Florida school superintendent pulled over for passing stopped school bus

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 5th
Melbourne Police did not issue the man a ticket, seriously annoying Ted Woodward.

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8713. Thirty K in excess. Stephen got in the morning feedback and Johnston was 745. Now here in the Thursday. Three big thing to me. New report shows Kansas abortion numbers at a thirty year wolves. Police looking for three suspects in shooting in southeast widgets give people wounded there line. Kansas senate leaders dropped a demand for a constitutional amendment. On education funding our. Three big things even dead on Kate in incidents. And this morning with SS stalled out vehicle potential traffic hazard westbound it's OK nine B six approaching. The north junction. I want 351996. There. And this morning that gasoline prices. Little all over the place but the low end and seeing 244. A gallon traffic updates from Kate and SS radio I'm dead chambers of. Changes in the weather coming our way becoming sunny today with a high of seventy degrees could be really nice today partly cloudy tonight the overnight low forty. For Friday 60% chance for rain or rain and snow mix. Tomorrow's high only. 44 degrees. Now partly cloudy 47 degrees. And we have a south wind at fourteen miles per hour. Pianist as weather brought you by the monarch voted one of the best burger bars in America by the Irvin who reviewed. Located at 579 list Douglas in his story delay know the monarch. 746 now Stephen Ted and stocks ended the day in agreeing that Wednesday. It was a close for the record books with the Dow sinking 772. Point turnaround ending the day up 230 points the S&P 500 up thirty the NASDAQ. Composite up a hundred points even so there were losers three of them on the Dow. Where Exxon Chevron and Boeing traded lower on trade war years automakers doing well GM ended up 3% Ford at one point 6%. Test seven point 2% angles doing very well indeed actually and our racing it's and sales forecasts that stock. Ending up 10%. From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Gerri Willis Fox News. The American soybean association a lobbying group that says it represents 21000 US soybean producers. Says China's proposed Tony 5% tariff on soybeans would be devastating. Two US farmers group says China is the largest consumer of US soybeans. Buying about 13 of all US soybean production each year. US companies hired 241000. New workers in March a solid total. That suggests he already low unemployment rate may be headed even lower in the coming months this comes from payroll processor eighty. It's as big gains were a strong across different industries with construction. Manufacturing and professional services such as accounting showing healthy gains. But day eighty. With 47000 new jobs at its small business customers at. Companies added 66000. Jobs in February and 64000 in January. But it looks like it good and a month of march. As far as labor ended jobs are concerned there you go. The small island nation of trainers says. Its largest discovery of oil ever amount to an estimated eighty. Billion barrel late isn't it there's oil and Bob Crane ha ha now that government has disclosed details of the find we talked about this yesterday at night. Saying in a press conference at the shale oil was discovered in the offshore oil shale cut these Al Bahrain base it. Which spans more than 700 square miles in shallow waters off the country's western coast. So that is that we don't have probably too many worries about having an aura oil shortage in the near future US production. But can live longer just basically we're independent now then why aren't our gasoline prices that opened the reality go to. Actually of people like X off a non. I don't have nobody has ample now it's account up at 749. We Stevens and got some business news this morning from the Wichita business journal. Mayor Jeff Longwell is calling it turf war. Visit Wichita has sent notice to the greater Wichita sports commission that it needs to leave its office space by the end of the month. Visit which caused an offering to commission space in its offices at 515 south main. Visit Wichita chairman Terry Newman said in a statement that they discussed the action with the sports commission current and former cheers. Airline will says he's given the chairs a year to resolve their differences. Says that hasn't happened so party may need to get involved again mine notch. So they've got dead. They're trying to get folks to move up down there and and the mayor after it may have to get involved and it. Can be fun. China's proposed tariffs could hit Kansas products harder we just to talk about. Part of the lists and that includes soybeans wheat beef certain types of aircraft. Those of the most valuable exports for the state of Kansas. They're value and 2017 was four point six billion dollars. Kansas global trade services president and CEO Karen Page says China is one of the State's most important export customers. So we're watching this a choice in closely here. I don't stop business journal announced Wednesday the armories. For the 2018 