Florida woman calls 911 with critter problem

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 19th
Florida woman calls police, requesting assistance for a possum refusing to leave her bedroom.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Watch the game as a sporting news as Steve says that I keep back inside now partly cloudy and 34 degrees. Police are investigating a fatal shooting itself Wichita. Lieutenant title Giles as it happened late Tuesday afternoon. In a neighborhood near Detroit 900 block south hillside. Man called 91 month. Statues were bits of information. Telling them he'd witnessed a shooting at a house on south sales street and that he would wait for police in the putting 600 block of south hydraulic. A police went to the address on hydraulic the man who called 911 was not there at the restaurant sales police found the man dead from a gunshot wound inside the residence. Several individuals we're inside the house at the time of the shooting. This house. It's very active house in the 2900 book itself so that the neighbors were familiar with. People coming and going from house. Oh times Sunday night. You know after the hearing that led. Police say drugs were going to be frequent at that location but investigators do not know what led to the shooting. The victim is identified as forty year old Emmett Olson. This is which post fifteenth homicide in fifteen weeks this year. Amanda found dead inside a residence Tuesday afternoon in south which atop about three and a half days after he was shot. Police lieutenant no child says a neighbor was concerned about 39 year old Trenton Custer. Whose car was parked in front of the neighbor's house and who hadn't been seen for a few days. The neighbor got a to custer's residents through window and found his body. He'd been shot multiple times investigators traced the violence too early last weekend. We know that there were some kind of disturbance that broke out inside the residence we believe late Friday early Saturday morning. And during that time. Shots were fired striking Killen was faster. Two or three other people had been living at the residence for the victim off and on during the past few months detectives are looking to interviewed them this is which post fourteenth homicide case of the year. A federal jury has found three men guilty of plotting to bomb a mosque in apartment complex housing Somali refugees. It great bend Kansas. Patrick Stein Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen who were convicted Wednesday one count of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. And one count of conspiracy against civil rights. Wright was also convicted of a charge of lying to the FBI. Stephen McAllister US attorney for the district of Kansas. Says the three men were indicted in October 26 team for an attack plan for the day after the presidential election in Garden City. Our prosecutors present substantial evidence. That the defendants expressed hatred for the Somali immigrants. And Muslims in general and described in the most extreme and violent terms what they plan to do to them. A fellow motion a member tipped off federal authorities after becoming alarmed by the escalating talk of violence. And later agreed to Wear a wire as if he'd informant. A federal judge says Kansas secretary of state Chris call block. Violated her order that some voters were eligible to cast a ballot while a lawsuit challenging a state law requiring proof US citizenship worked its way through the courts. US district judge Julie Robinson found call Bakken contempt of court Wednesday. She did not impose a fine but order cobalt to pay for damages including attorney please. The American Civil Liberties Union sought the contempt ruling after called balk refuse to update the State's election guide. Or ensure that county officials sent postcards to residents who registered a driver licensing offices without providing citizenship documents. Robertson said in March that she made it clear motors covered by a may 2016 injunction that she imposed or not to be treated differently. Call box office says he will appeal Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot and killed a man who authorities say opened fire on officers. Four dollar bill police chief Rick Magglio when he describes the situation. We attempted to board the subject at the vehicle. The subject refused to come out so less lethal methods were deployed. Those methods were unsuccessful in fact the suspect responded to the less lethal leveraged by discharging a firearm at the police officers that were on the scene. The officers responded by discharging their firearms. Can assist you son now 6044 but it's fast 6 o'clock. 