. Yeah. What can you guys they're. Even. Once again to put on make my. Yes he did he did very well it was a great show in the Denver I've been out there on vacation for weeks and I'm animal we Clayton talking about about it. Did see you in your life there at noon but be at a good time and death. It's got to meet a littler. He's had input that is scrapbook. Along with a tiny bit Don grant money tracker. This is thank you sir it's 41 now pay by the way distant. Quick programming note this morning. We have tickets. The giveaway you've missed be listening for your chance to win. A couple of tickets to which dusty universities a game with KU baseball game coming up Wednesday night that can assess Knight yeah I ballpark right we got a real pair tickets and and Freddy's. Frozen custard and stickers that doesn't 120 dollars with a yap all expert perfect evening right there got that coming up yet we disagree chance to win that also. James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt may 24 and interest bank arena we've got more tickets. He waited that awesome this is a places say. 641 now Stephen Ted Don grants the FT dumb money tracker. He's on the way and does gonna suck about what it takes to stop a bowl. Mean I don't know 640 open house the dead on in assess.