young achievers awards 46 kids from high schools in the Wichita area. Were chosen by their school administrators. As outstanding students. And they'll be recognized at an event in May very nice they're pictures are being featured on the Wichita business journal. A website which is a disaster loan counselors say some business news for you this morning from the which this is true. And this is uninteresting story. About that at this comes from Florida police in the middle of a safety initiative. Pulled over the county school superintendent. For failing to stop for a school boss who are now. How often we talk about this. You know and at school buses stop to that debt this site is and you can't pass coming or Golan doesn't matter you have to stop and stay there till it Philly go. Superintendent Desmond Blackburn of Revver the public schools was driving his district issued SUV Friday oh boy. When he stopped the bit passed the stop bus. Is going to spokeswoman Cheryl trainer of the Melbourne police department. He was given a warning but not at. I'll come line would have been imagine that final quality of 274. Dollars and four penalty points on the driver's license. And by the way if there's anybody they should give a ticket knows this guy. It's all on video. That's that's well. It is as bad end and that's analyst so come on guilty it's under real yeah. That did you know if it I think if I was here that I had any scruples he would say yeah I know the law I should pay the fine yeah if yeah if he had anything go on for. He would say I believe it was me you opens your army which they hole you got us I'm sorry I was and we may issued a ticket and we we get a ticket now but if we didn't. We wouldn't pay every broader route to Mexico but anyway he is the superintendent of schools boo. Will he doesn't find what you never like your regular sponsor that's okay that's as well. Special treatment you ever get special treatment of settling in at number. The time a couple of years ago when the the police officers stopped me over feel the building it is. Earlier early in the morning and there's a light where their by the you'll yeah so that's just stayed red state river for three and or minutes you're sitting there at 2:30 in the morning had urged it on there whenever finally I said I'm going on to work in this guy pulls me over. And I'll never forget that that was one of the he was a jerk. Right now that's we have told chief Ramsey and a this is the dice it now. In any case like 22 years now what we do at least he. Is. I almost said you know my energy just eight B downtown. That but that's the kind of thing you got to you know what about it'd do. I took it like a man. And just ate it miffed about mrs. yes yeah. I was wrong and you've been whining about it for years I was on the wrong but you know this is a place where somebody could be some slack like it did the superintendent of schools. Now I could've told you know that I'm a big radio star. You know I know her lie and I were quick chat board organ. I could pull ballad or up accounts because it good about the big stuff in Canada or the absurd level for the other. Do you know what I don't get the prudent thing I know probably lose. Not very well although I do and on. And he did the right thing you bet your time commitment time got through it. You know they would it's David its major me and taken me down and you know they didn't have cams dash cams then. It would have been a big controversy. I my boss Jackie wise and have come out bail me out you know early in the morning united beef on you know she's never done that for a so. To be an experience he's not taken that phone call him on who. Today is national read a road map day. Now the earliest road map Britannia atlas was drawn by Carta referred John Bogle glee in 1675. That. Tart up the although will be good and every road sent so it was pretty easy so it must've been a pretty easy map the fall yet. Passport a few centuries and my how things have changed the satellite GPS and voice commands. Do we know how to get anywhere anymore yes we do you you don't mind I'm very impressed. I was in you're holding bills and again there we don't know very profession Germany and France because like my son had the GPS. They're using man he zipped right through Paris. It was amazing. But he's killing I don't hand rural fashion vacuums she pulled up a couple of road atlases out of that clause the other it's raining indicate what an easement. On Tuesday. We are all that you read the maps I love of the road atlas of the maps backed it. We would go on vacation mentality and I've gone over the phone my daughter and she when she was young she'd love to pull out the maps and help me navigate away now and I'm I'm kids and it. AL. National but I say it was more that day. 755. Of the road map will hold. They received attend the 8 o'clock hour we'll have the latest on a shooting that left two people seriously injured in southeast which are still looking for aspect. Ten has the latest sports. And entertainment usable were coming up and it got to change in the weather on the way the bullet. Stay here for the 8 o'clock hour was seated deaths on K and assess.