987 at thirteen thirty CNN says Stevens in the morning around 61010 minutes. Past 6 o'clock. And this morning be gasoline prices didn't change much. We're seeing a couple more stations down that debt. 248. Number a gallon. Most places here in which thus the way around 249. That yes 248. Themes to be. Getting more and more popular character and we stopped traffic update from cape and it's as radio and on jazz chief. OK let's take a look at the forecast here on a Thursday morning with the NSA stands it is college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Morning overnight temperatures fell into the authorities say that gives us another chilly morning across south central Kansas. Sunny this afternoon at three light northeast winds and high 63. Clear and not as cold tonight are low 41. And breezy Friday with a high 65. And KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Help partly cloudy a west wind today miles per hour and 34 degrees. That is Thursday April 1948 team we had another windy day across central Kansas Wednesday which caused high temperature. Was 64 degrees normal hi 69 and at times it felt like there's about 30 AM there. Which are recorded gust of wind at 49 miles. For our and been a little chilly out the ballpark last. On this date in 2004. Tornadoes struck southeast Kansas. The strongest was an F three that struck downtown Parsons. A tornado warning gave officials time to evacuate an outdoor carnival. The twister caused major damage to 750 buildings and injured 27 people out. Another tornado this for an effort to move through eerie cancers it injured three people heavily damaged twelve homes. Four tornadoes caused nearly 72 million dollars in damage. On this date in 2000 and southeast Kansas out Parsons took a direct hit and remember that day and well. On this stage in 1775. The shot heard round the world in my mind the American revolutionary war began. With the battles of Lexington and Concord. Concord. Is also special day in 1995 we'll talk about that a little bit more later. About the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing this morning and you've got some memories on network will share with folks that come and appear in a few minutes. New radio. That's what's going on BBC radio program in Sheffield England. A host their did part of his show naked. Ronnie Robinson was speaking to a male guest from British nature as some who also agreed to strip off for the half hour chat. There is countdown and both were heard taking their clothes off while on the air on radio zip yeah. So why doesn't matter you know I could bill be sitting here and make the interview is part of Hollywood now regular feature of the show called bearing at all. Where local gas is invited to talk about their life and what's she ate them as a person. That's a good idea I'd like to do that I hope they put a towel down on the chair there's going on fun idea but I mean a good idea to talk people about the lies and I like to get personal view a lot of what they look talk about themselves famous people. If somebody in here just sick so what you what you stop beating your wife you know things like that it Angela but I don't we how we can do this easily Ted. Why now why does it matter if you and make it on the radio. And mattered doesn't matter but it is just a few people I suppose or. The English are very interested in this. I I would personally would not do that I don't wanna be naked in front of even you or these radio microphones. And very modest. To have the enough. But I can do that Padilla Newt radio in England bearing the ball. I have a wildlife floor storage says from where else. Florida Florida now. We get out Florida Bowman every day of Florida is Florida department of tourism should actually sent us money in. And advertisers because all the goods stored for use by Mort almost every day Florida never sends anyone money. That's all they'll go down there in old go to Italy everybody goes straight there Disney World places like it. Authorities in Florida said deputies responded to a Lima long call from a woman who is next. To discover and a possum in her bedroom. The palm beach county sheriff's office anywhere today need Deke hyper. Called 911 Saturday to request help with her on usual wild life problem. I don't know how to explain this I'm a single woman I'm 53 years old and I think it's upon some 10% in the 911 call. Ever said the apostle had peed on her back at it now now. Now that's Tehran before climbing her nightstand and refusing. To budge on that would be a little bit terrifying. Fairly does appear to bury him. Apparently debate Seattle's babies can get him up. They be caught and taken into custody without incident and released back to his parents with a stern warning ships. I'm sure you can he jumps. My call 911 for that that's that's. He should choose a single woman she didn't know what to do it under control and women are you know sometimes sometimes when their little. Crazy about that. My wife would be you'd be going nuts who votes of if she I wouldn't there and she found a possible miles that Dallas. A night full concerning. Oh she just be awful. So that it. All right see it also gonna be utilized our area unite ice Putin on your bed it's not a good drought at night or early morning in the Riverside area where I live now on all of place there out there rather the teeth are sharp little teeth. We get Hewlett. Scared and while they are frightened animals and it easy you just to exit is it true or is just a legend that. When Parsons. Feel threatened. They curl up and against those figures there's truth I think it probably is made it my dad always. You know my dad always say when I was little its previously voted playing possum. Is what team it was I faking sleeping why what I think sleeping. In doubters. There's no doubt about you out I'm asleep and sleep and I'm not I'm not trying to make anyone up and there was happen maybe I'm imitating a giant sloth. This week and when my power naps are now it is 34 degrees this morning so. Is it looks like it was going to talk about this later but. A possible chance for rain maybe tomorrow late on Friday. So we'll keep you posted a net and don't coming up on 618 was Stephen dead. I printed off sports content but we're talking about little baseball athletic stadium and. And a KM SS night at the stadium. When he fourth ranked shocker is taking on the Kansas Jayhawks last night in the shocker wasted little time in. Getting on top and this one scored right away got a run in the first another run in the second. And the hits kept oncoming news. Expect extra base hits as well Mike Kennedy had to call the game we heard it last night right here on K and a sense have a lot of. Hammered at the left field that's a base hit naked all the way into the corner it's gonna go to the wall want to run this again. Here comes the writer round third hit and headed for the play they've missed the cut off man Vickers scores in the sport at that shot. Shocks would keep it go on ended up winning over Kansas eleven nothing at last night jocks get their second shutout of the season. And a season high 3000 fans on hand at stadium last night on Ian SS night all part. The Sox get the win now 26 and nine. On the season and right across the street than a full house it Wilkins stadium for soccer softball last night. No fans also got a treat. As the shocker softball team be nineteenth ranked Oklahoma State nine to six last night shocker softball team with four home runs in that game. Getting that win. Series sweep over the cowgirls for the shock yours and your second win over ranked opponent. A softball team with the wind up 24 and seventeen on the season. Hockey last night which stopped under game three of their playoff series visiting the Colorado Eagles last night. Wichita had a two nothing lead midway through the game with Colorado had it tied up before the second period was over. Eagles at a key goal but about six minutes to go an empty net late. As well Colorado comes back and beat Wichita 42. Which Tom now down three games to zero in this best of seven playoff series first round against Colorado Eagles. Sad news from the NBA you last night the wife. Of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich passed away she was 67. We're Popovich former Kansas assistant coach. And he did run the spurs practiced yesterday. Of pop has won five NBA titles since taking over his head coach the spurs but we two years ago. His wife passed away reign in the practice even if there. Says that they weren't Apple's. The Major League Baseball yesterday afternoon. Kansas City Royals get hammered in Toronto Blue Jays fifteen royals five at. Three game sweep for the jays the royals have now lost eight games in a row in an off day today as the road swing continues. College bowling yesterday the singles championships going on in Lincoln Nebraska. Wichita State bowler Joseph Brandon has advanced to the national semi finals he's in the final four and that'll take place tomorrow. He beat his two competitors yesterday to advance into the final four. And a team a portion of the competition begins today up in Lincoln. With that qualifying followed by a couple of rounds of match play. The Wichita State men are one of the sixteen teams involved and on the women's side you've got Wichita State and Newman competing. Among the top sixteen women's teams in the nation. As the team portion of the college bowling championships get under way. Sports the Stephen Ted K and asks asks callers say Shelley and I sort of ball game last night came in this as nice as you said it. Invisible Chile who enjoyed seeing you guys there we spent little time together at San with different minded hills now the prince from school from your years ago that. But time and read it page B from the Kansas on for answering senator who had been here in the studios of that today. The recording the show and it's it was kind of fun they let me out of the press box for about an inning to come down I was surprised that you out of it see you weren't there. We get that they were present us with a moderate senators with a nice little mementos there and I'm Candace says not at the ballpark it was it was a it was nice Alitalia those four dollar rose fifty cent hot dog he sent hot dogs maybe last night that I advocate I saw the lines at the concession stand or not. Bleak people are lined up of the fifties and not done before we even went to our seats I give Philly and I had to plop down two bucks for four of those babies. We're yelled at dinner at a ballpark because. A fight fight dining at Expedia. They said 611 now Stevens and Peter Fox News coveted top stars. About the LA City Council and the border wall that's coming up fee to get in the morning on CNN assessed.